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Found 8 results

  1. Just curious to know how everyone's summer is going? Travelled anywhere, gone to any concerts etc...? If so post here on what your summer has been like !!!
  2. I've recently been finding it harder and harder to focus on my personal projects for long periods of time. I'm constantly distracted by everything around me, and I know that I could get a lot more done if I could just focus and work consistently. I wanna know what you guys do to stay focus on something for a long period of time. Maybe what you guys do will give me a few ideas of what I could try. So, when you guys need to work on a tedious or otherwise not-very-interesting project, what do you do to keep your minds focused and active?
  3. Search functions on the site are disabled? I've needed to use it a few times but it wont let me at all.
  4. I dunno if this is happening for everyone or if its just me, but I need to reload the page to see my notifications. Which is not much of a hassle but it gets annoying to click my notifications and find out I have a bunch that I need to sort through rather than just addressing them when I get them. (They also don't show up on the tab) Any idea why this is happening?
  5. So. Hey y'all. I've been actually thinking about making myself an OC that is a Mare, not that I really RP or anything, but just because i felt like having a Mare for my Stallion to have as a lover or wife or whatever you wanna call it, I just felt like shipping my OC by making a Mare. mkay? Roll with it . Anyways, now that I'm done, um... Doing whatever I was trying to do in that first paragraph xD, i'd just like for some people to give some opinions if you can on the new OC i'm working on. I've been messing around with it for a little bit more recently, even if the ideas been floating around for a while. So keep in mind one thing, I want my Ponysona OC(Avatar) to go well together with my OC(who has yet to be named) so I'm trying to see what works. Also i'm just looking for opinions and feedback and stuff, however just because a suggestion is made doesn't necessarily mean I plan on changing it, I want to see what others think, and try to find out where to go from there(Because honestly messing around for a while I haven't felt I got much closer to anything. Anyways, without further ado, heres my new OC Mare to be named(Someday ) Update: 8/17/13 I added in the cutie mark, and did some slight coloration changes. the cutie marks a bit small, but its hard to get big in pony creator. Not sure if its final, just felt like having that be the cutie mark for now. Maybe i'll keep it maybe i won't. And thats about all the changes, i still need a name, and now that shes closer to being done you can start suggestion names if you want. Heres the ponycreator reference picture btw. Thanks for the help to anyone who helps again! Edit: I made a thread specifically for requesting names, please check that one out if you want to help me find a name for the nameless mare!
  6. Rather simple. Have you done any volunteering or other non-paid work for an organization, company or group? Give us the breakdown on the who, how and why you did so :3 I've so far accumulated over seventy hours working in the Peace and Justice Center, a small shop that sells products from around the world. These products are collected from vendors, or, very large, international companies that redistribute those products from farmers, merchants and other people in developing countries like Africa, and aid these artisans by widening their market and working with them to better establish a business. They do this in support of Fair Trade, as opposed to Free Trade. Fair Trade, unlike Free Trade, promotes rights, fair pay, fair working conditions, and environmentally friendly bi-products all along the supply chain. So that everyone from the guy in Africa making a small piece of your product, to the guy assembling the finished product in a factory in China, all get fair treatment. I originally started because my school made it mandatory to have forty hours of community service in order to graduate. But after I reached that amount, I fund to enjoy the small store, and my boss, that I've decided to continue volunteering there until I get myself a real job that I need to focus on.
  7. Hey everyone. I was just wondering if anyone else was having problems with youtube? For me, whenever I click on my subscribers, It only shows 2 out of 9. I'm annoyed because I can't see who has recently subscribed. If you are having the same, or have any info, please say! Thanks alot!
  8. hello, i have expanded to my fanfiction and i want to know if you want me to write more. please don't leave comments that tell me to fix my spelling or grammar or punctuation please. ___________________________________________________________________________ Here i am, just a normal kid at a normal middle school, jerks will tease me for being a brony "Hey dude! dude! seen rainbowdash around?" They would say in my face in their most retarted mimication of me. "I wish i could vocalise the things im thinking" i would utter under my breath. why are bronies put down? why are there so many people who hate me? If only they could see past thier ignorance for a second and see that we all liked shows like that when we were young, just some idiot said it was "uncool" one day. i wish i could just go into the world of equestria, where i wouldnt have to deal with all those... i cant even say what they are! where everyone loves and tolerates, where pinkie pie is everyones friend, no matter what they like, where i would have no care in the world. but no. i have to deal with total dumb butts for over seven hours, hoping that that bell would ring, but for what? for me to go to my next class and get picked on by another group of jerks, or get a small releife from them for but 4 minutes? its like the time either goes my too slow, or runs by too fast, why cant the time stay at my pace of my slow mind? the next day i was walking to school and i saw the usual stuff there was on the ground, food, bottles, but there was one thing that stood out of place, there was a perfectly good sheet of glass, just lying there in the street. i dont know how it survived this long, but it did. when i got to class i lived through first period and second period, but then came third period, oh god, why? this was my P.E. period whitch ment that people would not be noticed if they picked on me, the teacher had 48 more students to attend to, so they couldnt get on to one student being a bully. when i got in the locer room, i changed into my gym clothes. then there, were of corse, there were the jerks picking on me. "Hey, little girl, your in the wrong changing room, maaaaan thats an uguly girl." well, of corse, im NOT a girl, but they frieking tease me because i like my little pony. since when did flying at super high speeds by wing, and being nice, and hilarious fight scences become girly? its actully pretty funny, their stupidity and everything, it makes be laugh. *hehe* on the way walking back to school that glass kept on bothering me. why was it not destroyed yet. glass lying there and it hasent been killed by someone? wow. i saw the glass there on the road. i dont know why but i just couldnt stop staring at it. now im going CRAZY. why is this frieking bothering me? Aw, what the heck? ill listen to by retarted gut. i went into the street (wich is proberbly s stupid thig to do) and picked up the glass, it was very small, no biger that a netbook computer screen, but it was much heavier than it should have been i got home and brought the glass in with me. I went into my room to check my email. i went into my inbox and nearly fainted. everyeher, my inbox was filled with "comment posted on your youtube video" and "blahblahblah liked your video" i read the most recent one posted on my minecraft lets play: "hey crazycoolcreeper, very nice vid, how do u have so many talents in the gaming field? i think u r amazing, man." i read the next email: "awesome vid, crazy, your really good at this. wanna do a lets play with me?" then the next: "bro, you are just magnificent at this game. how did it just come out and your already pro?" i just sat there, i closed my email window and stared at my desktop. "people think i have talent? i really think that i suck at this stuff. wow." a couple days later i was in my room, making tons of new videos for my channel when my mom came in. "Hey! is that all you do? play video games all day and talk to yourself? go do something productive!" i did sort of feel bad about not keeping variety, but its the only thing im really good at. why cant i be good at other stuff? "mom, im not good at anything else." i said. "sure you are, you have a beautiful voice and a creative mind." she said in a nice, sweet tone. later, my dad was showing me how to use digital DJ software to distort sound and make my own music. i was auful at it. i couldnt make something sound good it it was to save my life. my dad said i was doing it fine, so i tried some more and i thought i learned it alright. i made some really good sounds with it and my dad thought i made a pretty good beat. when i woke up in the morning, for some reason, i was completely bored of the DJ software. i just felt like ive been doing it forever and it wasnt fun anymore. i looked down at my glass on the floor. "im insane" i mumbled and carried the glass to the table to eat some breakfast. on the way i tripped and down came me, with the glass. the last thing i remember was me falling down face first, twards the glass.