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Found 36 results

  1. BlueMoon

    Word Association

    This is a word association game. You type the first word that comes to mind with the word in the last post. Last one, wins. Rainbow Dash
  2. Shanks

    Favorite Word

    There are a lot of very interesting words some with multiple meanings and even a few synonyms and some of us have a favorite word. My favorite word is the "F word", because it has a very nice ring to it and is a fairly versatile word that can be used in some particularly interesting ways. There is its literal context and of course as an insult, another way of describing getting ripped off or flim flammed and more. Even though it is my favorite I don't use it all that much because it does lose its power if used too much and there are certain situations where it might not be the best or place for it. So what is everyones favorite word?
  3. If you could write a small note to your past self, what would it say, using only 2 words? Mine: "Go outside"
  4. Sparky Hoof

    The Sentence Game

    What you have to do is reply with one word and one word only that you would like to continue the sentence with. Yes, a and it but here there whatever all count as words. If you wish to end the sentence, just reply with the punctuation of your choice (.?!). Don't be a troll and end the sentence before we get to the second word After a while, we'll have either a nice long story or a jumble of random lines, depending on how this goes. I'll start: There
  5. Okay, the fandom does weird stuff. I am a pegasister, but a sane one (no offence). Here is what I want to be explained. Why do some people call flanks "plots"? I don't clop but I did find one nasty clop fic by mistake which referred to Zecora's flank as her "plot", and later I heard someone call Fluttershy's flank her "plot". I have looked the word "plot" up in the dictionary and have not found any reference to it being used as a word for butt or flank, so is it an MLP thing? What's the origin? Why do people think Derpy is Dinky's mother because they went to the Sisterhooves Social? Wouldn't it make more sense for Derpy to be Dinky's friend, cousin or sister? Why do people take it for granted that Lyra likes humans when there was no evidence of it in the show? Why do people ship Fluttershy with Discord?
  6. Poly Lingua

    In Vogue Words You Love/Hate

    What are some words/phrases in vogue that you love or hate? For me... Love: - "hella"; I don't know, just has an adorable kind of feel to it, and it helps rid of redundancy with the words "very" and "really". - "facepalm"; because I do that quite a lot. - "ship"; because shipping your favorite characters can be quite fun and fulfilling. Hate: - "literally"; specifically when people say it but they're talking metaphorically... How could you have "literally exploded" if you're standing here in front of me telling me this and you're in one piece? - "YOLO"; just... stop. No. Besides, do you mean "YOLO" as in be careful and don't kill yourself? Or do you mean "YOLO" as in live life to its fullest and do reckless, possibly stupid, activities? Sorry, I fail to understand. - "faze"... but you mean "phase", right, as in a noun? Plus it's a bit uncreative and vague; instead of saying "it's just a phase" can you be more specific please?
  7. So, I've never seen Equestria Girls, but I am confused as to how some words work. Would Ponyville be Humanville, Canterlot be Runlot or Skiplot, Derpy Hooves be Derpy Feet, and the Mane Six be the Hair Six? That doesn't sound right?
  8. In Swarm of the Century, Twilight asks Zecora for advice and when she gets there Zecora's balancing on a stick and then gets a fright, falls off, and asks "Have you gone mad?" but doesn't rhyme. Why wasn't she rhyming then, and on an unrelated note, why was she balancing on a stick?
  9. I'm trying to create for myself a guide for Dead Rising 2. A game mechanic is making juices that give the player a temporary boost in speed or whatever. Is it possible to make an Excel spreadsheet with words that solve for X, Y or Z? For example I type or select 'Milk' for X (X is the first ingredient) and Z is 'Quickstep' (Z being the final Mix) it returns with solutions for Y (Y is answers for the second ingredient that can be mixed with the first to create Z). Part of me thinks this is a Javascript solution and not something that can be used in Excel. I just need someone to tell me if this is possible or not with one or the other.
  10. After searching and searching, I surprisingly can't seem to find a thread like this, so I'm gonna create one. What do you think of pony talk, for example, "everypony", "anypony", etc... Do you use it, do you like it when others use it? Myself, it doesn't really bother me.
  11. Foxy Socks

