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Found 20 results

  1. Oh. Hey. I'm just watching South Park. A long-running series that hasn't gone to shit. ... Sorry, the news regarding the seventh season's just really got me down. I need to make some decisions as to how long I intend to watch the show, let-alone review it. Hopefully, after this episode, I can make that decision. It's not Friday, but I figured I'd do the review today because this Friday's going to be a very busy day. Since the Dark Qiviut army ate all my closet bodies, I need to restock. How the fuck else am I going to make a living? Anyways, today's misery trip is "Wonderbolts Acadamey". Let's rock and cock. Spoilers ahead. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - So this episode opens up with Rainbow Dash and company waiting for a letter of acceptance for the Wonderbolts Academy. Whoa, the Wonderbolts Academy is involved?! I didn't see that coming. Rainbow Dash is acting as pompous as usual, saying there's no way in hell she won't be accepted, and to fuel this annoying character trait further, she is indeed accepted. After both the prologue and the title sequence frustrates me straight to hell, in which I realize I have a Hell Transporter and the pop back in, only to be frustrated to hell again, into an endless cycle that lasts about 17 days, until I realize I need to eat and begins my quest to devour Jennifer Lawrence, henceforth completing my quest and time-jumping 17 days back so that I can be on time to finish writing the review, Rainbow Dash has arrived at the Wonderbolts Academy. Spoiler Alert: This episodes takes place at the Wonderbolts Academy. So now it's time to line-up and shit, an- ..................................................... that..........Spitfire?! ...........................................That's supposed to be SPITFIRE?! WHAT THE FUCK?! They changed Spitfire's design, voice, and personality for ONE FUCKING EPISODE?! ... Wait a minute, I remember now. Everything that made Spitfire, Spitfire, was changed after this fucking episode. She used to have a much calmer voice and attitude that made her a rather interesting asset and mentor to any Rainbow Dash center, because she was the blowhard trying to be as cool as Spitfire. And then they just suddenly decided, nope, fuck that, assholes. Now she's a tough stereotypical blowhard just like Rainbow Dash. This isn't even a big problem for "Wonderbolts Academy". Instead, it's because of this episode's complete 180 of Spitfire's character that we have one of the many reasons "Rainbow Falls" is a terrible fucking piece of cocksucking shit episode. Anyways, on with the actual episode. Spitfire......ugh.........starts drilling the newbs, until a dickhead named Lightning Dust challenges her and blows the academy records out of the water. Of course, Rainbow Dash has to meet this shitter, and they become good academy buddies. Meanwhile, Pinkie Pie anxiously awaits Rainbow Dash to write her a letter. She....slowly goes insane. Constipation is a bitch. As more shit happens at the academy, Lightning Dust proves herself to be even more of a tryhard than Rainbow Dash. When Lightning Dust pushes her "limits" more than Dash, Spitfire makes Rainbow the wing-pony to Dust's lead in the teamed-flying course. Rainbow Dash complains about this, but Spitfire tells Dash to screw off. A noble jest, I admit. The course begins, and in it, Rainbow Dash finds out that Lightning Dust ins't just a tryhard...she's a blowhard too. With hot-headed decision-making that leads to Dash injuring her wing, it seems Rainbow might have a decent argument for Spitfire now. However, she plays it off after Lightning continues receiving praise and Rainbow gets disapproving gaze from Spitfire. The only thing that's hurt more than my my pride penis. Pinkie Pie slowly gets more retarded waiting for Dash's letter, so the other four assholes approach her, and together they decide to deliver a care package to her in person. Back at the academy, Dust and Dash are doing the Air Obstacle Course, an exercise to mark precision under extreme circumstances. It's not a race, but Lightning Dust treats it as such and completely neglects the well-being of the rest of the squad, resulting in even more uncertainty from Rainbow Dash. In a similar exercise later, Dust pushes it even further by wanting to create a tornado that will "blow away" their competition. Reluctantly, Rainbow Dash remembers Spitfire's words regarding Lightning Dust's persistence and agrees to this. However, shit gets out of control just in time for Pinkie Pie and Co. to show up in a hot air balloon with the care package and get sucked into the tornado, falling to their doom. If only this was the series finale................. Rainbow Dash must act quickly to save her friends, so she creates some cloud-trampoline thingy to bounce them into the air so that the rest of the squad can catch 'em all. It's when Lightning Dust's careless actions start interfering with the well-being of others, including her friends, that Rainbow Dash draws the line. If Spitfire praises this dangerous behavior, and that's what gets you to be a