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Found 74 results

  1. Surely some fans would argue for the best shipping, or even fight others to the death. Others would just think those shippings they like are surely fun.
  2. One day you open a magical sandwich and end up in equestria. This may have been asked a million times but I just gotta ask it. The main que-*Pinkie Pie in bold* IsWhereWouldYouGo!!! *me sighs* you guested it Pinkie. Where would ya go. OH OH, I would go to and go to sugar cubes corner and meet ME. Me would give me which is also her (cuz I'm Pinkie Pie) a welcome to Pony Ville party for Pinkie Pie which is me which is also her which is me too but we can't forget that she's Pinkie Pie as well which is me so that makes tons of sense. ...uhh the only reason I understand this is because I wrote it. (I surprise myself) you guys...understand right? ANYWAY the question is: where would you go first if you went the the magical land of ponys: Equestria. Pinkie might quote ya so be prepared. EEEYUP *big mac walks next to me but soon after I find out it's actually Pinkie in a wierd suit she then giggles * Big Macintosh, quoting is fun. Pinkie, where is real Big Mac? *she puts her mouth to one of the suits legs and inflates him making him panic and run away* well that was wierd. Bye.
  3. If our protagonist Twilight Sparkle was married to the cool and spicy Flash Sentry, what would your initial reaction be, and why would you like/dislike it?
  4. What if instead of the girly adventure show meant only to sell toys, what if the 1st ever generation of MLP was actually friendship is magic? Obviously the animation would be cell shaded, most of the voice actors would be different, the production would be a little grittier, but what if the writing, the setting, designs and character development remained the same? How would that effect the growth of the franchise, or even the future of cartoons as a whole? What kind of fanbase would have spread form FiM in the 80's? Obviously there was just barley any internet in the 80's, but regardless, what kind of fan base would we have? Would it be bigger, smaller or about the same as what we've got? Would we be still loving and tolerating? Would it be a significant challenge to the gender norms and stereotypes back then? And what would the legacy be 30 years later?
  5. I know Mlp is just a fictional cartoon show. But, what if my little pony world was real, what do you think and what would you do?
  6. I was wondering. If there were no unicorn to represent magic, would that role fall on an earth pony or Pegasus?
  7. Because why not? Here's the scenario, So your just enjoying your day, doing whatever it is you like to do at this very moment in time, when suddenly, as if you had just drank some magical Red Bull, you sprout wings! What do?
  8. Say, if humans (or a race of humans/mutants) had a mutation that caused their blood to be flammable, how would it affect their society and their daily life (e.g. in ancient, medieval, and modern times)? And how do you think it would affect relations between firebloods and non-firebloods?
  9. By that I mean what if the world of Equestria Girls had completely different characters that aren't alternate to characters from Equestria? As in, Twilight gets to the human world and there is no human versions of the ponies back home. Would you have preferred it that way? How would the movies have gone differently with no Human Mane 5 or any other human versions of the ponies? I think there would be 5 humans that Twilight could meet that would have similarities with the other 5 back home, but not be copies, and they would have their own look. They could have represented the Elements in that world in order to defeat Sunset Shimmer. I think I would have enjoyed seeing fresh new faces instead of being introduced to the same characters again, and find it interesting that Twilight would have another different set of friends.
  10. When Equestria Girls was first released into the public, some feminists condemned the movie for its stereotypical high school premise being a bad influence to its target audience of young girls. Say, if the makers decided to make EqG more "feminist" (to cater to those critics, and also to appeal to the "SJW"s of Tumblr and the like), how do you think the humanised ponies would be different?
  11. I thought this idea would be funny -- our cool kitty Capper ending up with Jon Arbuckle, and in his place with the ponies at Klugetown's slums the lazy little lasagna-eating tiger of American newspapers. What do you think it would be like, and how would things be different, if Garfield and Capper switched places? Also, would that sound like a good idea? "Why me?"
  12. Almost everyone has a favourite history period, and some fictional characters (such as the Mane Six) are no exception. As a history fan myself, I wonder what periods of Earth history (such as the Hittite Empire, the Victorian era, mediaeval Japan) would each member of the Mane Six like the most?
