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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 39 results

  1. This is the most detailed draw i have ever made! I often listen iron Maiden, and Eddie is their mascot. He was the perfect character to turn into a pegasu because Eddie have a lot of differents forms, and no one before me have made he as pony or pegasu version: 3 days to draw and 50 minutes do colorize Using mouse, Photoshop, and Paint (I posted in my newgrounds profile too: This is a sketch that i was creating in paint, i was just messing and trying to represent Eddie, and it works! Here a pic of Eddie the Head for those who not have saw him:
  2. Note: Parental Glideance spoilers! Read at your own risk. Off and on, FIM used alicorn or pegasi wings for expressive purposes. The most traditional I've seen is to wrap them around another for comfort. Beginning in season 2, though, pegasi/alicorn wings were treated like a set of hands, the two examples from the back of my mind being Fluttershy opening her bag in the market and both Dash and 'Shy high-fiving following Hurricane Fluttershy's climax. However, these events are quite rare. The only other time I recall it is during Rainbow Falls when Dash and the Wonderbolts did wing pushups. Last week, Parental Glideance takes the hand wing and amps it up. Examples include: Windy and Bow plug their ears with a feather. Bow's wings spread his collar to reveal his Rainbow Dash undershirt. Windy and Spitfire wingshake. Spitfire and Fleetfoot salute with their wings. Bow hugs Dash with a wing (done before). Dash facewings after the CMCs and parents create a pyramid nearby. As Dash yells at her parents, she uses her left wing to count. Windy covers her eyes with her wings as she weeps. I'm shocked that DHX hasn't humanized their wings so much prior to this episode, and it's an excellent surprise. This use of animation really gives the medium and lore an extra sense of life. I don't know if Hamilton came up with the ideas himself or were recommended by them from other people (i.e., Big Jim or the Sister Writers), but given his past history from Avatar and Korra, it feels like a Hamilton thing. It'd be great to see it done more. What do you think of pegasi or alicorn wings being treated as a set of human hands? And if you enjoy it, any ideas you'd like to see DHX use for them?
  3. Lunarpalette

    My Deepest wish....

    Hey everypony! Imma be revealing one of my deepest wishes as my oc. I will not be actually changing anything about me so we are all good! One of the deepest wishes of mine is that I was a Pegasus... I am just an earthpony and feel so average. I will be releasing a post explaining myself in detail. I hope you enjoy! And I also added a slightly edited and more better outlining and shading.
  4. Lunarpalette

    Holy Wars Pegasus Crusader

    This is a doodle I did while in World history learning about the crusades. Hope you like it!
  5. heavens-champion

    How do pegasi put on outfits?

    With their wings, You would think it would be impossible.
  6. Hello my friends. I'm afraid that I have started quite late to prep a cosplay for bronycon due to deployment and lack of internet access, I have gotten to request a custom wig/tail of my OC from a great customs pony on etsy and hope that it has reached her and maybe accomplishable before the alotted time, however I am still lacking pegasus wings and can't seem to find one that can be done as i'd like it to be and arrive ontime for bronycon; even if its brought to bronycon it may still be too late so I might have to be an earthpony to my first con. I may be attending another con later this remaining year and would like to find someone who can also make a great set of wings:) only catch is to be the main color of black and the secondary color red.
  7. Before all you high-ranked veterans of MLPforums scream that you have seen this post fifty billion times, just hear me out. I really don't get how earth ponies can be totally fine with not having any powers or special abilities while there are unicorns and pegasi all around them who can fly and perform magic. It doesn't seem like they would manage it very long. Somepony would have probably stood up and said that it wasn't fair by now how other races can do amazing things like fly and cast spells while earth ponies can... run. Yes, they can do some pretty awesome things, like... throw hay bales... and buck apples off of trees, but it would still get some ponies pretty annoyed I'm sure.
  8. Anyways, a question. So, we know that sunset and twilight both have wings in the upcoming toyline. And I see more than a little bit of arguments over this with people disagreeing on things. So, do you think that Sunny and Sci-twi will possess wings full time now in their ponied up forms after Friendship games, do you think its just a toy thing that's not meant to be canon, do you think its a random one time power up that will happen in legend of the everfree, what/ect? (It should be noted that the toys were listed as "crystalfire wing toys" by the presenters at the fair, so its possible there's significance about the wings in the plot)
  9. Thermonuclear Kitten

    What kind of Wings would you have?

