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Found 17 results

  1. Forgive me if this is a dumb question, but what are your thoughts? If we had the budget, could we use surgery to mend one's bones and limbs to look like the mlp show accurate ponies? Warning: Some may find the following a bit weird Of course we shouldn't replace limbs as for nerves can't regenerate. The only limbs we would remove are the fingers and toes and rounding of the hands and feet to make them look more like hooves. Rotating the knees and elbows would be needed. We would also shorten the Femur, Tibia and Fibula as well as the the Radius, Ulna and Humerus and find a way to make walking on four comfortable. If we shorten the bone there would be some extra skin and meat which would mean we would have to shorten that too. This was we can make the human-pony 3-4 feet tall. Elongating the neck might be a good idea but we might not want to mess with the spine since it contains vital nerves. There have been many facial surgeries in the past so I imagine we could add a snout too as well as creating the ears. If we could genetically add growing fur that would amazing or if not full body tattoos of a desired shade of color would do fine. We just have to do this a few billion times and change some of the everyday environment to adapt to our life style. Lastly we can rename Earth to Equestria. IF WE CAN'T GO TO EQUESTRIA WE SHALL BRING EQUESTRIA TO US! So what are your thoughts on the subject? How would the eyes be done? Would this be a good fanfic? Would this be good real life situation? How would the new borns look? we would still have the same DNA and chromosomes Here is my other forum similar to this topic
  2. Occasionally, I liked to compare some members of the Mane Six to flower trees or dryads because of their beautiful manes. For example, Pinkie Pie or Fluttershy would be imagined as a walking cherry tree, Rarity (or Twilight) as a jacaranda tree, and Applejack would obviously be an apple tree. What kinds of flowering trees would you imagine each member to he?
  3. A lot of us wish to travel. A lot of us also have desires to go on adventures. These aren't the same things though. The old adage is "the journey is more important than the destination" but that still entails having a destination, a goal, something specific you're trying to get to. So, given the financial and practical means to do so, where would you venture to and what would be your quest? It can either be a specific destination or all the places you go to have some unifying theme. For example you could start in Bejing and travel all the way to Uttar Pradesh, following the same journey as Journey to the West. Or you could take a boat down the length of the Nile from one end to another. Or you could travel from the East to West coast of the U.S. following the Lewis and Clark trail. OR you could visit every building in Europe that was bombed by the lufftwaffe . . . I don't know, that example was too weird for me not to use. One catch though, you can't take a plane for each leg of the journey. You have to take ground or water transportation for at least a significant portion of it. With that said, where would you go, and what is your quest?
  4. Let's pretend Hasbro decides to make you in charge of an entire new season. You can use any characters, locations and create new storylines, the possibilities are endless. What sort of ideas and concepts would you put into the season?
  5. Spoilers for -The Siege Of The Crystal Empire -Fiendship is Magic #1 -Reflections okay, so let me start, the comics seem to follow each other (fiendship is magic issue one is my reason to believe this), and if this is true then after Reflections, the ponies found the other reality in which King sombra was good, and this was the pony Celestia fell in love with (yeah, take that you shippers), but in TSOTCE Sombra is brought to the light by his love Radiant Hope, so in the other reality, wouldn't King Sombra be brought to the darkness by her (in a reality in which the mane 6 don't cause the balance, as Sombra is now good in the Reflections world and the events of our world have passed with Radiant, and we all know this is possible to access if the infinite reality theory is present)? if you think about it each action would need to make sense, so Radiant was bad from the start... then became... bad? see, the characters seem to switch from good to bad in that world (as we can see from Princess Luna of the Reflections world having been good for a bit but bad again) and Radiant hope didn't go through a change, if anything she became bad for a bit... so Radiant would have become good? if a timeline was to be made where would she fit into all this? Radiant hope is a key character for Sombra's point of view... would she be the queen of Equestria of the reflections world? but then she would be bad, correct? there are many other things which would be a major change since The Siege Of The Crystal Empire flipping the villian from bad to good. But then again the other world's difference could be something far from the good being bad, as there are other factors which could change this (see the bad mane 6). Another great point is that in the other world the King would have actually been taken to the darkness by Radiant Hope instead of the light maybe, there are almost an infinite amount of comics that could be produced from the simple change. Anypony got any errors with my idea or any bits to add?
