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Found 5 results

  1. Tia, Woona, and Cadence in Onesie Pajamas. Featured on Equestria Daily:
  2. Hai everybody! I've seen this kind of thing trending lately: people are blogging about why they love their favorite character. I haven't seen much in the way of Princess Luna. So I'm going to make a number of blog entries that sort of outline why I love her so much. There won't be much in the way of regularity when it comes to this. I may post something tonight and then I might post tomorrow and then I won't post another reason for another few days. I have other things going on. And my reasons don't have to be the same as yours. I don't expect them to be. Anyway, without further adieu, let's get this started. Today, I'm going to be going over my first reason: Luna's color. Okay, I know this is about as deep as the kiddie pool but bear with me. The color blue. It's my favorite color of all. Blue means a lot of things to me, personally. There is always a lot of hidden context in the color blue. When you're feeling blue, it means you're feeling sad. Or maybe you feel sympathy for someone who feels sad. But Luna's blue isn't a bright blue like the sky we generally think about. It's a deep, mystical blue. When I think of Luna and her coat color, I think that there's more to this pony than meets the eye. There is still so much to know about this pony...Who will hug her first? The Season 4 openers blew me away. I knew there was a transformation. But the way they did it far surpassed my expectations. It was dramatic and heartbreaking simultaneously. To see Celestia and the look on her face...knowing she'd have to do what she did and that she might regret it for the next 1,000 years. Did I cry? Not on the outside. But there was more to it than what Twilight's flashback gave us. Luna felt shunned and ignored. Perhaps the denizens of Equestria forgot that it was Luna's duty to enter their dreams and comfort them. Alas, her job was a thanklesss one. Despite her amazing power (as it is never mentioned if Celestia has the ability to do something like enter dreams and since this power would be useless to her prior to Luna's turn and subsequent banisment, she probably doesn't), it's pretty likely that everyone forgot she even existed since her time of activity was during the night. It would have been easy to forget that she was there under the doctrine of "out of sight, out of mind." . And what's to say that anything is different now in comparison to what it was 1,000 years prior? Ponies still sleep at night. Luna is good. She enters dreams and comforts ponies. But that's exactly the way it was before she turned. This leads me to believe that Luna doesn't want to turn again, but it's a battle she fights on a daily basis. She just does a good job of keeping it a secret. That is why I love her coat color. Blue is deep and mysterious. I feel like there will always be so much more mystery surrounding Luna than there ever will be with Celestia. Plus, blue is just a beautiful color Keep it up Luna. Your fan club loves you. (hugs)
  3. The fun adventures of Princess Woona AND THIS IS JUST PAGE ONE.
  4. Pony avatars I made so far. If you wanna see somepony other then the mane 6 (ill make those anyway) Tell me.
  5. For all of the Luna/Woona fans, I drew Woona. She is fully shaded in he second image Tell me what you think! Unshaded took me just under an hour, and adding the shading took another hour or so.