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Found 9 results

  1. To all who have come to the realization that I am the one true savior of the fandom, you may speak the words of truth here. Blessed by the alpaca gods, daughter of Cthulhu, I am here to assure the fandom's everlasting existence. I am mostly sane. I give you an unrelated cute kitten:
  2. (There is an optional drinking game for this parody. Every time it mentions beautiful, bottyfull, bootyful, etc, you take a drink of some sort of fluid whether it be alcohol or chocolate milk.) This story of MaryWeather, the blind special fab blind princess the third, she was a acliorn. SHE WAS SOOOOOOOOO BOTTYFULL THAT EVERYPONY DIED. jk, she was bootyful tho. one day she saw a evil descord and she ate him with her awesome dragon form that was awesome and bootyful thene she seed Sghining Armior and they did it and it was fab and bottyfuf. She was so happy that she decedd to be he waifu. they had a littl baby nanmed Milky Shakes and she had biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig byubs and her bootyful milkshake brought all teh boys to the yard and threy saw her and they thought he was butyfulfl. One day MaryWeather gotted into her dtragon fom again and was angstful. she decided all of equestria wold feef her rath and SHE BECAME SO BOOTYFUL THAT EVERYPONY DIED. but then she was good so she made a new world with ther star poweres and made a whole neew wold that was bootyful. it was called bootyfufle world and she was queen and has so many waifus now she so bootyful. I apologize for this horrid beast of a story.
  3. you have a headcannon or ship i will read it and say what i thick about it(picture me doing the willy wonka thing)
  4. This is clearily a joke, it follows the same plot as the original sonic game. and its Clearily the worst game ever. If you can even call it a game. It has too many glitches and not enough gameplay. I dont even want to talk anymore about it. SCORE Gameplay: 0/10 Bugs: 100/10 Auctual Fixes: 0/10 SCORE: 0.00/10
  5. CAUSE WHY NOT?! So yeah. I thought I would do this for funsies. Not really expecting anything, but who knows, maybe I'll be surprised.
  6. Hiya Friends! My name is Buddy! Ask me questions but keep it safe so I don't stumble Onto bad words. Have FUN!!!!!!!!! ITS APPPLE JACKS NEW DRESS
  7. hello everyone, welcome to my show called "Ask British Spy!" I guess if you want to you can ask me any questions that you wanted (by the looks of the topic area this thread will die in half and hour)
  8. Zoop

    Ask a Zoop

    Hello! Your friendly neighborhood Zoop is here at your service! While I imagine a lot of old-timers around these parts probably know a little about me, I figured that this thread would be a good way to not only interact a bit more directly with a larger cross-section of the folks here on the forum, but also a good way to convince people that I'm a cute pony and not an angry eldritch abomination. Anyway, I've zooped around this forum since the first day it opened up, so I know a thing or two about a thing or two. Feel free to accost me with survey questions and marriage proposals.
  9. @@Feld0, our one true God of this realm is the sole reason for our very existence both as a forum, and as human beings ourselves. For 7 days he toiled unending simply to create a heaven upon this earth, just for us. All we have to thank is him and him alone. Come together my brothers, and embrace in the grandeur and glory that is Feld0, and the Creation of MLPForums. In his aura we bow.