    Ello everyone! So I would like to ask everyone what kind of wings they would have if you, (IRL) had wings. Talk about type, color and such like that. Personally, I would have High-Aspect Ratio Dynamic Soaring wings which would be turquoise. They would also be quite large and be full of feathers, as well have a shadow effect.
  10. TheInsaneShane

    My Princess Luna Sketch

    This is a sketch I made, It took me about three days, so I hope it looks pretty good!!! The Princess Luna is my #2 favorite character in the entire show, so I just had to sketch her!!! I hope you all like it!!!
  11. I'm having a little trouble drawing spread pegasus wings, whether from the front or from the side. More specifically, I'm having a hard time nailing the shape and positioning of the individual protruding feathers. Any advice? If you like, I could post my attempts at drawing them.
  12. Exactly what it says on the tin. If a pegasus loses his wings, will he still be a pegasus? Is being a pegasus determined by just having wings, or is it something deeper? Also, if a unicorn loses his horn, will he still be a unicorn?
  13. Humans express their emotions mostly through their face, arm or leg movements. When you think about it, ponies have quite a few ways of demonstrating their emotions through their bodies that we don't have. I've been thinking about this idea ever since I read a story on FIMFiction called 'Moodwings', which I thought was a fantastic and unique story, and I wanted to make a discussion topic, because I personally see lot's of potential. Disclaimer: I'm gonna lay it out there right now that there there's many, many, many examples in the show where these body languages aren't used when they could have been used, are used when they didn't need to be, etc. Being a TV show, there's inconsistencies everywhere, and I'm sure accurate portrayal of something subtle like pony body language is not what the animators are making their priority, 24/7. But even more than that, these explanations are not all there is to this concept, either. I don't pretend to be expert on this. Explaining things like body language is complex to begin with, and there are always exceptions and variables on the individual situation at hand, that result in all kinds of tell-tale body language signs being used or not being used. There's also plenty of examples where body language signs are used for no particularly known reason at all. So take this topic with a grain of salt, and picture it how it would implement in Equestria as a basic concept that tries to explain common emotions and their common body language signs, and nothing more. Thanks :3 BTW: Model is mostly Dashie, cause she's best pony, and cause she has wings, a main part of this explanation. Hogging it to Dash gives ya'll an opportunity to post examples of the other ponies in your own examples of emotion depiction, as well, if you want -- Ears: Unlike humans, whose' ears are next to pointless when it comes to body language seeing as how (most people) can't really move theirs a whole lot for it to make an actual noticeable difference, ponies' ears are very flexible, and we've seen them used numerous times as an indication for mood. Happy ponies, as well as generally content ponies have their ears in an upwards fashion. Sad, unhappy or angry ponies, even ponies in a generally negative mood will often have their ears flattened or pointed a bit downwards. Shock, surprise, nervousness and focus are often examples of when flattened and downwards ears are used, as well, it would seem. As if 'battening down' their ears is some sort of jolt reaction, anxious from nervousness, and also used when a pony is trying their best to concentrate on something difficult at hand, or, just in suspense of something intense or fun. Hooves: Although ponies often use their hooves to express emotion in the air or by placing them against their own bodies, much similar to us humans, they do have natural things they do that humans don't; after all, these are hooves, not hands. Along with ears, hooves are a basic body language all ponies have. Sometimes it's obvious what hooves are being used for, other times, not so much. Perhaps one of the most interesting yet common uses of a front hoof is when one front hoof is picked up over the other three. A pony can be demonstrating excitement, surprise, a friendly greeting, or sign of contentment when talking with friends. They could also be displaying a sense of defense or being taken aback. Some ponies will do it simply because they're confused or baffled. Wings: Pegasi possess wings, an entirely unique way to demonstrate emotion that Earth ponies and Unicorns do not have. For the most part, wings are put away for disuse next to a ponies' body, but they often flare up, even when a pegasus doesn't plan on flying any time soon. Pegasi's wings will fluff up to demonstrate shock, showing passive irritance or fluttering their wings open like how a peacock does it's tail feathers, to show off. Timid ponies may often droop their wings to show shyness or as a generally submissive behavior. They may even do it when they're disturbed, or feel extremely awkward. Other times, their wings may refuse to fluff out when desired, due to fear.
  14. Today I drew 9 different wings as practice drawing them. I did nine types because I knew I should practice drawing wings, but I didn't know what kind I should draw for my style. That's where you all come in! I'm very indecisive, so I need you to vote for which type of wing or wings you think I should keep doing.
  15. drew, linearted and did the basic background on this months ago. totes was going to finish it today, but SAI crashed when I was almost done, so, nop, I'm just going to throw the unpolished version at the internet instead. yis I know RD is slightly hideous, dragons are my specialty, not ponies, so plez don't mention it, k?
  16. Mrbrunoh1

    Armored Rainbow Dash

    Armored Rainbow Dash Here's one of my drawings of my project, following the collection of armor, hope you like it, to Rainbow Dash should only give something to the time of his incredible potential with its elegant wings and her extraordinary speed.
  17. ~Master~ Button Mash

    Do You Support Twilicorn?

