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Found 8 results

  1. Good evening, everypony! Well, after a splendid bit of competition in our latest contest in which we saw a grand total of 11 stories submitted for it, it gives me great pleasure to announce the winners of the Poniverse Summerpalooza 3.0: Family Is Magic Contest! All of the entries were enjoyable to read, and I want to personally thank each and every author for taking the time to write and enter your submissions. We hope that many of our members and other bronies throughout the fandom have enjoyed them as well as much as we did, and if you haven't read any of them yet, folks, I would highly recommend you to check them out here, they are well worth your time. Now that that's out of the way, let's begin. Without further ado, here are the winners of the Poniverse Summerpalooza 3.0: Family Is Magic Contest!!! Winners First Place: Thankfulness and High Society by CategoricalGrant Out of all the entries we received in this contest, none handled the "Family Is Magic" theme of it better than CaterogicalGrant's outstanding Thankfulness and High Society. This one shot, clocking in at just over 5,000 words, actually felt like a story which, aside from a few adult elements and jokes, could easily feature in the show itself. The story revolves around Rarity who, while attending what is presumably Equestria's most prestigious designer awards show (as a nominee herself, at that), has to struggle with her family's presence and their inability to behave with the proper decorum around the high fashion and Canterlot crowds. The handling of her parents, Hondo Flanks and Cookie Crumbles, is especially delightful and, for characters who have only ever truly featured in one scene of the show, feels spot on for their characters, but every member of Rarity's family, including Rarity herself, is great here. On top of that, the pacing is also fantastic, featuring far more scenes than one would think would feature in a fic this short, none of which are underdeveloped or overstay their welcome. Finally, in addition to the multitude of scenes, there are a multitude of fan favorite supporting characters from the show as well, again, surprising for a fic this short, but all of the characters themselves make delightful appearances that do not take away or distract from the main narrative. Overall, this is a fic that is beautifully organized, has a wonderful story, lesson, and characterization, and is well worth a read from anyone who has the time. Congratulations, CaterogicalGrant, on the well-deserved win! Second Place: My Wings Will Keep You Safe by Brony250 Our second place entry comes from Brony250, an author that, if you've been on Fimfiction for long, you are probably familiar with to some extent. Brony250 has been writing on the site for a long time, but surprisingly, this is his first ever one shot. Well, thankfully, I'm pleased to say that for his first ever one shot, Brony250 has given us a delightful read. The fic features Apple Bloom hunkering down at Twilight's library (back in Season 4, so Twilight is a princess by now but still is living in Golden Oaks Library) in the middle of a ferocious storm. Unlike our winning entry, there's not much of a moral lesson at play here; instead, it's a very slice-of-life story in every sense of the word. That's certainly not a bad thing, but do not go into this fic expecting it to build up to a clear cut climax. It's more like a nice, quiet chapter in both Twilight and Apple Bloom's lives where they share in a nice moment with each other, where Twilight spends the night looking out as best as she can for the frightened young filly. The most endearing aspects of this fic are Twilight's interactions with Apple Bloom, as well as the ways in which we see how special Twilight's relationship with the Apples, the first family to welcome her to Ponyville at all, is to her and them. You'll definitely come away from this fic wishing to see a story like it in the show itself, so I would definitely recommend you check it out if you can. Third Place: The Patter of Rain by NavelColt Third place goes to NavelColt's quiet, relaxing fic The Patter of Rain, featuring a pair of OC changelings along with everyone's favorite changeling monarch (or as I like to call him, King Deer Bug Pony) King Thorax. As with our second place winner, this fic also takes place in the middle of a storm, although whereas that fic has a certain level of tension given Apple Bloom's consistent terror at the raging storm outside, this fic will make you want to curl up by a fire with a cup of coffee and hot cocoa, even if it isn't raining outside. The one word that especially comes to mind with this fic for me is serenity, it is a very serene, calm, relaxed fic. We get a little insight into some of the tensions that some changelings may feel about their abrupt transformations and reformations, but also a fun, cute look at what Thorax could be like as leader of the changelings: that being a very cuddly, calm, loving, serene parental-like figure. While not much overall happens in terms of the story itself, this fic will put you in a very relaxed mood, and is well worth a look. Honorable Mentions While all of our other entries deserve commendation, two in particular, while not in the top three, deserve special praise as well. First, Chicanery by Silver Letter may well have been our most unique entry out of all of them, at least in terms of its story. It tells a story which, believe it or not, involves time travel, land disputes, and, of all things, has an open-ended, ambiguous ending at that. All of this is very deliberate, and in less qualified hands this story wouldn't work, but Silver Letter is a highly talented writer, and as a result what we've gotten instead is a very fascinating fic. Second, Symphony in