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Found 97 results

  1. With some sources stating that our fandom can include as many as a million members, I am confounded by the fact that there are only around 15,000 registered users on MLP Forums. What are the reasons for such a low forum population on a topic that spans such a great length across the internet ? Are there multiple forums that split us up? Do only the most serious bronies decide to join? Are a higher percentage of bronies "closet bronies" than we think? Do most bronies not even consider joining forums? It seems like everywhere I go on the internet, I am always able to find someone with a pony avatar or someone making MLP references, so it surprises me to see that there are only 15,000 users ever to be registered on the forums. I would like to know what you all think of this. Should we be concerned? Is this normal? Are forums dying as a method of communication? Let me know what you all think.
  2. Well now some of you might have atleast heard of a flight sim called YSFlight.Now I make mods for that sim and this is one of them: Well?I'll post a picture of it in game in this thread soon.
  3. Who's your favourite pony from the show and why? Mine's Twilight Sparkle, because I feel I can connect with her very well. She's the brainiac of her group, and is always trying to find a scientific explanation to everything.
  4. For some reason, most of us.... just have that thing that drives up up the wall!!! While some things might be justifiable in how they're irritating (spilling a drink, breaking something, or anything like that), pet peeves rarely have a serious reason to exist. With all of that out of the way, what are those little things that you, a stranger, or a loved one does... that just makes you want to pull your hair out!!! For me, some things that drive me up the wall are: Artists who make reptilian or bug-like characters... with breasts. Clocks chiming. And people who sing along to music. I'm not sure why, but these things happening makes me want to smash my desk with a sledgehammer! With my ranting out of the way, what are some pet peeves of yours? It will be interesting to hear them!
  5. Most of us are probably playing the waiting game right now, whether it's for feedback on your art or fanfiction, your food order to be filled, or bedtime. What are YOU waiting for? Me? I'm waiting for the iPad Mini I ordered from Best Buy to get here. I'm pretty sure it will come either today or tomorrow. I spent all day yesterday waiting before I remembered that UPS doesn't ship on Presidents' Day. XD
  6. Why do some new memebers join the forum and the they just disappear is a short period of time? I don't understand.. When new members join, they seem all happy, say in the Welcoming plaza there is happy to be here and hope to meet new people, and then in a week or two, or whatever, they just disappear? I know some awensers I guess, but what do you guys think?
  7. We all have that one character/pony (or more than one) that we dislike. Discuss why you don’t like them here (but please do not argue with other users! This is just a place where we can discuss our opinions of characters we aren’t fond of in a civilized manner). For me, it is Spitfire, Celestia and Luna, and Tempest Shadow. They are all extremely overrated in my personal opinion. Also, I just find Spitfire’s bossy bi**h attitude annoying lol.
  8. Welcome to the flash sentry fan club you can say what you like about flash sentry and why I would add more but my computer is broken . What I like about flash sentry is that he is with one of my favorite ponys Twilight and pretty handsome .
  9. Since there is a thread for cartoon crushes, I have decided to make a thread for video game crushes. Oh god why the fuck did I think this was a good idea? Anyway, post and vidya game characters you have a crush on.
  10. Mistmane, the legendary pony first seen in “Campfire Tales”, is a normal unicorn. Except, she looks more like a princess than a unicorn. Her posture and build isn’t like, for example, Rarity, bit more like Princess Cadance. She is also slightly taller than others. The thing is, her mane flows. Why, though? Could she have had a normal mane like Luna when she was small? Now her mane is like both Celestia and Luna. I’m not quite sure if her mane used to flow (fly) when she was small. This may be a stupid question, but I’ve wondered why. Is she royal? Maybe some if you have theories.
  11. As per title. Why is anime so popular? I always keep hearing about it and almost every pony-to human fanart is anime styled. I have no idea what makes it so appealing, so I would appreciate it if someone could explain it to me.
