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Found 36 results

  1. have you ever caught yourself stating into space? I have. when I stare into space, I usually don't think about anything in particular, but at the same time I do but I don't realize it until I truly think about it. like the other day my friends where talking about black rock shooter or bleach and I started to think about some of my favorite songs. none that are too outlandish like leek spin or anything like that, mostly just dub step songs like flight by tristam and braken, or beyond her tomb remixed by TLS. but as I started thinking of these songs I started to remember flight's rhythm of beat, whatever you want to call it and I started to hear rainbow factory by WoodenToaster. I love the song but when I think about the rhythm I start to just loose myself in the song. when this happens I tune out everything around me an only focus on the rhythm of rainbow factory, if someone needs to get my attention they literally need to shake me out of this trance-like state. this has only happened about 3 times so far, but I was curious if anyone else gets so absorbed in the song that they kind of tune out reality. or am I the only one?
  2. Principal Cinch is the head of Crystal Prep in the human world, but who is she in Equestria? Who is pony cinch? I have some ideas as to who she might be. Principal of Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns: Maybe pony Cinch's job is the same as that of her human counterpart. Given her obsession with reputation, it would only make sense that she would be in charge of the most prestigious school in all of Equestria or perhaps another prestigious school in Canterlot, the latter of which could justify a rivalry with Celestia. Alicorn Princess: Characters who were alicorns in the show tend to be the highest authority figures in their schools in the human world. Celestia and Luna are the principal and vice principal of Canterlot High and Cadance is the dean of Crystal Prep, so it would only make sense that Principal Cinch would be Princess Cinch in Equestria. Given how much she is seen to hate Canterlot High, Princess Cinch is likely not on good terms with Celestia, which could also explain her absence in the show. Does not exist in Equestria: Cinch has not appeared in the show, nor does she have any link to Equestria, like Sunset or the Sirens. Therefore, it can be concluded that there is no pony Cinch. Other: Do you have a theory that I have not covered? Please post a reply containing your theory if you choose this option so that we know what it is.
  3. So I was thinking to myself at work today, when princess luna was banished how were the bat ponys effected? I mean for some of us with batponys OC I havnt found much lore on there history so this might be me just not looking in the right spot but from what we've seen of her and that one time we first saw batponys I think the fandom (us watching the show) made the relationship with batponys and luna. So it brings the question did they all migrate to a safe hold of some sort? started there own nation in the bad lands and somewhere else? or is it our little spot to figer out? anypony want to bite in?
  4. Hi everypony! I've been kinda bored lately and just wanted something to do. If you want any help with stuff you're doing and need help with. I can help with any sfm animations, I could also help wiith writing and composing songs, and singing, last but not least I can also do voice acting. about my animation: I waork only with sfm and some after effects. I have a lot of experience with the two. I have been working on my sfm skills for almost 3 years straight, so I think I could help with anything you need! about my music skills: This is what I am best at, my pride and joy over all is music. So any thing I can do to help with music would be so awesome! My music skills range very widely, I can do singing, I can think of lyrics, I can pla almost any instrument, even dubstep instruments! I am comfortable with all music types and have made a song for just practice in all the varieties of music I can think of! about my voice acting: Now this is a new one I started because of my talent in perfecting accents. I cann do accents very well and can somewhat emphasize points in reading very well! so if you have a need for my talents I would be more than happy to help! wow... just realized how much I bragged! Sorry if it's too much! :3
  5. So when I ask this question, I typically try to have the combatants have some kind of common theme or comparable spirit to their characters. In this case, I suppose it's fairly obvious, both are Russian supermen who are the big muscles and bigger heart to their respective friends and allies. Their methods of combat rely on enduring punishment and dealing it out in equal measure. What's more is that they are both card carrying members of the Soviet Union from when it still WAS the Soviet Union. That being said they aren't exactly the same. The Heavy, though appearing simple minded, is actually a bit more intellectually inclined when not doing his job where Zangief, again not stupid but is more "proletariat" in his intellect to put it politely. Plus while Zangief has close ties to his government, often having meetings with its leader and being the representative of Russia on the World Warrior circuit, the Heavy busted out of a gulag and his father was a counter-revolutionary. So if the two were to ever clash, for whatever reason you want to justify their conflict, who do you think would be victorious? (And before anypony says it, think of how many rounds each member of the Team takes before dying, how often melee kills happen in TF2, and that Zangief is of similar build to the Heavy and the Heavy can take a massive number of shots from another Heavy's minigun before dying.) Now all that being said, let's get ready to rumblllllllllllllllllllllllllle!
  6. Before you tell me what it is or that I don't want to know, my question is more of what counts as clopping rather then what it is. When someone says that they clop, we automatically think of a pony straight out the show, without any changes at all. However, I quickly learn that this fandom creates many different versions of ponies, in many different styles. This image made by a example of what I'm talking about. Most people would imagination type 1 or 2 when told about clopping, however, the person talking about it could referring to type 4 or 5, the types that are mostly human. This could be why the fandom hates clopping, but most admit to it: because we are thinking about two different categories. With this information, what types would you consider clopping, and which would you consider not clopping? Keep in mind that This chart only gives five types when there are many different types, including different versions of the same type, like human-like face on horse-like body (type 4) vs. horse-like face on human-like body. With this in mind, I personally think that type 1 and 2 are clop, 4 and 5 aren't, and 3 is the gray area.
  7. So, I've been thinking recently. What happens after death? Why have I been thinking this? Because I recently began to realize that death itself is not what I'm afraid of, it's the mere fear of the unknown. So, out of that fear and curiosity, I ask you: What do you believe happens after death? It can be anything!
