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Found 17 results

  1. ♡ Hey friends! ♡ It's time for a simple and fun contest for everyone to join! "The Heart Contest" ____________________ What to do? Post a heart in the comment section like this ♡ and name a thing you love about the forum (or more) To show appreciation and love to the forum itself. With this event also come 3 winners and they will be picked randomly through a name picker. ____________________ What are the prizes? Number 1: A fullbody artwork drawn by me (if you do not have an oc we can discuss something else) Number 2: A custom OC by me (this comes with what you tell me to draw, we'll discuss it in DM) Number 3: A banner made by me, for you ____________________ What is the goal of this? To show some love and support to this forum and the people in it. Sometimes it is a nice way to show positivity and lighten up another persons day but mostly it's also to just have fun. ____________________ How do we know the person is the rightful winner? I will put all of your names into this name picker: The one who gets chosen for the first round is #1 the next #2 and so on. I will record and make a gif out of it so people can see ____________________ Everyone who comments will receive a badge I have designed with approval of @Lord Valtasar ____________________ End date? 03-29-2020 If you have questions, DM me directly. Do not take this post off-topic.
  2. Windows 10 Discussion Hai this is a discussion for people who have windows 10 and those who dont have windows 10 but unsure if they should make the change. I myself have windows 10 and can answer some questions, if your curious about certain features or how it differs between the old operating systems Anyone can answer the questions posted here, this is a shared discussion.
  3. So, what is the final deciding factor in a fight? Agility or power? Why? No, this isn't asking who would win in a fight between the characters of MLP. This is just a general question.
  4. Taking another, largely facetious, stab at this lol. People like to pit colorful, talking ponies against just the absolute worst, most unfathomably powerful, world-destroying evil entities that video games, literature, TV and movies hath ever provided. And it's always some boring fight to the death. Yawn. Therefore, I've sought to change things up somewhat: Each of the Mane 6 face a competitor (inexplicably dragged out of their respective universes to face a specific ponygirl). It is not a fight to the death. In fact, killing (anyone) is strictly forbidden, and any who so much as attempt to inflict lethal harm will be instantaneously disqualified and banished to the Lego-verse wherein they shall forever assume the form of an impotent yellow Lego block. Attempting to cause significant or disabling physical injury to anyone will result in a similar banishment, differing only in that the assumed Lego block form will be red. Competitors are allowed (nay, encouraged!) to "say mean things" to one another and to "talk smack." Twilight Sparkle will face Pyramid Head (Silent Hill) in a book reading contest. Whoever reads the most pages from Charles Dickens' "Great Expectations" (available in whatever languages the competitors are most comfortable with) within the given time period of thirty minutes - provided they can accurately answer a page number-appropriate question pertaining to the book afterwards - wins the competition. Who would be the victor?? Rarity will face Freddy Kreuger (A Nightmare on Elm Street) in a dress-making contest. Both competitors will have precisely one hour to make a dress and have access to the same amount of materials. Freddy is permitted to use his "special glove" to cut fabric, but - as this competition will take place in the real world - any abilities he may possess solely in the dream world are inhibited. The resulting dresses will be judged on a ten point scale by a panel consisting of Judge Dredd, Judge Judy, and Judge Man. Who would be the victor??? Apple Jack will face the Xenomorph (Alien) in an apple pie-baking competition. They will both have access to the same ingredients and cooking implements. The resulting apple pies will be taste tested by Kirby, a Yoshi, and a Snorlax. All of whom will judge the deliciousness of the pie by how "happy" they become immediately following consumption. Except for Snorlax, who will likely fall asleep. Who. Would. Be. The victor???? Fluttershy will face Great Cthulhu (The Call of Cthulhu) in a blushing competition. Cephalopods are known for their impressive color-changing abilities, so this could be anyone's game. The blush MUST, however, be produced after the competitors have been exposed to an exceedingly cute bunny. Criteria upon which the blush will be judged include: duration, significance of color change, and how "adorable" it makes the competitor look. Anyone's game, indeed. Who would... You get the idea. Pinkie Pie will face Satan (the bible) in a joke-off. The joke cannot be of a derogatory or beyond-PG nature, and it must be accompanied by a rimshot - competitors will be provided with the means to manually produce said rimshot. Satan is allowed to say "hell" in the wording of his joke, as he is from there. The funniness of the jokes will be judged (by their laughter) by a panel consisting of: a human baby, a laughing hyena, and some guy that just wandered into the competition. His name is Bob. Whowouldbethevictor?? Rainbow Dash will face Godzilla in a race. As Godzilla is a being (radioactive lizard thing?) of significant, err... Girth - the starting line will be drawn along whatever part of his body most protrudes. RD is permitted to fly, but she is discouraged from utilizing the Sonic Rainboom. Because fair is fair. The race will be conducted in a more-or-less straight line over a distance of ten miles. If Godzilla comes close to squashing or otherwise harming ANYONE (whether deliberately or simply because he's a big dude), it's a Lego life for him. Just to be clear: bugs do not qualify as "anyone," as they are bugs. Godzilla is permitted to squash all the bugs he likes; he just may not squash any, say, people as if they were bugs. Victory goes to... Well, whosoever crosses the finish line first. If Godzilla goes on some wacky detour because he felt like remodeling a city's skyline, that's his own fault. Who would win???$?
