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Found 23 results

  1. In general, do you think that people criticize on things too much? If so, why? Personally, I think too much people go overboard and it just dissolves into nitpicking. We even have memes of it.
  2. Is this in anticipation for Halloween or something?
  3. Well, here it is. The inevitable political blog post... In this post I will make short summations of my beliefs on a variety of topics. I'm doing this for four reasons. Firstly, so that way I don't feel the urge to post in the toxic cesspool that is the Debate Pit (Debate Symposium is way too polite of a name for it). Secondly, it feels like they confuse some people with the narrow-minded perspective of every issue being left vs right. That ISN'T always the case! I agree with the right on some things, but mainly on things that, from a more nuanced perspective, are not really left vs right issues like neo-liberals or neo-conservatives would want you to believe. And thirdly, to say f*** you to the fake left democrats of the world. My voice will be heard whether you like it or not! And lastly, I do this because I really don't feel the need to explain them to those who choose to object to them. If you see things differently, fine. Just don't start s*** with me. Also, I'll give a trigger warning. If you are easily offended, stop reading this post now, because I guarantee you'll be screaming at me later. Guns. Guns should be legal as long as they aren't FULLY automatic (even burst-fire is potentially fine) or have a magazine size larger than 20 rounds. Taxes. I believe in a very progressive tax bracket. I like the idea of a 49% tax on the highest bracket, and on the lowest maybe 4 or 5%. Also, GET RID OF THE TAX HAVENS! Drugs. I see no problem with legalizing a lot of them. Maybe not crystal meth, but for marijuana it's only common sense I think. Also, we should END this war on drugs. It is HARMING more than it is helping! Dense-a** sheep and their alternative facts (also known as obvious LIES that they decided to BELIEVE) are not helping. Immigration. I believe that dreamers deserve an opportunity to prove themselves, but drug lords don't belong here. I believe that immigration should be CHEAPER (it costs over $1000 in stupid-a** fees to get a green card for f***'s sake!), but I also believe that sanctuary cities are downright WRONG. Yeah sort of in the middle on the whole issue. But I have to say this: both sides of the issue are completely moronic, but in some ways each of them are right. Healthcare. I believe in Medicare-for-all for everyone. Politicians shouldn't get special privileges, and we shouldn't be thrown to the curb. Corruption. It's everywhere, and it HAS to STOP! Or else we may no longer have any right to call ourselves a "democratic republic" (though it is true CONGO is supposed to be one)... Miitary Spending. NEEDS to go WAY down! We spend 3 or 4 f***ing times what China does and our military is HALF THE SIZE! Not to mention most of this spending goes towards things we will REALLY never need! Abortion. I frankly think that for the most part pro-lifers are a bunch of fruitcakes, that frankly have no idea what they're talking about. I see no issue as long as it is done before 29 weeks, though I can see numbers lower than that. National Debt. Should be the first priority to pay it off, or else all of our necessary welfare programs will suffer. Not even to mention that it will eventually affect the way other countries see us. Trade. We need less of these dumb trade unions and we need to increase tariffs on imported goods. Racist Cops. They do exist! There IS some degree of legitimacy to Black Lives Matter. Albeit, a small degree of it. In about three cases on national news that I remember (of a decent few...), the cops should have been charged, one with first-degree murder (yes FIRST DEGREE, not SECOND or THIRD!). Aside from those few cases though, Black Lives Matter is WRONG. However, I do agree there is a problem here that should be addressed. I have a hard time believing there isn't a little discrimination somewhere in this. Just a little though. American Flag vs American Principles. Principles win, every time. So in other words, I don't support the idea of forcing people to stand to the Pledge. It is frankly more patriotic NOT to considering that it is an extension of freedom of speech, in the exact same sense as the right to have a Confederate flag. I think if you support forcing people to stand to the pledge, it's VERY hypocritical of you to also turn around and pride your heritage for being traitors to the union. By the way, yes, I have no issues with the Confederate flag. "Religious Freedom Laws" regarding Gay Marriage- They are ridiculous. If they didn't make wedding cakes for Trump supporters, would YOU want the right to sue them? The right likes to make this issue into something it is not. There is NOBODY saying that it should be illegal to NOT serve them. They're saying that a**holes that don't serve them have every right to get sued for it. LGBT Rights. Being LGBT, I fully support them, until they trample on other people's rights or until they force pro-gay propaganda down the throats of elementary school kids (which my dad inaccurately told me was happening while quite obviously not evaluating the credibility of his source). Since I saw this thread, I say the most important thing to solve this issue worldwide is time as well as tolerance for those who don't support us. They won't accept us if we force the issue on them. Autistic Rights. This isn't one you hear about everyday probably. Autism Speaks is EVIL. Period. They are a HATE