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Found 38 results

  1. Very similar to "Describe the avatar above you with one word" except in this game, you must describe the user above you with just one word! Try to keep it somewhat nice! And no double posting!
  2. This game is quite simple. Just change one letter of the four-letter word that the pony above you posted. IT HAS TO BE A REAL WORD. Here's an example: Pony 1: Sink Pony 2: Link Pony 3: Line Pony 4: Life ... And so on. I'll start: Pens
  3. Create a two-word phrase using one of the words from the previous poster and replacing the other word with your own. (Cannot be compound words, like: basketball, football, bookshelf, Applejack, etc). Example: First poster: problem child; Second poster: child care; Third poster: day care. Let's start: Party hard.
  4. I notice that many people use the word "personally" in sentences where it isn't needed. For example: "Even though I personally am a brony, I'm not out to force others to be bronies as well." The sentence works just fine without the word. "Personally" means something has to do with yourself, and when you say something like "I am," or "I like," the subject already has to do with yourself. I just made up the example quote, but I often notice it used in a similar way by fans (not just bronies,) responding to people that either don't understand or hate that someone could be interested in a particular thing. To me it seems like the redundancy of "I" along with "personally" is intended to avoid appearing to force interests or opinions on others. It's unnecessary though. When I say that I like a particular thing, someone else shouldn't feel like I'm forcing them to like it too. So what's your opinion on the matter?
  5. InklingBear


    Simple. Make a word out of the last letter of the word from the above post. EXAMPLE: Pinkie --> Equestria START: Vision
  6. I wanted to try something new so here it is. Rules are simple. I post an alphabet such as: A Next pony posts another such as: D Then next: A And finally the next: M And our word is Adam. (Don't forget to put a slash after you think word is done) Note: When one word is completed then other word should start with a alphabet other than the first's. Got it? Good. Now let's do this. I will start. B
  7. The rules are simple: You post a single word and eventually i will type all the words together into a story. ive seen some pretty funny ones on a different forums. You may add punctuation. You may use a multi-word name (names only) lets start: Once
  8. Jeric

    Three Crazy Years!*

    Three years I joined this community on April 10th 2014, just about three years ago. I don't recall ever doing a 'forumversary' blog here, and I suspect that the reason why was simple; outside of some form of self-congratulatory pat on the back it seemed rather pointless for me. Basically, I didn't think I had much to say other than, 'I have been here x years'. This year though, I have words. I think that taking stock of where you have been, where your are now, and where you are going helps with perspective. I look back at the last three years with shock at how everything has changed in my life. Recalling what my life looked like in April 2014 and comparing it to April 2017 leads to mindbogglingly insane realizations of how dynamic our world can be. I want to use this blog series as a roadmap of sorts of my history here. Highlight my favorite events and times. I need to say this though. I will obviously mention other users who have impacted my time here, but I will try and stay clear of some highly emotionally charged moments. This time the elephant in the room and I will make peace. Basically, if you are looking for me to talk about forum drama, you will be disappointed. Over the next month I will focus on why I came here, and a few of the most impactful moments of my time among you all. *I am also publishing this a bit early since this week has quite a bit going on. Star Wars Celebration, Easter, Pony Premiers ... lots. April 2014 - A Wild Jeric Appeared This is my original Welcome Post There are some amusing lines in that first post. For one, you can plainly see that I had yet to become the "Prophet of Rarity" as I was called once. My first words on MLPF were a quote from the Princess Bride, and I talked briefly about my current job, family, and hinted at how I became a fan. I smile seeing who welcomed be to this forum. There were Destiny, a former head of Poniverse PR)who can be seen as @zenyatta, and Magos Amphrose currently going by @Bedman. Destiny in particular makes me smile knowing that several months later I would be working with her on staff. Magos though, I recall what I was thinking when I read his post. It confused the living hell out of me. What the hell is a Nyx? I love that comment about my avatar, which is what I am wearing today. There were members on this forum I noticed almost immediately. Some are no longer part of this community, and some are. Anyway, at this point, I was a Twifan. Rarity was waiting in the wings though. The World Cup - The Dawn of Fabulosity So for those that don't know, there used to be a strong vocal minority of Rarity fans on this forum. Forgotten names like @ghostfacekiller39, @Obsidian Sky, @GlowingFlask, @Blobulle @Andaasonsan and more were core people who you could find in the Rarity Fan Club. Others like @Woohoo, @ooBrony, @Sunny Fox, @A.V., and @Radiance64 would also heavily contribute to the fan club as well. It was something I noticed. Back then there was this sense that many disliked the character of Rarity, and that characters most