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Found 76 results

  1. What region of the world do you live in? Just curious as to where most members of MLP Forums lives. Choose N/A if the question doesn't apply to you. Some questions have more than one possible answer, so answer the ones that you feel works for you. I know that the U.S. and Canada have many different ways to divide them into regions, so I gave the option to select more than one choice if you wish. The poll is broken down into the U.S. states and regions, Canadian states and regions, European regions, and world continents. Choose more than one if you are away for college or temporarily living somewhere else. If you want to, that is. I would have loved to put every country and place on the poll, but that would take waaay too long. I hope I was thorough enough. XD ----- I've always lived in Oregon, but I'm currently in Oklahoma for college. My favorite state is Washington, hooves down. Map I used for Europe: Map of Equestria:
  2. Just sain. Go to youtube. In the search bar, type in "Manliest Song Ever". Look what comes up first. Hell. Yes.
  3. What languages do you know or learn except English and why are you learning them? I know French and I'm learning Russian and German. I'm learning Russian because a lot of people speak it and I also like the culture, food, language, music, etc. of Russia. As for German I just like the language and it's also a popular language. I also like learning new languages it's very interesting and fun to me.
  4. There is this 3D virtual world called Second Life, it's without objectives so I'm not sure if it would be called a game. Would there be a place to talk about 3D models in the platform like MLP building replicas, avatars, ect? (Also here is a picture of Scootaloo)
  5. So I've reached the point in my life in which I have to choose what im going to do for the rest of my life and I want to do something related to writing poetry and stories or at least something that has to do with creativity... and thinking back to what someone once told me, I realized that a lot of people never use their talents to change the world for the better, they mostly hide it or use it for other things. Everybody has a talent, so if you could get the chance to use your talent to change(save) the world, what would you do? and how?
  6. I would love to raise awareness for World Autismday and autism in general. Autism is something that some people have to live with, and unlike most issues, it is not something people see or understand. People do not expect someone without legs to run. People do not expect a blind person to compete in archery. People do not see the issues Autists have to deal with and often do not take these issues seriously. Autists do not have specific and defined issues. It is a very very very broad array of issues they can have. Yes, as like every human they learn to deal and act upon their issues. But nevertheless, it doesn't hurt to show some compassion towards people with autism. I want to wish everyone with autism a very happy life and compassion! And if you are brave enough and willing, please feel free to share your story down below! I might do so 2 later on when I find the courage.
  7. To clarify, this is excluding your "home country", i.e. where you were born and/or currently reside (whichever of the two parameters you consider most important for such status). I think I'd go with France. It's such a massively diverse country from one region to the next - beautiful architecture, beaches, mountains, forests are abundant and whether you want snow, sea, or sun you'll never be left disappointed. Each trip you take could be completely different. Plus then that'd give me a reason to actually stop being lazy and improve my French, which is currently quite shocking. How about you guys?
  8. Title: Rarity Investigates! Air Date: September 19. 2015 Written By: Joanna Lewis & Kristine Songco Synopsis: Rarity must prove that her friend is innocent when Rainbow Dash is accused of a crime that she did not commit.
  9. Out of curiosity and interest in people from different parts of the world, which places have you lived in throughout your life? I've made the poll with multiple choice options, so you can list anyplace you've ever lived in and not just your current location. The places you've lived in can include study abroad sessions, lengthy business stays, or overseas stations if you're in the military. Due to the sizes and populations of different countries, some of the smaller countries (such as micro states) would have to be grouped with nearby larger ones, some are big enough to stand alone or are first on the list, and others are so big that they have to be split up into different regions (especially English majority countries, particularly the USA). I apologize if those who live in small countries have to be on the same list as others, but I wanted to keep as less filler and blank poll spaces as possible since I don't entirely expect a country with a really tiny population to be filled up on its own. As for me, I've only lived entirely within the United States. The states I've lived in include Hawaii, California, Florida, and very briefly Washington. I'd much prefer to live in Washington out of all of these, due to my preference for cool climates over hot ones. The others seem more like decent places to visit, but not to live in, in my opinion.
