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Found 9 results

  1. Okay so, It's come to this. I have decided to leave the forums for good. I have come to this decision due to a number of facts -I was hoping people here would be more friendly and open-minded. Except for the few people I've established a good relation with, I find that most people here are basically miserable people trying to maintain themselves by spreading their shit on the internet -I don't find that this forum promote freedom of speech. Rather the opposite. -I don't think that the moderators respect me as a member and they don't offer me constructive critisism whenever I break a rule -I was hoping to be able to promote my music here, but It seems that nobody care about such things. As I didn't get approved for the critic-group, I never got the chance to help stear things up either Don't get me wrong though. I've had some truly great times here at the forums. It's just that the bad things have started to exceed the good ones. So I guess this is goodbye. I was hoping that we could get to know each other, but I guess we'll just have to be missing out on the awesome friendship we could have had. Maybe we'll see each other on some other forum, some other time ps. I'll give you all a couple of days or so to misspell your 'whatever's before I actually delete my account
  2. Hey guys:D<3 So lately I've been feeling like picking up my flash AS2 programming again and whip something up just for fun. So - has anypony got any ideas about what to make? I'm thinking either a game, or some sort of generator application - pony or non-pony ..GO!
  3. Okay! So for this one I went for the more ambient and somewhat emotional feel. Hope you'll enjoy it!
  4. Hey! So, I was wondering if anyone is up for a collaboration..? I am a producer of all sorts of music (even though only EDM has been produced) I have experience of mixing and mastering, so if your song lacks flare or if you just want to kick a few ideas around, go ahead and reply! Best regards and wubs, WiponCat
  5. Okay everypony; here it is! My first pony-production 100% made by me! (no remixes etc.) Thanks to vex for the artwork! PS. I am working to adress some minor sound-glitches
  6. Okay! So! I got myself to finish another EDM-song, this one made with double the love and care <3~ Artwork done by vex, thanks again!~ ps. Don't forget to watch on YT and up the quality to 1080p, eh?
  7. Simple question; How did you get your cutie mark?
  8. new one in progress