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Found 24 results

  1. Welcome one and all to the MLP Forums Thread for the fun Mario Strikers sports game spin-off series! I cannot stress out how much I love this Mario Sports game spin-off series, that I am actually doing a Let's Play series on YouTube on the first game of the series, Super Mario Strikers [Mario Smash Football in PAL] (the only one I know of so far that is in 16:9 (widescreen) and in silky-smooth 60 FPS (frames per second)). Here is the most recent episode as of today: I am very grateful to Next Level Games (the Canadian developer behind the Mario Strikers series) for starting it all off, and I honestly cannot wait for them to finally release the next entry to the series (after Mario Strikers Charged [Football (in PAL)]). I have no clue if they will make it for the Wii U or even the NX. But only time will tell, right? On this thread, you can share how much you love or hate the series, etc. Go crazy. Just try to stay on topic please. When it comes to general captains, I love using Yoshi. He's my main for a lot of Mario game spin-offs (not the Super Smash Bros. games though). For sidekicks, in SMS (Super Mario Strikers), Hammer Bros. MSC (Mario Strikers Charged): Dry Bones, Koopa and Hammer Bro. (subject to change, because of how useful all sidekicks in MSC are!)
  2. Hello everypony! Have you ever wanted to have your awesome Mario level featured in a game? Well now you can! With MLP Super Mario Bros Wii! MLP Super Mario Bros Wii is a community mod of New Super Mario Bros Wii (NSMBW). Find more info here: You may be wondering. "But Nintenboy195, I really want to make a level. But how will I be able to do it without some complicated computer program?" Well let me tell ya! It is possible! And I'll tell you how! How do I participate? Get a pencil and paper! Making a Mario level is as easy as Pinkie Pie! Just draw out your level and me and my team will transform your led drawing into a beautiful Mario level! Look at these examples below. Example 1: Your drawing on paper. Your drawing come to life. Example 2: Your drawing on paper Your drawing remastered: Create Now! Sorry about that. I post the thread to early!
  3. So yeah I've seen these homebrews called Nintendont and Devolution that play Gamecube ISOs on the Wii U. They do not however, play the disc natively. You have to load it from USB or SD card. Wii = Gamecube Wii U = Wii So surely... Wii U = Gamecube Pretty sure those programs take advantage of the Wii U having everything necessary to boot Gamecube games... is that true? So I guess the setback is that the disc drive won't read MiniDVDs. Maybe the console's drive could be changed to accept Gamecube discs? Or an adapter that goes into the USB port on the Wii U? MiniDVD reading + Gamecube hardware + Gamecube controller adapters = Gamecube back compatibility on Wii U! :D And of course, my cousin and I give our humblest respects to Satoru Iwata... <
  4. Does anypony have any Nsmbw modding experience?
  5. Hey everyone. Just curious as to who here has played the BIT.TRIP series. It's a series of indie games first released on the Nintendo WIi (later released on iOS, Android, NIntendo 3DS, and Steam). The six main games in the series are: BIT.TRIP Beat - hit "beats" with a Pong-style paddle in time with music, BIT.TRIP Core - hit "beats" with a laser that can shoot in four directions, BIT.TRIP Void - collect and "bank" black beats and avoid white beats, BIT.TRIP Runner - run, jump, slide and kick obstacles and collect gold, BIT.TRIP Fate - rail shooter / bullet-hell, and BIT.TRIP Flux - reprise of Beat with elements of the other games included. The games together tell the story of the birth, life and death of a character known as Commander Video. The story is told through a series of cutscenes between levels, and partly in the highly abstract and symbolic gameplay itself. It's quite deep and profound, it has at least one meta-story in it (in my opinion, the series is a commentary and celebration of the video game industry as a whole), and it's surprisingly difficult. I love it, personally. Curious to know what others think of it.
