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Found 9 results

  1. Well, this is quite the surprise. Microsoft has apparently announced that they will be bring a full refund policy to Xbox One and Windows 10, a system that has been a huge success on the Steam Platform. This system will allow users to receive a refund of Xbox One and Windows 10 games, under circumstances that are basically identical to Steam's version: "The requirements in place are simple- all games on Xbox One, and most products on the Windows 10 store (there may be some third party app exceptions) are refundable, within 14 days of purchase. The user must have downloaded and launched the product at least once, and total time logged with the product must be less than 2 hours. DLC and add ons are not refundable." Sounds familiar right? This is essentially Steam's refund policy entirely, except for Xbox. This is fantastic news. The Steam version of this has been a huge success among gamers and it has generated all sorts of new consumer confidence. With the also massively successful backwards compatibility and Scorpio on the horizon, this is another fantastic addition for Xbox gamers. What do you all think?
  2. I'm looking to upgrade my computer's motherboard and CPU. Some old stuff says I need to remove drivers before I upgrade. Windows 10 related stuff says they made it easier which is promising but I need an affirmation if this is true. For example if I upgrade the parts that I want and move the old stuff in like hard drives; I should not lose anything?
  3. Trust me, you'll need this: About two days ago, on an island far, far, away. . . PONE WARS EPISODE II GAMELOFT STRIKES BACK Now, I wasn't going to ANOTHER one of these, but about two weeks ago, during my CRUSADE toward the other side of the world, I was looking at the MEDIOCRE laptops in a convenience store (laptops in a convenience store, how about THAT?). Normally, I'd simply fiddle around with them and CRITICIZE how bad they are (2.5Ghz SINGLE core? What is this? The 90s?); but this time around, something caught MY EYE. On the start menu was a little blue icon with a loopy "G", signifying the ever-so triumphant, GAMELOFT. My timing was bad, but never before had curiosity grown on me. I began to wonder if My Little PONY could be played on WINDOWS 10. When I got HOME, I pulled open my NEW laptop and began to search the store for anything resembling my FIANCE'. Finally (after about three seconds), I managed to find a copy of the famed, "HASBRO simulator" dubbed, "My Little Pony: A GAMELOFT game". Here's where things got a bit complicated. FIRSTLY, the game is so outdated, they're still pulling up Equestria GIRLS promotions (which was equally bad as it sounds. It's some kind of RHYTHM game, but it's got a really bad delay of about 0.75 SECONDS). And the HUD is about as old as Windows 98 (This version dates back to 2013). Unlike the LAST, this version had hardly any lag. In fact, it ran at a smooth 180FPS . . . when it wanted to. Ever so OFTEN, the game would drop to a dead HALT at the worst times. "Want to grab that apple that's falling on the other SIDE of the screen? WHOOPS, let's drop the frame-rate to 12 and forget this was going to happen". It does that QUITE often and always at the most inconvenient of times (like that STUPID EQG dance party mini-game) A lot of the THINGS here are the same as what I said in the ORIGINAL post. It's a waiting simulator that only runs BETTER because it's a Windows 10 counterpart. Despite this, I still MANAGED to have fun by burning all of Ponyville's REVENUE and forcing all the MARES to work for low wages, basically creating Gameloft's COMMUNIST dream society. One thing that, REGRETFULLY, remained the same were the loading times. Now, in WINDOWS 10, apps that work like programs are SUSPENDED whenever the person clicks off them or MINIMIZES them. That's fine and all, but when you're DOWNLOADING updates? It resets EVERYTHING and you have to start it all over again. For a game that already had LOADING issues, it was pretty bad and took me 6 HOURS to downloading something with bad HOTEL internet. Nice thing is that after that FIRST boot, everything goes back to normal and you can spam your Twitter feed with as many horses as you want. The BETTER thing about this version is that I could ACTUALLY experience all the game has to offer. (Such as BAD minigames and other DELICACIES) A lot of the minigames are the same, do the task at HOOF and earn some points. Problem is, it gets really repetitive and you'll soon find out that you earn the same amount of EXP per game (I'm looking at you, TELESCOPE game [which is harder with a MOUSE). The game still costs a lot to play. Not so much REAL currency, but the bits are just as bad. Buying is a pain and really scrapes you dry. ONE problem with buying is that it NEVER tells you just how much money you'd be making with a new SHOP, forcing you to blindly punch numbers into a calculator to find the bits per SECOND ratio. (Yay, SCHOOLWORK) Eventually, like many of you I'm sure, got TIRED of the waiting and remembered a little trick. CHEAT ENGINE, the problem solver of the world. Within this MAGICAL program is a SPEEDHACK, which can UNLIMIT the FPS in the game; thus, making me more MONEY. As soon as I remembered it, I downloaded and submit my COMMUNISTIC Ponyville to EXTREME measures (Pinkie Pie style). Now we're happy to announce that we're making 10,000 BITS every twenty seconds. So that's GAMELOFT'S PONY GAME, from what I've heard, there's a co-op mode where you can play with others. I've got a friend who might be able to help with that; so if all goes well, I'll UPDATE this story and add an EPISODE III. No this is NOT the 5k special. -REalityPUBlishing
  4. So... my computer decided to spontaneously upgrade to Windows 10 at the WORST POSSIBLE MOMENT. I made a quick video on my YouTube prior to this, but I figured it would make a good topic to discuss here too. All I wonder about Microsoft is WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!? All in all I DON'T have an issue with Windows 10. My issue is with the way Microsoft went about dealing with it. I'm going to install it on my other computer (currently running windows 8.1) a little before the deadline, but I've been too busy to deal with it PROPERLY. The laptop has a windows 7 image and bundled software that I don't want to lose. The restore Image is particularly convenient. Have any of you guys had annoying problems from this?