  12. As the title says, why is Twilight smaller than the other alicorns (Celestia, Luna)? Will she eventually be as big as Celestia?
  13. The great and all-powerfull trixie; is she so great? What do YOU think of her?
  14. 1. She's fabulous 2. She's such an individual 3. Her voice 4. Her singing 5. Her mane 6. Her mane is purple 7. Her eyes are best eye model 8. She's creative 9. Generous 10. She's got diamonds on her butt 11. Glasses Rarity is kawaii 12. Her sister is best filly 13. Art of the Dress is an amazing song 14. So is Becoming Popular 15. Heck, any song she's in is enhanced by her voice being in it 16. She knows Karate 17. She's clever 18. Personality is complex as hell 19. Best quotes ever 20. 'But I thought you wanted whining!' 21. 'I'll destroy her!' 22. Crystal pony design is the best thing ever 23. Made a hat out of 3 pieces of hay and a drinking straw work 24. Totally shined every moment she was in season 3 despite not having any dedicated episodes 25. Best EqG design 26. Can always tell when her friends need help 27. Has a cat 28. Was awesome as Princess Platinum 29. She's just gorgeous, okay? 30. She's a unicorn 31. The only remaining unicorn in the Mane 6, in fact 32. Her butt looks good with Rainbow Dash's cutie mark on it 33. Best wet mane 34. Still looks good with her tail cut off 35. Element of Generosity is best Element of Harmony 36. Dat white coat 37. BFF with Fluttershy 38. Totally owns a douchey prince 39. She's girly but not overly so 40. Has the best VA on the show 41. Best facial expressions 42. She is the answer to the universe 43. Her relationship with her sister is amazing and realistic 44. Doesn't want to be anything like her parents 45. Owns and lives in a boutique 46. So beautiful she has a dragon fawning over her 47. Says fabulous a lot 48. Is friends with 5 other awesome ponies 49. Is just awesome whenever she's on screen for the most part 50. Her name is Rarity
  15. (I don't know if this has been done yet) If you were a pony on MLP, what would your dream job be and why? I would be an alicorn healer and nutritionist. I would use science and alicorn magic to make medicine and herbal remedies to help pony kind. I would also try and help the farming ponies to grow more healthy veggies and all.
  16. I've seen countless people wondering which desktop they should get because they are limited when it comes to cost. I've always thought that it would be much more affordable to just get a cheap gaming laptop and then hook it up to a monitor, it would also be much more easier to transport around the place. So I was wondering....are there any downsides in doing this? Do any of you already do this? and any of you guys play on a 800x600 resolution because you're PC is a pile of crap? Because I do...
  17. Easy. Tell me to draw something, (in MS paint) anything, and I will. For nothing! a bargain! I need something to do! let's do it.
  18. DQ stands for "Daily Question". It is a theme I started recently. These days, you see inventions being made day and night on news covers and magazines, but where do these wonderful inventions go? Did they just, never happen? I think the problem is that our infrastructure in the current state that it is just can't keep up with all these numerous advances in science. We know about this problem, but how can it be fixed? Specifically I want to focus on power generation and all the alternative sources.
  19. DQ stands for "Daily Question", it is a theme me and SugarfootWillie came up with. If I could change one thing right now, it would be our lack of a utopia in this world. Creating one that can work and still be compatible with human nature seems an impossible task to everyone I see, but I never saw it that way. I have no boundaries, no ties to society tainting my view, so what's to stop me from making something like this happen? Really why I want this is because I want to make a contribution, but can't seem to think small and complete anything, so I think big, believe in things others deem too radical, impossible, I say no to those who think something can never be done, If there is a solid wall blocking me, I'll widen the cracks to make a doorway, build a ladder to scale it, but never say it can't be done. I hope that inspired some of you. As always, thank you for your time and I'll see you on the next daily question.