  6. With the recent announcement of Wii games being available for purchase at the Wii U eShop at yesterday's Nintendo Direct, fans have been feverishly thinking about what games they'd want to see get another release(and/or your like me wondering why they still can't get GC and N64 games on there, as well as DS games like they announced earlier). And while there's plenty of games on the system that should get another shot, seeing the Metroid Prime Trilogy coming soon made me think that it'd be the perfect opportunity for them to release games that either never got a chance here or are ridiculously expensive to get 10) Xenoblade Chronicles One of the 3 games that was part of Operation Rainfall, a movement meant to convince NoA to localize 3 certain JRPGs, and often considered one of the best RPGs of last gen(or at least best JRPG), Xenoblade Chronicles was only released in North America at Gamestops and is often hard to get without having to pay an organ for it. It'd be understandable if they didn't release it now since the New 3DS port of it is on it's way, but it'd be great to see it appear down the line for those who want to experience it on the console once Xenoblade Chronicles X rolls along 9) Last Story The second game of the Operation Rainfall trilogy and the latest console game created by the father of Final Fantasy Hironobu Sakaguchi. While it's not as ridiculously expensive a few other games on this list(about $30 for a used copy at Gamestop), it's still a relatively hard to find game, but it's a fun one 8) Pandora's Tower The 3rd game of the Operation Rainfall trio, and the least successful of the 3. I never got a chance to play it, and I'm still having trouble finding a copy, so all the more reason to put it here 7) Madworld This game's actually pretty cheap($10 new, $3 used at Gamestop), but good luck finding it. Madworld is a gloriously violent and incredibly fun game by Platinum Studios, but is unfortunately one of the Wii's many overlooked gems. With Nintendo's recent works with Platinum like Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2, seeing this on the eShop is only fitting 6) Captain Rainbow This is where the rereleases can really shine, releasing titles that never left Japan's shores Captain Rainbow has a small cult following on the internet and is one of many Japanese Wii titles that many people want to see. Judging from some of the videos and screenshots I've seen, I have no fucking clue what it's supposed to be about, which is probably what I want to see it more 5) Fatal Frame IV/Fatal Frame 2 Remake For some reason, after Nintendo received the rights to the Fatal Frame franchise, they've been held hostage in Japan. If they want to see if a market exists in the west(it probably does), it would be a good time to give the game a western release in time for Fatal Frame V(which I hope also releases in the US) 4) Disaster Day of Crisis An action-adventure game by Monolith Soft, the creators of Xenoblade, was released in just about everywhere but the US for some unknown reason. I remember being very excited for this game when I first heard about it and saw, so hearing that it wasn't going to be localized in the US was pretty soulcrushing 3) Zack&Wiki's Island Adventure Much like Madworld, it's pretty cheap, but much like that, it's also hard to find 2) Klonoa Klonoa is awesome. This game and this series deserves more love 1) Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn The sequel to the beloved Gamecube title, Path of Radiance. From what I've heard, it's the least successful titles in the series commercially. This along with the demand so high(especially after the surge of popularity the series recently got from Awakening) makes it one of the most difficult to get game in the series and on the system its on. I'm pretty sure a lot of people would prefer to get the game for $10-20 at the eShop as opposed to some of the ridiculous prices I've seen it go for I'm aware that there are tons of games I probably missed that people would undoubtedly like to see(like DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3, which I've seen go up for $160 for some unholy). If you want, share your opinions on what you'd like to see come back on the eShop
  7. here are too many games! Just too many games! The list of indie devs jumping on board with the Wii U is growing with each passing month, and this trailer is a compilation of a majority of those games that will be coming out either by the end of this year or during the first half of 2014! Also included are the physical games that will be coming out as well! While the physical discs are still lacking at the moment, we are going to be too engrossed in the Wii U eShop to care! For those who do not know, Nintendo has been doing everything in their power to embrace Indie Devs. They are allowing Unity, UnReal, HTML5, FLASH, IoS, and Android engines for their e-shop. They are also allowing Indie developers to set their own prices and make their own sales (Ala STEAM's policies). Nintendo is also refusing to chage Indie developers $$ to patch and update their games (Something Xbox Live did a lot of). Also, it has been confirmed that almost 1000 indie developers, programmers, and app makers are signing onto Nintendo's WiiU and 3DS platforms. Nintendo has been really fighting to make things better for the Indie developers and they have recently announced that official Licensed WiiU Indie developers will be getting Unity Pro FOR FREE (a 1,500$ value!) to help them get their games off the ground. Furthermore, the WiiU's dev kit has been lowered to 7,000$ (as opposed to the PS3's 500,000$ Dev kit!) So while the media is focused on demonizing Nintendo and proclaiming the end of the company, Indie Developers are saying otherwise.