Wonderbolt, then Rainbow Dash wants no part of it, and henceforth resigns from the academy. It's at this point that Spitfire realizes that Lightning Dust is a little bitch and sends her home, keeping Rainbow Dash in the loop as a lead-pony to chase her dreams even further. And so concludes "Wonderbolts Academy" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Egh...this one's a bit tough. I'd say that a lot of this episode was mediocre, if not irritating. Lightning Dust was ultimately a really lackluster addition to the episode, as she just sort of got sent home never to be heard from again. On top of that, there's all the Spitfire shit-fire that annoyed me to no end. At the same time, though, Rainbow Dash's reaction to Lightning Dust later on and her eventual resignation, was very interesting for her as a character. She was willing to give up her dreams for the well-being of her friends, which reinforces the element of loyalty in her. Perhaps it's a repetitive moral for us, but it speaks volumes for Rainbow Dash's development, so I quite liked that. When looking at this whole episode overall, it's kind of hard to just outright say "this was great" or "this was shit". I can't even say "meh" for once. It's a mixed bag, really. So, given all of this, I think "Wonderbolts Academy" deserves a 7/10. Certainly an interesting little fucker. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Watching this episode, though, made me realize something about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic overall. It too is a mixed bag. A lot of the series is mediocre, if not irritating, and so many things in this show fall absolutely flat on its ass. MLP can be vomit-inducing, cringeworthy, bastardizing, and all-out worthy of outrage with a shit ton of its plot-points, characters, and story arcs. Reviewing both seasons one and two, which I once upon a time believed were majesties of story, did I realize had so many moments of disappointment and frustration. Taking just the bad of the series, you could look at the entire brony fandom and say, "what the fuck is wrong with you in-breds? My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has got to be the most overrated and overhyped TV series of all time!" ... But then you look at what works with it. You take episodes like "Sleepless in Ponyville", "Hurricane Fluttershy", "A Friend in Deed", "Sisterhooves Social", "Luna Eclipsed", "Party of One", "The Cutie Mark Chronicles", "Look Before You Sleep", and many others, and you see the true essence of the characters, the real depth that can go into the stories, and you think, "wow, this is one of the greatest TV series of all time." For those moments, you forget about the bullshit. In moments of bullshit, you forget about the high points. And I think no less is true with season five, honestly. Yes, the fifth season is a load of shit, with so much to bag on, but there is cream in that crop. "Canterlot Boutique" is one of them, which is one episode I cannot wait to review. It's when I watch that episode that I think, if season five wasn't around, that episode probably never would've existed. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a crock of horse-shit, and an equestrian paradise at the same time. Granted, even with this said, I can't go on forever with the show. I will grow impatient with it, and I will grow tired of reviewing it. Since there is no telling how long this series will go on, I've ultimately come to a decision about my time-frame for the series. The 2017 My Little Pony Movie. That film will be the last thing I review. I will review season seven if it airs before the film. If it doesn't, fuck it. The 2017 movie is the end of my reviews, and likely the end of my tenure watching the show, assuming I'm fed up with it at that point. The good news is, we're not quite halfway there. We're only midway through season three, and still have four, five, six, and maybe seven to go. So let's make the best of what we've got. I'll see you all next Friday.
  2. It's been very unclear as to the role of a Wonderbolt. But however, can they be used in combat, and how effective would they be? Also, if we were to deploy the Wonderbolts to Syria, could they defeat ISIS?
  3. So we got new info from Comic-Con at the Hasbro panel today! I thought I should share them with you, and you can share your feedback on it! * Josh Haber wrote the season 6 finale, so I like the sound of that! * Twilight is going to the Wonderbolts Academy! I'm guessing that's gonna be the Top Bolt episode. It might be a Twilight-Rainbow map episode! * Pony Zombies! I guess that's gonna be 28 Pranks Later, cause it matches the summary! * William Shatner's coming on the show, so along with John de Lancie, he's the second Star Trek actor coming on the show! Perhaps, he might be a friend of Discord! * More CMC episodes are coming! * And finally, my favorite: Spike's confirmed to be getting a song this season! There was more info, but I don't think they're worth sharing, like Meghan answering the fan question with a "maybe" if Celestia is having an episode. They also shared a preview of the next episode: So what do y'all think?
