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Found 31 results

  1. Very similar to "Describe the avatar above you with one word" except in this game, you must describe the user above you with just one word! Try to keep it somewhat nice! And no double posting!
  2. This is pretty self-explainable. I'll start.
  3. Hey there, I was just browsing through my Tumblr and I saw the cutest thing that instantly put the biggest smile I had this year. Did it make YOU smile?
  4. How do you guys deal with haters? Special methods? What are they? Just let me know whether you ignore them, start a comment war, or anything else.
  5. Fed up with this place, it's boring, among many things, no need having an account anymore. Any way to do this?
  6. Just thought of this randomly and it made my angry. Why would people look strange at ya if you for example: had rainbow colored hair? Why is that weird? WHY? I dont get it. I wish there was some kind of magic spell that made people more open-minded :okiedokielokie:
  7. What the heck did we do yesterday, whatever it was we are stuck here, but at least we have company!
  8. You wake up to find your favorite pony sleeping next to you, when they finally awake, they tell you that they can spend the day with you before getting sent back to Equestria. But they can't leave the house under the fear of being spotted and if you leave the house they will be instantly sent back to Equestria. However, that day is also your last day that you can go down and pick up your $10000 lottery winnings. What do you do? P.S. you wake up at 11:30am and the lotto shop closes at midday (there now you can't have the best of both worlds )
  9. So, today I was feeling random, and I felt like making a blog post. Then I thought I'd tell a random story, and for some reason this came to mind... So if you aren't aware, in games and the such, I typically have this affinity for Elves, normally in games when I can, I am usually playing an Elf if it is possible. For instance, in Skyrim all my characters right now are some variation of Elf. Why exactly do I like Elves though? Well, besides the side of it that I don't really know why, I just do, I have a theory based on some of my own experiences. Back when I was like, 3 or something, idk I was young enough that I don't remember much about it, I mostly know about it from my parents. Anyways, when I was 3(give or take a few years ;p.) I was at my grandmothers house, and I was running around like the little child I was. Then I fell on something(i really don't remember what exactly.) and somehow I ended up chipping my ear. So yeah, apparently according to my parents my ear was kind of pointy since it was chipped after that. Whether that story is entirely true or what, i'm not entirely sure, but I can only assume it is, since i don't really remember it. (Yay for bad memory ;p.) It could've been made up, but regardless, I think it plays into my liking of Elves. Or maybe it doesn't. Who knows, maybe I just like pointy Elf ears for some reason xD. The world may never know.... The reason I thought of this particular story I think, is because I actually got my ear cut while getting my hair cut a few days ago, and I currently have a bandage on it, because it ends up bleeding every time i take it off so far. And my brother said it makes me look like an elf with a bandage on my ear, so yeah ;p. Moral of the story, I like Elves. Hope you enjoyed the story, and if you would like me to think about doing more feel free to let me know. Or if you want me to do something else, I just felt like posting in my blog, since i haven't done so in forever. Or if you totally hate this series, you should tell me to never blog again, ever! Maybe not, idk, anyways, i'm going to stop rambling, see y'all around!
  10. Is anyone who does not have a skype and is fed up with people that say you can contact me only on Skype?,I'm kinda fed up not everybody has a Skype account and some don't want a Skype account. I do not have a Skype account but when I try too participate in a roleplay or something else some of the times they say you can only contact me on Skype and Skype makes it easier for the roleplay. I wondering if some of the people are fed up with this. Update: I forgot too tell why I don't have one we'll my dad and I maybe see if Skype works on this intel mac,I'm sorry if I forgot too and stuff this is why I was fed up because of two things my dad is busy and takes free time of his but I told him the other day.
  11. This was another great show that I watched almost late at night. Too bad YTV will never have shows this good anymore...