group that deserves no funding. If anything, the head honchos of this c*** need to go to JAIL! I believe in the right for people with Autism to live their lives the way they are. We don't need a cure for this, we just need society's acceptance. (I say we here, because of the nature of my perspective on the issue. I believe that I have Asperger's Syndrome, the mildest form of Autism). American Justice and Prison Systems. Both NEED fundamental reworks from the top down. It spends too much money, treats prisoners too well, and has too many people in it. Also, private prisons should not f***ing exist. It's sick to make money like that. My proposition involves shorter sentences in harsher prisons, so that way we don't have to pay to keep them there or for luxuries they don't really need. Things like weight rooms, like actual cafeteria food (From what I've heard, the luxuries they get food-wise are ridiculous)... You know, things there are no reason why prisoners should have access to, but also so they have a chance to get back into society and maybe contribute if prison really made them realize that they don't want to be criminals. Affirmative Action. Affirmative action is a bad thing. It is fundamentally bad for everyone, Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, Native American... IT'S BAD ALL THE WAY AROUND. Unqualified Blacks getting jobs over more qualified Blacks, Whites, or any other race is WRONG. Job opportunity shold be equal for everyone, not more equal for blacks who don't belong in the jobs they have than everyone else. Minimum Wage. Well, here's a hum-dinger. I think it should be FLEXIBLE, and not just a single value, as taxes are. I'm sorry Bernie, but increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour will hurt small businesses everywhere. It sounds good until you get to there though. The better idea is for the IRS to start doing their JOB! Deliver forms to both workers and company owners asking about how much the workers make, how many employees the establishment has, and how much the establishment earns. Based on the later two of the values, calculate how much they should pay the workers. From the first value, ascertain whether that amount is being paid. If the forms contradict each other, trust the worker. They have much less reason to lie about it. Also make this wage increase or decrease wit inflation or deflation. Sounds like a slippery slope, I know. But this is probably better than setting it to one number for everyone. Federal Funding for College. The government needs to start paying up for it's country's future. Colleges basically rob their students blind of hundreds of thousands of dollars. All for what? A piece of paper that will get you a job in a year maybe while the interest on your student loans (which you will have unless you have RICH-A** PARENTS!) stacks up. Also, they should only pay the colleges a reasonable amount of money and any need for more than what is necessary here should be a federal offense for the bookies and the higher ups. Death Penalty. I consider it unusual, and unfitting punishment. Note that I didn't say cruel, because it's actually quite the opposite. It's too humane! They should rot in jail instead! Also, the death penalty actually isn't cheap either. They have to maintain the execution chamber and all, which I'd suppose costs an insane amount of money, not even to mention most death row inmates now stay there for DECADES before getting executed because of all the red tape! Just put them in for life with no parole. Treat them to the suffering they deserve. Also, not even to mention in the case of those that actually aren't guilty, they'd get the chance to prove it (of course if anybody would f***ing listen to appeals!). Fake News. Needs to go. Period. No more CNN, no more Fox, no more MSNBC, no more of that. And, yes, the government actually does have the authority to delegitimize them as far as I know, and it's not really being utilized because of all of the FREAKING CORRUPTION! What could replace it is actual journalism, of course if the corruption went away. Also, they need to stop praising EVERY politician that dies. Seriously, I could care less about George HW Bush, and how it's plastered everywhere that he's died is ALREADY beginning to annoy me. Seriously, WHO SHOULD REALLY CARE? He was a mediocre president who's best political moment (My opinion) was calling out Reagan on his economic policy. Gold Standard. Here's where I actually go right on economics. The Gold Standard is necessary right now. We need less inflation, so that way the poor's money is worth more, and so that way there's less for the rich to make, with the government basically making notes willy-nilly whenever they want. The United States as a whole. Not great, but not terrible either. Sure, we technically are the world's largest terrorist organization, and we don't get all of the freedoms listed in the constitution (thanks for the false advertisement, f***ers!), but at least we have the semblance of a democratic society here and that's enough for me. I did a ranking of nations based on how much I'd want to live in them, and the US ranked around 16th on the list, so not bad at all in that sense. As for voting? I have a question. Would you rather be shot in the back or shot in the face? Or neither? I choose neither. Meaning, I don't freaking vote, because there's NO POINT when your only options are BAD! Socialism as a whole. It's BADLY misdefined by the right and the fake left in an attempt to delegitimize actual leftist economics. Why? I don't think it's that hard to figure out. The word has had a completely unfair stigma surrounding it