  8. Well, Sunday is boring So, I decided to share my new review Constructive criticism is welcome!
  9. Hey y'all I decided it may be easier for those of us who play Super Smash Bros online whether it be Brawl or Project M to share our codes outside of the general Smash thread. Mine's: 2538-7927-2376 I play primarily Project M, but I'll play Brawl with y'all if you want to.
  10. After the release of Pikmin in 2001, the game, to many peoples' surprise, was a smash hit on the Gamecube, both financially and critically. Over one million copies were sold worldwide and it's still considered one of the greater Gamecube titles. With how well the first game did, the head of Nintendo, Shigeru Miyamoto, would announce a sequel being in development in December of 2002. Nearly two years later, in August 2004, Pikmin 2 was released on the shelves in North America. Just like the first game, Pikmin 2 was given a Wii re-release. And, just like the first game again, the Wii version is the only version I've played. Therefore, that will be the version I'm looking at today. Does Pikmin 2 improve on the first game, or does it pale in comparison? Well, let's start with the story first. Pikmin 2 picks up right where the series left off. With the help of the pikmin, Captain Olimar was able to recover his ship parts and return back to the planet of Hocotate. Upon returning, he finds out that the company he works for, Hocotate Freight, is in sever dept. Shocked, the Captain drops the giant bottle cap he brought back from the planet as a gift for his son. Upon further examination by the president of Hocotate Freight, the cap proves to be worth around 100 poko's, which is the currency on Hocotate. After finding this out, the president sends Olimar back to the planet to find more enlarged items. Though, he also sends a new astronaut named Louie along with the Captain. With that, the two blast off back to the planet, reunite with the pikmin, and begin searching once more. The story is harmless enough, but it's not as entertaining as last time. The first game's story filled you with a sense of urgency. You know that something bad could happen to Olimar if he doesn't find all of the ship parts. Here, it's all about paying off a dept. I'm sorry, but I wouldn't find that interesting, especially for a game made by Nintendo. There's nothing majorly wrong with the story. I just think Nintendo is capable of more. But, what about the gameplay? Well, for the sake of time, Pikmin 2's play style is almost completely identical to the first game. Olimar controls the same, too, stiff movement and all. You run through the open world, expand your army of Pikmin, and bring large objects back to the ship. However, this time, you aren't collecting ship parts. You're collecting random items like 7 Up caps and Duracell batteries (There's quite an amount of product placement in this game) and bringing them back to profit them so you can pay off the dept. Each item is worth a different amount. For example, while a 7 Up cap may be worth around 100 pokos, an orange could give you 300 pokos. When you begin your journey, Olimar and Louie get separated. You find Louie during the first day and, depending on what kind of player you are, he can be really useful. Olimar and Louie can both man their own separate armies of Pikmin and split up to take on multiple tasks. You can alternate between both astronauts to manage your work more effectively. I never really did so, though. I'd rather have all of my Pikmin in one place. The pikmin have also seen an upgrade. Blue pikmin can still walk in water with ease, but red and yellow pikmin now have their own immunities as well. Now, red pikmin are completely resistant to fire, and yellow pikmin are immune to electricity. These immunities will prove useful, because the game design has added hazards like electrical fences and other things of the sort. However, that’s not where the upgrades in the pikmin end. Pikmin 2 has two completely new types of pikmin this time around; purple pikmin and white pikmin. White pikmin are swifty little guys. They’re completely immune to poison and if they’re swallowed, they’ll give damage to the enemy that devoured them. They also have a keen treasure-hunting skill, allowing them to locate all sorts of items hidden underground. Purple pikmin are the strongest pikmin of them all. When thrown at enemies, they hit like tanks, taking away large portions of health. They can also carry more, too. They can carry 10 pounds of weight, which is the equivalent of the weight that can be carried if you threw 10 of the other types at an object. Some items can only be brought back to the ship if you utilize these purple pikmin. Both of these pikmin are awesome, but they don’t produce from pellets. Instead, you need to get them from certain flowers scattered all across the land by chucking other pikmin into them. The flowers will then spew the pikmin back out as a white or purple pikmin, depending on the flower color. To me, this is the absolute WRONG way to do it. Each of the original three types have their own pellets. Even in Pikmin 3, a game I’ll be reviewing later, has pellets for all five of it’s