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Found 56 results

  1. Now, since I’m in a country in which winter is non-existent here, I’m kinda wondering how is winter and snow like in your place, the Western World. I’ve only seen winter about 4 times, and actual snow only one time. So, snow is kinda like a foreign object to me. You guys see it almost all the time, so how is it like? Is it nice, or is it cold and blocks roads?
  2. Anyone have a favorite season? Mine is autumn! Autumn to me is Frank Sinatra and the smell of rain, hot chocolate with cinnamon sticks, doggy snuggles, tart honey-crisp apples, candied pecans, the anticipation of Christmas, crunching leaves on walks, the smell of chili in the crock-pot on Sundays, the chill in the air that wakes you up in the morning, fuzzy socks and long sleeves, blankets freshly warm out of the dryer, hot pancakes on Saturday mornings drowning in maple syrup, foggy sunrises, cozy sweaters, decorating my desk with baby pumpkins and gourds, poetry, beeswax candles, skinny jeans and boots with leg warmers, pumpkin bread, rereading Harry Potter, swings and bike rides looking up at the changing tree stars, cinnamon rolls, tea, and apple cider. I just love it so much! :3
  3. Does your family traditionally drink one of these over the others? Do you prefer something different? What are you sipping by the fireplace? If other, please specify
  4. Winter will be arriving and with that, so too will the time come to turn up the heat to prevent freezing to death. There are different ways to stay warm for the season. There are electric heaters and heat pumps that use electricity to do the warming, there's natural gas, propane and butane (often classified as Hydrocarbon Gas Liquids or Liquefied Petroleum Gas), heating oil and solid fuels like wood and charcoal. It'd also be interesting to know why one might make their choice such as purchase and installation price, lifetime cost, cleanliness and reliability. Do take note that I'm asking for your preferred primary mode of heating. I did hear about households that use solar collectors to supplement their heating but that's just it: it's a supplement. I've also heard of geothermal heat pumps. Those still need electricity to run. Since I live in a tropical climate, I can't answer this poll myself. As for why I brought this up, energy is a topic I'm interested in and my curiosity is getting the better of me. Ultimately, I thought it best to lump in biofuels as they too can be solid, liquid or gaseous. Refined biogas (biomethane), for example, is indistinguishable from natural gas. In some places around the world, refined biogas simply gets mixed in with natural gas. EDIT: Fixed the poll. Sort of. It'll do. I just hope it works.
  5. What's better where you live? Summer or winter? I really like the Winter where I live, it really brings out the beauty of the landscape.
  6. Of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, which season do you like the most? (The hype with FiM's seasons 4 and 5 inspired me to do this question. If you're asking me, mine is winter.)
  7. Hello to all. I wanted to share something with you, it's kinda random but I want to share anyways. A big part of my personality is my very child like nature, how I have always been. One of those aspects is that, I love looking forward to and enjoying the simple things in life. Being excited for enjoyments is such a great way for me stay positive even in dark times. One huge thing that I am currently looking forward to, are the Fall and Winter months. Fall and especially Winter are my favorite times of the year. The cold air starts to move in, the leaves fall, the insects and other creatures of silent and everything becomes more and more peaceful. The snow that potentially falls. On top of the peaceful weather that moves in, the holidays are another great thing. We get Halloween with all of the decorations, Thanksgiving which is further into the fall and of course great food. :3 Then there is Christmas which has always been one of my favorite times of the year, easily. When I was younger I used to look forward to these times so much and my excitement would fill me with happiness when the time started to come closer. I still have this excitement, many parts of me have not changed since then. I still have that child-like excitement and I see it as a wonderful thing. Another awesome aspect of the Fall and Winter months, are the games. If possible, a lot of publishers like to release games during the holiday season and they are usually big releases too. Some games have been pushed back but there are still ones to look forward to. I am incredibly excited for both Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and I am sure more games will catch my attention by then too. This just further adds excitement for the already wonderful time of year for me. :3 I'm gonna be pre-ordering one of these games soon, So there is something learned about me and something I love. Hope you all enjoyed this read even though it is really random. Do you look forward to simple enjoyments like this? If yes, what? Thanks for reading. Turbo out!