  5. This question is for anyone who has upgraded from Windows 7 to 10. I know many upgraded from 8, but that OS is generally considered to be terrible, and 7 godlike, so I'm wondering if 10 is worth leaving 7 behind. I currently run 7 Home Premium 64, will my 10 also be a Home Premium 64?
  6. Wish me luck, everypony! Tonight's the night I upgrade to Windows 10! I say "wish me luck" because I've heard horror stories---face-to-face from a human being who had this happen to him, mind---that, if anything goes wrong with the upgrade, and you call Microsoft for tech support, then Microsoft sends all your computer's data to a company in India, and that Indian company basically allows hackers free reign on your machine! It's been on the news, but Microsoft just. doesn't. care! If anything goes wrong with the upgrade, then I expect I'll need to get a new computer! I've backed up all my data on my external hard disk and disconnected it, I've moved anything I can think of that's sensitive onto the same external hard disk, and I plan to erase all my cookies before the upgrade happens. But I could be shopping for a new laptop on Tuesday if this doesn't work out...! Cross your fingers!
  7. I was enjoying Windows 10, really I was. Then suddenly I had a RANDOM DEVASTATING ISSUE, which I will describe here as well as give a solution. Which ironically you will not be able to read if you have the same problem I did. Long detailed story: Summary: if your taskbar suddenly stops working and will not be fixed even after waiting and restarting (especially several attempts) System restore from the Control Panel to the nearest checkpoint and hope it works. Discussion: for the sake of Windows 10 users on this forum, you should post the quirks and problems (especially big ones) and hopefully your solutions to dealing with them. I absolutely had to share the SERIOUS problem I had to deal with
  8. Now, before I get going, let me say that, despite these major issues I've had with my own PC. Windows 10 is actually a really good operation system. Ever since I was able to upgrade for free, I've been running into a whole slew of problems. These problems are Sound Driver: My sound driver would literally stutter then die. The only way to fix this is to restart the PC. Video Driver: The source of so many Windows 10 Blue Screens of Death for me. Not to mention that Minecraft runs like absolute crap on Windows 10 for me, but runs smoothly on Windows 8.1. Wake Alarm: What's that? It's the driver that tells your PC to come out of sleep mode when you open your laptop, move your mouse, touch your keyboard, etc. it barely worked on my laptop under Windows 10. This would cause my hard drive to spin up then spin down, resulting in a rather gnarly crash and file corruption. Wireless Driver: Before upgrading, my wireless never had problems. But under Windows 10, I was frequently booted from my home network. Freezing: Under Windows 8.1, I've never had my OS lockup on me completely. Under Windows 10, however, my OS would frequently freeze and require a hard shutdown. Now, keep in mind that my PC is rather new (it's not even two years old) and that, while I was running Windows 10, I had all of the latest Intel, Realtek, and HP drivers installed onto my computer and I was still having problems with Windows 10. I heard that Microsoft is releasing their big Threshold 2 update in the first week of November. After it's released, I might (MIGHT) give Windows 10 another try.
  9. So basically, I want to decide whether or not to keep windows 10 or revert back to my previous OS, Windows 7. You know, before that 30 days are up and I can no longer revert to 7 (conveniently). I can't quite bring myself to make a decision so I figure I would get some opinions and feedback on what to do. I am really tired right now, but I want to get this thread started so I can start getting some opinions. Answer yes or no in the poll, and state reasons on why if you so choose. Here is a thread on the one problem I have had with Windows 10 so far. You know, not including the controversies and questionable decisions Microsoft is making or made, etc. I will be back and polish the thread later. Side note: I use ONLY an Ethernet cable to connect to the internet, however there is a possibility I may have to buy a wireless card or adapter for the desktop. I bring this up only because some people apparently have trouble with using Wi-Fi on windows 10 for whatever reason.