types. On top of that, these flowers can only spew about six or seven white or purple pikmin before they die. So, what happens if you run out of these pikmin in a situation that you need them? Well, the only thing left to do is end the day early, come back to the spots the flowers were the next day since they’ll respawn, and restock then. This can make getting more purple and white pikmin an absolute chore and it’s something I can’t stand. With these new Pikmin, Olimar and Louie are opened to four new areas to explore. Like I said, the scenario is the same as last time, however, we have a new addition to the game design; caves. Each area contains a couple of caves for Olimar and company to explore. Think of them like the dungeons in the Zelda games. Each cave contains a certain number of treasures to find, usually ones that are worth a lot of pocos. These caves also challenge the players with puzzles, aggressive enemies, and finally, a boss at the end. Personally, I found these caves to be fair in terms of structure. They bring in a good challenge with a huge payoff (Most of the time) and they rarely drag… except the final cave. The final cave takes a fair challenge and shifts gears. What we have in the final cave is a gargantuan, labyrinth-like area where purple and white pikmin are constantly mandatory to progress. And, like I said, if you lose all of your purple and white pikmin while going through this area, you’ll need to backtrack to restock again. The graphics in Pikmin 2 are definitely a step up from the last game. Each area has been given a beautiful photorealistic look, making it seem more alive. The character models are also more neatly textured and rendered. Little details like that make Pikmin 2 a gorgeous game to marvel at. The soundtrack is also pretty sweet, too. In fact, one could argue it’s the best soundtrack in the series. In my opinion, it’s not. For me, that title goes to the original game. I can hum almost every track in that game flawlessly. However, that’s not to say Pikmin 2’s soundtrack is forgettable. The overworld theme in Pikmin 2 is one of the most memorable themes in the series. I also get a small kick out of the Awakening Wood’s music as well as Perplexing Pool’s music. So, does Pikmin 2 improve on the original game. Well… yes, and no. This game definitely has a noticeable graphical update and the caves are pretty fun to travel through, but it also has quite a few unfair moments peppered in between. They’re avoidable, but when you encounter them, they really put a damper on the experience. I would still recommend Pikmin 2 to those who liked the first game. I know some people who even like this game more than the original. At least rent it. You might see something I don’t. Overall Game Grade: B+ Next Game: Pikmin 3 (Wii U)
  11. You guys were probably expecting a review of a Wii U game as the first review of 2014, correct? Well, you would be wrong on that. The game I plan to review is a sequel to a series that already has two installments before it. So, I figured I might as well knock both of those games out before I get to the latest one. So... Pikmin. Yeah, if you don't know about it, that's understandable. As you can see from the box art. Pikmin was released for the Nintendo Gamecube in 2001. It was also re-released for the Nintendo Wii in 2009 (both of these dates are the North American releases, by the way.) I'll be looking at the Wii version for this following review. Pikmin is still Nintendo's newest IP and the one looked the most interesting to me when I first saw it.Was the game enough to prove worthy of that interest? Well, let's take a look by starting off with the plot. The game begins with a spaceship flying through.... well, space. As the ship is flying, a giant meteorite hits it, sending it falling towards an uncharted planet. As the ship enters the atmosphere, the ship begins to break apart, scattering it all over the area near the crash site. The next morning, we see an astronaut by the name of Captain Olimar. Olimar wakes up having no idea what happened before he blacked out. He then turns around to see his ship; a broken mess of it's former self. He then informs us, the players, because there's no way that he could be talking to someone else, that he comes from the planet known as Hocotate. He says that the planet's atmosphere contains high levels of oxygen, which is deadly to his people. He also states that his life support systems are damaged. In thirty days, the systems will fail, killing him in the process. Olimar then makes it his goal to find all thirty of his missing ship parts and return home to his family on Hocotate. After walking around the area for a moment, Olimar discovers a strange, round-shaped red flying machine. Based on it's look, the captain would proceed to call this item an "onion." From the onion comes out a red seed that plants itself into the ground. The seedling takes the form of a red creature with no mouth and a long nose when Olimar pulls it out of the ground. Upon further examination, Olimar proceeds to call creatures like this one "Pikmin." From this point on, Olimar will use the Pikmin he finds around the area to recover