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Found 16 results

  1. I prefer Burger King over McDonald's, BTW.
  2. Out of all the ponies in the show, which pony ever gave you the "I might die from cuteness" reaction? For me it would be Flurry Heart, Twilight Sparkle and Sweetie Belle.
  3. There are so many different personalities throughout the show, the odds are there's a certain pony you wish you were like. So Which Pony do you want to be the most like? For Me it's Cheese Sandwich. He happens to be what I believe I would be like if it wasn't for a series of unfortunate events in my life, and it also means I would be a much happier person as well. Lol Typo in the title
  4. Ok, if there is already a topic like this, then I apologize because I had no idea. And if it gets moved to Media Discussion, then I'm sorry for that too. The magic of Disney is, has been and will always be a force that grips and enthralls us all no matter how it manifests itself. But sometimes, there are moments in Disney's storied past that many have found unbearable. Even to this day, those same moments still have a crippling effect on our hearts and minds. For me, there are a select few which I cannot bear to watch. They are listed below. 1. Bambi There's a very good reason I put this movie top of the list. Everything about Bambi makes me cry for one simple reason. These days I am a cold, critical person, hardened by his experiences in life and therefore vulnerable to the movie's soft and tender themes. I can't even go 5 seconds listening to the song "Love Is A Song That Never Ends" without breaking down like a sissy. Same story with the scene "I Bring You A Song". Sure, the moment where Bambi's mom gets shot is also hard to bear, but I cannot, repeat not, stand up to the soft and sweet collage of nature that is Bambi without cringing awkwardly. 2. Dumbo Ok, for the most part, I don't find Dumbo too hard to watch, but what does resonate with my feelings is having to watch Dumbo get bullied for having unusually large ears. All parties involved, from the circus to the audience and even Dumbo's fellow elephants treated him poorly, and things only got worse when Mrs Jumbo tried to defend her son from the teenage hooligans that harangued him. When I was a child, I couldn't make any sense of the chaos that unfolded in that scene, but now I do at 20 years old. That scene was the very image of an indiscriminate employer viciously stamping out the unfolding conflict, and not in the most humane way either. The Ringmaster has one of his mooks take Dumbo away from his mother, enraging her more. In doing so, relations between the Ringmaster and Mrs Jumbo are damaged further. The former couldn't seem to understand Mrs Jumbo's fury. In his eyes, all he saw was an elephant going crazy, so he had his mooks restrain her and lock her up in a cage. While this scene wasn't the hardest to bear, the one that followed sure as hell was. The night after that chaotic debacle, Timothy Q. Mouse takes Dumbo to see his mother, thus beginning the heart-wrenching scene known as Baby Mine. God, how this scene tugged at my heartstrings. If that wasn't enough, the bit where Mrs Jumbo swings Dumbo with her trunk......need I say anymore? 3. Toy Story 2 I could watch Toy Story 2 easy enough, but when it came to Jessie's lamentation of how her original owner outgrew her, it was a scen I couldn't bear to sit through. While it is a tale many of us have been through at some point in our lives, that singing voice made it too painful for me to listen to. That's it for now, but if I think of anything else I'll put it up. So now I leave it to you readers. What Disney movies made you cry?
  5. Should I get QuakeWorld or Quake Live? I just would like to know your opinions.
  6. I have wondered this for a long time. Am I really the person I'm being here or am I the person that I am IRL. I can't be both because they are totally different. Here I can be open I can share my thoughts and be happy. IRL I don't share anything I don't talk I'm always alone and at misery. I have wondered who I am for 10 years and I haven't found answer, but lately when I joined here the difference between my IRL behaviour and behaviour here has grown bigger. And that really puts me in weird situation. I try here to be strong, kind and helpful. I also want to share my feelings and thoughts and that feels good. IRL I just sit alone not interacting with anyone. I feel like my body is preventing me for doing things that I would like to do like speaking to others and etc. Maybe it is because I've been put into this mould which is made of social pressure. I feel like I can't express myself at all through that shield that I've made. I can't dig up and express my emotions anymore they are too deep. I don't know how can I beat this. Am I really the type of person I am IRL? Am I just pretending nice here or am I really like this? Why it's still feeling good if I'm pretending? I don't know the answers. I know nothing. I just wish I could be like you are. Free and able to express yourselves I'm just rock outside and I'm not sure what is inside. Our teacher told us about depression at school one day and she showed what are signs of depression. It was called IDC10 I think and I got score 10 and that meant heavy depression. But I don't feel depressed when I'm here I only feel when I'm at school or not here. You guys probably don't understand me but I just wanted to share this.
  7. Ok, in this forum game, you must provide two characters; fictional or non-fictional. They can be anyone and anything except for users of this forum. They can be from MLP if you choose so or anything else. Basically choose anyone you want, just no members of this forum. Once you have the two characters post their names and pictures if needed (If the character isn't a famous character that almost everyone knows, it would probably be best to add a picture.) For this forum game, I will start out with two characters. The person below me will then post which one they would rather date and then post two more characters. Then so on and so on. Ok, I'll start. Fluttershy or Rainbow Dash? (Using MLP characters to start out with.)
  8. * the shetlands in cardigans * the moonwalking pony * the shetland from "hark! a vagrant" * tucker from "racing stripes" (optional: never mind this, Equestrians over Shetlands!) Which one of these four is best pony?
  9. So I decided to draw a pony. And I had this idea in my head so I did it. And that terrible multi-layered mess is supposed to be some houses in Ponyville. This was the first time I've used the blur tool. Please let me know what I can improve on and also which picture you like better, the unblurred or the blurred one.
  10. Out of these three, which of them scares you the most. They are all pretty creepy in my opinion and I want to see what this site thinks is the scariest?
  11. I was just doing nothing when I realized something. When I first watched My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I thought my favorite character would be Applejack due to her accent and awesome hat. But as I continued watching the show, she turned out to be my least favorite character out of the Mane 6. My favorite now, is Fluttershy. Which character did you think you would like when you first watched the show and post if that has changed now that you watched more of the show. Post below.
  12. So guys, I know we all have favorite background ponies or fanmade ones. But the question is.. Which of them would you love to be more involved in the show? Or even be one of the main characters in the show in the future.. *Cough* VINYL SCRATCH *Cough* *Hack* *Gag* Edit: Added Lyra Hearstrings to the poll. Sorry about that guise *Smacks head* Edit: Added Colgate
  13. So which do you think is a better name for Pinkie pies cherry snack consisting of mashed up cherries wrapped in a tortilla then deep fried Help Pinkie solve this age old question.
  14. Sooo, if you had a band, which ponies would you select to be in it and what musical instrument will they be playing??? (Any type of band -rock, metal, pop, punk, etc.,)
  15. OK! So if you were in a burning building and you only had the chance to free one from the inferno who would you choose? To clear all confusion everypony, i mean the normal average ponies, like the mane 6, and their sisters.
  16. 1.Okay, let's pretend you are one of the voice actors in MLP:FiM. One day, celebrating the 50th MLP episode aired, L.Faust gives you permission to give a background pony a dialogue and make him/her an important pony in the episode. You are very excited but you can only choose one. Which pony would you choose? a.Derpy Hooves b.Lyra c.Sparkler d.Doctor Whooves e.Noteworthy f.Octavia g.DJ Pon3 h.Colgate 2. Which background pony do you wish was one of the mane six? 3. Which background pony do you think is the cutest? 4. Which is the manliest background stallion? 5. Which background pony is the girliest?