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Found 17 results

  1. I prefer Burger King over McDonald's, BTW.
  2. When i first heard My_Little_Pony_Equestria_Girls:_Friendship_Games i thought that everyone was going to argue about we won this and you cheated but now that i saw the trailer i know that my prediction is wrong. Click here to watch the first trailer: Click here to watch the second trailer:
  3. Didn't expect that, did you?
  4. What do you think My Little Pony will be like in 5 years? Do you think it will flourish? Do you think it will fizzle out? If so, how? Personally, I have no clue, I don't think anything so friendly and accepted, yet against the general expectations of society has happened in the history of Mankind, I'm interested to see your responses! Oh, and sorry for kinda spamming the recent topics
  5. Was posting on another forum and brought up fridge logic. One of the examples of said logic i had waiting in case anyone asked was free will in equestria or their actual lack of most of it. Out of all the episodes "Magical Mystery Cure" is the most blatant about them having little to no say about what they choose to do in life or "their destinies." Mind this is simply the most blatant example but i had this topic rolling around in my head for along time before it aired. What got me onto this line of thinking was simple, their names. As you all know pony names are a pretty good symbol of what they do in life or has a direct relation to an aspect of it but how do their parents know what to name them? My headcannon says that magic did it (Obviously) or every pony in equestria is secretly a psychic with prior knowledge of their foals lives. In this regard there are 2 options: 1. Their connection to magic subconsciously (or maybe not so subconsciously) hints at possible names around a certain topic that revolves around this destiny which the parents choose from. Then when the pony discovers this destiny it becomes symbolized by their cutie mark. 2. The parents choose the names themselves and the magic creates a destiny for them wound around the given name. I usually go with option 1. This implies that ponies really have very little choice in what direction they take with their lives the only saving grace being that they seem to love or at the very least tolerate what they do. What do you guys think about it?
  6. I've decided to ask a question with which many have opposing views on the question of weather or not Human beings have any sense of free will or that humans don't have any free will. Personally not to push religion onto the matter but I'm christian and believe in the form of "God" or a higher being, which does not mean i don't believe in anything scientific as i do and usually have some christian's question my faith. I believe in free will but i don't believe that everything Humans do is due to free will. I understand that humans have basic survival instincts which impact some decision's we make, as well a a few other things but for the most part i believe the choices us humans make is due to free will. While i don't want to gain a career in the science division, I'm still always ready and eager to gain more knowledge of well everything. I just want to see what everyone's opinion is on this subject is. Feel free to also give out some scientists theories.
  7. Yeah, not really... But a really buggy version is available for those who want to try it. Please post any bugs (there is a lot...) that you find. HAVE FUN! -@Ashley, , and @WindsweptFrog Download link: If you are wondering about the sprite issue: Our only spriter only joined us about last week, and we still don't know how to input sprites. Expect ponies soon :3 TL;DR: We just don't know what went wrong.
  8. So, anyways, let me explain. One fine day my uncle was over at our house. We're all on the couch, watching a hockey game, and the topic of ponies comes up. I run up to my room to show my uncle all of my pony art. After some explaining, he agreed to watch an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic with me. So today I was at my uncle's house. We sat on the couch, started up the tv, and opened Netflix. After some browsing, I found My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and selected the episode "The Return of Harmony: Part 1". After we finished that one, we watched "The Return of Harmony: Part 2". Now, here's the good part! Although my uncle said he wouldn't watch more on his own, he said next time I come over we can watch more ponies! This made my day and now I'm wondering: What episode should I show him to make him a brony?
  9. So guys, I am interested. What are you guys going to be for halloween or are you going to be something at all? I'm being deadmau5 for halloween like i did last year. I built my very own mau5head that took a week to do.. but it ended up to be really good. Tell me what you will be.. or i'll kill you
  10. *after re-reading this introduction, I was a tad bit biased with blind optimism. However, simply take the information as is and draw your own conclusions. Maybe even follow up with research. After all, keeping an open mind is healthy...but not so open that you let anything in! Decide for yourself: I love you guys. Why? Because we all share a common interest in a cartoon show that promotes morals, values, and harmony. To be more truthful, I love humanity in general because of our amazing artistic and analytical abilities, as well as our amazing ability to love. Some of us may think a true Utopian society is just a dream, only to be shattered once we awaken to the reality of our daily lives. BUT, do we really know what our reality is? What if we could create free energy, end world hunger, create a fair monetary system, and actually learn to love one another? Why can't we THRIVE? If the above trailer has gotten your attention, then I invite all of you to spare the next two hours in order to watch one of the most important video productions you will ever see. I ask that you keep an open mind, and imagine the possibilities! What if a world like Equestria (with its harmony, balance, and love) truly is possible? And if so, why aren't we THRIVING? Let us watch Thrive together, and I would love to read your thoughts after words. I have posted the video link, or you can visit their website for more information! And so, the 2 hours begins... -be sure to watch in HD and/or Full Screen!!
  11. I saw berry pie made one of these and thought it would be a great idea if i had one of my own!!! So ask away everypony
  12. Does anypony want to know a dirty secret? Whatever you search on google and set the image size to exactly and put a weird, abnormal size like 156X587, you almost never get anything relevent. For example: I search Algebraic Proof and i got this Now. EVERYPONY TRY AND GET THE MOST IRRELEVENT IMAGE. GO GO GOOOO!
  13. kk so heer iz my poem dubstep o dubstep u r so good dat u make me cry but dats fine u r da soul insid me ur wubz r lyke my soul so dirty yet so good it is bitrsweet i am adicktid but i cant complane bcuz u r my lyfe w/o u i wuld b ded my eerphonez are almost ded i will hav 2 by a new pear but dat is ok bcuz i wil do anythin 4 u i wish u wil never gro old i wnt 2 heer ur remixz of songs dat r alredy bad 4ever n alwayz my swet swet dorbstab *dubstep sry It took me about 4 hours to write this. Please do not bash on my work.
  14. Ok, I wrote this song in a bathroom, in a Wendy's in Montana... My band is going to play this sometime, but I feel like I should put it on here in words first... Sitting on a lonely walk On the corner of line and hawk I ask myself where has the time gone. I used to be top of the class, now my only friend is the bottom of a glass, I find myself on the last step... Wait! I'm not there yet, I just Try a little harder be a little stronger I know, I'm not, there yet I need hold onto Someone I'd love to meet... Laying on my bed about to blow a bullet into my head I ask myself why would I do that? Am I really done living this life Is there a reason not to fight I just need someone to say there might... Wait! I'm not there yet, I just Try a little harder be a little stronger I know, I'm not, there yet I need hold onto Someone I'd love to meet... Your life is growing thin Your life is ready to begin Your life, oh Lord... Wait! I'm not there yet, I just Try a little harder be a little stronger I know, I'm not, there yet I need hold onto Someone I'd love to meet... x2
  15. Who lives and Doughsbury Lane?
  16. You shall fall in love with my tumblr. Ask me shit. Fall in love with this shit. Submit shit. And any other shit you can think of!
  17. just to start: jesus can walk on water, but chuck norris can swim on land. chuck norris can cut through a hot knife with butter. Death once had a near-chuck norris experience...