Green by ThunderGust, one of the only fics entered into our contest to feature, instead of a main show character or an original character, a background character! This delightful little read features Lyra Heartstrings just hanging out with her grandparents on her birthday; if that sounds like a very simple slice-of-life premise, trust me, it is. But simple slice-of-life is great when it's executed well, and this is most definitely executed well. It's basically just a day in the life of somepony celebrating their birthday, but hey, birthday celebrations are tons of fun, and what we have here is very fun and heartwarming indeed! Check it out if you get the chance. Well, that's about it for this contest everypony! Once again, a very big thank you to everyone who participated, and to anyone looking for a good read, I'd highly recommend you check some of these stories out! Till next time everypony, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off! *cue dramatic exit*
  2. Good afternoon everypony! First of all, I need to issue an apology for taking so long to get these contest results posted. In my defense, I've been super busy with job hunting (a long, frustrating process), but that still doesn't excuse how ridiculously long it has taken to get these up. With that out of the way, let's get to the contest results themselves! Sadly, we only had 4 entries this time around, so all four of them place in the contest and will be ranked here. Thankfully, the entries themselves were all very enjoyable, and I highly recommend everyone to check them out! I want to give a big thank you to the folks who were kind enough to take the time to write fics for our contest and also displayed a lot of patience with the judges (especially myself) in getting the results up and posted. I'll contact you all personally when I know who will be doing your art prize. With that said, let's begin. Winners First Place: Compersion by Etolia If there was any fic more worthy of first place than Rainbow Shells, it was Compersion. Etolia offers readers a sweet, sad, romantic, and compelling fic featuring Buffy, Viola, and Azura struggling to make a very unusual kind of relationship work. Yes, in case you were wondering, this fic is indeed about a polyamorous relationship, and before you think that raises a red flag, no, it's not about being "sensual". This fic actually approaches its subject matter quite maturely, dealing with the struggle that goes into making such a relationship work for all parties involved. It's a sequel to Setting the Rift and is largely about Viola and Buffy, but with a pretty fair dose of Azura thrown in there as well. All are wonderfully characterized and Buffy is absolutely adorable through and through (as she should be). Overall, this is a truly worthwhile fic and most deserving of getting first place and your time to read it if you get the chance. Wonderful job Etolia, and congratulations on your well-deserved win! Second Place: Rainbow Shells by Silver Letter Returning to Poniverse once more, Silver Letter gives us a super solid fic starring Pixel Wavelength and Buffy as they take a vacation to Sweetie Shores, as well as Azura as she follows their exploits in the midst of DJing for her radio show. This was probably the most fun fic out of all of our entries and offers some great shenanigans from Pixel, Buffy, and Azura all around. As usual, Silver Letter's characterization of Pixel is spot on and offers readers the chance to see her further grow, not to mention it's always fun seeing the perspective of an older character like her (remember, she is middle age after all, with a husband and family) as opposed to most of the other Poniverse mascots, who range from late teens to young adults for the most part. I found Azura to be particularly enjoyable as well since we get to see her working as an actual radio DJ for most of the fic, something which most of the other entries largely did not offer, and his handling of dialogue in these scenes is masterful, it very much sounds like a behind the scenes look at an actual radio DJ. This fic's got sand, surf, and ponies in the sunshine having fun and learning valuable lessons, what more could you want? Definitely worth a read a most certainly worthy of second place! Third Place: Radio Station Dilemmas by John29 The third place winner of our contest gets a special shout-out for the extra efforts he went to in putting this fic together. John29 made a lot (and when I say 'a lot' I mean A LOT) of edits to his fic in the course of submitting it to our contest and I commend him for all the hard work and time he put into making his fic as good as he possibly could. The fic itself stars Azura Peavielle, PVL's mascot, in the midst of solving a mystery at a radio station involving herself, the Mane 6, Spike, and Discord. While a bit repetitive at times, the fic overall is very enjoyable and has some very solid characterization, of both its sole OC and the show-canon characters. A very solid fic all around, I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in Poniverse mascots, and once again, great work John29, thank you for all the hard efforts you made. Fourth Place: Apocryphal thoughts by Shadowboltwriter Our fourth place winner features Wordplay and the rest of the mascot team embarking on an adventure to protect Equestria's Internet! While definitely an ensemble fic, all the same Wordplay is most certainly the main character, and in it we see him dealing with some feelings of angst and inadequacy, uncertain of the larger role he plays in Poniverse besides being good at roleplaying. While a little rough around the edges as far as spelling or grammar goes, this is a fun and brisk read, and most definitely worth your time. Give it a read if you get the chance, and a big shout-out to Shadowboltwriter on the enjoyable fic!