  13. To satirize of "Evil Empire" Nation X's propaganda (e.g. "we have become what you fear"), Nation Y adopts a pink pony (one of hundreds of modern icons symbolizing Nation X's enemies) as its national emblem, using it in counter-propaganda to represent "themselves" against Nation X's "evil army". After Nation Y wins the war by defending itself, Hasbro sets up its business in Nation Y's capital. The whole nation celebrated to thank Hasbro for that same pink pony, now being used as a national icon in Nation Y*. They have even saved thousands of dollars just to pay Hasbro, in case if Hasbro will ever sue (and bankrupt) the national economy. What will Hasbro do? * Sue the government. * Accept its culture, and even promote various products (not just MLP, but everything else) under Nation Y's native culture(s). * P. S. Nation Y did not become "effeminate", nor did it submit to "Bronyism", after adopting the toy; it was shortly abandoned after much controversy, and reverted to the classic "three soldiers". But this particular incident haunted the nation's popular culture, to even mock the government itself! C'mon, everypony, I need some help!
  14. MLP & MtG! My Little Gathering: Magic is Magic! Something I've noticed often browsing DeviantArt for pony art is that these two fandoms will clash often, there's quite alot of cards based off the main characters & princess as creatures or Planeswalkers. So my question to you is: How would YOUR OC look as a card? Now a few rules first: It really helps if you already have a bit of a history with Magic: The Gathering. Now mind you, you don't have to be a Planeswalker or a legendary card as the former is really just asking more work out of you as those cards tend to have three abilities then the usual one & the latter pretty much only means the "only one of these can be on the field at a time" rule. Feel free to ask for help or critique on your card, such as balancing planeswalker loyalty, mana costs & so on, I for one look forward to discussing card mechanic minutia! Gives us something else to do in addition other then just a new way to post our OCs! Things You Need for Your OC Card, when applicable: Collective mana cost ( W=white,B=black,G=green,R=red,U=blue,then just a number for amount of colorless mana & other applicable symbols. So RU1= one mountain, one island, one of any other mana. BBBB= four swamp as opposed to B3 which would be one swamp & three of any other mana.) Card or creature type, attack/defense, loyalty counters for planeswalker cards & so on as applicable! Flavor text! But only if you feel like it! But before we get to yours, let's get to mine! Widdershins, the Spirit of Confusion Mana Cost: 4UB Card Type & Stats: Planeswalker, starts at 3 loyalty counters Card Text: +2 Each player untaps a land, discards a card, then draws a card. -3 Each player searches for, then plays a card from their deck without paying any of its costs. Then shuffle. -10 You get an emblem that reads: Whenever a permanent is sent to the graveyard its controller gets X 0/1 pancake creature tokens that have "Sacrifice this creature: deal 1 damage" ; where X is that permanent's mana cost. "And I Helped!!!" -Widdershins Notes: Figured he kind of had to be a planeswalker because he's all interdimension-y. That, and Draconequus=Elder Dragons. The main Idea I've got behind Widdy here, is for him to be as much as a boon to your opponent as you. The longer he's up, the more confusion will hit the field! His first is there chiefly as a madness-enabler. His second, while understandably unbalanced gets alot of hefty stuff on the battlefield to make a good pancake standoff for his third go for a rather rousing good foodfight! That, and you could always just stock your deck full of counters & lure out all your opponents big stuff time after time & just sit there and counter constantly like an absolute monkey. Which is exactly why I said "card" and not "permanent" for that case. Ambie Valence Mana Cost: 6 colorless Card Type & Stats: 3/4 Pony Changeling Card Text: Ambie Valence shares the same colors and keywords as other cards you control. Notes: Somehow, I just feel all Changelings ought be colorless. By "keywords" I mean anything from deathtouch, flying, haunt, dredge, regenerate & so on, basically anything that would require reminder text. Though while haunt would still attach him to a creature on death, he wouldn't be able to do anything while in that state & would be mostly useless. Same case with the other two which tend to require a cost of some sort, but as Ambie is only copying the keyword & not the cost he can have the keyword but he can't use it. Basically, he can't do first or double strike unless he's got somebody standing next to him showing him how to do it. Will add more of my own later on down the thread's life span!