  10. I would like to present the ponies of MLP forums a virtual world platform called Second Life. It's where anybody can pick up editing skills to modify the world around them or how they look however they please. There are Pony communities already there, with plenty of welcoming faces ready to greet anybody that visits, and a marketplace system for Avatars and More. I will help anybody that messages me here in the forum personally over discord, through game or ect. I'd like to do anything to help the Pony Community live their dreams.
  11. Whats your opinion about this program called Second Life? There's these avatar models made from 3D models that you can put together and make things. a lot more freedom than I usually see in games ((I hope this is the right place to talk about)) 383b666c2c404ca307f53fd7a4c17b27.mp4
  12. Well, I know what I am doing, getting on Skype and on Thursday at midnight gathering my school on Skype to sing 'It's End of The World' I honestly can't wait (To sing) SO, What are you doing on D-Day!?
  13. Good morning, evenings and nights! I need your help ... my mother is doing a chef course, soon she will graduate... and needs to prepare an international dish for her graduation ... the fact is that we do not know which country to choose and the internet does not help us much... so if you can give us some typical dishes from your countries I would appreciate it very much. I need ... an entrée, a main dish, a dessert and a drink. (the drink can be alcoholic or not) in advance thank you very much for reading and I await your comments!
  14. The Map System I've been subconsciously dreading has finally been implemented and the rest of the menus are coming together bit-by-bit as I program all the pieces separately and connect them together (instead of cramming everything I could into one giant, unreadable script like before). The results? See the latest gamedev update to find out.
  15. I don't care what the rest of the world will think about this, though I want to make a mission of mine absolutely, pin-point clear. What I want to do for the years to come (and am already doing so as we speak), is create the Largest possible Pop Culture Organ Arrangement Library/Collection for the worldwide public to have access to. This will solve many problems that others may have never thought of before. For more info on my mission and for proof, go here:
  16. Saluton "ponefratoj"! Does somebody here speak Esperanto? Currently I learn it. That's an artificial language created in the 1880s by Dr. Ludwik Zamenhof to serve as world language. He lived in a city with Poles, Russians, Germans and Jews and thought that many conflicts arose due to the language barrier, so he got the idea for an international auxiallary language. It's created to be as simply as possible to learn, while still having the precision and subleties of complex natural languages. It's special point are the same endings for all words of a grammatical category, for example, nouns all end in -o and adjectives in -a. With those endings and certain a-, in- and suffixes one can create neccessary words from word stems, so the number of words you actually have to learn is quite low. "Poneo" means "pony" and "frato" is "brother". They can easily be melted into a compound noun, like in Greek and German. The -j is the plural marker, like -s is in English and French, while "fratino" (the suffix -in is for the female gender, as it's used in German) means sister (literally "female brother"). The word Esperanto itself means "the one who hopes", esper- is the word stem for hope (it's taken from several Romanic languages), while the suffix -ant (from French) is for "people that do something", and then comes the -o to make it a noun. "La espero" (la is the definite article, just like "the" in English) means just "the hope" while "espera" is "hopeful". You can create whatever words you want, like "spacbatalanto", my ponysona's name Space Warrior (spaco = space, batalo = fight, -ant = the one who does something, -o = ending for nouns) or "planedestrino" for "female ruler of a planet" (planedo = planet, -estr = boss of something, -in = female gender, -o = 'cause it's a noun). "Doktoro Esperanto" was the pseudonym under which Dr Zamenhof published the first Esperanto book (Unua Libro aka The First Book). He called the language just "La Internacia Lingvo" (The International Language), but since that's a bit long and generic, the name of the book's author became a synonym for the language. He choose that name because he hoped that his creation would one day become the global lingua franca. "Global" means that all people on the planet learn Esperanto, to use it in international situations, like as a foreign ex-change student, on a vacation or when reading a translated novel. Dr Zamenhof never thought of Esperanto to replace other languages. It's a point of critic that modern-day English is used in non-English speaking countries in situations where it isn't neccessary and many fear that a world language would totally destroy diversity. But Esperanto wouldn't. Esperanto gained a lot of attention shortly after it was published. Millions of people in all of Europe started to learn it. There were congresses and clubs all over the continent. It could have become a world language. Unfortunately, this