  4. So, this episode for me could've been executed better than it was...I mean, the fact that they had demeaning nicknames as motivation, seems contradicting if you ask me. Like, who would want that, it's like people are constantly teasing and bullying you about it, that it makes you want to be the best. Also, the lesson about fitting in instead of standing out is actually a major character development point for Rainbow. In all previous episodes, we've seen Rainbow Dash take the reins and execute. However, it was the complete opposite. It taught Rainbow Dash that working in a team and fitting in to accomplish a goal is sometimes better than taking the lead and causing things to fail. It's just like a band or a cast of characters. I still think this episode was rather...meh...and Dashie having to be put on probation...ugh...that hurts. At least she's still happy about being a Wonderbolt... Thoughts?
  5. In the Episode of Wonderbolts Academy, Rainbow Dash gets in into the WonderBolts Academy. Now After 2 season, Rainbow Dash Is Still not in the WonderBolts. Shes in Wonderbolts reserves, But not in the WonderBolts. So, How long do you have to be in the WonderBolts Academy to become a Wonderbolt?
  6. "Rainbow Falls" is frequently ragged on for its characterization and plot. It was easily the worst of the key episodes. So much so that even McCarthy threw a little exchange into "Twilight's Kingdom - Part 1" that suggests that even the writers don't want to acknowledge that this episode exists. On the contrary, "Wonderbolts Academy" was given a better look for its better characterization and the way it portrayed the conflict involving Rainbow Dash's element. The moment when Rainbow Dash resolves her moral conflict by giving up her lifelong dream in favor of the safety of others would have been a great spot for the epiphany, and the lead pony badge she gets at the end would have made the perfect key object. One point of contention with "Rainbow Falls" is actually referencing "Wonderbolts Academy" while restating a similar moral. Now, the question is, would "Wonderbolts Academy" have been better had it been pushed to Season 4 and scrubbed "Rainbow Falls" to be Rainbow Dash's key episode? How would it compare to "Rainbow Falls" as a key episode, or any of the other key episodes? Discuss below.
  7. This comic is about the relationship between my ponysona, Lost Trees, and a young mare OC of mine named Storm Feather. Enjoy, every pony, and please share your thoughts. Page 2: "I couldn't take them seriously with those hats..." Page 3: "It looks like my first commission is an important one..." Page 4: "I had never seen the sky like this." Page 5: "Spitfire was even sexier than her photos..."
  8. So this is my first PMV. Nothing flashy, just video and music Feedback would be awesome as always Thanks for your time!
  9. I actually really liked lightning dusts character, i mean RD isn't my favourite of the mane 6 but although they're kind of alike i liked lightning dust a bit more, I actually really hope we see her again, there was a certain charm to her (EXTRA: I also liked 'Raise This Barn' but everyone else seemed to hate it) Whats your opinion on Lightning Dust?
  10. Which will win? Only you can decide! Misty Fly Fleetfoot Soarin Lightning Streak Fire Streak (Optional) - Leave your reason for your choice below. Sorry I couldn't find information on everypony here there wasn't anything on some of them. Remember to keep it clean and only post relating to your choice, if you can please.
  11. What were your first impression upon hearing about the Wonderbolts and how has your opinion on them changed over time-if at all? Who is your favorite or least favorite and why?
  12. Saw this on another site and thought I'd repost this over here. Take a look at everyone else's tally marks. The easy way to keep track of numbers from tally marks is making four lines, then a diagonal line to symbolize five. Now look at Raibow Dash's. Hers has FIVE before the diagonal line, meaning all her tallies are made of six. Ah, Hasbro, with your sneaky way of throwing in popular memes.
  13. You may or may not have heard that there are a couple deleted scenes from Wonderbolts Academy. I was wondering why they would delete those. Possibly it was due to time. The episode had plenty going on already and it's hard to imagine taking something out without it being a detriment to the episode. Another possibility is the fact that a demotion isn't exactly a proper punishment for putting civilian lives in danger and being a complete ass about it.