since the Cold War, almost exclusively because the Soviet Union was a TYPE of socialist and we didn't like them. Communism and Socialism are NOT the same thing. Communism is an authoritarian brand of socialism, and I think believing otherwise is frankly a show of bias and a laughable lack of knowledge about how the left REALLY is. Trump as a president. I already went into this in a Debate Pit post (which was my mistake that I'm surprised I'm not seeing the effects of), but he's a pretty freaking bad president. Trump may have done some good on the Korean front, but I'm starting to think that the peace would have happened without Trump in office, and I'm starting not to understand why that didn't come across my mind sooner. After all, he's the one and the same guy that nearly started a freaking WAR with them over his own freaking ego, and the same guy who's already killed HUNDREDS of innocent people ON PURPOSE... (And yes, there's no logical reason for this source to lie). What saves him I my mind is that he IS tackling important issues such as corruption in the government, although very slowly. But nonetheless it hardly excuses him from being, by definition, a TERRORIST. It also doesn't help his case whatsoever that he's totally SCREWED the economy for the working class. I was already concerned about the tax policy, but it's worse than I thought. The rich are being allowed to have their cake and eat it too... Seriously, trickle-down economics does NOT work, and it NEVER has. Let's see how we like living in the 1880's again... Seriously, that's what this is becoming. A modern version of the 1880's partially THANKS to Trump! I don't care if you say "but he didn't initially propose it" because HE ALLOWED IT TO GO THROUGH. And that's more than enough to say that he is going to cause the financial train wreck just waiting to happen... Democrats. I can't STAND them, for several reasons, but I have to go over some misconceptions that BOTHER me. First off, they are FAR from left-wing, they only pretend they are which I and others will point out is full of s***. Secondly, they aren't GOING LEFT! SOCIETY'S GOING FURTHER RIGHT! I think that's a freaking no-brainer at this point, but apparently it isn't because society is TOTALLY oblivious to the entire phenomenon! Democrats are literally NOT changing whatsoever. They're a bunch of hawkish, corporatist LIARS who have no moral compass and have NO IDEA how to criticize Trump when he shoots himself in the foot at every opportunity! Saying Trump is bad without an actual argument is actually giving him more SUPPORT! It makes me think even more that their agenda is actually to silence the actual left-wing in the United States. Also, the people who support them still must either be naïve or moronic. Yes, there's literally NO other explanation why ANYONE would support people like Hillary Clinton or ESPECIALLY NANCY PELOSI! None, whatsoever. It doesn't help that most of the people that support them complain about literally everything under the sun, and try to justify it with total nonsense! Republicans. They're a bunch of deranged, hypocritical, spiteful lunatics, and I must say so are a large fraction of their supporters. These people complain about lobbying. What about all the money the NRA pays Republicans for propping up their agenda? Then they complain about spending. If you really cared, you wouldn't advocate spending so much money on the military... They complain about the constitution. The Patriot Act is the most blatant breach of our rights per the constitution I've ever seen, and a REPUBLICAN put that into law! They complain about snowflakes. What about Religious Freedom laws, what about the controversy with the pledge, or what about half of what your favorite Fox News moron says about "leftists"? 'But that's the truth' Bulls*** it's an opinion DON'T YOU KNOW THE DIFFERENCE?!?!?! For f***'s sake, you're WORSE than the people you complain about! Just stop calling everyone you don't like an SJW and come up with real reasons to not like things! Get a freaking spine, too! You really need one, you vile piece of crap! Quick list of my who I think were the best and worst president in our nation's history: Best: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, George Washington, Harry S. Truman, Woodrow Wilson, Dwight D. Eisenhower Worst: Andrew Johnson, James Buchanan, Ronald Reagan, Warren G. Harding, George W. Bush (Junior), Donald Trump I may edit some of this later on, and I'll more than likely expand it also. But regardless, I really want the toxicity in this blog post to stay at a minimum, because that's part of the point anyways... (which is funny to think about now because I've already had to deal with a ton from fake leftists and a few right-wingers that lurk around the Debate Pit (Symposium is FAR too polite of a term for the place) and try to pick fights by accusing people of things they know are complete and utter bologna, ether that or blatantly lie about their opinions in posts, because that happens too.)
  4. A answer to a pretty common question in the community.
  5. In Swarm of the Century, Twilight asks Zecora for advice and when she gets there Zecora's balancing on a stick and then gets a fright, falls off, and asks "Have you gone mad?" but doesn't rhyme. Why wasn't she rhyming then, and on an unrelated note, why was she balancing on a stick?
  6. As bronies and pegasisters, We've all created tons of fanart, music, videos, and our O.Cs. But the question is how did you guys come up with the idea for your O.C? Did you make it based off a character or multiple characters from different shows? Or did it just come to you at random?
