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Found 1 result

  1. I'm pouring my heart out here! (multiple wishes incoming!) My wish is to be an entertainer for everyone! To be the one to make people smile with my voices and antics. I also wish to travel places and meet people! Did you know I only went to Navada TWICE in my lifetime? most of my life so far has been in California. Another wish is to do collaborations with other Bronies, I just want to have fun and talk to other Bronies with my wacky voices and hopefully participate in animation or even a read along which brings me to my next wish. I want to make a Youtube channel(s) and make vids of my horrible playing ability and still entertain with witty comments, my voice and maybe even other Bronies. I also wish to bring my views of justice into light, so that maybe I can change the thought of negativaty a different direction and bring about peace among my community. I also keep wishing I could go to a convention. I really want to go to have fun and for once meet people with similar interests as I do, to be able to act out and have a really good time. One of my BIGGEST wishes is to find a perfect love, and be happy through thick and thin, even the worst of times wouldn't be able to bring us down! I also wish to become famous in some sense of the word. I want to be able to host things and people recognizing me for being 'the good guy' and a really good voice actor!! I love all the people of the world which is why I want to know your wishes! I'm like totally crying right now... SHOW ME YOUR FEELINGS!!! O.O (jk) I also wish to give ideas for drawings stories or even games with my imagination. I mean I see all these people on different websites or conventions with good friends or wonderful art! I mean people blogging and having fun posting things! I want to be like that!! So please show me your wishes..... it'll make me happy.