  8. When i first heard My_Little_Pony_Equestria_Girls:_Friendship_Games i thought that everyone was going to argue about we won this and you cheated but now that i saw the trailer i know that my prediction is wrong. Click here to watch the first trailer: Click here to watch the second trailer:
  9. Hello! so I do 3D modelling as a hobby and I just finished my latest creation... or, well I finished the model for it and that's why I am here. Below is a screenshot of the creature; I am wondering what might be a good idea for a texture? I was thinking a snake / lizard - like bump map to give it wrinkles that a creature such as this might have. It is meant to be a dangerous creature but not prominantly violent So, what colors? or what kind of texture should the texture have? or a completely different idea, I would love to hear suggestions. Thanks!
  10. There are 2 conventions going on this summer that are near me, TrotCon and BronyCon. Which one should I attend and why?
  11. Hello! It is just kind of a random question, but I am wondering what it would be like to see a male alicorn in the show? Personally I think it would be really cool to see a stallion alicorn. I think it would be interesting if he was either played as a villain, maybe not someone long ago defeated as that is pretty played out by now. Or as someone that the princess's need to work with to stop another enemy. For the most part I would just want hasbro/dhx to do something original and interesting. what do you think would happen? How would he be played? or what would he be like? How would the fan base respond?
  12. So I just bought the new Funko Princess Celestia and I am pretty excited about it, and that got me thinking about a topic to start, so... What do you guys(or girls) think about the new figures? Are they what you expected? Would you want to have one, or two?(or ten) Personally I think they look great and can't wait 'till it gets here.
  13. "Cringe videos" are videos that are filled with embarrassing or horrible acts, hence the name "cringe", with shame over the despicable acts. Here is an example: What do you think? Do you find them hilarious? (On a side note, I find the bad-acts and the brony cringe vids as the cream of the crop.)
  14. Hey, guys and gals! I tought of an interesting thought experiment. Would the brony community be the same if the original show was in the style of Equestria girls and the spinoffs were with ponies? The show would still have the incredible writing, animation, humor, characters and all the things we love about it. What do you peeps think?
  15. Hello! So I have been working on a My Little Pony game in the unity engine for a little while now and I am wondering what should come next? The original thread about the game can be found here: The thread contains everything about the game along with the download. If you don't want to download it but still want to help the main things that the game has so far are as follows: * A Twilight demo * A Luna demo * A Discord demo * Magic * Flight * Some of the many assorted powers of Discord. I originally started this game juts to see how far I could get, mainly with controls and smooth gameplay etc. but it seems that I have accomplished that fairly well, so... Where should I take the game next? What should I add? What type of game should it be? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  16. What do you think is your destiny? This is Veece's destiny, BTW:
  17. These videos, which mock a community of rabid gamers and gaming clans, tend to have a lot of flashy colours, repeated usage of memes, "smoke weed everyday", and screaming: What do you think of them?
  18. "Subnormality" is a Canadian webcomic revolving around weird phenomena, supposedly to make fun of the current trends that many of us have been facing Some of its recurring plots include: the adventures of a man-eating Sphynx, her odd friendship with a pink/brown-haired girl, time-travelling Nazis, and many deconstructions of various tropes. (Careful with the looong lines of text, though.) Whatcha think of this masterpiece?
  19. Sometimes I like to make fun of: the Quenya Elves' obsession with stars, the Rinnarits (in my sci-fi works) and their penchant for irony and hatred of cliches, and the Imperium of Man's over-reaction to HERESY. What do you think of it: making fun of fictional cultures, of cultures that have never existed? Is it wrong, or is it just OK?
  20. (Example: if I were to run "Rarity Takes Manehattan", I would most likely expand on whatever happened to Suri, rather than leave her behind to viewers' guesses.) I considered doing similar things to much of the stories I am planning to write: the plot not only focuses on the protagonists, but also (almost always) focuses on the antagonists/villains, and focuses on their triumphs, defeats, and fates. Do you think this is a good idea? Or is it better to leave the bad guys' fate to the imagination?
  21. I just fininshed Fallout Equestria a few minutes ago and I thought it was phenomenal. I actually began reading it before i was a brony for the Fallout aspect but it was one of the main factors to me becoming a brony. This story, all 626 thousand words of it were all ridiculously enjoyable. Whether it be the character develpment on the non combat situations or the sheer evil and grim setting, i thought it was awesome. I personally HATED the "Ten Years After" chapter though. For some reason, I HATE how Fluttershy somehow can magically be poofed back to life. I feel as if it was a shallow ending made just to please the FlutterFanatics out there. (I do like how they mention Homage going to visit Littlepip, though). What are your guys thoughts on this story? By the way, my favorite character was Steelhooves. May he finally slumber without torment. Steelhooves, you were the man );
  22. Sometimed, I would enjoy daydreaming of Pinkie Pie as a humanized Mongol warrior, taking care of the Pie family, troubling the Cakes and the Apples, and landing herself into trouble with Empress Celestia and Prime Minister Twilight. Oh, and Zecora as some merchant from a far-off land, and buffalo tribesmen to boot. What do you think? How can I improve it? Can you add your own ideas, or change parts of this idea?
  23. Clichés of every form Pandering All outside references (though a line needs to be drawn on what is a forced meme or reference/true inspiration) Should I purge my writings of such methods as these, for the sake of several people who complain for "originality"?
  24. On one hand, you will become famous or infamous. On the other hand, they will ruin your interpretation of your story. If this is not worse enough, they can take your franchise away and ruin it, like how Disney did to Star Wars. What do you think?
  25.</span></span> you can Give me some of your comments to make him look cool