his ship parts and return home to Hocotate. The story overall is pretty... bare. Captain Olimar isn't really bursting with personality, and neither are the Pikmin. While the world they travel in is a great representation of an enlarged Earth, it doesn't help the main character and his army of colorful plant soldiers personality-wise. Now that the story is out of the way, let's get into the gameplay. Like I mentioned earlier, Olimar finds his first Pikmin almost immediately after he wakes up at his crash site. The Pikmin may have been red, but that's not the only flavor they come in. In fact, this game contains three types of Pikmin. Red ikmin are probably the most common. They're fantastic in combat and are really easy to find. Considering they're your first pikmin you find, that should be a no-brainer. There are also yellow pikmin. Yellow pikmin are equipped with giant ears and still no mouth. These pikmin are the strongest type out of the three. They have the ability to pick up magma rocks, which are the bombs of the game, and break down solid structures with them. Finally, we have blue pikmin. These guys are equipped with gills and a mouth this time! With these gills, they have the ability to enter the water with ease. They don't have the ability to swim, though. They can only sink and walk on the bottom. With just one pikmin, you won't be going far in this game. Luckily, your pikmin have the ability to make more of themselves. You can make more pikmin by collecting colorful round pellets and taking them back to the designated onion. For example, if you brought back a red "1" pellet to the red onion, two red pikmin will plant themselves into the ground. Though, if say, a yellow pikmin brought back a red "1" pellet to their onion, you'll still get yellow pikmin. However, instead of getting two, you'll just get one. You can also produce more pikmin by killing enemies and bringing them back to the onions after they're defeated. You're going to need a rather healthy amount of pikmin, too. One pikmin alone won't carry a spaceship part back. You'll usually need a number such as fifteen, or twenty, or even forty (Those spaceship parts are heavy) In fact, pikmin can barely do ANYTHING by themselves. They can't fight, collect, or even keep track of themselves without the assistance of Captain Olimar. On top of that, if you don't have good leadership skills with these guys, they'll be dropping like flies to much larger creatures in a matter of two hours into the game. Speaking of time, I mentioned at the beginning that Olimar has thirty days to find his thirty missing ship parts. If you think those thirty days mean nothing in the grand scheme of your gameplay, you're wrong. You literally have thirty days in game time to find all of the parts, and if you fail to do so, you'll get a bad ending. Yes, there are multiple endings, but I'll save that for later. A day in the world of Pikmin is about twenty minutes long in real time. Multiple that by thirty, and you have a good ten hours to find all thirty spaceship parts and have Olimar return to Hocotate in one piece. This time limit shouldn't be an issue if you know how to use your pikmin correctly. As I said earlier, each pikmin has their own abilities. You must exploit these abilities if you plan on getting every part, and believe me, that's easier said than done. The situations you'll have to overcome to get these parts will come in all sorts of flavors. Simply retrieving a part from the water will become a task in of itself. This is where you'll need to use the blue pikmin to retrieve it. Another instance that will occur is a part behind a stone wall. There will typically be magma rocks around these areas. This is where you'll need to break out your yellow pikmin so they can pick up the rocks and use them to blow the wall up. Luckily for the player, it's extremely easy to create more pikmin. Like I mentioned earlier, things like pellets and enemies can be used to create more. They're scattered all over the area, so refilling your pikmin stock should never be a tiring chore. Like I said, you'll need to create a lot of these colorful creatures to complete the game. But the ingredients to do so are so common and easy to find, it should never be an issue. There are a total of four areas for Olimar to explore; a grassy field, a dense forest, a damp and cave, and a vast river. There is a set number of parts in each area, usually six, seven, or eight parts in each. You'll need to look long and hard for these things once you first start the game, which can be a pain sometimes. Later on, you can nab a radar part that makes it much easier to locate the other parts, but for the first part of the game, you're simply wandering around the environments looking for parts. Each area has it's own enemies to face. Like the spaceship part situations, these guys range from all sorts. If you think you can approach any of these creatures with the intent that these creatures won't want Olimar dead and the pikmin eaten, think again. EVERYTHING in this game will try to make mincemeat out of Olimar and the pikmin. You'll need to bring a lot of pikmin to take on most of these abominations