changed because World War Two. The Nazis hated Esperanto because Dr Zamenhof was a Jew. Adolf Hitler called it a Jewish secret-language for world domination in Mein Kampf. The Nazis banned Esperanto, closed all clubs and murdered many Esperantists. Dr Zamenhof's family was targeted for extermination. After the Second World War the rise of the United States as global superpower lead to English as de facto functional world language. But English is not international - just like Latin isn't Vaticanian - , it's imperial, since it's only so popular because the British Empire once ruled the seas and the United States are so dominant in politics, economy and culture of the Western world since World War II. But who knows what's going to happen in the future. Another constructed world language (that never became one) was Volapük, created by the German Catholic priest Johann Martin Schleyer after the had a dream where God told him to create a world language. It's name means "world speak", vol means world and pük is speak, both where taken from those English words, in fact nearly all words where derived from German, French and English. Volapük was a bit popular after it's publication, too, but Esperanto replaced it. Menade bal, püki bal - Eine Menschheit, eine Sprache - One humanity, one language Interlingua was an international auxiallary language that was used for diplomacy during the Interwar period. It has an extremely simplified grammar and takes all words from Latin and Romance languages. The most recent project for a real world language is Lingwa de Planeta. People at a Russian university work on it since 2010, it's based on the most wide-spread languages in the world. There are also lots of artistic languages that belletristic writers create for fictional worlds. The Elvish tongues Quenya and Sindarin from J.R.R. Tolkien's Legendarium (The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion) and Klingon from the Star Trek TV series are the best-known examples. Those three can be used, but most others have only fractual grammar and a restricted vocabulary, so they can't be spoken. But that doesn't bother somebody, since it'd be useless except at SciFi/Fantasy cons.^^
  17. The vast array of places we’ve visited in Equestria has grown with each new season. Now it would be impossible to cover the art of every single new culture we visited, but this panel attempts to deliver a short discussion about it all. You’ll learn about famous artists from around the world, some of which way be familiar to you, others of which won’t be. The only criteria for a style of art appearing in this panel, is that it must be by an artist who lives (or lived) in one if the places that a place in FIM is based off of.
  18. Jeric

    Three Crazy Years!*

    Three years I joined this community on April 10th 2014, just about three years ago. I don't recall ever doing a 'forumversary' blog here, and I suspect that the reason why was simple; outside of some form of self-congratulatory pat on the back it seemed rather pointless for me. Basically, I didn't think I had much to say other than, 'I have been here x years'. This year though, I have words. I think that taking stock of where you have been, where your are now, and where you are going helps with perspective. I look back at the last three years with shock at how everything has changed in my life. Recalling what my life looked like in April 2014 and comparing it to April 2017 leads to mindbogglingly insane realizations of how dynamic our world can be. I want to use this blog series as a roadmap of sorts of my history here. Highlight my favorite events and times. I need to say this though. I will obviously mention other users who have impacted my time here, but I will try and stay clear of some highly emotionally charged moments. This time the elephant in the room and I will make peace. Basically, if you are looking for me to talk about forum drama, you will be disappointed. Over the next month I will focus on why I came here, and a few of the most impactful moments of my time among you all. *I am also publishing this a bit early since this week has quite a bit going on. Star Wars Celebration, Easter, Pony Premiers ... lots. April 2014 - A Wild Jeric Appeared This is my original Welcome Post There are some amusing lines in that first post. For one, you can plainly see that I had yet to become the "Prophet of Rarity" as I was called once. My first words on MLPF were a quote from the Princess Bride, and I talked briefly about my current job, family, and hinted at how I became a fan. I smile seeing who welcomed be to this forum. There were Destiny, a former head of Poniverse PR)who can be seen as @zenyatta, and Magos Amphrose currently going by @Bedman. Destiny in particular makes me smile knowing that several months later I would be working with her on staff. Magos though, I recall what I was thinking when I read his post. It confused the living hell out of me. What the hell is a Nyx? I love that comment about my avatar, which is what I am wearing today. There were members on this forum I noticed almost immediately. Some are no longer part of this community, and some are. Anyway, at this point, I was a Twifan. Rarity was waiting in the wings though. The World Cup - The Dawn of Fabulosity So for those that don't