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Found 8 results

  1. Here are some more pairing for the 2 round of the best episode tournament voting deadline is October 28 9 am note this is a double elimination tournament so we will began the losers bracket soon
  2. So many probably know the site, aka Wiki Answers. Well I happen to be a supervisor on that site, and you can find me there, as same as I am here. But be warned, I have the power to get you blocked from the site XD Anyways, they recently did the Summer AnswerThon which is a contest lasting so many days for supers, and members, that whoever answers the most questions about anything in the time period, wins prizes. Well I've partaced in them before, but barely answered many, especially due to they are usually on Weekends, and I had no internet at home to do them. But now we got internet, and I got notified that it was going to be going on Thrusday-Sunday. So I prepared myself. I wrote down all the topics I would look thru unanswered questions such as mlp, skyrim, roman numerals, trans, etc. Anyways, In the time being I had to stay up to 2am answering question, because I wasn't able to get off work for this time. Then my grandma also came making me get less time, so I had to work even harder. I basically thought there was no chance of wining 1st place, and I was correct, I didn't. However, I just got notified that I did win 3rd place! So as my first online contest ever, I won (not first, but still wining). I get a $25 Amazon gift card for it. Perhaps next contest, I will be able to get off work, and I will get that 1st place. Muhahaha.
  3. The tournament has come to a conclusion -- Lyra Heartstrings is the most attractive pony of 2013! Thanks to everybody who participated by casting their votes as the tourney went on. Congrats to the Lyra fans who fought well and fought hard, and Fluttershy was a worthy adversary. Lyra Heartstrings is the Magic Bowl I champion! She wins it 108 to 83. Until next season, see you all then.
  4. Cheesy Gordita herself! What are your thoughts with the results? How many of you won? Were you surprised? Who did you think was going to win? Who did you want to win? And why did Fluttershy win?
  5. Ok so pretty simple game. Below is a list of countries. Every country starts with 50 points and it is the job of you to decide who wins the next world war. So here's how it works. READ THESE RULES BEFORE YOU PLAY! ---------------------------------COPY FROM HERE--------------------------------- 1) Copy the list and these rules from the person that posted before you. 2) Protect ONE country. (Place an asterisk * next to a country. A country with an asterisk cannot be harmed by yourself or the next person.) 3) Attack ONE country. (Remove one point from a country of your choice that hasn't been protected.) 4) Heal ONE country. (Add one point to a country of your choice.) 5) Remove the asterisk * from the country that was saved by the last person. 6) If a country has 0 points, it has been defeated. Remove the country from the list. 7) The country that wins is the last country standing OR the first country to reach 100 points. So here's the list: [ ] Australia - 50 [ ] Bosnia - 50 [ ] China - 50 [ ] Denmark - 50 [*] Equestria: 50 [ ] France - 50 [ ] Great Britain - 50 [ ] Germany - 50 [ ] Holland - 50 [ ] Iran - 50 [ ] Japan - 50 [ ] Mexico - 50 [ ] North Korea - 50 [ ] Poland - 50 [ ] Russia - 50 [ ] Spain - 50 [ ] Sweden - 50 [ ] USA - 50 ---------------------------------COPY TO HERE--------------------------------- I have saved Equesria! Enjoy!
  6. At the end of fall weather friends, we never did find out who won the race. All we know of the placements were that Twilight placed 5th and AJ/Dash tied for dead last. So who do you all think won the running of the leaves?
  7. " Wake me, when you need me." - Master Chief- Halo 3
  8. Just wanted to show you the best hot dog ever, ate it while listening to Boys Noize's Mixmag DJ Mix