fierce defenders did a hellova lot of in depth analysis on her virtues and flaws. I paid attention. It was impossible not to. Rarity started off being my least favorite of the mane six. I character I dismissed readily. I joined the forum as a fan of Twilight, and was still catching up watching the show, and what started happening was shocking. An early post, just four days after I joined, is found here I often post on social media and forum platforms with casual musings. I find it illuminating to go back and see what my train of thought was, and how it ended. I wonder if I ever did elevate Rarity to Best Pony status? The MLPF World Cup 2014 During this time there was a user created event called the MLPF 2014 World Cup. It basically amounted to a popularity poll with various characters facing off while the fans of the characters posted text and images to root them on and try and get support from other members. I wish I could say I was immune from that sort of thing. I am not. Actually I am being extremely unfair here. The users involved actually put together one hell of a topic This was @Sterling Crimson's brainchild but quite a few contributed. @Batbrony used his word crafting to actually do mock interviews with the characters whole RP'ing as Derpy and Dinky. There were anthems for each character, and flags designed as well. The conclusion was high drama as it turned out Luna fans created a few sock puppet accounts to cheat causing that characters disqualification. Fluttershy faced off against Rarity and eventually it was a Flutters vs. Twilight battle with Twilight taking the prize. Good times. Before the main matches began I made my first post in the RFC as they were asking for people to basically post ponies. There was no going back. Not satisfied with simply posting fabulous pony pics, I created a serious of nonsense short stories that became referred to as the Rarity Bible (and my role name). Celestia tells Rarity she is to face three tests here Rarity and the Epic of the Killer Crabs Here, here, here Rarity vs. Tom here Yeah. Jeric does ridiculous ... kinda bad and overly punny ... but I do it. Seriously though, that was a fun moment for most of the people who participated. Rarity came in third, which was surprising to even her die hard fans. It was during that time that I saw the first hints of this being different than most internet communities. The diversity here was off the charts, it felt a more welcoming than YouTube comments, and when I felt so inclined I could easily switch for choas mode to thoughtful and be taken seriously. I decided during the World Cup that this place may be worth chilling out at. That is a relative term since I tend to make posts in between or concurrently with IRL activities, but this was a time sink I felt was deserving of my spare moments. It wasn't because of what I felt I could contribute that kept me here, it was the interaction with the users and seeing the community at large that made it worthwhile. The crazies, the fierce debaters, the relaxed ones, the passionate types, and the philosophers seemed to congregate together. Don't get me wrong, I know I come across as this unrealistically optimistic goofball, but that is only one part of who I am. I suspected that there was simply more to this community that met the eye. Was there some high drama at this time. Of course! But, the moments of merriment outweighed the more explosive ones by far. I'm not a fan of the concept of a 'Golden Age'. Experiences are relative, yanno? This is more like that moment of discovery. There would be experiences down the road that would lead to immense highs, but this was an era that had its own charm to it. It is easy to lose site of that sometimes. That's it for now, but next up - Waifu Marriages by a real (not really) Minister. Yes, I am dead serious, this was a thing!
  9. Here is how this game works. First, each user posts a random word. Then, if your post number is a multiple of 5, you make a sentence out of the previous five words. For example: User 1: Sheep User 2: Rainbows User 3: Jumping User 4: Crazy User 5: Twilight. Twilight saw a crazy sheep jumping over giant rainbows. Good luck. My word is: Cupcakes
  10. We all have those words we think are gross, sooo. I really hate the word "scab", and in Spanish too (costra), ...*looks up in multiple languages like Swirly would* or in any language for that matter .
  11. I thought of this game while playing another word game on this forum It's called "Sentence transplant" The rules are simple.. Pick one word in that last users sentence, and make a sentence using that word.. 4 Words is the minimum for any sentence.. Emoticons don't count as words Please, no swearing or dirty words.. this is a game, let's keep it fun EDIT: things in parentheses (like this) don't count as words you can use.. they're to allow commenting on other posts.. To make it even more fun, try replying to the last post by making your own sentence in response (But you don't have to..) Try to keep some variation going to keep it interesting.. Example: User 1: This is the first example thingy, Yay! User 2: Awww, I wanted to be first.. (lol, I was only 2 minutes behind? xD) User 3: Be grateful you had some good words to choose from User 2: Choose a pony, ANY pony.. User 4: I can pick ANY pony? I'd have to choose Pinkie User 1: Pinkie? I'd pick Fluttershy, 'cause she's so cute (Pinkie is my second favorite though) (You don't have to bold the words you pick, this is just to illustrate the example better, you can if you want though..) I'll start off: Ok everypony, let's have some fun with this one..
  12. こんにちは、皆さん!^-^ The Japanese word for the day is...*drum roll* 自撮り、(じどり)、Jidori いみ(meaning):Selfie れいぶん(example sentence):自撮りはとてもうるさいよ! ほんやく(translation):Selfies are so annoying! Here's another fun word for you all, haha. 自撮り is a colloquial expression; in other words, it should be used in only casual situations. ^-^ So, I wouldn't advise telling your Japanese boss that you like to take selfies -- well, unless you are friendly with each other and all that wonderful jazz. Any and all questions about the language are welcomed in the comments section or through PM! Heads up: there will likely not be JWOTD tomorrow (Saturday). じゃあ、またね!^-^
  13. こんにちは、皆さん!^-^ The Japanese word for the day is...*drum roll* 最先端、(さいせんたん)、saisentan いみ(meaning):Cutting edge, leading edge, forefront れいぶん(example sentence):アップルの電話は最先端のテクノロジーですよ。 appuru no denwa wa saisentan no tekunorojii desu yo. ほんやく(translation): Apple phones are the cutting edge of technology, you know. Japan is one of the world leaders of technology in our day and age. Many of the inventions that came out of the country are ingeniously innovative and sometimes just plain bizarre, haha. Needless to say, I thought this was a cool word -- so I wanted to share it with you! Any and all questions about the language are welcomed in the comments section or through PM! じゃあ、また明日ね!^-^
  14. こんにちは、皆さん!^-^ The Japanese word for the day is...*drum roll* 笑いのツボ、(わらいのツボ)、warai no tsubo いみ(meaning):Sense of humor れいぶん(example sentence):私は彼女の笑いのツボが好きです。watashi wa kanojo no warai no tsubo ga suki desu. ほんやく(translation):I like her sense of humor. I thought this word was really neat. You can describe people's sense of humor with a plethora of adjectives; odd, dark, sarcastic, hilarious, kooky etc. Any and all questions about the language are welcomed in the comments section or through PM! Heads up: there may or may not be a Japanese word of the day tomorrow (Saturday). じゃあ、またね!^-^
  15. Summarize the user above you in one word.
  16. Ask me anything!
  17. Ok, so this may seem a little nerdy-I mean eggheadish, but I personally love the vocab that is used on MLP. The first time I noticed was when I was watching "A Bird in the Hoof" and Princess Celestia commented on the pheonix cycle as being melodramatic. I was a little taken aback that a word like melodramatic would be used. Later I was listening to the Flim-Flam brother's song and I saw that someone in the comments mentioned how they use the word nonpareil. That was even more amazing to me because I actually had to look it up. It's a strange day when your outsmarted by a cartoon show. So now I'm on the hunt for the best words used in the show, and I wondered what other people have found.
  18. Another fun topic so jump in there with your uncommon words. 1. Magnanimous Her act of charity was quite magnanimous.
  19. I thought would put to gather list of ponyisms here that i know of. This list may be added apon as people give feedback on few ponyisms i miss our just stright don't know about. Buck: Either seem be use in place of fuck. Is use as general curse word in the show. Everypony: Is an other word for everybody pretty much just ponyfid. Hay: Also just meaning hay, the word is also just as curse insted hell. Nopony: JUst ponfid version of nobody. Somepony: Just ponfid word for somebody. Hoof: use in trems like "Let me lend you a hoof" replacing the word hands. Mare: Adult our Teen Female of the ponyspices Stallion: Adult our Teen Male of the ponyspices Fillie: Young Female of the ponyspices Colt: Young Male of the ponyspices Mane: There hair ponies skull. Horse Apples: Curse word usely use by the applefamily, that has same meaning as "crap" Flying Feather: usely use in wording of "I don't give flying feather" is term use when not applying furmly that don't care abut other perssons statment. Pony: Simple it just prefures to indvidule of the ponyspices. Pony Feather: applies frustration with an other individule our objact. Feather Brain/Head: Means that you dum, applying your head is full of feathers. Celestia: Usely use insted of god, considring Celestia is considerd as higer dentiy. This few word i can recall. If you have any ides of what could add to this list please tell me and also give briff explination on what it mean.
  20. This sentence will never end... (I apologize if this has been posted before, but according to the search function it hasn't) Rules: 1. You may only say 1, 2, or 3 words in each post. 2. The sentence may not end. (e.g. periods, exclamation points, question marks, and any other punctuation that denotes the end of a sentence.) 3. No pictures. 4. The sentence does not have to make sense. 5. If any of the rules listed here are broken, simply ignore the post. One, two, or three words are added to the sentence in each post. Simple! Example: Poster 1: Chocolate Poster 2: unicorns go Poster 3: postal while doing Etc.
  21. just as it says write a word and the next user must type the first thing that comes to mind, ill start eggs
  22. Now the rules are simple type 1 word to add on to the story. Then type a few spaces down a random thing like: gfhtvthvyhgyj (20 word minimum.) I'll go first! Once Example: fhdgtdthdcvc
  23. If that is her favorite word, does she even love the fruit itself? They look like oranges. BTW, how do you think she fell in love with kumquats? Or is it just herself being random?
  24. Since "kumquats" are Pinkie Pie's favourite word, I wonder if the fruits are poisonous to horses ...