    Change words into pony names

    Change random words into pony names! To do this, you take a word or name, which can be anything, and turn it into a pony name by changing one letter per post (it doesn't have to make a word.) You can add, remove, combine words, or change a letter into another each time. Spaces are not included, just add the next letter in a word. (Starlight --> Starlight G). You can also combine the words using a turn or remove the last letter. (Starlight Glimmer --> Starlightglimmer). When you successfully turn a word into a pony, the user picks another word and pony name to change it into. Again, any word is valid, and you can even make it harder for other users to make the word. Example: Start: Tree to Fluttershy!
  12. Post something here. Say anything you want. Then, look at the user above you. Describe that person's avatar in ONLY THREE WORDS.
  13. What words do you think should be in the dictionary? Vegcaecoramo - Small Celestial Bodies that are seen as planets by a large percentage of average people but is not seen as a planet by the scientific community. (ex. Pluto) Blaflorange - A word that rhymes with Orange (ex. Sporange) Amerime - Japanese Anime made in America (ex. RWBY) Japoon - American Cartoons made in Japan (ex. Thunder Cats TV show, 2011 and 1985) Sweef - Slang or Modern words that are in the dictionary, but really shouldn't (ex. Twerk)
  14. Rain Dance

    Random Words!

    Just come up with a random word, just a random word, completely random. I'll start with "EGGROLL"
  15. SasQ

    Invent a new word

    Inspired by the "Favorite word" topic, i decided to start a new funny topic, which is a slight modification of that one. I saw plenty of fancy words there, some of them new to me (like "kerfuffle"), which sounded odd or as if they were made up (I had to check out if they're real). So I started wondering: What is it that makes people like these words in particular? Is it how they sound? Is it what they remind them of? Or how they look like when written down? Were they invented to fulfill these needs in the first place? This gave me an idea: How about inventing a bunch of totally new words? You can use existing English words as a base, or mix them up to get something new. Or you can use some well-known English stem and attach some standard endings to them to get a word which is meaningful, but there is no such word in the dictionary as of yet. For example, there is that word toyetic being used more and more by Bronies regarding Hasbro's practices of embedding imagery in MLP supposed to sell some of their products. This word is somewhat new, I guess, and definitely made up only recently. Same goes with flanderization, which means to take a character's most recognizable trait and use it over and over, flattening his character down to this particular trait. (The word is not in the dictionary yet, but it is commonly used.) Or to nerf something down, which means dumbing down, making it unnecessarily over-safe. And of course to ponify something, that is, make it MLP-related. But let me give you a couple of examples I made up myself: bonkerizer - a device which makes something gone bonkers bradness - being cringeworthy, but from hard-to-explain reasons, like Brad in "Equestria Girls" complicable - being able to become complicated easily But an even better idea is to invent something entirely new. A word which sounds like English, but there is no such word whatsoever and it is not based on any existing English stem. Here is a bunch of words I invented, from the top of my head: kwynkle, comptivity, dorfel, yankling, blipple, saliace, saliacid (I guess this one could mean something salty and acidic at the same time), fittiquity (this one sounds funny ), nork, zomping, rondling, grushy, tonkable, zork, zorking, tagant, pirtle, koshish, triddle. You can even try to build sentences with them They sound bizarre and funny: A grushy kwynkle has been yankling through tonkable fittiquity when it rondled a tonkable dorfel. The dorfel was tagant, because the previous day he was triddling too much saliace. As a true zork, he was zorking for some koshish comptivity. Yeah, weird as hell, I told ya I wonder what could it mean, though?... Lewis Caroll once wrote a poem "Jabberwocky" which utilizes a lot of nonsensical and made-up words like these. You can find it in his book "Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found there". Let me quote it for you: "Jabberwocky" 'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in the wabe; All mimsy were the borogoves, And the mome raths outgrabe. "Beware the Jabberwock, my son! The jaws that bite, the claws that catch! Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun The frumious Bandersnatch!" He took his vorpal sword in hand: Long time the manxome foe he sought— So rested he by the Tumtum tree, And stood awhile in thought. And as in uffish thought he stood, The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame, Came whiffling through the tulgey wood, And burbled as it came! One, two! One, two! and through and through The vorpal blade went snicker-snack! He left it dead, and with its head He went galumphing back. "And hast thou slain the Jabberwock? Come to my arms, my beamish boy! O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!" He chortled in his joy. 'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in the wabe; All mimsy were the borogoves, And the mome raths outgrabe. Some people even tried to decipher the meaning of these words, basing on other Caroll's works. Whaddya think of it? Fun or not? Can you invent some new, funny-sounding words and post them in this thread? Perhaps even with some explanations of what do you think they could mean?
  16. Arylett Charnoa