know, there used to be a strong vocal minority of Rarity fans on this forum. Forgotten names like @ghostfacekiller39, @Obsidian Sky, @GlowingFlask, @Blobulle @Andaasonsan and more were core people who you could find in the Rarity Fan Club. Others like @Woohoo, @ooBrony, @Sunny Fox, @A.V., and @Radiance64 would also heavily contribute to the fan club as well. It was something I noticed. Back then there was this sense that many disliked the character of Rarity, and that characters most fierce defenders did a hellova lot of in depth analysis on her virtues and flaws. I paid attention. It was impossible not to. Rarity started off being my least favorite of the mane six. I character I dismissed readily. I joined the forum as a fan of Twilight, and was still catching up watching the show, and what started happening was shocking. An early post, just four days after I joined, is found here I often post on social media and forum platforms with casual musings. I find it illuminating to go back and see what my train of thought was, and how it ended. I wonder if I ever did elevate Rarity to Best Pony status? The MLPF World Cup 2014 During this time there was a user created event called the MLPF 2014 World Cup. It basically amounted to a popularity poll with various characters facing off while the fans of the characters posted text and images to root them on and try and get support from other members. I wish I could say I was immune from that sort of thing. I am not. Actually I am being extremely unfair here. The users involved actually put together one hell of a topic This was @Sterling Crimson's brainchild but quite a few contributed. @Batbrony used his word crafting to actually do mock interviews with the characters whole RP'ing as Derpy and Dinky. There were anthems for each character, and flags designed as well. The conclusion was high drama as it turned out Luna fans created a few sock puppet accounts to cheat causing that characters disqualification. Fluttershy faced off against Rarity and eventually it was a Flutters vs. Twilight battle with Twilight taking the prize. Good times. Before the main matches began I made my first post in the RFC as they were asking for people to basically post ponies. There was no going back. Not satisfied with simply posting fabulous pony pics, I created a serious of nonsense short stories that became referred to as the Rarity Bible (and my role name). Celestia tells Rarity she is to face three tests here Rarity and the Epic of the Killer Crabs Here, here, here Rarity vs. Tom here Yeah. Jeric does ridiculous ... kinda bad and overly punny ... but I do it. Seriously though, that was a fun moment for most of the people who participated. Rarity came in third, which was surprising to even her die hard fans. It was during that time that I saw the first hints of this being different than most internet communities. The diversity here was off the charts, it felt a more welcoming than YouTube comments, and when I felt so inclined I could easily switch for choas mode to thoughtful and be taken seriously. I decided during the World Cup that this place may be worth chilling out at. That is a relative term since I tend to make posts in between or concurrently with IRL activities, but this was a time sink I felt was deserving of my spare moments. It wasn't because of what I felt I could contribute that kept me here, it was the interaction with the users and seeing the community at large that made it worthwhile. The crazies, the fierce debaters, the relaxed ones, the passionate types, and the philosophers seemed to congregate together. Don't get me wrong, I know I come across as this unrealistically optimistic goofball, but that is only one part of who I am. I suspected that there was simply more to this community that met the eye. Was there some high drama at this time. Of course! But, the moments of merriment outweighed the more explosive ones by far. I'm not a fan of the concept of a 'Golden Age'. Experiences are relative, yanno? This is more like that moment of discovery. There would be experiences down the road that would lead to immense highs, but this was an era that had its own charm to it. It is easy to lose site of that sometimes. That's it for now, but next up - Waifu Marriages by a real (not really) Minister. Yes, I am dead serious, this was a thing!
  19. We need a world which is more friendly towards zombie ponies just saying, maybe a whole zombie/ evil/ mythical world
  20. As of yesterday (June 23, 2016), the World-Famous North American Privately-owned zoo in Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada (where I live right now), known for the use of its animals in Hollywood films (Life of Pi is one good example), documentaries, etc., has announced that they will shutdown after the 2016 season. I am very saddened by this, it's not even funny. I've only been there once when I was very young. It all started when PETA misleadingly showed the world that the owner was being abusive to one of the tigers late last year, and because of that I hate them for it. They have ruined the reputation of a privately-owned zoo that was highly respected for many efforts. It will shut down 3 YEARS shy of its 100-year Anniversary. Now I have to chase the opportunity to visit it once more this summer before it closes down for good.
