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Found 4 results

  1. Ok so if you got to choose which pony that you could spend the whole day with,which one would it be? Rules No perverted comments or images Watch your language! Have fun!
  2. Here is a another sketch I've been working on. I think I'm a little obsessed o_O NOTE: Sorry about the quality, again taken with my iPad. Please leave a reply, critique always helps ^^
  3. I know not a lot of people are wondering, on what I've been thinking about the forums. So now, I'm going to break my silence on what I think about the forums as one whole community. Analysis: From beginning to end, the forums continue to grow as a community. I have seen many new members join day in and day out, wanting to have fun, make friends, post topics, and enjoy their experience. The staff have been moderating the forums while the members that make up the community, interact with other members with replies and personal messaging. Community: As we all know, a forum can not be a forum without members. The members joining makes up the community when it continues to grow. Ever since I joined, I watched the forums continue to grow even when people don't want to abide by the rules. We all are together as one community. Moderators & Members: Members post away on topics while, moderators moderate the sections of topics, to make solve problems & make sure everyone is abiding by the rules. I salute the staff, for their dedication because they work hard doing what they do. We, as the members are all glad to have a good staff. Everybody, deserves a seal of approval. Conclusion: In conclusion, I have enjoyed my time here. I really think the forums, are the place to be for fans of the show that we all know and love. So I'll just wrap this up with a rating. Rating: 1000/10 This is, ~Chaotic Lightning~ signing off on this blog. Same bat time, same bat channel. The Best in the World © , is out of the building!
  4. Well the title says it all. Last year today I had joined this beloved forum. I'm going to say this was one of the best years of my life. So much has happened, I met so many friends...just wonderful. The users on this site are so nice and understanding, so smart and insightful, caring, the list can go on. I'm terribly bad at things like this but I just wanted to get it out there that I love all the members here and what they have done for me. I'm trying to keep this short so here's to another year ahead! Just because I can, here is a Fluttersnake: