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Found 25 results

  1. For those of you who have not heard of this game before, here's how it works. In your post you make a wish. The next user then turns that wish on its head so that it becomes something bad, ala evil genies. Then they make a new wish.For example:User 1: I wish I didn't have to wait for the next episode of Season 2.User 2: Granted. Season 2 has now been canceled.User 2 would then make a wish that gets corrupted by the next poster and so on and so forth. So let the games begin!I wish that Pinkie Pie's sisters will reappear in season 2.
  2. Basically what the title says. If the avatar above burst out of a magical genie lamp and told you that you were granted a single wish, what would you do? What sort of wish might the avatar be able to grant you? Screaming and running away without asking for a wish is a perfectly valid response. I would continue doing whatever it is I was doing beforehand, because the absence of an avatar bursting out of a lamp doesn't usually make much of an impression on any witnesses.
  3. You can only choose one of the following abilities: freezing time, reversing time, or speeding up the passage of time. Which one of these would you choose and why? I'm not talking about time travel. I'm talking about time manipulation. PS: Terminologically, there is a difference between time manipulation and time travel. You don't teleport from one dimension of time to another for example. With time manipulation, you're controlling the flow of time around you―the motion of all the matter in the universe―by either accelerating the rate of motion, reversing it, or halting it completely.
  4. Something positive about your favorite users and friends that are all over these forums! Let’s see: @Tacodidra @Rikifive @TwilySparky @Twilight Luna @DEFENDER @Phosphor Thank you all for being so awesome and amazing every day! Thank you for your friendship and support in the short time I’ve been on here!
  5. (inspired by a post by @WiiGuy2014 and another post by @Naturelicious Tune, I decided to do it in blog form because I have lots to say, and on Christmas day in my country because it felt like it would make more sense) Hello, everyone! My Christmas wishes are: To see my lady one last time before the New Year This month kinda has a lot of significance in my relationship with this girl, as we met on New Year Eve last year. In light of recent events that happened in her country, the Philippines, I am admittedly very worried for her right now, and I really do hope that she is safe and that we meet again, and sort everything out before this year ends. I know, it is hard to tell how I feel through plain text, but, I love her so much, and I feel like much of my life has changed because of her, and I really want to know that her, and her family are doing alright... It would make my day if she had come back to me! To try to become more social Even though I've made some progress, I still feel like I haven't done a lot to really show to my friends, family and even my girlfriend that I really do care for them, and that's something that I feel like I should really change. For some reason, I almost never talk about any issues I have with them (likely out of fear of getting into arguments over disagreements), and I'm still mostly huddled up in my room, on my computer for most of the day... To have one last year with my cat at the very least Since my cat is already really old and weak, I would really like to have one last year with her, as my cat has pretty much always been there for me when I've needed it, and even when she wasn't, she was at least a great companion to have, and after she inevitably dies, I don't think we'll be able to get another pet cat until I move out... Begin work on my hobbies relating to animation and film making Even while I have started working on my hobbies this year, due to being hit with some serious depression throughout parts of the year, and a lot of other distractions, I just haven't felt nearly as much passion to do really anything like this. It is a bit discouraging with the way YouTube currently is as well, but, it is the best I've got. Explore music further Thanks to meeting the girl I love, I have started listening to more music more often now, and I do happen to really enjoy it, and because of this, I do want to try to expand my tastes a little more and try to listen to more music outside of the genres I usually listen to (pop, electronic and some rock if you were wondering). If you have any recommendations, feel free to comment, I'll pretty much listen to anything! See the world (or at least, some of it since that's more realistic with my family's budget currently) I'm really not sure what the chances are of this, but, there are a lot of countries I'd love to visit, including the Philippines (for obvious reasons), and I do really want to see Australia and the rest of the world, beyond my own room. I think it will be a great way to spend time with my family and I'm sure I'll enjoy lots of it... Season 8 of MLP (it's a bit obvious, but y'know) I have become a bit more of a casual fan since the movie (I expect a load of comments going Normie? REEEEEEEEEEEE), but, I still really enjoy this show and its community a lot, and the ponies have never ceased to entertain me and sometimes surprise me. It is also great that MLP has managed to go on for 7 seasons now, and still somehow been such a good show, and based on what little I know of season 8, it should be a lot of fun! I don't think I'll have the time to watch any Gen 5, so I really want these last few years of MLP G4 to be good ones! I was going to do 12, but, I couldn't think of any more than what is posted here. Besides, I just said a lot about each wish, I think that makes up for it XD.