  7. To be quite honest, this surprised me. I was expecting terrible humour, bad writing and overall just a deplorable TV "special". But no Somehow this was much MUCH worse. Throughout the episode they tried to do the whole "hero vs hero" angle (ala Captain America vs iron man.). But instead of making both the super teams look strong (like any SANE TV writer would have done). They tried to constantly pander to the audience by pegging the teen titans squad as the immature, lazy, "heroes" who don't actually fight any bad guys. and pegging the...I'm guessing 4th grade PPGs as the straight man to that, the mature, hard-working heroes. But, and this is the main problem with the TTGO series general. Admitting your faults to the audience, ISN'T funny. It's lazy and without improvement it just looks like you're aiming to piss off anybody who dares to watch. Especially fans of the old show They've done this with numerous episodes, wally t, the fourth wall, that one Slade episode, and now this. Saying that you suck is not a reason to keep sucking. And as for the Powerpuff girls? Well, they're pretty much non-existent. Yeah, they have some lines and "action" scenes. But they pretty much just fade into the background, ironically, that's the main problem with PPG reboot. For the most part the show isn't terrible, but at the same time it isn't good. Just me, it's not memorable and with any other show that'd be fine. But when trying to reboot such a beloved series, me isn't good enough and that's how you get such bad ratings as this show has. Overall, this crossover just accent's the worse part of these two shows and magnifies them to about 100. *Sigh* if you're looking for a GOOD crossover I'd suggest the Steven universe and the uncle Grandpa crossover. Now I detest everything dealing with uncle Grandpa, but this episode used the most positive aspects if the show and paired that with the wonderful writing of Rebecca sugar and some actual FUNNY humour. They combined their strengths to make a good episode, like a crossover should accomplish. Anyway, I'm done. If you disagree with my comment why down below and see y'all later. Oh yeah, beast boy and cyborg do something with mojo Jojo or whatever, I don't care.
  8. "Smile" is one of my favorite songs in the whole series, it was a great way to show what Pinkies goal in life was, who SHE is, and on top of that it's catchy. In my opinion it was a great way to start off a great episode and introduce a new race. But why is this song so popular? This song is usually number one on people "Top ten my little pony songs" list that I have seen and it can never really die down. I think it's so popular because, the tune can get stuck in your head and it isn't just repeating the same lyrics over and over again and with the up beat tune and the colors which are usually showed to symbolize happiness can make anyone in a bad mood smile. We know Pinkie and we love to see her trying to make as many people as happy as she can so seeing and or hearing her sing about that specific topic can make us smile. Why do you enjoy this song, and why do you think it's popular? (If this is in the wrong place, please don't hide it. Can you perhaps move it to a better spot if it is?)
  9. I've been thinking about why so many people like Fluttershy and Luna, the two (arguably) most loved ponies. Luna is a redemptive character. Done. Check. Moving on. Fluttershy however, I can't really find anything engaging about her. I always tell my audience everything needed to base response, so I will say Fluttershy is my least favorite of the mane 6. I don't hate her, but she is the lowest on the like-o-meter. Twilight's a badass nerdchick, Pinkie is zany and (sometimes) funny, Rarity goes against girly stereotypes, Spike (might as well include him in something) is a guy in a female cast, Rainbow Dash is athletic and "cool". AJ is best po... I mean a great combonation with any other pony, a hard worker, and morally superior. Come at me haters. But Fluttershy is just... shy, I mean she has great dialogue, great episodes, etc like all the rest, but she never really stood out anywhere. The Cutie Map is the first time she a memorable main role in recent history. Then I realized many internet bronies, including myself, are quite introverted, and shy usually goes along with introversion. I must say, even though Fluttershy is my least favorite, she is probably my second most relatable out of the show (1st being Twi). Then I connected that further with the generally correct statistic that most people gravitate towards characters they can connect with. That's why people normally like Sally over Deathgaze Starkiller. So it would make sense to me if many bronies like Fluttershy because they may see a bit of themselves in her and feel empathetic. So is Fluttershy your favorite, because of reasons I listed? If not, is your favorite pony somepony you can relate to? Do you normally gravitate towards those characters in any entertainment?
  10. Why is there no pony related con in Chicago? I am aware of Midwestria, but it been awhile since they had a con, why is that? If there was one in Chi I would try to go. (I've never been to a con before.)
  11. Twist looks a bit like the typical red-haired nerd, but she is just a background pony. Why the hatred of her?
  12. A lot of times, many bronies (hopefully and thankfully not you) sometimes shove many pictures of ponies' poor flanks, or even make a lot of jokes regarding such things. Why the attraction to flanks and plot(s)?