  8. Happy, colorful, amazingly sweet Candy on Easter The taste stays on your tongue Until Halloween rolls around You're on your last breath Dying eggs turns to death You climb up those tiring stairs To your scary old neighbor's house You open the door Expect a treat but get a trick You take a gasp of air in But that dioxide don't come out Until springtime rolls around All throughout winter There was no life The flowers wouldn't bloom The trees were full of gloom You had frostbite For that whole winter season Couldn't feel any pain You had nothing to lose or gain You had nothing at all Until Easter candy hit your tongue Washed out all that Halloween gunk You live for everything You have all your leaves You started to breathe You have it all Winter will come around again But you'll be prepared With a jacket and boots And Easter Candy on your tongue Springtime stands for happy Winter stands for run
  9. It snowed...I had no classes, so...did this thing... Get comfy and close your eyes, as you travel to a realm...a realm of calmness, joy and tranquility...where little foals jump and hop around giggling and playing with each other...couples snuggled together as they watch the ponies go the wintery streets of Ponyville...all of this...comes together to create...a Snowy Paradise. Hope you guys enjoy and stay warm!
  10. I sketched this a week or two ago, and just recently, I inked and colored it in Artrage 5. Needless to say, she's angry at me because I dressed her like this
  11. Well, here it is...the first composition of 2017 from me. Envision yourself in a paradise of snow as you listen to this original: Winter's Magic. As always, critique is wanted.
  12. I am wasting my life away making the memeist videos ever. Send help. P.S. Right after uploading, I got one view, and that one person disliked the video
  13. Chapter 1 - It's CHRISTMAS! ========================================================= His eyes jolt open to the sound of a blizzard and frantic wind blowing onto his quaint little house in Ponyville. It took him a few minutes to realize that his upper body was up while his lower body was still relaxed onto the bed, he sighs softly to himself as he had remembered what the others had said, there would be a snow storm later tonight. "Huh, guess they were right." He said out loud and to no one in particular as he got up and walked to the opened window and closed it to avoid getting hypothermia in his own home, what a way to go that would be. 'Here lies Kyo Sunbringer, forgot to close window.' The sudden mental image made him laugh a little bit and got him to remind himself that he was alone in the house to share no laughs with. Its even worse when all the ponies he knows are either to busy to hang out with him or they practically hate his guts enough to stop caring about him. It hurts, but it's the sad truth... And funnily enough, you accept that. It was a full month when he got here in Equestria by... Strange paranormal means, let's call it. And when he had met the ponies, they were incredibly excited and frightened to meet him. They all thought he would gobble them up, hurt them or take their children. ... Okay, granted he did pick up a filly and nuzzled her from her adorableness, but her sister came around and practically KICKED him in the chest and was out like a light. What a misunderstanding that was... Thought it didn't stop her from distrusting him completely and warned the other ponies to not get too involved with him, but the lavender purple alicorn herself had an interested look in her eye when she found out that Kyo was completely sentient. And believe it or not, he too was a little confused on how sentient these creatures were but that's neither here nor there. Within a full week he was able to get some ponies trust by just staying away from them, 'strangely enough you do what they ask to do and they'll start to feel bad for you.' he thought. Now a month later he was at a neutral relationship with the town, but he still needed room for improvement, but he'll cross that bridge once he gets to it. Right now, it was Christmas and he decided to celebrate it his own special way: alcohol and the time to feel sorry for himself and have a mild case of depression, y'know the usual shindig. But it was even more depressing since he was the only one who celebrated Christmas while the others celebrated... "Oh man, what was it called again?" He said out loud. "Hearth's warming! That's right!" He continued as he clicks his fingers. "Even in a happier place like this, I can't stop my old habits." He said as he walked into his workshop and got a bottle of Applejack Daniels from the cabinet. "Pfft, Applejack Daniels, seriously? Ugh, I hate whiskey..." Somewhere out there you could hear the fated words coming: "Pass the whiskey!" He shook his head and chuckled at the strange mental image again, he sighs. "Well, this is better than nothing I guess." He sat down and opened the bottle, he got a shot glass and poured some in, after that he took the shot and shivered from it. It wasn't unpleasant, it was more sweet than burning. The taste of apple and cinnamon overriding the taste of disgusting alcohol was a nice exchange... He could definitely drink more of this and hopefully feel plastered by the end of the bottle or if his lightweight side came along the first quarter would knock him clean out. His wish was for either since he wanted this day to go faster and by Tria, he would do anything to not trigger any horrible memories, not only that but he didn't want to be bothered by anyp-- Before he could finish that inner monologue, the doorbell rang. Kyo looked over to the door and sighed to himself as he ignored it and went for another drink, but the doorbell rang once more and a couple more for good measure, this made him a little bit annoyed and got up, he walks to the door and opened it. It was Spike, and he seemed to be shivering. 