  3. Good evening everypony! It's time to announce the winners of our latest fanfiction contest!!! First, I want to apologize for taking so long to announce the results. Just haven't been able to make time for it lately, what with grad school being super busy this semester and all. Anyways, onto the results! We had some great fics submitted to this contest, and I want to thank everyone who took the time to write and submit an entry for it. They were a lot of fun to read through and I'm sure many members of our community have enjoyed reading them as well. Without further ado, here are the winners of the Poniverse Fimfiction Hearth's Warming Eve Contest 2.0!!! Winners First Place: Facing the Cold by TooShyShy Our first place winner most thoroughly captured this contest's theme of charity during Hearth's Warming Eve out of any of our entries. This lovely little one-shot by TooShyShy features Scootaloo pretty down in the dumps on Hearth's Warming Eve, and for good reason, mind you. However, when she meets an unexpected visitor, some even more unexpected holiday bonding occurs, and both she and this stranger learn a little something special. What made this fic stand out is how it so thoroughly captured how giving one's company to another alone during the holiday season can be charitable in and of itself, as can the smallest acts of kindness, even if in the grand scheme of things they don't change that much. Beautiful in its simplicity, this fic is without a doubt the best one we had this time around. Congratulations TooShyShy, and thank you for writing such a lovely fic! Second Place: A History of Giving by Silver Letter The newest addition to Poniverse Mascot canon, A History of Giving follows Pixel Wavelength's youngest daughter, Prism Wavelength, from her own POV. It's a very quiet story largely consisting of Prism's internal monologue, which made it actually very unique in its own right. But what made it truly special is how this fic tackled charity too. In this case, the reader gets to see how one who's come from a privileged background is able to develop a charitable spirit, even if things aren't going so well for them. Once again, as in our first place winning fic, charity is more than simply giving material goods; it's an aspect of one's character and behavior, and while a bit melancholy at times, overall this fic makes for a very pleasant and relaxing read. Third Place: The Gift of Music by Paradox Pon3 Our third place fic probably tackles charity the most traditionally of any of our winning fics. The Gift of Music is basically your run-of-the-mill, standard holiday romance story, though that's not to say that just because it covers some tried and true tropes that it isn't a delightful read, it very much is. Paradox Pon3 handles both Octavia and Vinyl Scratch here splendidly as they work through a rough patch in their relationship in the midst of the holiday season, and while some problems are possibly resolved a bit too easily, overall, this fic is well worth taking a look at and very fun all around. A very, very solid read indeed. Honorable Mentions While we didn't have too many other entries this time around, there is one which I would like to call attention to. Our final entry of the contest, The Merry Mystery by SilverStream2 is her first Fimfiction fic ever, as well as the longest entry we received. While it's a bit rough around the edges, it's clearly a story that the author put a lot of heart and passion into, and that alone actually makes it an enjoyable read. The story itself is pretty basic, though ambitiously combines both Poniverse mascots with many, many canon characters, including the Mane 6, and it's hard not to enjoy a story when it's clear the author cared about writing and telling it so much. If you have the time, I'd definitely say it's worth taking a look at. Well, that's about it for this contest everypony! Once again, a very big thank you to everyone who participated, and to anyone looking for a good read, I'd highly recommend you check some of these stories out! Till next time everypony, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off! *cue dramatic exit*
  4. Goooooooooooood morning, everypony! Well, it's the second weekend of September. You know what time it is? YES! Wait, I mean, no, well, actually technically yes but that's beside the point. It's time... to announce the winners of the Poniverse Mascot Summerpalooza Contest!!! OK, sure, not sure what you need the football gear for but please, continue. Yes, after an extensive judging period (and seriously, thank you all for your patience), I and the other judges have finally reached a consensus on the winning fics. There was some stiff competition to be sure, but we are confident that the fics we have chosen are the best of the bunch, and (for the most part) perfect for Poniverse canon! Before I continue, as always, I want to thank everyone who took the time to write and submit entries for this; we enjoyed all of these fics and really appreciate the effort it took to put them together, and