  20. DQ stands for "Daily Question" it is a recent theme I made on the general forum. If there is something really frustrating for me, it's that I can try to change the world, but the methods I use just don't work. It almost seems pointless to try any more. I have been taught by experience over and over that the world needs to be fixed, that standing out is always bad, that you can't change the world around you by being yourself. These are just a few of the things that bother me every day. I love to write, but it just seems pointless when next to no one cares to help or urge me on. Every time I try to reach out, make an effort to stand out, it falls to pieces from stage fright. I know that all this I've just said isn't true, but how can I escape from a mental trap fueled by my own belief? I just realized how over dramatic that whole tirade was. Well I hope that inspired you all to share something in your life that frustrated you.
  21. I got an email from her stating that she is Suspended until Jan. 1st 2015,Due to being under 13 It's A Shame that they make such rules,no one should be rejected from things due to age,even though it's temporary, thats a long time for someone who loved the site. Ok, now she wanted me to send a messge: Hello,Everyone I am still sad, And don't miss me too much, i will be back out MlpForums in 4 months So see you Again very soon~ So,could you like send her things,or make nice comments,Or email her, Or something,she must very unhappy~
  22. So My Birthday Is On Jan.1st And it let me see.. Sep.23 So That Mean My birthday is in: 4 Months and A couple Of days! Finally the Day I turn 13 Anyways, How is it like to be 13?Fun?Insulting?Embarrsing? Give me your answers!i Am already in 7th grade now. So Here is the list of things i want to do when i turn 13 Create A deviantart Account Go on all age social sites without having my parents confirm the email And TELL EVERYONE(I know.Its not important,BUT TO ME IT'S AN ACHIVEMENT IN LIFE)!!!!!!!! Thanks for reading my blog~
  23. So ponies of all kinds and races I got a question: How and why did you pick your OC's name? Sometimes its off the fly, others take a long and deep time to pick a oc(s) name for their personal cannon of use and choice! Some just well know what it is and etc! Here are a few of mine: Nevermore Midnight: I love the poem The Raven but a lot of ocs already have or use Nevermore so I felt a bit cheap is using it, so I add Midnight to give it a good flow when saying it and it helped to shape in what she was going to be! Smokey Gold: I wanted a male stallion that had a rough name like a drink you get in a old Western bar! So I came up with Smokey Gold, which at first was Dusty Gold but than I saw some random guy smoking so it was born to Smokey Gold. Sunflare:Given the sun does flare might make more sense but it came to me when I saw of a field of sunflowers in full bloom or "flaring" as I wrote in a poem!
  24. -Not enought Ridge Racer -Not enought Giant Crabs -Not enought $599 PS3 -Did I said not enought Ridge Racer?
  25. Hey guys! It's been a really long while since I posted in this blog in particular, but I need some advice. Several days ago, my mom saved a pug from getting euthanized at 10 AM the next evening. They were going to euthanize her for no apparent reason, because no one came and took her in. Mom felt sorry for Roxy (that's her name), and now she lives over here temporarily since we are moving into an apartment soon. Now here's the problem. As of two days ago, let's just say my cat, Sophie, isn't taking this so well. We had a dog in the house before, but I am afraid this has blossomed her deep distaste for dogs since all the dog did was try to "play" with her. Anyways, the first time Sophie saw Roxy, she immediately hissed at her and started growling. I know this is typical cat behavior, but i'm worried for my cat. Sophie hasn't came out of my room since, because Roxy keeps chasing her and barking. I literally realized that today when I noticed her food bowl hasn't been touched, so I literally had to bring in her food bowl in my room. As I speak, she is still eating and I gave her the food 10 minutes ago. She hasn't purred or looked me in the eye since, and i'm afraid my cat may be upset or depressed about there being another dog in the house since she is used to all the attention since our previous dog, Maggie, left. She won't even let me cradle her like a baby as usual! Is she mad at me, and will she adjust to the fact of there being another animal in the house. We have a bird too, but she doesn't mind her because she's in a cage.