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Found 3 results

  1. OK, so, Lego Dimensions was announced. Currently Portal 2, Back to the Future, Portal, Doctor Who and the Wizard of Oz, along with LOTR, Lego Movie and Batman have been announced. But here's my content wishlist. What content would you like in Lego Dimensions? For me it would be Lego Racers: Think about it, Rocket Racer and his gang would be perfect for modern day! They should make Lego Racers 3! But this could be a great pack. Lego Eastenders: Gamesmaster have been wishing for this, it could be possible. But they will have to see. Just imagine playing as Phil getting into arguements! Lego Star Wars: OK, so this probably won't come out for a while, the hype of Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars would have to die down first. But it would be awesome. X-Wing fights and everything! Lego Narnia: Could be a decent content pack to explore. With Aslan and Ridable Mounts. Lego Tomb Raider: Perhaps the Idea that I had should be saved for last eh? Lara Croft against Phil Mitchell isn't exactly the strangest thing you'd see though. Lego Top Gun: Pretty much any Tom Cruise film to be honest, Mission Impossible and Edge of Tomorrow would be good. But flying an F-14 shooting at stuff would be excellent. Lego X-Men: With Quicksilver having an ability to slow down time. What would it be for you? What content would you like to see in Lego Dimensions? And most importantly, would it be worth the money ?
  2. Like any other Joe over here, I'm insanely hyped for season five, and I already love the direction they're going with the spoilers we have! But I still have some concepts and episode ideas that I would love to come true. Here are the synopsises! #1: Diamond Tiara is forced to stay at Sweet Apple Acres for a few days while Filthy Rich needs her out of the way for important business guests at his house, and Silver Spoon's family is out of town (SInce the Apple family is business associates with DT's family). I think this would be a good opportunity for character development on DT's part, since obiously she would have to compare the close bonds of the Apple Family to her relationship with her dad (most of the fandom generally likes to theorize that Filthy Rich ignores her a lot). This is the only episode I have planned out quite so clearly, since I know exactly what role everypony will play in it. AJ is charitable to DT, because she's perceptive about her issues, and also pretty mature. But Apple Bloom is mad at her until the very end, in which she would start to learn about DT's life and be able to at least sympathise when friendship isn't an option. Whether or not Diamond Tiara gets redeemed at the end, or if she just becomes more bitter towards Apple Bloom, I don't know. #2: An entire episode centering around Luna and Celestia. I have high hopes for the confirmed episode where Luna has a nightmare, but WE NEED MORE CELESTIAL SISTERS! Perhaps this could be tied in with more History of Equestria stuff, maybe even Discord's origin story! Sounds like an instant fan favorite, especially for one Miss Ink Rose... #3: This one would be controversial, since it's a big shift in the status quo, and I would reserve it for the finale: Twilight should repurpose her new castle as a school for all the foals in Ponyville, where they learn about The Elements of Harmony and things like that! Though this could be debunked as soon as Season Five comes out, because it seems they already have plans for that castle with the map and stuff. #4: And I have just a few more concepts too-- Explain how AJ's parents died, Hasbro. Y'know. For kids. Have an episode where we see Dash's new life as a Wonderbolt Reserve in action. Love interests that are actually interesting. I wanna see the mane six date stallions that aren't boring like Flash Sentry! Cadance gets pregnant. The Cutie Mark Crusaders get their cutie marks already. But I'm pretty damn sure they're gonna get 'em this season, based on the themes and that clip of Sweetie Belle singing. What do you guys think of my ideas, and what are your own episode ideas?
  3. Author's Note: If you want to see my older, yet complete wishlist, head here. In response to posted on Equestria Daily, I might as well do one, too, in text format. My Top Five "Yay" The Twilicorn shows genuine development physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Magical Mystery Cure didn't handle the Twilicorn well at all, and you're lying to yourself if you think they did. At the same time, despite her poor execution, it's still doable. Here's what I wrote on both here and EQD earlier this year: At least one of the Cutie Mark Crusaders gets her cutie mark. Over the last three seasons, we've seen how much they've grown. They've had a leadup to potentially getting their cutie marks, but following Faust's departure, so did the direction, showing us how much the characters learn through other means. The last time on camera that they went to try to find their cutie marks is in Spike at Your Service in passing. For a whole episode, it's Ponyville Confidential. It's time to see at one of them get one so we can see what the characters are capable of and how well they can hone their talent physically and psychologically. Give them a sense of commitment. But don't just slap the cutie mark in right away or risk damning the character develop she received up to that point. Develop it via foreshadowing and a story arc that leads to this moment. Character development for Celestia. She's been around since the pilot and has had no development. Her personality is set in stone to the point of flatness. Luna, Twilight, and Cadance have personalities, strengths, and flaws front and back that give each of them full characterization. Celestia is portrayed as a deity figure with no emotional or psychological flaws that can make her such a deep character, which is shameful because she has the potential and a very good concept. We've seen flashes of her personality, but they're fully concrete, and she's there for only a brief amount of time. You're lucky if she's on camera for more than two minutes. A well-written full episode starring (or co-starring) Celestia and showing character development for her would really be a breath of fresh air. Discord appears and DOES something. Following Keep Calm and Flutter On, Discord has been completely absent, currently making that episode nothing less than wasteful horseshit. To give him more of a purpose, have him show up and have him communicate and cause chaos. He's a neutral, humorous character, and it's great if explored. If absent for most of season four, then KCaFO ages badly. GOOD episodes for Rarity and Spike. Rarity was best background marshmallow for plenty of season three, and Spike's two episodes were disastrous. My Top Five "Nay" Twilight is the same character with merely the wings attached to her. Twilight becoming an alicorn princess indicates a huge social and psychological change for her, and I expect the writers to demonstrate this. If Twilight, at any point, becomes merely the same character before Magical Mystery Cure, even though she's an alicorn now, then Magical Mystery Cure becomes a twenty-minute commercial for the toyline. Prove to your audience that Twilight's transformation was actually worth it and not worthless! Bold ideas are rushed (to conclude the episode). Keep Calm and Flutter On and Magical Mystery Cure each went really bold, but did so for the sake of wrapping the series up. There was way too much going on to make the episodes conclude logically and realistically. They were cramped and poorly organized. Games Ponies Play was much more conservative, but even Polsky rushed the ending to wrap that piece of garbage up. Writers, your best episodes tend to go as conservatively as a Republican. Take your time and slow down! Episodes with atrocious characterization, especially if there's more than one. In season three, three episodes had really bad characterization: Spike at Your Service (Spike being incompetent and careless with a dumb "Dragon Code"; Pinkie acting way too random for her own good), Just for Sidekicks (Spike was an incomprehensible bastard with no regard for his friends' pets and trust), and Games Ponies Play (EVERYONE with the IQ of 3!). Pay more attention to the characterization, keep it consistently in character, and don't have the characters acting stupid! New characters are introduced for one episode, only for him or her to never reappear, whether the characters are antagonists or protagonists. One of my biggest peeves with the series was how characters appear once (in a two-parter or self-contained episode) and never again (i.e., Braeburn, Trixie, the Flim Flam Brothers, Chrysalis, Peewee). You have a character there. Use him/her. Don't throw away potential. The background characters barely appear. In season three, the budget was much smaller. If you want evidence for that, look no further than the lack of appearances of the background characters. Cheerilee only appeared once. Lyra and Bon Bon barely showed up following Magic Duel. Derpy didn't have one frontal appearance until the finale. Season four appears to have a bigger budget, so background characters have the potential to fill in the background and possibly even do something instead of leaving the scene empty besides merely the animation puppet standing there.