ended up with a very fair number of fics as well. Without further ado, here are the winners of the Poniverse Mascot Summerpalooza Contest! Well that's... special. Winners Terms and Conditions by Fahrenheit Our best overall entry by far, Terms and Conditions is a wonderful ensemble fic featuring all of the Poniverse mascots (with the exception of Wordplay and his siblings) as they meet each other for the first time and embark on a nutty adventure together. As with Fahrenheit's past work, the group interactions are splendidly written, with characters bouncing off of each other smoothly and interacting with each other in a realistic manner, the setting and story itself wonderfully inventive, unique, original, and creative, and chock full of splendid humor through and through. It's most definitely a fun read worth anyone's time to sit down and read, a very clear-cut winner and wonderful origin story for the mascots as a group itself, and the best written fic for not one but two Poniverse mascots,'s Viridian Meadows and Poniarcade's Nova Blast. Thank you very, very much for the wonderful read Fahrenheit and congratulations on your double win, you most certainly earned it! Summers of Change by Silver Letter Winning for Poniverse's alicorn Princess of the Internet herself, Pixel Wavelength, Silver Letter's Summers of Change is both the longest entry of the contest overall and provides us with a backstory most suitable for Poniverse's leader. While admittedly it will need to undergo some revisions in order to more smoothly fit into Poniverse canon, as is it's already a very solid fic which gives the reader a wonderful idea of just how somepony like Pixel could come to play such an incremental role in building and running something like the Internet in Equestria. It also provides her with some nice characterization and personal history, even adding ponies from her background important to her besides any of the Poniverse mascot themselves, who do not actually make an appearance. This is a Pixel Wavelength backstory through and through, and its focus on her and her alone is exactly what a character like her needed in our canon. Wonderful work Silver Letter, congratulations, and if you haven't checked his fic out yet, do so, it's most definitely worthy of a read! Setting the Rift by Taialin Compared to the other winning entries on this list, Setting the Rift is very different from the others in its feel, with the possible exception of Summers of Change. Winning for's musician mascot Viola, Taialin's entry gives more of a look into the origins of her personality more than her special talent itself, and it works very, very well. It's a sad and somber fic that I'm sure most readers will agree actually has some real-world parallels even, but also a hopeful one that gives the reader an idea of how a pony as reserved as Viola could come to join a group as sociable and interactive with online communities as Poniverse. Definitely worth your time, this fic was the clear-cut winner for Viola, and we at Poniverse all thank you very, very much for writing and entering it, Taialin. Ogres and Oubliettes by Kolth Our sole entry starring Pony Roleplay's mascot Wordplay (along with his older brother Road Map and twin sister Fair Dice) was thankfully a wonderful fic in its own right and probably would have one for the character even if other entries had been added for him. Given that roleplaying itself is very different compared to some of the other Poniverse mascots' areas of interest, the fic actually does a great job of not just giving Wordplay a solid backstory but also giving the reader an idea of where exactly he fits into Poniverse and how his joining it comes to be. It's also got some very entertaining roleplay segments to boot that even non-roleplayers will be able to understand and enjoy, as well as some very humorous commentary about roleplaying through the characters' interactions with each other. A winning entry through and through, Ogres and Oubliettes is a fun read anytime and most definitely worthy of Poniverse canon. Creation of a Mediaverse by SFyr Our final winning entry is distinguished in one very odd regard; it actually cannot be accepted into Poniverse canon. This was something that I and the other judges struggled over very much, but given Terms and Conditions acceptance into Poniverse canon already, there was simply no way we could make this one work alongside that one. However, that does not take away from its quality in the slightest! Winning for MLP Forums' very own lovable mascot Buffy, SFyr's Creation of a Mediaverse was another ensemble fic just like Fahrenheit's Terms and Conditions, and is an origin story for the Poniverse group. While it is not the canon origin story, it's a delightful read all the same; the characters' personalities are spot on, their interactions with each other are delightful, believable, and entertaining, and Buffy, its primary star, especially stands out, her characterization is spot on and exactly what we want out of her. I cannot emphasize