  6. there is a lot of stuff we want happen in that show about horses and we all have our reasons we think it should. A lot are ridiculous but others you can fairly say is reasonable and some can even backed up by the show for its reasoning. But even with all that , you still don't truely see it happening in the show. Here are some of my unlikely likely things I see in the show. : #1.Rainbowdash gets so pissed at Fluttershy she swears and calls her names. Its easy to think Rainbowdash would but I can't see Rainbow's character being that verbally aggressive. I might have expected that from an early Rainbowdash, but these days, I don't expect her to say "for pony sake Fluttershy, do have to be such a scaredy-cat!" #2.Fluttershy punching Pinkiepie (or at least some kind of tusle) I not sure if I'm the only one who noticed this but there is some real tension between those two. No, really. watch any scene with those two interacting. More times than not there's some form of conflict. these two have conflicting personalities -- not contracting, not parallel -- these two personalities do not mix (like a hippy and gun enthusiast /hunter). I'm not saying they don't get along, they obviously do.Their both nice and are very friendly, its just their way of life often conflict and Pinkie to provoke. The first and only time Fluttershy ever confronted Pinkiepie was in "Putting your hoof down". TBBBAP ,reviewers, made a great point about how Fluttershy words were her own and no one told her to say that. Which means that's how she really felt about Pinkiepie. It would be nice to see these two get in a heated argument, but I doubt it will happen. #3. blood Or at least proof of its existence in the show (or are they truely made of marshmallow). I'm not asking for spewing guts or anything just a scare , a cut , wound of any kind , something more to han a bandage and a few scuff marks. just a small dip would be enough. I don't want any pony to get hurt I just would like to at least mention it. I know its far fetched to ever expect blood or any serous injury in a children show at all, but come on. But to be fair there really is no need for blood to ever be in My Little Pony , so my argument kinda ends right there. so what are some of your unlikely likely things you thought up for MLP?
  7. Based on this recent topic (, many of you want to see much of JanAnimations' work in the field of "Pony-dom" again. Well, wait no more, your wish is granted; it would seem that much of his work was put in the Internet Archives (where you can find all sorts of other goodies you couldn't anywhere else on the Internet). Here's 2 works by JanAnimations in the "Internet Archive" I know you'll remember: There's more too: Click onto type MLP JanAnimations in the search bar, and you're good to go. "Stay 'Pony' My Friends."
  8. What do you wish was still made that they don't make anymore. All I can think of at the moment was those Oreo cakesters they used to make almost 10 years ago. I will post more things I remember if I can remember them.
  9. Hello again community! I just wanted to say i hope you all get what you want and have a great day! Incase i don't get a chance to post anything on christmas. Which leads to a question,what is it you guys are getting this year? Anything mlp related? or any games? music? whatever it is im sure its awesome! (Lime Symphony's all ready for christmas )
  10. This game is fairly simple; someone wishes for something, and the next person corrupts it be either misinterpreting it, or by making the results end terribly. They then wish for something themselves. Example: Person 1: I wish I had a million dollars. Person 2: Granted. You now have a million dollars of Monopoly money. I wish for world peace. Person 3: Granted, but the peace only lasts five seconds. I wish I could fly. And so on, and so forth. I start with: I wish for Gayburn to be canon..
  11. I wish I could be like Twilight when I have to concentrate for test. Right now I have to study but I cant concentrate, everytime I start to study, SOMETHING HAPPEND! PLEASE! HOW CAN I CONCENTRATE FOR A TEST? How do you do? p.s: Yes, you problably saying "Leave the internet".
  12. As name implies, do you ever wish your friendship with your friend was as strong as the mane six? Their friendship is pretty much how you do a friendship. They trust each other and barely argue. And when they argue, they usually get over it. Sadly, most friendships I see end up in drama. So share away!