  14. Flying teams like the Wonderbolts appear to be some sort of military/disaster relief teams that also does air shows and races and stuff like a sports team. Ive been thinking about that and come up with a theory about it. What if the reason that institution exists is that the Pegasi used to be a warrior society (In pre-equestria days), so maybe the Pegasi flying teams are a volunteer force that are supposed to defend Equestria and other duties that have become more like sports teams in modern days. Like, if in the early days of Equestria, the Pegasi society as a whole was expected to be warriors and group into flying teams but as time went on they changed as Pegasi society evolved.
  15. Here's a little something I made today. It is an improv jazz piece that works around the little jingle opening to "Wonderbolt Academy"
  16. Hello, as you all may know I am Lightning Dust. A pegasi that flew with Rainbow Dash in the Wonderbolts Academy episode and if you want to ask me any question at all, feel free to do so. I don't bite so, ask before I fly out into the sunset. #1 Wonderbolt PS: I don't support Swag, the picture below is just a picture.
  17. Here's something else I came up with. It's a fusion of the sonic rainboom theme, the top gun anthem, one of my earlier compositions and a little surprise. See if you can guess what the surprise is (it's pretty obvious when you hear it).
  18. So before season 3 began, we were given the tittles for the first nine episode. Now that we have seen all of the episodes what I want to ask is, Did the episode play out like u thought? What was your original idea for the episode or did you have one? Were you right or wrong? Did you like it that way or did you think your idea could have been better? Going to skip the Crystal Empire episode. To Many Pinkie Pies- This episode played out I like I thought it would. Pinkie Pie finds someway to make a bunch of copies of herself and they start to go crazy in the town. Was kinda hoping for some more humor. Overall good episode. One Bad Apple- I had a hard time thinking about this episode, because I was not sure what it would be about. My first thought was that, something was happening to Sweet Apple Acres and something was wrong with the apples. What we got was an episode about bullying. I felt like the show was going to bring this up at some point. You just here more about it. Overall I did enjoy this episode and I was glad that my idea was wrong. Good song and good new character. Magic Duel-The episode title just screams, Trixie is coming back. My first thought were that Trixie was coming back to face Twilight. For some odd reason I thought this was going to be some kinda Magical Tournament for unicorns. Until, I saw the picks of Trixie taking over Ponyville. This was indeed a great episode and kinda it kinda played out how I thought. Sleepless in Ponyville- This episode felt like it could have been about any of the characters. It could have been about one of the 6, the CMC, heck could have even been about a side character. At first I thought it was going to be about Mr. and Mrs. Cake not getting any sleep because of Pound and Pumpkin. I also thought about a Luna episode. In the end we got a Scootaloo episode. The episode was alright, but I was hoping for a little more. Like maybe looking more into her character and finding out more about her. In the end Luna got more development and we still know nothing about Scootaloo. Wonderbolts Academy- This was an easy episode to know what was going to happen. Rainbow Dash got into the Wonderbolt academy and get some training down to become a Wonderbolt. As for the episode, I have to say it did not play out as I thought. I thought it would be about RD learning what comes from being a WB and learning more about team work. For Lighting Dust I thought she would be kinda like a pony who was a weak flyer and did not show off to much, until Rainbow Dash helped her. Still this episode was good and it may not have answered a lot of questions, but it was still a great episode. Apple Family Reunion- Another episode with a pretty strait froward title. The Apple Family was going to have another reunion. I was kinda hoping this episode would look at Applejacks parents, but no that didn't happen. It was an alright episode, but not one thats my favorite. The episode kinda enforces the idea that the writers are going to stick with Lauren Faust original ideas and keep them in dead area. Spike at Your Service- The last episode title we were given before season 3 started was Spike at Your Service. Now the thought that came to my mind when I heard this title was that Spike was going to be helping Rarity a lot with a huge job or something and look more into his feeling towards her. But, we ended up with a Spike and Applejack episode. This was kinda out of left field and what I thought the episode was going to be about. It was alright I guess. Not one of my favorite episodes. Anyway thats all of the episodes we were given. Tell what you thought the episodes were going to be about and what you thought about them?