  6. I've been thinking about the idea of Starlight Glimmer being a filly instead of a grown up and The Cutie Map happened not too long after Sunburst got his cutie mark. It would have made better sense for her believing cutie marks destory friendships at such a young age, plus her revenge and childish behaviour would have be more justified. What do you think?
  7. What if My Little Dashie took place in Paradise, Arizona...and the man who found Dashie and took her in was the Postal Dude? Sorry if this isn't in the right section for discussion, I'm not sure where I'd put this. I thought it qualified to be in a fanfic-related section rather than forum games. It's more like...a brainstorming game about the story. By the way, this is what would happen if he didn't kill her, which he probably wouldn't do anyhow. At least I don't think he would. He'd probably take her to her owner as some random errand. But obviously, The Postal Dude is capable of loving an animal companion. You know, Champ.
  8. So here's something I'd like to ask you all. Are you fond of one franchise or another but wish you could experience it in another way? What's one gaming series or title where, you like the world, characters, etc. but aren't as fond as the gameplay mechanics? If you could change them to be another kind of existing gameplay option, what would you make them? Note though, this isn't something you need to make on the likelihood that it will ever happen. Just something that, if you had your way, you'd play the game this way. For example . . . . well melee combat. Yeah I was going to give a specific example but a lot of the times when I'm playing a shooter, I wish I was playing a hack n' slash/beat 'em up. I would like to use this approach in a lot of settings, Halo, Gears of War, Mass Effect, Destiny, Deus Ex. I even have different scenarios and character archetypes that could justify such fighters in each setting. Yeah some of them do have options for melee combat, but they are always very paltry and not well implemented. Such as having a very basic strike be the only attack at close range and still relying a great deal on the targeting reticle. That's just me though, what are some examples of alternate gameplay models you guys would like to see for the series you like? 2D Fighting games in Sid Meier's Civilization? Turn based strategy in Metal Gear? Racing in Mari- oh wait . . .
  9. ...what elements would they be? Twilight can keep the element of magic but for the rest of them I would say: Minuette-Laughter Lyra-Honesty (based on her reaction to Bon Bon being a secret agent). Twinkleshine-Kindness Lemonhearts-Generosity and Moondancer-Loyalty
  10. What race would you be? What would you look like? What do you think your cutie mark would be? Where would you live? I want some creative answers!
  11. How would each member of the Mane Six control MLP:FiM, if any one of them takes control of the TV show?
  12. Wrote this on a blog a few minutes ago, but I realized it was a pretty decent debate subject: Ah, breathing... Existing... It feels good isn't it? Who would come to think that because of the most trivial of reasons, you can feel? Who would even conceive the odd idea of a simple coincidence being the reasons of your... Well... Being.? Now, think about a little, rat-like critter, that due to random luck is one of the first common ancestors of the mammals, hence bearer of an essential, necessary portion of our gene pool. Long story short, he tripped over some rocks and fell from a cliff to his certain demise. Another one, more familiar you may say: Your great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather is working on the fields. Haphazardly he steps over a bee hive, therefore causing the wrath of the minuscule beasts. He flees as fast as he can, but the stings are swelling his skin into painful welts, the venom is now fluxing through his veins and affecting his senses. Within minutes, he falls over, exhaling his last breath. One more? Alright. Your grandfather (During his younger days) stumbles upon his kitty cat (The lazy feline really loves his cozy rug, but alas, that fine piece of carpet is interposed between the poor man's couch and his radio), due to the abrupt plunge, his head hideously smacks against the table, therefore causing your likely pap's death. Now you may ask, what's the point of this? Well, just behold those 'feasible' outcomes (That thankfully never came to happen.). Isn't it just absolutely amazing? What if the first case (Even if it's pretty vague and only made to give an idea of what I meant.) actually happened? You're right there, sitting on your chair, reading this dumb post in a webpage wich target is a community of followers of a TV show by the sole reason that THAT thing/person didn't/couldn't or did/could do THAT thing, Where does that leave us? Is any of our daily deeds, as trivial as they can get, truly affecting the outcome of something bigger? Something that could change the course of history (familiar, national or even worldwide) itself? Feeling more important now? You should. Everything is a possibility, all we can hope is for it to be a one of improvement, instead of decay. That's why in my opinion, life itself is fueled by uncertainty. Any thoughts about the matter?