enough how much this fic deserves to be read despite not fitting into our canon, and hope as many of you as possible will do so (as you should with all of these entries). Thank you very much for your winning entry, SFyr, and many congratulations! Well, that's all the winning entries folks! We've finally got some canon established for our lovely Poniverse mascots, which means that we'll be able to continue to build upon them throughout different areas of Poniverse as well as incorporate into future contests, both on Fimfiction and elsewhere. Once again a big thank you on behalf of all of Poniverse and its staff to all the authors who took the time to write and enter fics; they were all enjoyable to read, and we hope you will all continue to write and improve your craft so that we might see you all in future fanfic contests. Enjoy this bit of news to open up the second half of Season 5, everypony, and hope you all enjoy the upcoming new episode! Have a wonderful Saturday! Brakes not included :comeatus:
  5. Good morning, everypony! Guess what time it is? It's time to announce the winners of the Poniverse Spring Has Sprung Contest!!! First of all, I want to apologize for scheduling this latest contest during what proved to be a very inconvenient time for people. Even with the contest extension we gave, we still got only about half as many fics as we usually do for these things, largely because many folks were busy with end of the school year activities. But the good news is we still got some really swell fics, and I want to thank everyone who took the time to write and submit them, they were all a pleasure to read for sure! Without further ado, here are the winners of the Poniverse Spring Has Sprung Contest!!! Winners First Place: Crusading For Eternity by TooShyShy Without a doubt the most all-around well-written entry of this contest, TooShyShy's Crusading For Eternity is a lovely little one-shot that poses a simple yet troubling question: what if one of the CMC (in this case Apple Bloom) didn't get a cutie mark even in adulthood? How would she find her purpose in life and cope with the fact that she has to keep searching for her destiny? The tone of this fic is very somber throughout, but never to the point that it's depressing. It genuinely feels as though Apple Bloom's going through the pony equivalent of a midlife crisis; she feels a lot of despair, evidently, but that despair does not manifest in over-the-top dramatics, but rather, weariness. This fic earns the way it makes you feel about these characters, and I for one was sold on accepting this as a possible scenario for AB in the future. Short and sweet, Crusading For Eternity is definitely worth a read, and more than worthy of nabbing first prize in our Spring Has Sprung Contest. Congratulations TooShyShy, and thank you for the wonderful read! Second Place: Cutie Mark Wishes by Silver Letter Our second place entry, Cutie Mark Wishes by Silver Letter is without a doubt the most ambitious entry we had. That's not just because of it's length, but rather because it works with both a very original character and original themes. Cutie Mark Wishes follows the tale of Ribbon Wishes, a young mare from a family of fortune tellers (whose special talents really are fortune telling) who goes on a journey of self-discovery, learning along the way how to accept her for who she is and share who she really is with the rest of her friends and family. If that sounds generic, trust me, it isn't, not in its execution at least. This story is very much Silver Letter's own creation, and I enjoyed every minute of reading it. While it's a bit rough around the edges at times, it most definitely earned itself our second place prize, and I'd recommend you all give it a look if you get the chance to do so! Third Place: Legacy: Double Rainboom by nx9100 Our third place entry comes from a fairly new writer, but it's very well written and makes for a fun and exciting read from start to finish. Legacy: Double Rainboom follows the story of Lightning Dash, a young pegasus colt who sets out on a coming-of-age flight test with a pegasus pony very familiar to us all. Along the way, they encounter all sorts of danger and adventure, and there are certainly some tense moments in this fic. While the main character had some OP/Gary Stu-ish qualities to him at times, overall he's still very likable and his energetic personality is very infectious. Definitely worth a read, and most definitely worthy of our third place prize. Honorable Mentions As I said before, we didn't have too many other entries in addition to our winners, so I'd like to thank both of our other submitters for their submissions and taking the time to write them. The Crusader's Crystal Quest by norcalforneigh/Digger2335 and Touch by Twilight Phantom were two very different but still very good fics. While not quite as good as our winning entries, both made for enjoyable reads in their own unique ways. The Crusader's Crystal Quest is a pretty silly but still very fun adventure tale that follows