  21. This is incredibly impressive. Theantilove from Deviantart has plotted out the locations of each location of every disney and pixar movie. Of course, the map is missing some movies that came out in the last few years, but it's amazing nonethenless. NORTH AMERICA Little Mermaid: Caribbean Although the author and original story are Danish, the wildlife is clearly tropical. There is simply no way to have that type of flora and fauna anywhere near Denmark. It is very reasonable that The Little Mermaid movie could take place on the Danish colony, now known as the US Virgin Islands.(thanks so /u/theflyingbarney) Another big clue is the fact that in the beginning of the movie the storm is referred to as a "Hurricane." Something Europeans knew very little about. (thanks to /u/Cheesecakejedi) Brother Bear: Northern Canada, Alaska. The people in the movie are cast as Inuits, who inhabit both northern Canada and Alaska. Meet the Robinsons: US/Canada. Lewis mentions being from Canada but the tone of the family seems like they are American. Bambi: Northern US/Canada. Though originally a German story, the collection of animals clearly indicates North American wildlife. [from the bambi wiki] ""Disney took the liberty of changing Bambi's species into a white-tailed deer from his original species of roe deer, since roe deer do not inhabit the United States, and the white-tailed deer is more familiar to Americans."" Fox and the Hound: Northern US/Canada Although the feel of the movie definitely seems Appalachian, there are simply no Grizzly Bears in Appalachia, which would put the movie more north. Chicken Little: US Generally Midwestern American feel (corn fields are present) but no specifics given Home on the Range: Western US The movie takes place on a cattle ranch with several noticeable arch formations shown throughout. Lady and the Tramp: North Eastern US Small town America feel. Shown celebrating Fourth of July. A song sung in the beginning of the squeal puts the movie in New England. A Bug's Life: Texas/Mexico Border Due to the rainy season present in the movie and flight the grasshoppers take to summer in Mexico puts the movie close to the New Mexico/Texas southern border. Icabod Crane: Sleepy Hollow Explicitly stated Oliver and Company: New York City, US Explicitly stated Pocahontas: Virginia, US Explicitly stated Incredibles: Midwest/Chicago, US My logic for The Incredibles is based mainly on the design of the city. The city definitely does not have a West Coast or Midwestern feel, and my top two choices where either Chicago or NYC. I went with Chicago based on the following comparisons: The elevated trains: The Incredibles vs Chicago Where it is true that NYC has elevated trains, Chicago is much more well known for them and the style of the ones in The Incredibles reflects the Chicago style. The streets: The Incredibles vs Chicago Again, a definite Chicago feel, Chicago has a much more industrial feel to the city streets. City Profile/Water Front: The Incredibles vs Chicago I think this one speaks for itself. Parks/Foliage: The Incredibles vs Chicago . In response to the Emeryville idea. The city is referenced twice: 1. The street names are real Emeryville street names 2. When Hellen activates the GPS in Bob's suit the GPS zooms in on the San Fran area. So it's impossible for it to be both his home town and where Syndrome's secret hideout it. Especially given the long plane ride they must take to get there. Toy Story: Small Ohio town The idea here was to place the Toy Story movies near Chagrin Fall, Ohio which is the popular theory for where they are located. It is based on the idea that it is the home town of Lee Unkrich(co-director of several Toy Story movies), and there is a Go Tigers sticker in Andy's room. (The mascot for Unkrich's high school.) The weather is also consistent with Ohio in that they get a heavy blanket of snow at/around Christmas. Bolt: Hollywood Explicitly stated Cars: Arizona, US Radiator Springs is found on Route 66, significantly East of Los Angeles, which would put it somewhere in Arizona. Lilo and Stitch: Hawaii, US Explicitly stated Princess and the Frog: New Orleans, US Explicitly stated The Rescuers: New Orleans/ Bayou, US Explicitly stated Dumbo: Florida, US Where he is "born" and a bulk of the movie takes place SOUTH AMERICA Emperor's New Groove: Peru Explicitly stated Up: Venezuela Explicitly stated Three Caballeros: Mexico, Brazil and Argentina Explicitly stated EUROPE Robin Hood: England Explicitly stated The Great Mouse Detective: London, England Explicitly stated Sword and the Stone: England Explicitly stated Winnie the Pooh: England Although the real life bear that Winnie the Pooh is based on is from Canada, the books are actually set in Ashdown Forest, Sussex, England. Alice in Wonderland: England Although never explicitly stated in the movie, the writer was Englishman Lewis Carroll. The Adventures of Mr. Toad: England Explicitly stated Black Cauldron: Mythological Wales The author, Lloyd Alexander, was inspired by Welsh mythology. 