'Which was odd since I normally thought he was immune to weather conditions, guess it didn't sink in just yet.' He thought in his mind and then wondered. "So, what's up Spike? Need anything?" Despite Kyo's impatience and annoyance to the drake, he couldn't say anything mean to the guy, he was the only one who he found to be even close to a friend. Spike looked a little bit unsure of himself. "Hey Kyo... Uhm, I was wondering if you'd come over to the castle." Kyo blinks a bit and folds his arms. "Oh really? Why?" Now he was getting impatient, but he was curious as to see where this goes. Spike took notice and nervously smiles. "Eheh... Well, Twilight really wants to see you and it's been a few days since she last saw you... S-so did the other girls." Kyo couldn't believe a single word he said, so he looked around the snowy streets of Ponyville and looked back at Spike. "Is this a joke?" He finally said. "This isn't some prank Rainbow has you dished out, has she? Cause if so, I'm not laughing Spike. This isn't funny!" Kyo said looking at Spike whom looked a little bit hurt and Kyo felt a bit guilty from nearly exploding from rage. "I-I know that you guys haven't been getting along b-but..." He stammered out and Kyo sighed and shook his head. "Sorry Spike, I refuse tonight... I got a lot on my mind and being around friends isn't gonna help... In fact, I think its best that you ignore me for the rest of this week." Kyo said in a bit more of a tolerable tone, but it still made Spike a little upset. "O-oh... Okay, erm... Is it about this 'Christmas' thing?" He said with a bit curiousness to his voice. Oh the naivety of youth. Kyo had sighed again. "Kinda, but it's also got something to do with me and the girls in general, if I be there in the castle I'm just going to make things worse and no doubt I'd cause a lot of trouble." Spike looked down and nodded in understanding. "Oh... Okay. Alright, well if you change your mind..." He said solemnly, he looks to the floor and begins waddling back to the castle. A part of Kyo wanted to scold himself for declining the guy, but you know what they say: 'Don't feed the flames with more fuel.' And Kyo just didn't want to be THAT guy whom has fuelled the flames for just being there. Kyo closed the door and sat back down on the table to get another drink of Applejack Daniels, hopefully tonight will go down without a hitch. "Cheers." He said solemnly before downing the shot and sighing loudly to himself. [End of Chapter 1]
  14. First, have to apologize for my bad english grammar, in this entry and those before, but I found this to be a rather good exercise for me :3 I have to confess, I love snow, ... only white snow tho. ``Be as you are`` Night, house, snow (of course outside), warm tea (not hot), and a good source of entertainment like books, movies, songs, even videogames (but most tend to stress than relax), and why not, a good chat with a friend or better, do all the things above with a friend These are the main elements that make me tremble evertime I manage to get them together.... I find them just perfect, for me 83. I`m sure that many of you have their own moments that just make you find yourselves again In a company of a person, that you are very close with, or maybe you are a lonely type, you like to paint, to draw, to play the piano, play a guitar, read a fanfic, drive a supercar.... there are endless possibilities, our imagination is made out of infinite white papers that can be filled with everything we want :3 I tend to sound like a preacher xD, excuse me ... To draw a conclussion ... There will always be a time when we get lost, but always keep in mind that one great moment that made you be whole again.
  15. Thought I might post all winter-related art here (save for the one I made of Constructicorn). My newest work: an album cover.
  16. So i'm usually known by a different name; Mercy Antebellum. here's a few bits and pieces (most of these are actually older works, but still)... whooooa okay that's really big...i'll have to look into downsizing a whole bunch of these so i'll only post another two...anyway this is Sliepnir, Grea test of the Changelings. well, my take on him in the mlp universe, anyway... here's one that's a much better size...i've always had a soft spot for young!Celestia, and the idea of her meeting philomena was just a really cute idea okay? this ones nothing flashy, just a sketch/wip piece i thought i'd share.'s another huge one i'll have to work on resizing at some point ^^" anyway...once again, young!celestia - this one does have more of a story to go with it; whilst listening to the song "Winter" by Tori Amos, it brought about the inspiration of a small story about Celestia wanting to refuse her royal duties and in defiance of her father and his gruelling ways of trying to teach his daughters the ways of royalty, Celestia releases the imprisoned Windigo's from beneath her father's castle, bringing about a terrible blizzard that she becomes lost in. She is eventually found by her father and the castle guards, although none of them know why the windigo's didn't devour her for the anger in her heart. Celestia learns to fear and respect the Windigo's for their power, and for allowing her to live, as they sensed the anger in her heart was not true hatred. also, one of the OC's i designed waaaaaay back when i first really got into trying to create my own characters; this is Chamomile Brew; she's always just sorta stuck with me throughout my mlp journey, and i've always had a use for her as a character wherever. she's also one of the 'mane 6' primary characters in my soon-to-be webcomic, which still has yet to even have a working title =_=" however, though her design may change and vary a bit, she's still the same old Chammie i've always had tucked away for good use ^^ so yes...that's a couple of pieces that don't look as terrible as some of the others ^^" let me know if you're interested in seeing any more of my art, or if you're interested in comissioning me in the future ^^ peace to all, -WanderingPony
  17. GDocs As "The Cause" nears Sombra's frozen doorstep, the Crystal Empire digs in deep to defend its homeland. The war is almost over, but a few brave ponies are in for a long winter.