  12. So, I've been thinking of ordering my first mlp custom tshirt! Although, I can't seem to find the best picture to put atop... If somebody knows of a picture fitting the requirements I'm going to list below, is it ok if you post the image/link? - Needs to have Discord. - Should go along great with the text, "Chaos, Chaos Everywhere." (Whether it be funny, ironic, or simply fit perfectly...) That's pretty much it, Thanks! edit: I've just realized that the title's grammar is completely incorrect! Sorry, things like that bug me so much... I meant to say, "Help with finding Discord shirt picture." XD
  13. I dropped down to the ground and clenched myself, gasping as the pain came back to me. My whole body became paralysed in pain much greater than before. I looked up to see my vision turn to nothing but shapes and shadows. Blurred faces filled my vision and echoed voices quickly started yelling at me, too hard to make out what they were saying. I closed my eyes tightly for a moment. When I reopened them, I knew where I was... at the hospital. My consciousness was low, and I was struggling to stay awake and my vision faded in and out as I tried to hear what was happening. A few words were heard, such as 'cancer' and 'unnoticed until now'. I saw the doctor's face for a second. It was mixed with anger and familiarity towards me; he obviously did not like the fact that I was here. I was very scared; I had no idea what was going on. I just wanted to scream, and I also wanted to cry. I might have already been doing that. The last thing I remember seeing is a light. No, I was not seeing the 'death light', but something else. I didn't care what it was, I just wanted it to stop. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 1 Distracted "Well, this doesn't look like it'll be my day." I woke up and yawned as I lazily lifted my body out of bed. I trotted up to the curtains to open them and instantly murdered my eyes with the bright morning light. When they finally recovered and adjusted, I took a good look outside. It was a very nice day, unfortunately the main thing I was focused on was the nightmare. "Every night it's the same dream, always continuing where the last one left off. What are these and what do they mean?" I was immediately distracted by the sight of my friends coming over to my house. “Oh boy, what kind of trouble are they going to get me into this time?’’ I wondered. I heard the doorbell ring and quickly made my way to the door. Lighting was already in my face when I opened it. “Heeey! Sup ey?! So y'still helping Strawberry Marine with her yard?“ He asked. “Wow, I can't believe that slipped my mind, sorry Strawberry! I replied. “Oh, that's fine," she said," I never forced you or Lightning to come so...” “You always forgetting now days, ai?" Lightning interrupted. "You still up for it at least?” I hadn't eaten anything, but I probably didn't have much food anyway. It was either this or shopping for food, and I. HATE. Shopping. “Uh...yeah, sure.” The dream resurfaced for whatever reason; it was apparently very readable in my expression. “Are you okay Elegance? You seem very distracted lately... today more-so than usual.” Strawberry asked me. “Yea men, what it is with you? You like smoking sumthin' weird or something?” “If there's something on your mind you can tell us you know?” Strawberry stated. “Yeah, I know... it's nothing much.” I couldn't just tell them, how would they react? They would have thought that I was crazy! “Oh, okay, but you can tell your friends anything all right?” “I promise.” Lightning, by the way, he always spoke like that, but we tried to ignore it to not seem rude. So we had done quite a bit to Strawberry's yard that day, we de-weeded, then mowed it. Strawberry rewarded us with some lemonade and a great idea. “Do you guys want to check out the amusement park before it closes down for the year?" asked Strawberry, "It'll only be open for a few more days. I could pay for you.” “Y'mean the one with all those sexy thrill rides?! Hell yea, I wanted to check it out too ey!” “That idea sounds pretty cool, sure!” I replied. So Strawberry offered to bring us all in her carriage. The whole trip was about 20 minutes. Strawberry is one of those lucky ponies who had a stereo system in their carriage. One of her friends offered to install it in for her at a very low price, I've met him once, sweet guy, although he is too much of a smart-flank sometimes. Lightning, unfortunately, is another one of said lucky ponies, rumour is he stole the parts to install his, but he claimed that he bought it. I, myself am not one to jump to sides. “Yoooo! Turn on the radio!!!” Lighting whined. “Okay... sure, uh, what station, Lightning?” Strawberry asked him. “I dunno! Something swagg, like sxy radio!” “Uhh, no. How about fmly radio?” I quickly asked her. “Aaaaaw!!! Huge turn down!” “Its got rock songs...” “Fiiine!” Strawberry turned on the radio, and music started blasting loud as Lightning maximized the volume, almost giving Strawberry and me a heart attack. “Defrig's the bass?” he yelled. “Huh?” “You know! The bass, y'know like the exact opposite of what your speakers are barfing out now...” “...” “BASS spelled 'b-a-s-e' or some crap!” Lightning explained. “Its spelled ‘b-a-s-s' ” I cleverly added. “Man, you stupid! That's racist! That's just 'ass' with a 'b' on it. Even I know that, and I'm supposedly stupid! HAHAHAHAHA!!!” I smirked “Well, clearly your teeth are brighter than your brain, as even little foals know how to spell it.’’ “Yeah, well... yo moma!’’ “Well, what about her?’’ “She so poor that she ran up to a garbage truck with a shopping list!’’ “What’s a garbage truck?’’ “Yo mom!’’ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So we finally arrived much later than I would have wanted. I'll admit though, the park was a lot bigger than I thought. Apparently, this amusement park came around once a year in Ponyville and only for a week. Despite Strawberry's offer to pay for us, we each paid for ourselves at the entrance (even Lightning, shockingly) then walked in and started exploring the place. Strawberry was horrified of thrill rides and insisted for most of the time that we ride on the slower ones. I could hold my feelings in well enough, but Lightning was a different story. All I knew was that with each ride, Lightning’s patience started dying. “Enough of this shet! I’m goin’ on the lejit freaky rides ovr’ dare! Whoever ever wan’t to come with me on the Desert Screamer... well come, eh!’’ We all just stared at him without moving. “I'm slowly making my way eh, better catch up a bit now!’’ Nothing. “Oh come on! I've known you gerls for years! I know one ov you mite not be qualified and are too scared, but le other has no excuse an I know is brave. You know who im talking ‘bout! Now get your as over here Strawberry!’’ I wasn't quite sure how to feel about that. Strawberry managed to whisper out a ‘no’. “You gonna be cul or are you a weemp too Elegance?’’ Now you must understand something. I am a mare that can tolerate a lot. I've managed to handle Lightning’s humour, (I know it’s all in good fun, but sometimes he hits sensitive subjects) Trixie’s loud-mouth, and I even managed to recover from Discord’s ‘changes’ to Ponyville with only slight fear for a week, but when someone questions either my bravery or beauty (don't question me; I'm gorgeous) I cannot stand that! NOPONY calls ME a wimp! “Oh, I'm not scared in the slightest. YOU, on the other hoof, are probably going to cry and run all the way home to your mother!’’ “Eggzelent then, first too screem has to sing on teh karaoke stage!’’ “Oh, it’s on!’’ I smirked. Strawberry could only look at us in horror. It was a very tall ride. It had sand at the base of the structure. Above the frame supporting it was a giant wheel with arms where the seats were attached. The seats were entirely covered by a metal case and a barred window. Basically, it was a big orange metal box with prison door bars. This by itself would be fine of course. The thing that really frightened me was that the seats were spinning the opposite direction than the giant wheel, and it was going at a ridiculously high speed, and boy is this sentence going to be difficult to read; you're welcome. Me and Lightning started walking up to the shockingly small line (I wonder why). A huge fear crept over my body as the line quickly grew shorter and the distance between us, and the machine drew shorter. “Help me Celestia...’’ I muttered to myself as the ponies right in front of us walked into the ride. The ride keeper slammed the metal gate in front of us closed. “Please be patient ma'am, you’re next. You don’t have to be in such a rush to get in...’’ 'A rush to get in?!' That ride felt like a one way path to my death, to Tartarus and back again in reverse, and HE goes and states ‘a rush to get in’ I’ll show him a rush! I was in a 'rush' right then to rip off his... So the ride, of course, chose to shake, making a loud enough noise to scare me half to death. After a few seconds, the ride started moving and a young colt began screaming. ‘Moooom! I want off this thing!!!’ I couldn't see much in that orange cage, but I knew that he was desperately holding on to the bar, eyes wide, looking down crying. I turned my head over towards Lightning. He must have known what I was looking at because he turned too and gave me a disturbingly large grin. As expected, the ride ended much too quickly. The colt that I had been watching was crying. This was REALLY not going to be my day. I was not excited to get in! “Yo lady, get in!’’ I stuck my tongue out and proceeded to walk through the gate with Lightning. The ride operator led us to a seat that already had a pony sitting in it. “Uh...’’ I started saying. “What? These seats were meant to hold up to three ponies, you’ll be fine.’’ "But she... just rode... ah, never mind." We sat down next to the strange cyan coloured mare; she had a rainbow coloured mane and a triple coloured lighting cutie mark with a cloud to top it off. The ride operator put on our seat belts and slammed the metal grid door shut. We all sat there for a few seconds, I was breathing heavily. Lightning was smiling, but looked very nervous. “Don’t worry Elegance.’’ I thought to myself. “Nothing bad is going to happen.’’ “I wonder what would happen if I loosened this bolt.’’ said the mysterious mare. “I KNEW IT! I'M GOING TO DIE!’’ I thought to myself. “So you guys are pretty sick to have chosen to ride on this! Heh, half of the ponies in Ponyville are too scared to get within 100 feet or whatever of this ride! I'm Rainbow Dash, by the way, but you've obviously heard of me!’’ “Aaaahhh yeeaah.... I sink won ov my frendz called you a sexee b-’’ I shoved my hoof in his mouth. “Say what now?’’ “Just ignore him, Rainbow. He’s like that sometimes. Actually, all the time.’’ “Ha! Okay then... Hey, just think! One thing goes wrong, and we could all die!’’ “Oh, thanks a lot for that...’’ my stomach turned sour at the thought. “Yeah! One loose bolt could send us flying at an incredible speed until slamming us unto the ground! Upon landing, the metal smashing against our body, tearing our weak flesh apart violently, crushing half of our bones! That would be so CRAZY! Imagine all the blood and-’’ “I GET IT! Let’s just TRY to enjoy the ride!’’ “Ugh, fine...’’ She replied, annoyed. I knew it was just a matter of seconds until the ride starts, and after hearing what could happen at the first sign of malfunction, I almost chose to leave. The only reason I stayed was because I wanted to prove a point. Apparently, even if it meant risking my life... Every second felt like hours as I waited and prepared for the worse. Finally, the ride started moving up slowly. My eyes widened as we got higher and higher. I've always been scared of heights, but I'm an earth pony, give me a break! Rainbow Dash let out a big sigh as the wheel holding our seat started turning quickly and in the opposite direction of the giant wheel. I felt myself being forced downwards to the seat as the ride started turning upwards very rapidly. When we went down, I felt like I was partially being lifted, and the seat belt was crushing my chest, before being slammed against the seat again. By this time, I wanted to scream very badly, but I still wanted to prove a point. Lighting, however, WAS crying (and so soon). Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes at him in annoyance. After a while, I had no idea what was going on any more; I just let myself go dumb while Lightning continued to scream. The rest is just a feeling of nausea every time I dared to look out the barred door, and desperately trying not to scream as my body felt things they had never felt before. Time could have chosen to close down on itself, and I swear I would have not noticed it. Apparently, it didn't though because the ride did choose to stop. Rainbow Dash screamed ‘Best ride EVER’ while me, and Lightning were shaking as we got out of the ride. When my vision cleared I could see Lightning’s face, it looked a bit like he was traumatized mixed with something else, but I couldn't put my hoof on it at the time. I gave him a superior look and accidentally tripped. We both shared a laugh at that. We made our way to the exit gate and left. We made our way over to Strawberry who just wore a face of embarrassment and shock. All she could say was that we were very stupid. I couldn't agree more, and I love myself for it. We were going to ride more of the rides, but Lightning was against the idea, so we didn't. Poor guy, I guess the ride really was too much for him. I can’t blame him; I felt like I was still on the ride being pulled up. We were at the park all day, and it was getting pretty late. There was one more thing we needed to do before we went though. “Oooo Lightning ~’’ I fluttered my eyes at him. “Wat.’’ “Remember your part of the deal?’’ “Say no moar, eyll do yor sili thing’’ “The karaoke?’’ “Yesh’’ So I lead him to the karaoke stage, and I started looking through the songs. That’s when I found the perfect one. “LOL, yu must be pulling on mye leg!’’ “Just sing the words on the screen.’’ The audience started to cheer him, causing a slight blush on his part. Their reaction dramatically changed after he actually started singing. “My litle poni, my litle poni.. ah aaah aaaaaaaaah AAAAHHH! My litle poni, i use two wonder what friend-ships could be my litle poni, untie shoe all shared iss mage-ick with mee big credentures it's a tons of fun a beutiful art faithful are stornge sharing FABULOUS, it’s an easy feet and magic makes it ALL compete eeeYAAAH myyy litle poni do you noe yur all my very best FRIENDZ! YEAH! *** After that exhausting day, all I had in mind was to eat a quick snack and head to bed. All of this excitement was a bit too much for me, so I went to my room, and jumped right into bed. I mentally kicked myself for avoiding to buy food again. I was going to do that tomorrow FOR SURE. Nothing could go wrong. Remember what I said about having dreams every night? Well, that night was one of them as well, I really did not want to dream about me having operations and cancer, but I needed sleep and needed to take this silly ride off of my mind. END OF CHAPTER