  15. Say, you ended up on an island, where a primitive tribe takes you as their prisoner. After some incident, you either kill over overthrow their king, and the tribe's members consider you as their next ruler. How would you rule that tribe? Would you: Bring your culture to modernise the tribe, and host diplomatic relations with your home country? Preserve the tribe's culture and traditions, and also encourage them to write so they can preserve their knowledge? Preserve the tribe's culture, but gradually enact reforms to eliminate worse practices (such as slavery, cannibalism, and ritual murder) and modernise the tribe?
  16. I remember that I had posted two questions regarding alternate settings for the Equestria Girls movies, one in mediaeval Japan, and the other in ancient Greece: So, if you directed the Equestria Girls movies, what kind of setting would you use for the "mirror Equestria", instead of that cliche high school setting? Would it be from a historical era, or a futuristic Equestria (as an antithesis for the magical fantasy Equestria), or something else?
  17. Say, if you are the king, prime minister, or president of your country. And in your country there are people who either have romantic relations with extra-terrestrials, or who married and had offspring with extra-terrestrials. My policy for this would be to restrict it only to aliens that are more "human-like", and only to their existing communities within my countries (if they were around for at least a century or more, and if they were already doing human-alien romances and offspring not with force). All other aliens would be banned from romance or offspring with my human citizens, as I consider that to be closer to disgusting bestiality. What about you? How would you deal with human-alien romances, if you became the rule of your country?
  18. The humans of Equestria Girls have unusual skin and hair colours, so I sometimes imagine them as aliens. It would be interesting to see how would these colourful humanoids would survive in the real world, since their appearance can make them easily stand out from the crowd. Say, you became the president, king, or queen of your own country, and there exists communities of colourful humans, exactly like those from the "Equestria Girls" movies, living as minorities in your country. How would you treat the colorful "Equestrian humans" who reside within your territory, if you are the leader of your own nation? Would you treat them fairly as you would to other humans? Or would you reduce their status over their unusual appearance, even enslave them if you wish?
  19. Let's pretend Hasbro decides to make you in charge of an entire new season. You can use any characters, locations and create new storylines, the possibilities are endless. What sort of ideas and concepts would you put into the season?
  20. If it were possible that the Mane 6, or any other pony/dragon/gryphon/zebra character from the show auditioned as actors for any mythological character of their choice, who do you think they will choose (like Achilles, Aeneas, Ra, Horus, Hercules, etc.), and why? Preferrably, you can make your list of possible choices as long as you want -- just be creative, and try to list down the reasons for each character's choice of who to act as!
  21. Hey guys, there are interesting news regarding to the pony comics next year, and it's a new series called Deviations. What are those, just a series of What ifs, like Blue Blood being Celly's pupil instead of Twi
  22. Say, FiM airs in a country where: the gryphon/griffon is its national animal, the gryphon is the most popular animal of that country, some people even worship gryphons in that country, or (Optional: gryphons actually exist there, and some of them are kept in zoos or aviaries.) Considering how negatively Gilda the Griffon was received in the West (while other gryphons get a new fanbase there), how do you think that sort of country would deal with FiM, especially in regards to her character, and those of Gustave, Gabby, and Greta?
  23. Alright, so let me explain the idea here: this year the game "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes Of Heaven" was released for the PS4, it's an arena-style fighting game containing characters, stages and story from the manga/anime "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure", created by Hirohiko Araki in the 1980's and still running to this day. In the game the fights are between two teams, each one has two characters in it, and if the characters in the team are somewhat connected they will oftenly have a special bit of dialogue before and after the fight, which brings us to the point of this topic: What if My Little Pony had a game in this style? What would the special dialogues be like? I'll be writing some bits of dialogue that i came up with, but feel free to write your own dialogue here too.
  24. so i had this idea what if ponys had some sport not running or horseshoes what would it be called what would the rules be and how would they play with magic or would it ba an all ponys play sport would it be a ball or what and would it invole wearing any equipment.where would the stadium be and what would the proffesionals cutie marks look like also i am starting a daily post called (What if...) i will be posting daily questions that will usually be random hope to see you reply regularly
  25. Let's play a little thought game. Let's assume for a moment that becoming an alicorn is something that is possible to any pony, earth, unicorn and pegasus alike. They only must reach either a high enough level of ability in their special skill, great level of magical power, or very deep of insight and wisdom, whichever happens first. Which of your OCs would be most likely to accomplish this feat, and by which method?