    This is an interesting thing I found about a year ago, that I just rediscovered and thought I would share with you guys. It is called Johari, a website where you can pick five or six words that positively describe you, and it makes a page where other persons can also pick words that describe you and you can see the difference between how you view yourself and how other people view your traits.
  17. Aura Dust

    Letter ban - Sentence game

    In this game, you must make a sentence with a minimum of 6 words, select a letter used within your sentence.. The chosen letter is "banned" and cannot be used in the next user's sentence Rules: - Minimum of 6 words in your sentence (emoticons don't count as words ) - Choose 1 letter used within at least 1 word of your sentence, the next user cannot have the chosen letter in their sentence.. Exception: Emoticons do not count, therefor if the previous user banned "P" can still use it to make this emote: in addition to your 6+ words.. - Vowels (A, E, I, O or U) cannot be picked twice on a row.. But consonants (Non-vowel letters) can be used multiple times.. Example: If the previous user banned "A", you cannot choose any vowel for your chosen banned letter) - The same banned letter (regardless of vowel or consonant) cannot be chosen twice in a row.. Example: User 1: Ok, here is the first sentence I've made Banned: H User 2: Well this isn't too.. difficult.. Banned: N User 3: At least.. umm.. other users.. uhh.. this is tricky with that letter xD Banned: A User 2: Ouch, there's the first vowel.. good you didn't choose "E" Banned: L User 3: Hehe, this seems fun my turn to make it super hard Banned: E User 1: OOOOoooo.. you just had to didn't you.. xD Banned: T And so on.. :grin2: Hope you's have fun with this one ⁿ-ⁿ I'll start off ---------- Lol, first sentence of this game, have fun Banned: S
  18. Apparantly, English has a very developed vocabulary for horses. We've got different words for all the horse parts, horse things, and horse movements. So I was wondering what other languages have in the way of equine-specific vocabulary, and if they are used in the dubs of the show much? When I went to Europe, I got a horse riding lesson in Slovakia. My Czech is good enough to be compatible with Slovak, but when the instructor got out the technical terms, I was lost and had to work off of context. Apparently, they have words for horse-left and horse-right, like starboard and port on a ship. It would be a shame to be born into a language without a ready suppy of horse puns.
  19. Idk. Kik or Skype (texting only) Anypony just want chat?
  20. Another fun topic so jump in there with your uncommon words. 1. Magnanimous Her act of charity was quite magnanimous.
  21. This might end up in the Debate Pit depending on the direction that it takes... but here goes. I like to imagine that I... for the lack of a better word, pride myself on having a healthy skepticism and distaste for a lot of the negative inflammatory uses of a lot of the words in the English language. Words that are designed to derail intelligent discussion and are just emotional tools. words that vary from all around the ideological spectrum: homophobia, gay agenda, sodomy anti-feminism, patriarchy, womanizer, socialist, socialized medicine, MRA, (an acronym for Men's Rights Advocacy) SJW (for Social Justice Warrior) and "feminazi" the lumping together and letter arrangement involved in the initialism "LGBT". Here's an explanation for what I don't like.. not about the concepts themselves, but the cheap emotional targeting when using some of these tired-out phrases and buzzwords. I consider myself to.. people would probably think of me as a bit of a right-wing person if they got to know my views well... But I don't like it how a lot of right-wing people constantly use the snide snarky phrase "Social Justice Warrior" or even SJW. SJW sounds like Social Jehovah's Witness, which makes an arbitrary cultural comparison, or it also sounds like Street Journal Wall, which makes them sounds like a jerky fourth estate superiority complex. using the phrase MRA in an antagonistic manner makes is sound like MRA is some type of Mirish terrorist group or some sort of virus that attacks people genetically. The word "homophobia" is so casually thrown around that it immediately turns my brain off when someone just casually uses it when no-one was even thinking of homosexuality. For example "My friends aren't very much into being physically affectionate" and then the person doesn't do anything to mention that their friends are all the same sex, or are the same sex as the person, or that the person is "homo". And then the person says "But it is not like they are homophobes". Yeah, I really doubt that people are going to gravitate toward that by default, that not being a very affectionate person physically has some deeper prejudice behind it, and that they will think that unless indicated otherwise. People should not gravitate toward that by default unless the person has suggested that. I also don't approve of the word "sodomy". Even a cursory knowledge of Biblical scripture should tell you that it is downright unfair to compare what people refer to when they refer to "sodomy", with what was actually being done in Sodom. Also, seriously, people in their twenties finding teens in the throes of puberty as attractive are not "pedophiles". That is not "pedophilia". It is "ephebephilia" for the cusp of adolescence and early adolescence, and "hebephilia" for the full swing of adolescence. Teens are not prepubescent kids. They are still in the process of maturing their bodies and brain development, yes, but any squicky age-difference has to be taken on a case-by-case basis. They are not helpless little kids who don't know what is going on, so I detest wording that suggests as such. Young people who haven't gotten a chance to fully get in the swing of physical development, and brain development... yes, generally older people who have been around for longer could stand to have more mature adult, reciprocal relationships with people a bit closer to their own age. But people should understand the difference between being a pedophile and being sexually attracted towards people who are no longer just kids, but that a person still has a great deal of seniority over that has implications on the type of situation you could realistically involve yourself with them. Also, for some words that don't have serious political implications: I don't like the word "twerking" or "tweet". when used to talk about Twitter. I detest that a lowercase word is being used to describe something that exclusively refers to the uppercase brand that is Twitter. That not everyone uses. unless maybe the word "tweet" ends up referring to any short public status update on any online place, not just Twitter. also, I don't like the word "bromance". It reeks of live-action sitcoms. Well, I hope that this discussion can distinguish between disliking a word or phrase and whether or not one also disliked the goal that is being attempted to be achieved with that wording. Sometimes I detest the agenda behind certain misguided language, but sometimes I can get behind what the core meaning is, but detest what certain connotations come with certain words.
  22. verycreativeusername