  13. This is an extremely random observation I've made over the course of the series, but these ponies seem to faint an awful lot. For example: Applejack in "Apple Buck Season," Rarity in "Bridle Gossip" (like six times), Rarity in "Sweet and Elite," Rarity in "A Canterlot Wedding," Rarity in "Simple Ways" (Lol, poor Rarity...I know she's a drama queen but YEESH!), Pinkie Pie in "Too Many Pinkie Pies," Rainbow Dash in "Trade Ya," Spike in the pilot episode, Princess Cadance in "Crystal Empire" and probably lots more. Why do you think this is? It's kind of weird.
  14. Bon_Bon


    My mom wants to follow me at babscon! I really want to meet other bronies, but I don't really want her meeting all of my bronie friends! Please give me advice!!!!!
  15. So, if you go and see in google suggestions, with safesearch on, that if you search up something like "celestia and luna" it will come up with r34 as a suggestion. I just found this out just now after I did a internet cache clean with ccleaner and I was logged off so its not my search history (I dont look at clop anyway). I know for a fact that there is more pokemon r34 than clop, and if you type something like "ash and misty" (two pokemon characters) or even if you type anything related to r34 other than ponies with safesearch on it will not show anything. I've had clop pushed into my face when I typed "cadence and shining armor" even in organized groups. Why does google allow this? Are they just being obvious trolls, allowing their algorithm to organize r34? Whats your take on it? Note: This is not a personal insult to anyone, I'm just asking a question.
  16. I'm sure many of you fellow roleplayers have experienced a roleplay that started out really well and then died all of a sudden. It happens so often, it drives me insane. All I wanted was to have fun roleplaying with others and to develop a really cool story based on the creativity that stems within all our minds. But it always gets hampered because roleplays on these forums just keep dying! I just feel really disenchanted with roleplaying in general at the forums. There are so many stories that I want to act out but will never be realized because people keep giving up on the story! I can list off at least 5 roleplays that I truly wanted to keep up but died because of time complications and inactivity. I want to give my all to developing the love and care that a roleplay needs, but at this point, even with the roleplays that are still alive, I always get this fear that it'll just die, leaving all my effort and many others to waste. This blog post isn't just a complaint. It's a plea to the roleplays I'm involved with and the associated roleplayers. If you really love roleplaying, then you guys should at the very least, try your best to stick with the story to the very end. I know you guys may have life complications, and I understand. That's why I'm still waiting eagerly to get these dead roleplays back to life! I just want to hear from you guys...I just want a reason to keep giving the effort I've been giving to keep a roleplay up.
  17. Hi people from this beautiful forum I want to ask you this very simple question. Why people hate classical music? It's been strange why people hate to listen these kind of music, I tried to plug my iPod once to a big speaker and people curse saying, "You are listening to this Sh!t? You're a jerk" or "This sounds terrible, dub step please!" Or ETC . Why? I was very disappointed to the people we have to today. I am saying many but not all. So please answer this. I wanna know why
  18. I just don't really get it. Obviously, some people record their reactions for people to watch while others just play it 'to play it' if you know what I mean. I just can't see why people do it often. Now, I have played a couple of indie horror games and they scared the pants off of me. I suppose this topic could also be called 'Do people enjoy being scared?' but I'm trying to talk about gaming. So, do you play scary games? Do you enjoy them? If so, why?
  19. ok trixie don't trust weels and your job is to find a reason why, the rules goes like this : you will make up a reason why Trixie don't trust wheels but the reason has to involve the user above you ok ? this can be a little tricky i know but that is the point so since i have no users above me then i will just post two images :3 d
  20. Hi. I'm nerfman100. Ask me stuff.
  21. "She's a grump, and a thief, and a bully. The meanest kind of mean meanie-pants there is. I can take it, but no one treats Fluttershy like that. No. One. This calls for" the greatest welcome to Ponyville party? Twilight Sparkle: You've met Gilda, right? What's she like? Fluttershy: Oh, um, well, I'll tell you later, Twilight. Pinkie Pie: Welcome. Welcome. Fluttershy: Um, Pinkie Pie, about this party for Gilda. Umm... Do you really think it's a good idea? I mean– How come Fluttershy knows Gilda better than her suppose friend?
  22. So I was just looking through Facebook, and this person posts a picture of the toy she received in McDonald's: A fluffy Fluttershy, and calls it a gay pony. I asked her jokingly if I could have it, and she told me she had already tossed it in the trash Now, most of us would've done that pre-FIM and still to the older gens, and you know it :3 Still, has something like this happened to you?