  14. Just because sorry for wasting your time deviantart link: in case anypony has the time to check by and help me kill some haters
  15. i honestly hate asking things of anyone here on the forms, but i need a little bit of help from you guys, im taking up voice acting and i need some practice, sooo you guys could ask me to impersonate someone from an anime, cartoon, real life, all that stuff. my voice can be crazy, mildly deep, and can be very high at some points, so it varies. so there could be a good variety of voices, i can sound like Meatwad (from aqua teen hunger force) an english men, and a few others, and with this i could find out what else i could do, so if you want to take a minute of your time and help me with my voice acting future
  16. if we found out that Big Mac is actually a changeling sent to scout the area of Ponyville by Chrysalis in order to see if it is suitable for colonization. I guess that would give more of a purpose to the whole princess thing. Also it would be better if she gained the ability to shoot lasers out of her eyes in order to balance it out. Celestia has a bird that hacks itself to death, Luna has the ability to enter dreams, Cadence has the ability of seduction, why doesn't Twilight get anything (Besides her zone)? Further more it would probably be for the best if Equestria was destroyed, maybe all of the other ponies are destroyed by an invasion from Hell. This will make me feel better about being over-critical of a situation that I have almost no information on. For this reason, I can conclude that if Rarity's mane is made a slightly lighter shade of purple and Luna goes back to her Season 1 design with light hair, I will be okay with this entire ordeal. I need some kind of major change in order to make me feel better about my insecurities because I have absolutely nothing better to do. Furthermore, Who agrees with my totally not ironic position? I am being completely reasonable about a scenario I have close to zero information about. I think we should change the entire show, maybe get a new cast of characters in order to restore the evil that the writers have inserted. What if we find out that there is a power exclusive to non-princesses?
  17. This is possibly a treat for us UK bronies! Source If you're from another country, The British Board of Film Classification is a UK company that approves age ratings for films, TV programmes and games. Ponies have been given a U which means everypony can watch it. You know those brushables with a DVD of one episode on it that's either Ticket Master or Applebuck Season that are sold in the US? Well the source above may indicate that Hasbro are possibly going to make region 2 discs for the toys in a few months time! It may not sound like much but it's better than nothing for a country that doesn't have it on at all!!! That means the main audience in the UK will have easy reach of it! The source dates back to the 22nd January, but it's better late than never! Sorry if this has already been posted before.
  18. Here is a another sketch I've been working on. I think I'm a little obsessed o_O NOTE: Sorry about the quality, again taken with my iPad. Please leave a reply, critique always helps ^^
  19. Yeah, last night I just decided to give drawing Rarity a go, and after about 40 minutes I think it turned out... somewhat okay. Anyway, I felt like sharing, so here it is: Color might be a little off in the pic, but that's pretty much how it looks in person. So yeah, feel free to compliment or criticize if you want, I just felt like sharing is all.
  20. I've been wondering: How exactly does one deal with haters? I mean, I know that haters in general are pretty easy to get rid of... but what if the hater is someone you've known for a while? ~ Long story short ~ So my friend and I were Skype calling (we've been close friends since we were three. Our parents knew eachother), and I linked him a beast song by Vinyl Scratch. After around ten seconds, he closed the link, made fun on Vinyl Scratch, and started hating on the herd. As a brony I feel that one does not simply mess with the herd. So we had a little fight about the matter and he, of course, found out I was a brony. Now everything is all awkward and he can't get over the fact that I "actually watch that s**t". Big Question: What do I do? I can't let the fact that I watch MLP get in the way of a 13 year old friendship. I mean, friendship IS magic, right?