  13. A magical creature appears and tells you that you have 3 wishes, What would they be? post it bellow Mine: A badass Gaming PC Releasing Half-Life 3 Being CEO of Valve and Release everything that been made in Steam Workshop (including new weapons <---- impossible)
  14. Hello! Recently, i've thought about the idea of a Best wishes thread, where everyone can wish someone something nice depending on the situation (New year, Christmas, Birthday, or any other random congratulations! ). I hope that this thread will help people stay aware, if there is anyone out there who deserves to be wished something nice for something special that has happened or something, they have done. Considering it's almost new year! I would like to wish everyone in the forums, a happy new year, and i hope that this year is going to be the best so far for you! I wish for you to stay in great health, to achieve more than you have ever before, to meet loads of great new people! I wish the forums itself, to keep growing, to keep improving, and to achieve even greater success. So all in all! I wish everyone a RICH! a HEALTHY! a LUCKY! a HAPPY! a SUCCESSFUL! NEW YEAR! Now, Post your best wishes!
  15. Ok so my favourite MLP character is Fluttershy and tbh i wish more people were like (as i do with all of the main six) her and i myself try to act like her more than the others. Does anyone else do this with their favourite pony? Try to act like them alot, I guess due to attachement how much better they are, compared to alot of people in this world.
  16. i would wish to live in equstria
  17. Hey guys. I'm interested in what pony or ponies you would like to see play a major role in at least one or two episodes. I personally would like to see Vinyl Scratch/DJ-PON3 or Derpy/Ditzy Doo make a major role. I'm not doing a poll, since there are lots of background ponies and most of them are loved by the Brony Fandom. So, anyway, what background pony or ponies would you like to see make a major role?
  18. There is a real witch of Everfree Forest. She has been there for as long as any pony can remember. Or at least that is what the legends say. If you beleive them the forest itself bears her name. So are you brave enough to reach out to a black magic pony said to rule the forest? Come enter the forest, leave behind a note with a question and she will respond. Do you seek to learn the dark arts? Then brave the forest to seek her instruction. Or are here looking for something else? Have you braved to the deepest part of the forest to find her cauldron on the Sabbat grounds and ask her to grant your wish to give you your hearts desire? Then speak up let's make a deal, hammer out the terms, remember everything has a price and you better be ready to pay. Link to OC database: The looks of the witch 'Everfree' and her enslaved forest spirit companions
  19. think about this, you have been given 24 hours to live and you have a blank check to any wish possible, so if you could wish for anything before you died, what would it be and why? mine would be to play a high-stakes texas hold-em poker game, because I've always wanted to drop a full house in front of a bunch of stuck-up rich people
  20. So guys, I know we all have favorite background ponies or fanmade ones. But the question is.. Which of them would you love to be more involved in the show? Or even be one of the main characters in the show in the future.. *Cough* VINYL SCRATCH *Cough* *Hack* *Gag* Edit: Added Lyra Hearstrings to the poll. Sorry about that guise *Smacks head* Edit: Added Colgate
  21. If they decided sometime in the future to make a movie based on the My little Pony: Friendship is Magic series, what things would you like to see/done in the movie? This could go for season 3 even! What are some things that you guys are looking forward in the new season that is about to come out? For me I'd love to see some more background characters & some exclusive episode featuring other ponies besides the mane 6 . All in all I am so thrilled for the new season & if they ever decided on making a movie that would be truly awesome ! So what are some things that you wish for in the upcoming season 3? If they do plan on making a movie what are things that you would look forward to seeing? <3 Twilight love! See she can hardly wait either!!! *HURRY UP or the bronies will send Twilight!!
  22. What is your greatest regret? Something in your past that you would change or say or do if you could go back in time to some-point in your life. My biggest regret is not learning more about my great grandmother before she died (oh there is a whole complex emotional story don't get me started) because there are things I don't remember or am now just figuring out about her and I wish I could get to know her better. My other regret is how I always try to conceal my feelings or try not to face them, I wish that at some points in my timeline I had told people how I really felt. How about you guys. What is YOUR biggest regret? PS. So sorry if there is a similar/duplicate I never saw one like it.
  23. Really simple question. If you could change 1 thing about yourself, what would it be? I would make myself stop falling in love so easily. </3
  24. Complete my soul Abyss as deep as night Tell yourself words of uncharted doubts And believe every false syllable you utter Laying in bed and lying to yourself I wish so bad that I could help you more No, my powers are limited And I cry You mean so much to me Each day dribbles away Running away from our fears Never looking back Entertainment could be to blame for this fiasco Still I will never leave your side Things will never be the same Only in our minds exists a paradise you've long deserved