  18. A fairly big selection of Christmas/Winter related Pony pics from various artists. Additions welcomed Clicky the clickies for bigger piccies
  19. It's easy to forget to acknowledge the passage of time in a children's cartoon, especially one that airs on a weekly basis. Every week, you come back, there's a new episode, and you assume that you pick up where you left off. However, this has to be far from the truth... or at least it was initially. In the first 2 seasons of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, there was a distinct change of seasons, marked by some rather important episodes, but things were a bit awkward at first. Let's take a look at Season 1. ~Season 1~ For starters, I'd like to put forth the notion that the Summer Sun Celebration isn't actually the first day of Summer, but is in-fact, a mid-season celebration. This allows the events of Episode 4 - “Applebuck Season” to make a little more sense. Given that Applebuck Season is the Equestrian equivalent of Harvest Season, and that there are a wide variety of apples, some of which come into season during late summer and some not until mid or late autumn, we can build on this and say that the episode was most likely the beginning of the harvest season, and not a rush-job placed near the end. However, in Episode 11, it's clear that we've skipped a bit of time. We've worked our way not only through Summer and Autumn, but also through WINTER, as this episode is entitled: Winter Wrap-Up. Now part of me finds it difficult to believe that there's such and abundance of snow on the ground when Fluttershy was picking flowers just an episode earlier, before Celestia's estimated arrival in Swarm of the Century. However, I am willing to accept that Applejack was in the process of storing her cart of Apples for the winter when they got devoured by the Parasprite swarm, and not hauling them off to market as it may have appeared. Many times in Winter Wrap Up it's noted that Winter is now finally ending, and it's everypony's job to usher in Spring. Heck, we even sang a whole song about it! The song specifically mentions that it's been Winter for 3 months, everypony has been keeping their “hoovsies” warm at home, the food stored is running out and Rarity is tired of boots, EVEN THOUGH it's only been a week since Swarm of the Century aired where there were clearly no boots, nopony staying home, and no awesome holidays. Either way, if we take this all into account, We've still got a pretty coherent timeline from the Summer Sun Celebration (Season 1, Episodes 1 and 2) through Winter Wrap Up (Season 1 Episode 11). BUT, things get INCREDIBLY awkward when we approach Episode 13 - Fall Weather Friends, where Rainbow Dash and Applejack race each other during the Running of the Leaves, and AUTUMN tradition! This bizarre timeline implies that shortly after cleaning up Winter, and bringing about the Spring season, Autumn AGAIN reared it's ugly head. It's evident that this isn't just a freak occurrence, since most of the trees in the back drops, as well as during the running, all have leaves that have changed to Fall colors. In fact, the entire town of Ponyville seems to be painted in red, yellow and brown hues. Pinkie even specifically states that without the Run, the Autumn leaves of Equestria would never Fall. This is in stark contrast to a mere two episodes ago, where Twilight mentions that Winter Wrap Up is the first day of Spring! But what if Fall Weather Friends was meant to be aired before Winter Wrap Up? This is actually the best explanation as to why the Equestrian seasons are such a clusterbuck, and the best way to explain this is to look at the air dates. When Friendship is Magic premiered in October, Summer in North America had already came and went and we were clearly in the middle of our Autumn season. However, a cartoon is not bound to our Earthly seasons and had no reason to reflect our weather here. Unless there was a clever marketing reason. Like say, a holiday season that compels friends and family to purchase an absurd amount of gifts for each other? As we proceed on a week by week basis after the season went into full swing, there's something to be said for the sudden change of Ponyville's weather. Winter Wrap Up originally aired the day CHRISTMAS EVE, and may have been an attempt by the studio or the broadcast company to give viewers somewhat of a holiday or seasonal special. It wasn't until Season 2 that the writers delivered actual pony holidays like Hearth's Warming Eve and Hearts and Hooves day, which aired as close as possible to their respective holidays. Since entire seasons are usually written, filmed and shipped together, instead of being sent off episode by episode, it's not beyond the realm of possibility that Winter Wrap Up wasn't intended to air for another couple of weeks. Though, unfortunately I can't offer a logical explanation for why the ground wouldn't be covered in snow during the events of Episode 12 – Call of the Cutie, or in literally any other Episode in Season 1. The only thing