the CMC getting up to their usual escapades and shenanigans in the Crystal Empire, while Touch was a fairly dark and sad but also hopeful tale of a young filly who's had rough life discovering what makes her special. Both definitely warrant reads, and I once again thank their authors for taking the time to write them for our contest. I look forward to reading more work from all of the writers who submitted entries to this contest, and hope to see you all continue to hone your increasingly-impressive writing skills. Well, that about does it for this contest everypony! It was a lot of fun to read all these entries as usual, though again I apologize for scheduling it at an inconvenient time. The next contest hopefully shouldn't be quite as troublesome for people to participate in, and in fact, is just right around the corner. Keep your eyes peeled this week everypony for a very special Poniverse summer fanfic contest announcement. We'll be looking to have some major community participation in this one, and hopefully some snazzy prizes to offer ya'll as well. But that'll be for another day; for now, a big congratulations once again to our winners, and a big thank you to all of our submitting authors. You guys are the best. Have a great day everypony!!!
  6. Hello Poniverse, it's your friendly neighborhood Batbrony! Wait... I think I might be mixing up superheroes. Ah, no matter, guess what I have? The results of the Poniverse Hearts and Hooves Day Contest!!! Thankfully I was able to get through the remaining fics over my Spring Break, so I'm happy to be getting the results out a lot sooner than I was able to with the last contest. Before we begin, as always, a gigantic shoutout to everypony who took the time to write a fic to enter into our contest!!! We had a total of 10 entries this time, and believe me when I say that it was harder to judge this time around than with either of the previous contests, the quality of so many of our entries was that good! Thank you all for doing a great job of getting us in the holiday spirit and providing a wide variety of sweet, funny, sometimes sad, and sometimes downright romantic fan fics. Without further ado, here are the winners of the Poniverse Hearts and Hooves Day Contest!!! Winners First Place: Daring Do(esn't Need a Special Somepony) by Fahrenheit There are so many words I could use to describe our first place winner. Adorable, hilarious, exciting, sweet, stupendously written, these all easily apply to this fic. Daring Do(esn't Need a Special Somepony) is that rare one-shot that just does everything right. It masterfully utilizes the 1st person POV, it capture's Daring Do's character to a T, it features two supporting cast members who we rarely see but deserve to be explored more thoroughly in fan fiction. It also has tons of laughs, adventure, some sweet, fluffy romance when you'd least expect it (despite this being a Hearts and Hooves Day fic ), and just has a really great heart to it overall. I don't want to give away too much since I'd rather readers who haven't checked it out yet do so without any spoilers, but suffice it to say that what starts out as a single-minded quest to retrieve some delectable sweets by everypony's favorite author/adventurer pony turns into so much more (after A LOT of insanity along the way). Perfect's really the only way I can describe this fic in general, and you'll just have to check it out for yourself to see what I mean. Congratulations on your winning entry, Fahrenheit, you most certainly earned it, and thank you so much for such an incredible read! Second Place: Hearts & Hooves Day for Dummies by yellowstripedflutterbat Our second place winner won me over for a number of reasons. For starters, it features Snips and Snails, two of the most (in my opinion) underappreciated supporting characters in the show. Second, it's not really a romantic fanfiction, not in the traditional sense, at least. I don't want to give too much away, but let's just say that this fic highlights a different kind of love, one which MLP itself has done a sound job at times highlighting, just normally with the main cast. Finally, it gets these two characters' personalities down to a T, and the results are humorous, to say the least. We're basically following the intrepid exploits of Ponyville's resident dunderheaded colt duo as they try to "score with the ladies" for Hearts and Hooves Day, and as you can imagine, it's pretty hilarious. But it all ties things up at the end rather sweet, actually, in Snips and Snails own way of course, and just like with our last fic, this one has a lot of heart. All these elements taken together most definitely earned this fic second place, and a big shoutout to yellowstripedflutterbat for the excellent entry! Third Place: Little Filly Blue by Yoshi89 This fic is astounding for two big reasons. First, it's told from the 2nd person POV. That's right, the most loathed POVs in all of fanfiction! Not only that, but it places the reader in the hooves of an adolescent colt who's supposed to develop a