  13. What would you do if you woke up somewhere in Equestria? Would you try to find someone to send you home? Would you go to Ponyville?... I want some creative answers! tbh...I just recently became a brony and im looking for someone to hang with or play some games with.
  14. So what would you do if A Dragon attack your town right now ? ( would you run and hide / try to fight and kill it / try to help people / or just sit down and let the fire take you cuz there no hope ) ? *(Note) The dragon is not the 2$ worms from Skyrim I am talking SMAUG or any of the bigger ones from Dungeons and Dragon / Pathfinder I am talking BIG !!! So what would you do ? ((What I would do... you don't have to read this) (ME) I think I would try to run..... but my town of (Saginaw / Michigan) is an old run down town with like 2 military guard post (That are 13 miles apart!) and one big high way leading in & out like in SimCity. Even now there are trees too close to peoples houses and they are everywhere & almost all the building in this town are made of wood so ya nice fire fuel. Even then to my knowledge there's like only 47 roads that lead out of town (There might be more.. but my religion now is a bunch of talking horses on the internet and I am building my dream home so ... I don't get out as often. ) and there are alot roads with ditches so if some car gets wreck on that road it is now block off and now you need to back in town to find another road or you try to move and and the dragon see you or your group trying to move it and he kills you! But if he sets the farm land on fire they there like NO WAY OUT cuz ALL the other roads in town go thought the farm land. So if the fire is to hot it will kill if you get to close and it might cook you alive if you try to go thought the fire in your car.So with all that knowledge you see why I might gust sit down and die cuz it a roll of a dice if I can get out of town. But if I do I know where there are some salt mines here that a deep in the earth where he can't go. ( I know the story doesn't show much on how I get out. But I wanted to show how hard it would be to run... let alone fight ... but in short.. I would try to pack my car with food , my shotgun and (Snowflake) my Cat and drive as quick as I can and try to get away in my car.. So that's what I would do. *But still if there a mythical dragon that is flying around anything goes. I know that the portal games take place in a still active salt mine not to far away from my house. ... ... so I might get screw and have to test FOREVER !!! ... ... ... ... ... ...but I will be Still Alive ....
  15. If Princess Celestia suddenly drafted the Mane Six into the Equestrian Armed Forces to aid her soldiers in protecting her kingdom, how would each pony handle the rigorous training sessions and the dreadful risk of getting killed in battling monsters and enemies?
  16. The Conversion Bureau is a series of fanfics where Equestria suddenly appears on an ocean (usually the Atlantic), and a magic barrier is set up that expands to the whole world, killing anyone it touches. The Equestrians, under Princess Celestia, attempt to force all Humans to take up a serum that transforms Humans into more Equestrians, sparking various wars. It would be very interesting if TCB reached "Canterlot-ia", where Sunny has "all this awful conflict with humanized Twily", but now has to face magical ponies who act like conquering tyrants, and a lethal barrier that grows every day. What would happen?
  17. A new planet has just been terraformed, and the Colonization Office is flooded with requests for permission/access from various subcultures to colonize and create new countries there. What subcultures are more willing to colonize the new world?