that seems to conflict this theory is that in Winter Wrap Up, most of the trees in the background seem to still have all of their leaves, even when covered in snow. However, I'm going to chalk this up to laziness in animation, and a desire to merely recolor the background, instead of redraw the whole thing for seasonal accuracy. Now, if we swap Fall Weather Friends and Winter Wrap Up on the timeline, we have possibly one of the best representations of a year on the Equestrian timeline, assuming that our years correspond to their years, and their seasons mark the passage of roughly a quarter of the year. Though I have to say that I do find it intriguing that Celestia sends out invitations to The Grand Galloping Gala shortly after the Summer Sun Celebration, but that we've effectively worn through at least 3 seasons before the Mane 6 actually attend! Even if we leave the airing order alone, and assume that Equestrian seasons occur in the order of Summer, Winter and then Autumn, this means that it's probably roughly Spring by the time Twilight and her friends actually get to go to the ball. I think it's fair to assume that even though only 8 months passed in our world, the ponies completed the rough equivalent of a year. Some minor stumbling blocks were encountered, but lets take a look at how those were fixed. ~Season 2~ I feel that it's worth noting that the writers and broadcast company actually did a significantly better job at lining up episodes with North American holidays in Season 2. Luna Eclipsed aired roughly a week before Halloween, Hearth's Warming Eve was aired the week before Christmas Eve, and while we wouldn't receive a new episode MLP after that until the New Year, and Hearts and Hooves Day landed right on the weekend right before Valentine's Day. Season 2 performed much more admirably in it's display of the passage of time. However it's also the LAST time this mirror of seasons and holidays was attempted. Moving forward through Seasons 3, 4 and 5, no further holidays were added, and none were revisited. Instead, we're treated to major events like The Equestria Games, and to a lesser extent, the Apple Family Reunion, and a second Grand Galloping Gala. Wait... a second Grand Galloping Gala? When Twilight first receives the tickets in The Ticket Master, Rainbow Dash is quick to mention that the Wonderbolts perform at the Gala “every year”. For someone who's as big a fan of the Wonderbolts as Rainbow Dash, it's hard to believe she'd miss a Gala. In fact, with the Mane 6 being Celestia's right hand, it's hard to believe the girls wouldn't all be receiving invitations on the regular. Now, it's quite possible that the Grand Galloping Gala had been stalled by a number of other events. There was that whole business about Discord, Shining Armor almost married a bug, but then didn't and married an Alicorn, who then became the Princess of the Crystal Empire that had vanished a thousand years ago that they had to go and save. Oh, and don't forget that part where Twilight became an Alicorn, and then later had to save all of Equestria from Tirek the evil Centaur-Demon. However, I'd like to point out that during Make New Friends but Keep Discord, Fluttershy mentions that she met her new friend, Tree Hugger, on a trip to see the Breezies. You remember, the hideous butterfly creatures that serve absolutely no purpose what-so-ever in that obnoxious episode from Season 4? This feels like a subtle nod to the fact that there are plenty of events occurring with the Mane 6 outside of what gets aired on the show. MLP isn't a reality series where cameras follow everypony through their every day lives. It's only natural that there are events that happen off camera. With this in mind, I think it's safe to assume that the girls have been to more than one Gala, and that the rest weren't televised. This idea that not every little bit of daily life shows up on the TV show is a great way to promote side-stories and character development through other media such as books and comics. All in all, I think that the story-telling in Friendship is Magic has come a long way from it's humble beginnings, where seasons where sort of tossed wherever and whenever the writers felt like they could use it to make a point, to mimicking North American holidays, to just sort of being outright abandoned. New Idea: Throw away everything I JUST said. On October 24th, 2015 we're getting a return to Hearth's Warming Eve. The following week, the morning of Halloween, we're getting another Nightmare Night episode. This basically means one of two things: 1) I'm correct, and the season is being broadcast out of order AGAIN, for the sake of coinciding with a holiday, -OR- 2) Equestrian seasons really do occur in the order of Summer, Winter, Fall, Spring. Except this too isn't possible because Spring comes after Winter in Winter Wrap-Up and UUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH... Who's right? YOU decide. Let me know how you feel about seasons and holidays in MLP and what your take on the airing order is.