crush on Diamond Tiara. Not only is DT one of the most loathed characters in MLP, BUT this could've backfired in so many ways, namely, given that most readers of this would probably be older, it could be quite uncomfortable if written incorrectly going through a fic where you yourself are being written as falling for an adolescent filly. But you know what? IT ALL WORKS!!! I'm not even joking, and that's kind of incredible. The POV works, the characters work, the shipping works, everything just works! What we're given, instead of the train wreck it could've been, is a sweet fic that plays out almost like one of the CMC episodes would if told from a different POV. It's nice seeing Diamond Tiara portrayed in a different light without necessarily being written out of character, plus, again, I simply cannot believe that the 2nd person POV worked here, but believe me, it does, and it is well worth checking out. Congratulations on third place, Yoshi89, you most definitely earned it! Honorable Mentions As I said before, this was the stiffest competition we've had yet, so obviously there's a number of other fics that deserve brief mentioning here given that they were very well-written as well. The Life She Never Received, by Silver Letter, T, the Tiniest Troll, Writes a Love Letter, by Piquo Pie, and Peachy Pie's Very Special Somepony, by VitalSpark. The first was, without a doubt, the most improved entry from an author who has previously entered our other contests, and is a very sad but at the same time heartwarming tale of unreciprocated love that is definitely worth a read; the second is a very uniquely written one-shot, told as, well, a letter by a very interesting OC character, and again, definitely worth a quick read, especially given that it'll only take you 5 minutes tops; the third of these honorable mentions was actually very similar to Hearts & Hooves Day for Dummies in that it follows two seldom-seen characters (even more so than Snips and Snails) who also happen to be adolescents on the hunt for a special somepony for one of them for Hearts and Hooves Day. While, again, none of these quite managed to get into the top 3, they were all still great reads, and if you get the chance, I'd highly recommend reading them. Once again, I also want to thank everyone else who submitted entries as well. I really enjoyed reading through every single one of these fics, even if some were undoubtedly written better than others. It was a joy seeing people turning out to write their own fics, tell their own stories, and present their own interpretations of canon characters we know and love, or even make up their own! I hope we'll see only more of this in the future, and hope that this contest has done a bit to bring our fan fiction community here on MLP Forums and in the greater Poniverse a little bit closer together. Thank you all for your efforts, participation, and most of all, for the fun times I and many other readers have had reading through your work!
  7. Well, here we are ya'll, the end of the line. It's time to announce the winners of Poniverse's first ever Nightmare Night Fan Fiction Contest! First of all, I want to thank each and every one of you who submitted entries for your participation and taking the time to produce such great submissions. They were all a delight to read through, and every single one of you helped make this contest a resounding success, for which I and the rest of the staff are very grateful. Secondly, I want to apologize for taking so long to get these results posted. Real life's been kinda crazy lately, but still, I'm disappointed that I was unable to get the results up by October 31 as I initially had hoped to. Thank you all for your patience in waiting on me; you guys are the best. But enough about that. Without further ado, here are... the winners of the Poniverse Nightmare Night Contest!!! Winners First Place: Not Right, by SStwins This little gem which remains sorely under-read at this point was, in my humble opinion, the runaway winner of this contest. It was without a doubt the scariest entry submitted, and considering it's a one-shot fic less than 2500 words long, that is saying something! Quite a few elements went into making this fic so effective. For one, it's pacing is absolutely phenomenal. There are a total of seven, I repeat, SEVEN scenes in this one little fic, yet each one of them is just the right length, never drastically altering the pace of the story in any negative way whatsoever. Besides that, it struck that rare, perfect balance that you rarely encounter in written horror fiction when it comes to evoking fear. Half of its scares are derived from that which the reader is aware is going on, while the other half I attribute as fear derived from that which is unknown and remains ambiguous throughout the story. Bring 'em both together and you've got yourselves a story where it is clearly obvious that something is "not right," but what exactly that something is remains a mystery, and that is what truly makes this an unnerving read. I