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Found 1 result

  1. One day as I was exploring the internet, I came by the fad of the sh*t ____ say videos and watch quite a few before coming across this video: The two top comments on the video are: This just seems like a man who treats his woman well and loves her. drunk4jesus 1 day ago 57 Reply how about shit perfect guys sayFrancesGeraldine 1 day ago 45 so I decided to skim through some of the other comments which were like: for the comments above me with the " shit perfect guys say" that aint true whipped guys always get manipulated and taken advantage of so please this is hilarious but any guy that is like this and wants a healthy long lasting relationship has to be a man sometimes and not always report back to tha pusseyyyy MrGiannone03 9 seconds ago @drunk4jesus LMAO r u kidding me? you clearly are a virgin... DarrelGOP 11 hours ago He's a fruitcake. gatch92 11 hours ago Lol why are all these girls like: OMG OMG he's such a good bf, or Omg i hope i have a bf like this someday, or OMG i am jealous! ?? o.O when you guys find a good guy who treats you and loves you like this you just get bored of them and think he's predictable and not spontaneous, then you go look for a guy who treats you like a dumb B**ch... im puzzled? but in all seriousness subconsciously you like being dominated over. AngelFireXI 12 hours ago 7 judging from top comments a lot of girls feel like this is how it should be. If you want a whipped boyfriend you have skewed expectations or are probably lying. You seriously want some guy who is gonna sit and watch some stupid reality show every night, ditches his friends, lies about liking the hipster clothes you buy him and just acts clingy ? That aint a real man. boyrandom72 12 hours ago 3 I further went to go see what urban dictionary thought on this subject: 1. whipped 4342 up, 600 down being completely controlled by your girlfriend or most cases a guy being completely controlled by his girlfriend. 4. whipped 1086 up, 644 down The mis-labeling of sincere devotion between a man and a woman as some sort of failure on the part (typically) of the man. This mis-labeling isn't applied by any sort of "lover" grade male; rather, the labler is usually a misogynist frat-boy hedonist incapable of rubbing two higher-level brain cells together longer than the time taken to hit the bong or crush a beer can on his head. Mislabeling based on an inability to comprehend that men and women can have long-term, spiritually fulfilling relationships beyond the more obvious physical calisthetics...and that a man who puts the hapiness and joy of his woman above his own hapiness is the essence of successful relationships, NOT a failure. Obviously, when a woman reciprocates in kind, the result is the pinnacle of human hapiness and spiritual fulfillment. Frat boy: Me wake up on floor in puddle of own vomit. Me only f*ck drunk ho's at party....hmm...that guy happy with woman, say he LOVE woman...he WHIPPED I bet. Evolved human: did you hear that? it sounded like a pre-humanoid predecessor, giving off a mating call for antelope..! My own boyfriend has been accused of being whipped because he decided to watch a soccer game with me instead of his friends (by his own vocation), he says he prefers hanging around me because he can be himself and not worry about his friends judging him. ~ You may also want to note that the guy who called him whipped is currently single and cheated on his last girlfriend several times. ~ TL;DR Thoughts and opinions on 'whipped guys'