  20. I was listening to the Winter Wrap Up song recently, and I thought that it would be cool if Hasbro would make an episode in season 6 involving Winter Wrap Up again. I feel like, during the original episode, Twilight is still a type of outcast who does not completely understand Ponyville, and at this point in the series, we viewers do not truly have a complete understanding of each character. I think it would be interesting to have another Winter Wrap Up, but this time implementing the evolved characters who we have come to know (And obviously some sort of conflict...) My random thoughts on a conflict that I am literally just coming up with now as I type xD Discord (It could be his first Winter Wrap Up since breaking free from stone!) attempts to help with Winter Wrap Up and decides that he has to use magic, despite what everyone tells him (He is Discord, he does what he wants). However, everything that he tries to help with ends up as a complete trainwreck because... He is Discord. Hate from everypony follows. The rest is up to you (And by that, I mean I was getting really wordy in a very descriptive paragraph about my fan-written episode, haha). It's just an idea. I think a Discord episode would be suitable for a second Winter Wrap Up episode.
  21. Hi ponies! For me, half way through winter I miss summer, and half way through summer I miss winter. Right now, I want to sit on a vent in my house blowing warm air while sipping hot chocolate and reading a christmas book in the dark, only lit by lights strunf around the house, and soft music playing in the backround. *SIgh*. I just want to laze around all day, each one passing by so quickly. I'm so used to going to school and seeing my friends, and I had this type of scedual. But now, I don't know what to do with myself. Do you guys miss winter, too? If not, that's cool. But only 20% less cool. :okiedokielokie:
  22. Based on Episode 5 of Season 5 I love Twilight Sparkle, she is my second favorite pony after Spitfire, i love how she is, i never see difference beetween her Unicorn or Alicorn just better things about her, well, like i said, more one Draw, based in my own style of art, i hope be friends...
  23. Ah yes, Spring is slowly approaching. Almost done with the brisk cold of winter and to the calmer, warming up of Spring. Now in case you haven't figured out yet, Spring is my favorite season. I have my reasons that will care to explain why this season is so special to me compared to the others. For starters, Spring comes right after Winter. Now this might not seem like a good reason but let me explain, Winter is my least favorite. In fact, I hate Winter. It's too cold for me to handle being outside, it gets dark really early, and it feels like this season drags because sometimes, the snow will carry on into the beginning of Spring (I live in Illinois so that's the reason). So when spring hits, it gives me relief that Winter is over and it can finally get warmer. Another reason is that it feels like all the stuff involving me happens in Spring. First off my birthday is in "Spring (April 3rd by the way) so that's one thing I can always look forward to. Also, I became a brony in the beginning of Spring. As of writing this, my bronyversery is next week so yeah. Finally, I joined the forums in Spring which I'm still using to this day. So Spring just feels like a long holiday to me. Finally, it's the perfect balance of weather. It's not so hot that we have to leave the windows open and the fans on and not too cold where I have to stand in below zero weather at the bus stop at 6:30 in the morning. It's got the nice and warm feeling of summer, mixed with a nice breeze leftover from Winter leaving me to just want to prance around outside or take a nice walk. So this is why Spring is so special to me. Well the runny nose caused by seasonal change and me just not caring about school anymore are flaws, I can still enjoy this season from beginning to end.
  24. I can feel it, even though it's just in something I'm writing! Picture this: you are Snowdrop. You're sitting on a cloud in the sky. You can't see. The wind ruffles the feathers in your wings. And it's freaking cold up there. What happens next? That's the whole idea. You are Snowdrop. Or at least, a guy you can relate to is. Throw in a pack of smokes, and the fact that you are Snowdrop in the time of the Mane 6 when Snowdrop is supposed to have passed away a long time ago...and that's going to be a very different adventure/comedy fic. People are jumping onboard, so I must be doing something right with it--even though I have no idea what it is. Happy belated 2nd birthday to the creator of snowflakes! And I hope you guys enjoy.
  25. xyae


    A drawing of my OC, Scarlett Cake. Hope you like it!