    Just seeing where the consensus is now that some time has passed and the idea has had some time to sink in in the community. So, now that time has passed, has your opinion of Twilicorn changed?
  18. What was a bigger and more important change for twilight. Getting her wings and becoming an alicorn princess, or getting her own kingdom? I think getting her own kingdom was a bigger change, because season 4 didn't feel to much different from the seasons before it. Even though she was a princess, she didn't do too many princessy things. I think season 5 will be a bigger change.
  19. Ziggy + Angel + Rain

    Poem: Bore in Ashen Winds

    More water-testing on my part lol; trying my poetry this time: Bore in Ashen Winds by PegaMister (not my real name xD) Her azure wings unfolded And speak to me, she did "Show not this face to others In darkness, keep it hid" No beauty nor perversion No curve nor wing nor eye No lash nor look nor scandal Stay silent, till you die But surely this was music And this reproach her song Spilt lifeblood of the Gorgon No shame nor right nor wrong
  20. toonbat

    Thoughts on mule genetics

    Since mules are canon in the show, we can assume donkeys and ponies can reproduce. Now, if the pony parent of the couple is a unicorn or a pegasus, would you say it's possible for their foal to be born with wings or a horn? Could we ever hope to see hinny-corns or peg-asses on the show? Also, since the mules we've seen do not have a cutie mark, do you suppose this means that cutie mark genes are recessive, or are cutie marks simply not genetic at all, but purely magical? And finally, since mules, donkeys and saddle arabians have no cutie mark, could that mean that only ponies get them, and that therefore Zecora's cutie mark is not a cutie mark at all, but just a tatto of some sort?
  21. Karma Lightwing

    Would Ponies amputate broken wings?

    So i have been asking myself this question "If a pegasus ruined his or her wing beyond repair, would it be amputated or would it still be connected? I can immagine going around with a dead wing must be a hazzle but it might also be a pride thing to have it. so they might find other ways just to keep it in place on the side of the body. I have no real good answer for either of the arguments really as i can se good reasons why it would be both. Whats your thoughts about it?
  22. As most of you have probably noticed so far in season 4, Twilight pretty much never uses her wings. Other than the premiere eps and a few times in the Castle Mane-ia episode, I don't recall an instance where Twilight flies. I don't see why she never uses her wings and stays grounded all the time. Her wings are new, and it should be exciting to use them. Also, she's definitely not a bad flyer anymore, since she was able to perform her version of a sonic rainboom at the end of the Princess Twilight episodes. Twilight in an Alicorn princess now, yet it feels like absolutely nothing has changed. Ponies aren't acknowledging her for being a princess, and she never uses her wings. They're just kind of there, and I feel like she really should use them more, since otherwise it makes the change seem rather pointless.
  23. Okay, I love the idea of our little Twilight finally ascending to princess-hood in the series and I think it's a very brilliant idea that everyone should have loved instead of whine about. For me, I'm on both sides, I don't care if Twilight have wings or not, but I also think it could have whole new possibilities for her and new adventures. As long as the writers don't change her too much, let's her stay in Ponyville with her friends, keep her personality and stuff the way it is and not change it, but be sure to keep her princess status in check, things will be fine. I now want to hear from all of you guys. What do all you Pro-Twilicorns think and what good thoughts and high hopes you have for her?
  24. Argumedies

    Twilights Wings

    After now rewatching the new episodes for the umpteenth time, I happen to notice that Twilights new wings were larger then Rainbow Dash's wings I would surmise that by examining the other Alicorns, that the wings would have to be larger then a normal Pegasus and again I go back to the argument of bone structure. A normal Pegasus like Rainbow Dash, would have to extreamly light weight in order to archive flight and thus would need hollow bones to reduce weight without the comprise of strength and thus wouldn't need of large wings. But an Alicorn is much larger and heavier than a normal Pegasus and would need larger wings in order to archive lift. Twilight, although she's the same size as Rainbow Dash, she started life as a Unicorn and thus had more solid bone structure and thus needs larger wings. I have always been an advocate of the hollow bone structure of normal Pegasus and seeing this difference in my opinion confirms this hypothesis.
  25. Because why not? Here's the scenario, So your just enjoying your day, doing whatever it is you like to do at this very moment in time, when suddenly, as if you had just drank some magical Red Bull, you sprout wings! What do?