as well. These guys can eat/kill your pikmin by the spoonfuls, mainly these ladybug-like creatures that're slow, but will go after your pikmin like they're an endless buffet. But, I think this adds to the game. If Pikmin does one thing, it gives me a good challenge. It's not just about trying to find all thirty parts by the end of the thirty day time limit, but trying to survive this dangerous world by doing so. The game always throws perplexing and challenging puzzles to get these parts. It makes me think about what I'm going to do before I do it, and I praise this game for making me do so. However, that's not to say everything is good here. One bad thing is the control. Naturally, in a game like this, you wouldn't want to waste time. Here, you really don't want to waste it, because the control can sometimes be a bit awkward. Olimar is a tank when it comes to going from place to place. He's not fast in the slightest, he turns in a rather stiff matter, and his main method of attacking is throwing his pikmin at the desired target. Actually, on top of that, the overall mechanics for the pikmin can be a bit weird. In order for your pikmin to attack anything, you need to throw them near or onto the desired object. This is meant to be a strategy game, but their's a difference between strategy and just mindlessly throwing pikmin at the dudes over and over again until they decide they've had enough. There are also times where you have to split the groups of Pikmin apart and only take one type with you into a certain area. For instance, sometimes, you have to take only the blue pikmin, since red and yellow pikmin drown in water. You can call over your desired group by positioning the Wiimote's cursor of them and whistling to them. This can sometimes be a bit awkward to handle, because there's a chance that one group could be too close to another. It makes me have to specifically position the cursor so I don't call yellow pikmin into my group of blue pikmin by mistake. Although, above all that, we have a great soundtrack to top it off. Each track is suited perfectly for whatever the mood is, whether it's triumphant, unsettling, calming, or intense, it always sets the mood higher. Same goes for the graphics. For the Wii, I think this is pretty good. Pikmin does a great job at making what would be an enlarged Earth. Olimar is a small astronaut among a giant Earth, and the design of the game caters to that well enough to pass. Overall, I think Pikmin is a pretty good game. For the first installment into Nintendo's newest IP, it does a good job getting it all started. While the gameplay can get monotonous and the control is a bit... weird, the overall design of everything else really makes it stand out. If you're looking for a Nintendo game that isn't another Mario or Zelda title, I think Pikmin is a good game to try out. Overall Game Grade: B+ Next Review: Pikmin 2 (By the way, I have all three endings here, so if you want it spoiled for you, I've got them all right here for your amusement!) Bad Ending: Semi-good ending: Good Ending:
  12. I was planning on getting a Wii U. -What are your opinions of it? -Is it good for those who will play mostly first party games? -Would you recommend getting a pro controller? -Which is the smarter choice— getting the Wind Waker bundle and buying NSMBU+NSLU, or vice versa?
  13. here are too many games! Just too many games! The list of indie devs jumping on board with the Wii U is growing with each passing month, and this trailer is a compilation of a majority of those games that will be coming out either by the end of this year or during the first half of 2014! Also included are the physical games that will be coming out as well! While the physical discs are still lacking at the moment, we are going to be too engrossed in the Wii U eShop to care! For those who do not know, Nintendo has been doing everything in their power to embrace Indie Devs. They are allowing Unity, UnReal, HTML5, FLASH, IoS, and Android engines for their e-shop. They are also allowing Indie developers to set their own prices and make their own sales (Ala STEAM's policies). Nintendo is also refusing to chage Indie developers $$ to patch and update their games (Something Xbox Live did a lot of). Also, it has been confirmed that almost 1000 indie developers, programmers, and app makers are signing onto Nintendo's WiiU and 3DS platforms. Nintendo has been really fighting to make things better for the Indie developers and they have recently announced that official Licensed WiiU Indie developers will be getting Unity Pro FOR FREE (a 1,500$ value!) to help them get their games off the ground. Furthermore, the WiiU's dev kit has been lowered to 7,000$ (as opposed to the PS3's 500,000$ Dev kit!) So while the media is focused on demonizing Nintendo and proclaiming the end of the company, Indie Developers are saying otherwise.
  14. I haven't seen anything about this series yet, and felt it deserved some recognition here! Personally, I love the series. What does everybody think of the series? Should there be another? I'd vote for another sequel, for 3DS. The fantastic world combined with the 3D would be amazing.
