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Found 5 results

  1. So I've been skimming the forums for a while now, and I've noticed that there's many members who have their own advice that really helped me, so I decided to start a thread dedicated to sharing advice you have gotten or you decide that people need to know. Thanks!
  2. It's been a long time since I have ever had surgery done to any part of my body. Tomorrow (May 27, 2015), I will have all 3 of my Wisdom Teeth removed. I'm wondering if any of you had your wisdom teeth removed yet. And if so, I would like you guys to vote on the poll I have set up asking the question, "Which Anesthesia method should I go with? Keep in mind, I'd rather be asleep when the surgery starts.
  3. Kindness is always the best policy!
  4. I keep seeing topics pertaining to Brony-ism as a religion, how into it are we, so on and so forth... Obviously we aren't members of a cult. So let's totally start one!! I'm calling it "The Cult of Pony Wisdom." Thank you - I know it's an awesome name. We, of course, revere and actively worship the Elements of Harmony, their respective bearers / goddesses, and the goddesses that bring us the day and the night. Primary Gods / Godesses: Princess Goddess Celestia: goddess of the sun / day! Princess Goddess Luna: goddess of the moon / night!! Cadence: goddess of Love (not strictly of a romantic nature) Rainbow Dash: warrior goddess and bearer of the Element of Loyalty!!! Pinkie Pie: goddess of mischief and bearer of the Element of Laughter! Fluttershy: goddess of nature and bearer of the Element of Kindness. Rarity: goddess of beauty(?) and bearer of the Element of Generosity. Applejack: goddess of the harvest and bearer of the Element of Honesty. Twilight Sparkle: goddess of knowledge and bearer of the Element of Magic. Discord: god of chaos. Because, darnit, it sounds cool. Secondary Gods / Goddesses: Sunshower Raindrops: goddess of "Kicking Misbehaving Clouds' Butts." Derpy: maiden goddess of Innocence (and muffins). Iron Will: god of "providing sacrifices to the gods." I mean, he can't possibly need ALL those goats. Big Mac: god of Judgement. Other: Spike: "clumsy dragon messenger of the gods." Diamond Tiara: "Stealer of Blank Flanks" Feel free to contribute to our burgeoning pony cult. Being that I founded "The Cult (Colt?) of Pony Wisdom," I declare myself, ummm... A Class 6... Peridot-Eating... Dragon. Thing. EDIT(s): child of the night named Discord ruler of the underworld and Tirek guardian of the underworld. JLmle named Cadence goddess of Love (though not strictly romantic love; love and tolerance do apply). Rainblow Hash suggested that "Cerberus should be Guardian of Tartarus, and Tirek is the Ruler of the Underworld." But then he, sadly, abandoned our cult to worship Rainbow Dash. Which I totally get. But THEN he returned! Praise Celestia! And Rainbow Dash, also, for being kind enough to permit him reentry. Star Stripe named Spike the "clumsy dragon messenger of the gods," and that was just too good not to include. Sunshower Raindrops suggested that, um... Sunshower Raindrops be named goddess of weather. Rainblow Hash (who often says "lol" worthy things) suggested her title be "Goddess of Kicking Misbehaving Clouds' Butts." Rainblow Hash named Iron Will "god of providing sacrifices to the gods," and I apparently just put whatever he says. He then named Big Mac god of Judgement; stating that his Eeyups or Nopes determine whether somepony goes to Tartarus or Pony Paradise. Rainblow Hash named Diamond Tiara "Stealer of Blank Flanks," elaborating that: "she steals your children at night and makes fun of them for all eternity for not having a special talent." Sunshower Raindrops named Derpy the "maiden goddess of muffins," and 'twas seconded by Rainblow Hash.
  5. Dear MLPforums, My most faithful student: Now that you have become my earnest pupil, I can give you words of wisdom or terrible advice, and you have no choice but to accept it. I hope that you will learn much. Don't get eliminated. Yours truly, Princess Trolles I mean Luna