  19. Sorry, but I’m going to enter rant mode. This been a few things that have bothered me somewhat (mostly with the Wonderbolts Academy episode) and I wanted to see if anyone agrees with me. I just wanted to say I did not like the change to Spitfire in the last episode. It wasn’t just her voice; it was her personality too. Previously Spitfire was depicted as too chill and laid back for me to imagine her being a drill sergeant. I do understand that people can act differently on and off the job and a drill sergeant needs to be tough. The thing is though, with Spitfire’s old personality I wouldn’t imagine she would even want to be a drill sergeant since it would require her to act so differently. Hypothetically, if I had to be a drill sergeant I would try to act a lot tougher then what I actually am, but the thing is even if I was in the military I would never want to be a drill sergeant. It just wouldn’t suit me. I view Spitfire in the same way. Granted, we’ve only had a few minutes of her in the Gala episode to build any personality so I’m not really going on a lot here, but still. I would have preferred seeing a new character act as a drill sergeant. That might even make more since considering Spitfire is the leader. As the leader of the Wonderbolts and the flight camp, I think it would make sense that she would be too busy with managerial and bureaucratic duties to have time to be a drill sergeant. Another thing I’m not liking with the Wonderbolts is how they are increasingly being portrayed as more militaristic. I’m not saying there’s anything objectively wrong with this though. This is just my personal preference. In season 1 there wasn’t any real indicating that they were part of an Equestrian military, despite the Blue Angels being a possible inspiration. They just put on shows and what not. Honestly, at first I sort of compared them to the Globetrotters. That seemed like the closest real life example I could think of. But season 2 and especially the Wonderbolts Academy episode is changing this. Again this is just my personal preference, but I prefer thinking of the Wonderbolts as a laid back fun flying stunt team then a part of the military. That just doesn’t seem as fun. I’ve thought the former interpretation fit Rainbow Dash’s aspirations more. RD is too much of a free spirit for me to imagine her wanting to join the military and become a tool of the government. Joining a simple fun stunt team, I can imagine though. Is RD going to be a Wonderbolt now? Wouldn’t they have to take on new members at the end of the flight camp? There wouldn’t be much point in having it if they didn’t and I’m sure if they’re going to pick someone it would be Rainbow Dash. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I don’t want her to become a member though. Sort of. It’s weird. It’s like I do and I don’t. I want her to join because I adore her and I want to see Rainbow Dash accomplish her dream, but at the same time I don’t because of artistic and storytelling reasons. RD’s dream is a major part of her character and a source of conflict. If she becomes a member then the major source of conflict goes away and RD isn’t as interesting. For story structure purposes, I think it would be better if RD become a member at the end of the series, like if they knew a particular season was going to be their last. Same thing with the CMC getting their cutie marks. This is also the same reason why you rarely see romantic interests in shows get together early on even if they both like each other. Once they hook up, the writers just got rid of a major subplot so the resolution is usually saved for the end of the story. And another thing. Where are the letters to Celestia. I’ve been kinda disappointed they got rid of them. I like the letters. Again, sorry for being so ranty. So what do you all think? Agree on any of this? Disagree? Am I over thinking it? Am I an idiot for thinking all this? P.S. Despite complaining a lot about the Wonderbolt Academy episode I did like a lot of things in it. Rainbow Dash was great, it had a great lesson, the background character’s were notable, and I thought Pinkie Pie was really funny. It’s probably my least favorite episode of season 3 so far despite the fact that a lot of people loved it, but with that said it’s definitely not on the worst episodes of the series.
  20. We've all known that Rainbow Dash is apparently the fastest and best flyer in Equestria, but now that Wonderbolts Academy is out, we saw her in a match with Lightning Dust. They seem equal in terms of speed, but this topic is about who's the better flyer, not the fastest, but also the most agile and...just better at flying! Who do you think is the better flyer? For me, I would say Lightning Dust in terms of agility, the way she could turn really quickly when they were doing the flag course. Also, she managed to get a time close to Rainbow Dash on the Dizzitron when it was at 3x speed. However, I think they're both equally matched in terms of speed. What do you think? Oh lol, looks like the poll is sort of biased. <_<