  21. Hello le forum. I want to play a game. This game is where you describe the person who posted right before you with a Pokemon. Example: ForumUser1: Geodude ForumUser2: Deoxys Forumuser3: Jigglypuff! Let the descriptions begin. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mudkip ^
  22. Hello everyone. It's pretty simple. Whoever posts above you will be killed by you with any random object, weapon, superpower, etc.. From a chainsaw to a juicebox you can use anything. I'll start off. I kill myself with a slice of moldy bread.
  23. How about I tell you about my trip to Little Horse Town? I was going there to meet my friend, Salmon Pastry. I think she was throwing some kind of birthday party for her pet crocodile, Toothless. Anyways, she had invited all her friends. There was Scarcity, Dawn Brilliance, Celeryjack, Apprehensive Flitter, and of course myself, Fast Color Spectrum. It was a wonderful party and after it was over, we all had a wonderful group hug. And then I proceeded to fly back home to my wonderful home in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. And this has absolutely nothing to do with My Little Pony.
  24. For those interested in joining our forum but nervous about the mod staff for any reason, fret not! After this interview, you shall see that our mod staff on Mlpforums is the best of the best :3 Today I have with me one of the Global Moderators from MlpForums, Arylett Dawnsborough. A little bit of information about yourself before we begin Arylett? Arylett Dawnsborough: Well, I'm Arylett, as you've just said... and I'm head of RP World on the forums. 20 years old, looking to get into Graphic Design in college, and Fluttershy is my favorite pony. CronaTheCritic: Alrighty then! Let's get this interview on the road then! What we're going to be doing here is that I am going to be asking Arylett a few questions, and we shall talk about her answers! Now, let us begin! Question 1: A simple question, really. As you stated before, Fluttershy is your favorite pony. Care to tell us the reasons for this? Arylett Dawnsborough: Well, I liked Fluttershy the first moment I saw her when I was still cynical about the show and scoping out why everyone was going all nuts about it. She to me is a realistic depiction of a shy person, and I've always been rather shy and not too outspoken for most of my life. She reminds me a lot of myself, even if most would say I'm more like a Twilight Sparkle. CronaTheCritic: And why, in your opinion, do people say you are more like a Twilight Sparkle? Arylett Dawnsborough: I presume because of how detailed I appear in the way I speak on the internet. My infamous walls of text probably make them think of crazy Twilight and her meticulousness. CronaTheCritic: That would being us to our next question then! Question 2: Can you tell us the exact reasons you enjoy making such long walls of text? Arylett Dawnsborough: It's not really that I make them on purpose... I intend to say something short, and then it just kind of turns long so I assume it's a wall of text. My mind has a lot of thoughts and it never seems to have a shortage of words. Making me rather long-winded. CronaTheCritic: I would say you've gathered quite the reputation for these dubbed "walls of text". Would you say you like this reputation? Arylett Dawnsborough: I don't mind one way or another, if I'm honest. It's just another avenue for more silliness. CronaTheCritic: That is a nice point! Question 3: Tell us, when you first joined the forum, did you ever expect to become a moderator? Arylett Dawnsborough: No way! I just joined it because I was looking for more friends and ponies was something I liked to talk about. Didn't know how long I'd even stay there. CronaTheCritic: Why do you think you were considered as a moderator, in your opinion? Arylett Dawnsborough: I'm not really certain as I wasn't there as long as some members. I think I caught their attention somehow with my wordiness. Apparently, people think I sound smart... oh and how I used to spend a lot of time in the chat. I was only originally modded to watch it and it just escalated from there. CronaTheCritic: Would you say you enjoy being a moderator? Arylett Dawnsborough: Most of the time, yes. CronaTheCritic: Try not to go into details, but are there any negatives to being a moderator? Arylett Dawnsborough: Yes, as there are negatives to anything. People get heated up when you make a big decision, can't please everyone, and sometimes you have a lot to clean up. CronaTheCritic: I could totally understand that part about people being heated up easily! Question 4: Here is a big question most "bronies" seem to throw around a lot, and receives TONS of hate from the fanbase. I would like to know your opinion on the dubbed subgroup, the "Cloppers". Arylett Dawnsborough: I don't mind them, really. Whatever floats your boat. There's all sorts of things on the internet. The human mind is a weird, complex, ugly, and all simultaneously beautiful thing. It's interesting. CronaTheCritic: Do you think it is right for them to receieve the amount of hate that they do? Arylett Dawnsborough: No. Don't think it's right to treat anyone like that if they're not harming anything. But I can see why that would bother some people. CronaTheCritic: I see why it could harm people as well, but in my honest opinion, no other fanbase recieves this much hate for their subsections. (Besides the big obvious one.) In a fanbase built around a motto of "Love and toleration", do you think that we (as a fanbase) truly follow it? Arylett Dawnsborough: No, but humanity isn't really made to follow that motto in the first place. It has too much of a balance of positivity and negativity. I myself don't believe in it or think anyone should follow it just because they watch ponies. CronaTheCritic: And that is why I stopped trying to follow that motto long ago. Nice to see that my views are shared on this matter. Moving on though. Question 5: Are you excited for season 3? Why/Why not? Arylett Dawnsborough: I'm neutral about it. It's not something I'm EXTREMELY excited about, since I usually have to wait for things. I can wait, but I am looking forward to see how they'll top Canterlot Wedding. CronaTheCritic: Do you believe that the season will be for better or for worse with only 13 episodes? Arylett Dawnsborough: I honestly have no clue. Have to wait and see. Question 6: If you could teleport yourself into Equestira, would you? Why/Why not? Arylett Dawnsborough: I would if it were temporary and I could return home afterwards. (Or if it were permanent and I could take people important to me without losing my memory.) Under other circumstances, no though. I wouldn't want to leave my loved ones behind for anything. And if I were a pony, well, I kind of do like to be human. But it would be interesting to become one, that's for sure. CronaTheCritic: If you were to become a pony, what species do you believe you would be? Arylett Dawnsborough: Unicorn, of course. My ponysona is basically myself as a pony, so I'd look like that. CronaTheCritic: And why do you enjoy the unicorn race, exactly? Arylett Dawnsborough: Well, I prefer earth ponies, actually. But I do enjoy them because magic is interesting and I think it would be more fitting for me seeing as how mental I seem to be, and I've always wanted to be a sorceress with magical powers. CronaTheCritic: That raises another nice question to ask! While you were in Equestria, what job would you do? Arylett Dawnsborough: I'd just be a simple artist. Making drawings using the illusion abilities my OC has that allow her thoughts to manifest as illusions, then putting them on paper. Maybe a flower girl on the side. CronaTheCritic: Hehe, that sounds like a nice live to live I could see that happening, honestly! Question 7: What do you think of MlpForums? Arylett Dawnsborough: MLP Forums is pretty great! (Heh, of course a /mod/ would say that. XD Why else would I be modding it and taking my time if I didn't like it though?) Has a wide variety of people, less flamers and drama than most places on the internet, and I really like the fact that it lacks that sort of snobby elitism I've seen in some places. Question 8: Well, we've been seeing this said by many members by now, and I'm sure we all want to hear an opinion of someone respected int he community. Do you think the forum has changed since you joined? Arylett Dawnsborough: Yes. They've changed quite a bit... grown larger, bit more impersonal, faster... that sort of thing. CronaTheCritic: I won't press much further than that. Question 9: What do you think of Feld0 as an admin? CronaTheCritic: And don't be afraid just because he is your boss Arylett Dawnsborough: Well, he's pretty good at advertising and attracting a variety of people, as well as getting a clean good product out there. He's also good at communicating in a rather professional and quelling other's fears. And not afraid to be whimisical! Probably a lot better than I could be. CronaTheCritic: I could agree completely Well, last question. This one, I would like to see your complete honesty on. Question 10: How long do you think the forum will last? Arylett Dawnsborough: I can't say, as I've never been too good at determining things like this. I can see it lasting at least for another year for sure with the momentum it has. It really depends on how long the pony fandom as a whole would last as well, since people being all excited about ponies is what keeps it alive. Beyond that... it's a mystery to me. CronaTheCritic: As for me, I honestly don't see us lasting much longer past our one year, at least not with our original members. Well, thank you for taking the time to answer questions for us Arylett! Arylett Dawnsborough: You're welcome! CronaTheCritic: It's been quite the interview! Probably my most interesting yet! Arylett Dawnsborough: I'm glad to hear that. Thanks for reading you guys! I have one more celebratory post after this! If you enjoyed this interview, don't forget to comment, broohoof and follow my blog :3