  5. I thought of a somewhat different MLP vs. concept: MLP (dem colorful ponies) Vs. every and any villain, monstrosity, video game boss, or what have you bad-guy-types UNDER THE SUN! But... It's "versus" in terms of lovable-ness. Love-ability?? Love... You get the idea. Which is more lovable?? Cthulhu or ponies? (I know, I know - Cthulhu is a big squeezable oaf. But TRY to consider the ponies.) Majin Buu... Or ponies? Freddy Kreuger or ponies?? I mean, Freddy's got that cute little glove thing... Wait. [insert bad guy] vs. ponies. So... Yeah I'm sure I'll get zero posts under this lol.
  6. So many probably know the site, aka Wiki Answers. Well I happen to be a supervisor on that site, and you can find me there, as same as I am here. But be warned, I have the power to get you blocked from the site XD Anyways, they recently did the Summer AnswerThon which is a contest lasting so many days for supers, and members, that whoever answers the most questions about anything in the time period, wins prizes. Well I've partaced in them before, but barely answered many, especially due to they are usually on Weekends, and I had no internet at home to do them. But now we got internet, and I got notified that it was going to be going on Thrusday-Sunday. So I prepared myself. I wrote down all the topics I would look thru unanswered questions such as mlp, skyrim, roman numerals, trans, etc. Anyways, In the time being I had to stay up to 2am answering question, because I wasn't able to get off work for this time. Then my grandma also came making me get less time, so I had to work even harder. I basically thought there was no chance of wining 1st place, and I was correct, I didn't. However, I just got notified that I did win 3rd place! So as my first online contest ever, I won (not first, but still wining). I get a $25 Amazon gift card for it. Perhaps next contest, I will be able to get off work, and I will get that 1st place. Muhahaha.
  7. Yeah,so you can ask me stuff and I will mostly answer(but sometimes they get too erm...personal.thats about it
  8. Okay so there is this show on the CW called Arrow. For those of you who don't know it follows the exploits of Oliver Queen as he hunts down those who poisoned his city. Does anypony here watch it? Personally i love it almost as much as ponies, i love it's action and suspence and character dev, the show is brilliantly shot, and at times whitty. It's one of my favorite programs on Television at the moment right behind my little pony fim. This thread is to talk about this awesome show that no one seems to watch, none of my friends seem to watch it and its a good program. its about the Green Arrow vigilante...
  9. " Wake me, when you need me." - Master Chief- Halo 3
  10. It took me 4 days to draw this. She also has wings. Please give some criticism. I made my parents so proud that they put it in the National Pony Art Museum.
  11. For those who don't know, there's a lot of hype going around about how the CEO of clothing company Abercrombie & Fitch openly admitted to not wanting 'fat' people wearing his clothes, or working in his stores. He claimed that would damage his company's image when "attractive" people saw "unattractive" people wearing the same clothes as they were. Well, someone figured he'd go and change their image for them... by donating all the A&F clothes he could find to the homeless. This is so full of win. I already go to Goodwill anyway because I'm hipster, so I'm going to do this the next time I stop in there. I urge every brony with the time and resources to do the same. After all, if anyone should be doing things like this, it's the loving and tolerating bronies. AM I RIGHT? Also because Rainbow Dash would never stand for something like this.
