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Found 4 results

  1. Community Workshop Applications OPEN Hey you! Have you got an idea for an event at BUCK 2016? We’re looking for people who do arts, crafts, media, music, or other socially creative stuff and want to share their skills, methods, and work with the community. At BUCK we hate Q&A panels, while a few questions and answers from the audience are great, most of the general questions on subjects we know have been covered many different times at many events. So last year we asked our guests not to simply step on stage and wait for a good question, but to give the audience something to ask questions about. We had Dave Polsky speak about his writing method and inspirations, and he gave a stirring speech about ideas the audience had never considered before. We had G. M. Berrow do the same, and people were thrilled to hear entirely different ideas, and they could compare on contrast different methods to see what worked for them. We also had Heather Breckel demonstrate her digital colouring methods live on stage, showing people how to get started, what tools were needed, and how basic line-art is brought to life through flats, shading, and lighting. So step up and tell us what you have to show to the community! Chosen applicants will be given a designated time slot in one of our workshop rooms to use as they see fit! Send in your ideas using This Google Form, and we’ll be sorting through them as fast as possible!
  2. My gmod is a little boring I need stuff to download. I am set in the mlp department already (in fact I probably have too much). I also have no use for weapons and npc that will attack. I need the stuff to be in the workshop. I am mostly interested in cars and maps that are good for driving or exploration.
  3. This is a thread where you can recommend addons on the Workshop (Or manual install if you can find some that work) for Garry's Mod. I thought this would be useful because the Workshop is an absolute mess of everything imaginable and since a lot of us have similar taste it would be nice to be able to recommend/share Workshop addons. And also for the manual addons because they're simply hard to find for Gmod 13. Make sure the Addons you recommend are working at the time of the post where you recommend them! Also specify if it is a manual install or workshop addon.
  4. Let me apologise in advance if this isn't the appropriate category to be posting in! Anyway, hello everyone! I'm hunting for someone who is experienced in making TF2 items in the workshop, but more specifically, someone who's willing to work on a taunt. I haven't the faintest clue, I'm just the talent scout here, but my friend has an idea for a taunt that could very well be the best thing since bubblewrap. If anyone's interested, let me know below and I'll send you the name, and he'll take the reins. Thanks! If I don't respond, I'm asleep. Bear with me! It's 2AM!