  15. I was trying to play regular Wii on my Wii U with the sensor bar on top, but it was slightly (SLIGHTLY) jerky. The only thing that made a difference was the placement on the bottom. So tell me, how do YOU place it, and does it work for you?
  16. So, today I realized that I have almost no one to play Mario Kart Wii/7 with. I looked around online and found no active groups of people to play with, so I thought 'Why not make a group myself?'. If you play Mario Kart Wii or 7 online, drop by (yes, I made the group on Steam). What I'm planning to do with the group is host races and such, and maybe if we get enough people to join the community I could implement tournaments. I'll also be making a Mario Kart 7 community for the group so members can easily find races with eachother
  17. Just wondering, does anyone here play on the Nintendo Wii U? I need more brony friends to play with lol. I mainly play Call of Duty: Black Ops II. If you own a Wii U and want to add another fellow brony, my gamertags are: AngryUnicorn zFluttershy I think/hope this is the right discussion to post this in >.<
  18. The setting, characters, and stories of MLPFIM fit really well with an RPG feel. I've been occassionally coming up with various ideas of how it would be like or how the story of it would be. A few demos of RPGs have been made by some, and FF6 has been hacked to make Pony Fantasy 6, but I wanted to try something too. I'm not really a very good game maker, but I got the idea to make a box art for a fake game, so I could at least make something. I know this isn't technically fan art, it's more of a photoshopping, but it's probably ok if I show it anyway.. I think it looks pretty neat, tell me what you think about it! A lot of graphical/game feel idea inspiriation, especially the name, came from the Tales of games. (Tales of Symphonia, Vesperia, so on) Even the name Tales of Equestria seems like it would fit. (although, in my idea it would likely be turn based like MLP Online or so) I wanted the two marks of Celestia and Luna on the title graphic. Since the day/night stuff is prevelant. I looked through many many fonts (which I'm extraordinarily picky about) to find something that seemed to really feel good for the name, I picked a few, I did some stuff to it, and this is the one I like. I also am wondering if I should add the elemnts of harmony someplace on it, but I'm not sure where. I have an alternate version of the title graphic with instead of a brown background it's a gradiant with yellow to purple to dark blue, like day/night. The background I got from Ponyville/Canterlot, and I mixed in this drawing of the mane 6 with Celestia and Nightmare Moon in the background. The pose seemed pretty good for the box. I could always change it though. I would link to the drawing used, but looking on derpibooru I can't seem to find it. It used to be on ponibooru but that's offline now. Anyone know what it is? Also I'm wondering where I should put the regular My Little Pony logo. Near the top of the box? On the bottom with the Hasbro logo? I have it at that place right now. I have a WIP back of the box too, have to find a good image or few to use for it, maybe some vectors of some of the main characters against a Canterlot background or something. The text talks about the day and night, and Celestia having to banish Nightmare Moon, with Twi having to stop her with her friends, also saying at that it's just the start of something more. Any comments? Alterations? Suggestions?
  19. Admit it, the Wii is dying out. The once glorious days of playing Super Mario Galaxy are over. Here you can discuss (if you have one) your collection of Wii games, give the Wii the final thread it deserves. Mine are: Wii Sports The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Super Mario Galaxy No More Heroes Monster Hunter Tri No More Heroes 2 Super Mario Galaxy 2 New! Pikmin Control Mario Kart Wii The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (the last game my dusty Wii will see).
  20. What's your personal preference for gaming. I'm a computer gamer myself.
  21. So a while back, I bought Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors used at Gamestop, and as we all know, if it's not in the original case, they use this ass-ugly (no offense to Cranky Doodle Donkey ) sleeve art. Here's a picture of what I'm talking about, but with the sleeve transferred to an actual extra Wii disc case I had laying around. Click for sheer hideousness. So, I liked that the end of the case actually says the game's name, but wanted to cover that ugly thing up, so I did the logical thing: Drew something to cover it. Front. Back. So yeah. There's my TOTALLY LEGIT Wii game sleeve art. I was tired, so the horrendous drawing and stuff can be forgiven. Right?
  22. Since we have a 3DS topic, I think we might as well have a WiiU topic. Share your news, rumors, anything you've got, just share it below.