  12. It's over! So basically this is what happened. Inside my head, The Original PWD's "Arcane" and Alpha Centauri's "Freida Furry Ears" were having a epic battle. Arcane firing his uber lazors of cuteness, and Freida building an incredible amount of sheer awesome power simply with her presence. Suddenly Arcane shot a bolt of cuteness directly at Freida, but she dodged just in time. Freida's aura exploded back at Arcane and then.....! * Commercial break* During the final lead up to the end of the contest, I got an excellent submission from Winterbass. Unfortunately, it didn't quite fit, but was still really amazing. In a later post, it came up that he had actually hurt his drawing hand. So, I don't know if it's healed yet, but everyone wish him well! As a second honorable mention, Basileus Soundgarden submitted possible the most incredible OC ever. As you can tell, it wasn't right to use in the animation, because this character passes the amount of work and quality that goes into characters actually used in MLP: FiM. Basically it was too good for the animation. Unbelievable. You are an inspiration to us all. Alright, now back to the epic battle between Arcane and Freida. Something happened about a second cuteness lazer, huge explosions and various other epic stuff. In the end, I couldn't resist the cuteness anymore. Congratulations to The Original PWD's "Arcane"! Thanks to everyone for making this possible and submitting such awesome OCs! The only thing left to do is finish the animation, and having everyone contribute to it is a huge honor. I don't totally know when I can finish it, but hopefully it will be fairly soon. Thanks to everyone for posting, and have a great day! It's been fun... But now it's done. Congrats to everyone. If you want to, you can see the original post below.
  13. I decided I was either going to give my collection away, or sell it. I decided to give it away, 'cause I'm just awesome apples like that. ♥ Includes: 3 trading cards, 1 colouring book, 1 pastel drawing by me, 1 pinkie pie head sewn by me, 1 movie, 4 apple buck season episodes (share with your friends!) 1 pinkie pie hard cover book, 1 rainbow dash figure, and three hot topic pins oRULESo Post a picture of your favourite pony drawing, painting, speedpaint, etc... It cannot be by you, it has to be done by another person Then above the picture, tell about the artist and why you chose them. A good place to look for pony art is DeviantART for those of you who don't know. ^,- **Ahh! Forgot to add about winner. Winner is person who has the best art posted ** Contest ends March 1st. So get to it ponies and bronies!
  14. Welcome one and all!!!! I've been writing a specifically involved (Rated R) fiction series and it seems I'm missing a specific amount of main characters. You see, I have four main character slots........and only one has been filled as of late. I'm giving you a chance to apply your OC for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. All ponies that apply will also be judged by my friend and I so that you can know exactly what we like and dislike about your OC. Even if your just interested and crave a bit of oppinion, you'll still get a chance very few are ever offered. About the writer: I've been working with writing projects for many years and quite a few of my short peices have been published....though normally only in articles. I'm currently working on a novel alongside this project. Conditions (what you will be judged on): * OCs must be 100% origional * OCs should not be mary sues * OCs must have evolved personalities and interesting stories * OCs should be as unique in appearance as possible * It is prefered that OCs are not created with pony creator, but this is not a rule * OCs must be created by the person presenting him/her (no stealing) Application form: Name: Age: Gender: Appearance: Refrence (image): Personality: Backstory: Your OC will be deeply analyzed and critisized. Please do not take offence if you recieve harsh feedback on your character, it is never personal. Main characters: * Alora (myself) * * * And may luck grace your imagination!!! For more information about lower-level featured positions, Click here:
  15. So I was thinking about things, and the lottery crossed my mind, so I wanted to know. What would you do if you won the lottery? Any lottery? As for me, I'd set one part for myself, one part for my family, one part for my education, and the rest I'd probably donate to charity and the forums. But I might change my mind if it happens. Imagine you hate cats. Just imagine it. You'd say "If I ever owned a cat I'd give it away." Well what if you just happen across a box with a small kitten inside, cold, hungry, and unhealthy. Would you just walk past, and leave it to it's fate? NO! You'd pick it up, take it home, and nurse it back to health, even thought you're a cat hater. So what would you do as of now if you won the lottery?
  16. Have you ever challenged someone to anything before? Did you ever think something was going to happen and were so confident that you decided to put a few of your things at stake (or for that matter, your dignity)? Here's the thread where you can post such things here! What items did you win in these bets, or did you manage to make the other person look like a complete fool? For me, I managed to make a 29 year-old woman drink ketchup because I predicted that my NFL team (the Patriots) would beat her NFL team in their house, and lo! It turned out to be quite the personal victory as well as a team victory in regards to some of my football friends. This was at the end of November, I believe. If I lost, I had to record myself eating lots of spicy peppers... but I'm not the one to back down from a challenge, so I gladly accepted, and won! I had a great feeling about that particular game, and my confidence rewarded me with this classic (skip to 5:29 for the start of actual bet): Pretty cool, huh? XD Post some of your victories here!
  17. This is war, private. (Nothing to do with "Warcraft" :3) Imagine all outwarfare between the Ponies of Equestria. Every pony for themselves. Nobody helping another soul. Now explain why your chosen pony/pegasus/unicorn would be the last one standing. ( EXCLUDES CELESTIA, LUNA, DISCORD, IRON WILL ) DebateKGO.