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Found 14 results

  1. So what's your dream? Mine is this: I would love to live in northern Florida, or somewhere in Kentucky or Georgia, out in the country on a really big piece of land, with horses, a nice two story house, a Dodge Ram with a horse trailer, a blue Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat, and I would love to be an equine vet. If I ever get to horse riding lessons, I'll probably stick with riding horses and become a professional, maybe even compete in the Olympics. OR I would love to be a NASCAR driver. I only recently discovered how I'm addicted to fast speeds and racing go karts, and I would race 24/7 if I could. So, yeah, maybe being a NASCAR driver would also be something that suits me well.
  2. If you had 3 wishes, what would you do with them?
  3. So, you found a magic lamp and a genie pops out and offers you three wishes. What do you wish for? Remember, though: Ixnay on the wishin for more wishes! My three wishes: 1. Power to turn invisible at will 2. A time machine 3. Life to be a musical! (Every now and then) What are your wishes?
  4. So, random question popped into my head the other day. What if you could be granted any two superpowers, but they were limited in power? What would they be, how would they be weakened, and what would you use them for? My personal powers would be teleportation and "less need for sleep" power. The teleportation must be to a place I've already been, and can distinctly imagine again, and can only be done twice a day. Less sleep would be simple enough - I only need an hour or two per night, rather than six full hours. I'd likely use the teleportation to simply visit friends on other continents, stay the day, then tele on home. Less sleep mean more time to work or play, of course, and may indirectly help with the jet lag from teleporting back and forth in the Australia and U.S.
  5. Hey everypony! Imma be revealing one of my deepest wishes as my oc. I will not be actually changing anything about me so we are all good! One of the deepest wishes of mine is that I was a Pegasus... I am just an earthpony and feel so average. I will be releasing a post explaining myself in detail. I hope you enjoy! And I also added a slightly edited and more better outlining and shading.
  6. Hello again community! I just wanted to say i hope you all get what you want and have a great day! Incase i don't get a chance to post anything on christmas. Which leads to a question,what is it you guys are getting this year? Anything mlp related? or any games? music? whatever it is im sure its awesome! (Lime Symphony's all ready for christmas )
  7. Out of all the places in the world if you were given the option where would you like to live? For me I would really like to live in Charleston, SC I and I went there for my senior trip had a blast as well. As for out of the country I'd definitely move to Puerto Rico but given its crime its sad how the island has come to be in recent years. Such a beautiful place ruined by crime sadly. I'd eventually love to visit Australia too its another place that I'd like to stay at for a time. So is there any places any of you would like to live at or visit?
  8. You have one wish. You can get anything you want with little to no effort. What would the wish be? Maybe for you to live forever? Maybe you want to meet the man or girl of your dreams? Maybe you want that one dream ? Maybe you wish to be president. You have no limit to your wish. You may not go god mode more than living forever. You may not wish for more wishes.
  9. Lately, I have been really thinking about pony merchandise that does not exist that I really want. And since we have many threads about current merch. reviews, hints at merch. to come, and even merch. we recently purchased, there isn't a place for an unconceivable "wish list". However, I have not seen a thread (yet) about pony merch. that just does not exist and probably will not come to light in the mainstream merchandise market. There will always be those who create what we won't get from Hasbro, such as legit plushies, clothes, stickers, and 'coughnaughtytoyscough,' but that doesn't mean someone on Etsy will take the time to make what we feel should be around. So, this thread is about pony stuff we wish we could see on store shelves or in online markets. Who knows, maybe someone will whisper enough to the ears of Hasbro and give us what we desire, but we have to voice what we want in order for that thought to eve begin to be conceivable. So, here is my current list of things I want as Pony merch. 1. A Queen/King pony sheet set (especially a fleece set, but that's setting the bar too high ) 2. Apple Family Kitchen stuff....Before ponies, I already had the idea of making an apple themed kitchen. But the Apple Family is more unique than just apples. But this idea is a bit...mature for even the brony fandom. I mean, there isn't enough of us that are that far ahead in life to be able to renovate their already owned homes, so yeah....I may get/find patches and put them on curtains and embroider towels, but I don't see a kitchen set anytime in the future. 3. Cookie Jar.....this is a possible one...Though I am not sure how they may go about doing this...It totally makes sense to grab cookies out of pinkie's brain 4. Pony Computer Accessories- Some already exist for Iphones/mp3 market, but something nice as laptop covers/bags/mouse designs would be nice to see. They already got Hello Kitty for all that, why not Ponies!?!? 5. Candy! - G3 gummies with G4 box does not count...I want to see real pony merch candy cuz Pinkie Pie! 6. Pony vehicle accessories- This is a personal biggie of mine. To deck your vehicle out in pony, you have to find a really specialized place to get anything pony thing in/on your vehicle. Yet, there is Tinker Belle and Hello Kitty" just about everything" for vehicles that you can buy at a local auto place (or Wal-mart). I know that stuff is marketed towards women (camo, sports, and flames are marketed towards men), FIM would fit PERFECTLY in, and I can definitely see not only bronies, but soccer mom's loving it too (the ones like have kids that like the show). Darn it, I want to see FIM seat covers, air fresheners, and floor mats (although I am not too keen on getting them grimy)! How cool would it be to be able to get a steering wheel cover decked out in the Mane 6's cutie marks, or just FLUFFY Pinkie balloons!? So far, all I have done is order special decals for the outside of my little truck, and glued a metallic grab-bag Applejack to my dash...
  10. Here's how this game works: I will start off by saying a wish. The person below me will be the Genie and will find a loophole and turn the wish into something bad or unwanted (For example: Let's say I wish for a trillion dollars, the Genie could give me a trillion Monopoly money!). Then that person will say their own wish and the person below will be the new Genie then give their own wish, and so on. FIRST WISH: I wish I could breathe underwater
  11. All I want for Christmas is a pen pad so I can draw my stuff on the computer instead of on paper. That way, I can really get my deviantart thingy going and I'll have something to work off of when I'm working on my art.
  12. Title is self explanatory, and please don't comment saying why one of these is a faulty idea. There's a reason why it says "never happen." Just want to share my ideas for their entertainment value. (These ideas pertain to the show and other related media) •Celestia fakes her death and retires Metroman Style (Megamind Reference) •Discord fights on the good side against a villain and sacrifices himself to save Fluttershy (not necessarily a death-sacrifice) •Actors Christopher Lee or Keith David voice a villain •Luna's romantic interest in Big Mac in the IDW comics becomes cannon to the show •Mare Do Well becomes her own character, and she is not one of the Mane 6. A mysterious mare assumes the identity •The Mane 6's singing talent is acknowledged in the cannon •Lunar Empire symbol appears in cannon or has a cameo •An eventual new character for a Mane 7 •Sweetie Belle Vending Machine as a decoration in the Gameloft App game