cannot recommend this fic enough, and would highly encourage all of you to check it out ASAP. It'll seriously take just about 10 minutes to read through, and I can safely say that you will not regret doing so. :comeatus: Congratulations SStwins on your winning entry, you most certainly earned it! Second Place: Run, Luna, Run: Hallow's Eve Spooktacular, by PonyWithAHat Our second place winner is also the shortest entry among the winning submissions, coming in at just over 1600 words long, but if you give it a read you'll quickly see why it clinched second. This cute one-shot is, at its core, about the first thing most of us think of when we think of Nightmare Night: Trick-Or-Treating of course! However, this fic takes that premise a step further, centering on none other than Princesses Luna and Tia Trick-Or-Treating, filly style. If that sounds ridiculously adorable, trust me, it is, and besides the already ludicrous amounts of cute permeating throughout, this fic is also chock full of plenty of humorous sibling shenanigans and even a surprise guest appearance from a certain fan favorite character. Undeniably adorable, PonyWithAHat's entry is definitely worth a read, if only for the heavy dose of cute you'll get in doing so. Third Place: Princess Failure, by NoodleBrony Rounding out our top three entries is the funniest, and perhaps most surprising, gem of the bunch. Going into this contest, I certainly did not expect that one of the winning entries would be, of all things, a Trollestia fic, but to my pleasant surprise, we got this! In her first MLP fan fiction ever written, NoodleBrony has put together a short, nonsensical, and delightfully random one-shot that revolves around Celestia trying to have some fun around Ponyville on Nightmare Night by, how else, playing pranks. Compared to the other two winning entries, Nightmare Night itself admittedly didn't play any particular relevance in this story, but all the same that doesn't change the fact that it's a mighty fine fic in its own right. Trollestia is, well, as trolly as you'd want; her behavior doesn't match some of the ludicrous levels that I've seen in other fics before, but actually, I kind of prefer it that way. Instead of being this rampant troll, Celestia instead is portrayed as this blissfully unaware prankster who delights in screwing around with other ponies, but doesn't really understand the boundaries of a good prank. It all leads up to a hilarious, out-of-left field ending that I certainly did not see coming and which provided me with the biggest laughs I got out of the whole fic, and certainly sealed the deal on this entry winning third place. Congratulations NoodleBrony on your win, and here's hoping you continue to write fan fiction! I'd certainly love to see what else you could come up with! Honorable Mentions I'm not going to conduct full reviews on these next two, but I did feel compelled all the same to highlight a couple other fics that almost snagged one of the top three spots, but didn't quite make the cut. Vicarious, by CloserToTheSun, and Terror Tales of the Farm, by Yoshi89 were both delightful with many, many good qualities to speak of. The former was a creepy one-shot about Spike and the CMC experimenting with a ouija board, while the latter was actually a horror anthology (definitely the most creative in its structure of any of our entries). While, again, neither of these two quite managed to get into the top 3, they were both still great reads, and if you get the chance, I'd highly recommend reading them both. Once again, I also want to thank everyone else who submitted entries as well. I really enjoyed reading through every single one of these fics, even if some were undoubtedly written better than others. It was a joy seeing people turning out to write their own fics, tell their own stories, and present their own interpretations of canon characters we know and love, or even make up their own! I hope we'll see only more of this in the future, and hope that this contest has done a bit to bring our fan fiction community here on MLP Forums and in the greater Poniverse a little bit closer together. Thank you all for your efforts, participation, and most of all, for the fun times I and many other readers have had reading through your work! Hope you had a Happy Nightmare Night everypony! Thanks again to all who participated for helping us make it just a little bit more awesome.
  8. It's finally over! (thank Celestia) First of all I want to thank everyone who participated. It actually turned out better than I expected, considering this is my first time holding a contest / giveaway. Here are the winners. Contest: 1st Place - Lady Rarity Pony 2nd Place - Fluttershy Raffle: Feld0 Finesthour Grendo The_Shy_One Congratulations winners! I will be contacting you (If I haven't already) with information on how to claim your prize. There was some really great artwork submitted so here are all of the entries again for anyone who missed them. Simcity11100 Ice Flare Blue The_Shy_One RAINB0W_CRASH Scarlet Shimmer