    Turn words into acronyms

    Very simple thread. Turn a word the above user provided into an acronym. It can be as silly or deep and philosophical as you want it to be. After that, provide a new word. Any word. Here's an example of how it goes: You see where I'm going from here. Here's the first word: Pony
  23. Are there any unusual or uncommon words that you've adopted into your everyday verbal vocabulary? I just realized that I use a few really weird words on the regular that nobody else really really says a lot. For example, one word I say all the time is "frivolous." I barely hear anyone else say that IRL; I have no idea where I picked it up... Yet I hear myself using it almost daily. I also say the word "arbitrary" way more than the average person. No idea where that came from either. Do you have any words like that?
  24. yeah my brony fellows! lets laugh a little, in this topic i invite you to say what is the most stupid or ridiculous phrase you ever heard or say? remember lets keep it clean and avoid NSFW themes
  25. Ziggy + Angel + Rain

    Tuna Fish is Magic

    Tuna fish is a wonderful food. So much so, in fact, that every can is a metallic little promise of wonderment and an awed - but nonetheless satisfied - belly. You need only employ a can opener, and 360 anticipatory degrees later - glorious fishy paradise! I know what you're thinking: "If tuna fish is truly such a wonderful food," and indeed it is, "how could *I* - who am neither a king nor especially wealthy - possibly deserve such a treat most certainly sought after by the gods themselves?" Oh ho ho, presumably young individual of not royal birth; tuna fish cares not about your status or your monetary wealth (excepting, perhaps, the cost of a can of it). Tuna fish loves you for you. But, should you unexpectedly come into a significant inheritance, tuna fish will love you all the more. Tuna fish is a food possessing tremendous versatility! It is not oppresively fishy, despite the presence of "fish" in its name, and it can be mixed easily with a wide variety of other things! For example: 1. Rice 2. Buttered pasta 3. Bread (as in sandwich form) 4. Mac 'n cheese 5. Bread crumbs or instant oatmeal (tuna burgers) 6. BBQ sauce 7. Hot sauce 8. Chopped olives, green or black 9. Even more tuna fish 10. Other varieties of fish to confuse and delight your dinner guests 11. Jellybeans? 12. A handful of pennies 13. Sand 14. Very small rocks ...And infinitely MORE! Tuna fish is an adventure. Upon which only the bravest of taste buds might embark. Or most any taste buds really. Taste buds need not be brave. But it is an exciting taste safari in a wild, verdant jungle of, "Hey, it's pretty good!" You need only be prepared to embark on a journey of, largely, mastication. Ohhhh, saliva will assuredly play its role! Embark, young culinary traveler! Into a realm of slightly overstated fishy grandeur that calls your name and your name alone. And also the names of several of your friends. Probably a cousin. Whatever you call your cats. EMBARK! For tuna fish is magic.