101 Dalmatians: London, England Explicitly stated Peter Pan: London, England Explicitly stated Cars 2: England The last and big part of the movie is set in England. Brave: Scotland Explicitly stated Snow White: Germany The movie is not explicit enough to definitively decide its location, so the original work of the Brothers Grimm puts it in Germany. Sleeping Beauty: France This movie is based on the Charles Perrault version of this story, there is an abundance of fleur de lis, and the French national anthem is played to announce the arrival of Princess Aruroa. (thanks to /u/DrRegularAffection) Pinocchio: Italy An Italian story and they are near mountains by the sea. Tangled: Germany The movie is not explicit enough to definitively decide its location, so the original work of the Brothers Grimm puts it in Germany. Cinderella: France When they revamped It's A Small World, Cinderella was placed in France (next to the Cancan dancers and Eiffel Tower) with Jacques and Gus. Video Relevant @ 2:35. Also, one of the new Mickey shorts takes place in France and at one point we see Cinderella. (thanks to /u/rustylime) Hunchback of Notre Dame: Paris Explicitly stated Beauty and the Beast: France Explicitly stated Aristocats: France Explicitly stated Ratatouille: Paris, France Explicitly stated Hercules: Greece Explicitly stated Atlantis: Mediterranean The movie never explicitly states where the Atlantis they are heading for is. The best approximation would be the more historically proposed location which would be in the Mediterranean Sea. A common misconception with this location is that it should be Iceland; however Iceland is the location of the Shepard's Journal, not Atlantis itself. Frozen: Norway The presence of Norwegian architecture, art and landscapes (namely mountains and fjords) put in the movie in Norway. AFRICA Tarzan: Nigeria/Gabon Although never explicitly stated, due to the wildlife and the proximity to the coast, the movie would have to take place in either Nigeria or Gabon. Lion King: Kenya/Tanzania The location of Mt Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti are located here. ASIA Jungle Book: India Explicitly stated Mulan: China Explicitly stated Aladdin: Saudi Arabia/Iran Explicitly stated AUSTRALIA Rescuers Down Under: Australia Explicitly stated Finding Nemo: Great Barrier Reef Explicitly stated OTHER Dinosaur: Pangea Treasure Planet: Alternate Universe Wreck-It Ralph: Cyberspace Although the arcade has a location in the real world, the characters live in cyberspace, which is an alternate universe to ours. Monsters Inc.: Alternate Universe Wall-E: Future Earth/Space
  22. Hey everypony! Not many of you know me, but I used to be cR Spitfire. I left the fandom a while ago, but now I'm back! And I'm also back to making photoshop art. So right now I'm working on a project of making a map of the entire world... in pony puns. Countries and cities that are mentioned in the show (like Saddle Arabia, or Vanhoover) are added, while most of the world is made up of puns I've come up with. This project is roughly 20% complete, and I have yet to fill the world up with city puns. If you guys like it, make sure to leave a brohoof! Also, feel free to add me, as I don't have many friends on here. (P.S, Russia is obviously made into a parody of the Soviet Union, and a lot of the Balkan countries in Europe have been merged together (because they're so small it's practically impossible to put text in them.)
  23. It was a bummer to see Jeric go; he was one of the good ones. Like, a genuinely good guy. And yeah, he stirred some things up, but they were things that clearly needed stirring. But I'm not going to get any further into all that. The world's not ending; it's not. When it comes down to it, this is just a forum on the internets. You made friends here? Had some good times? Great: None of that is magically undone. Keep in touch; PM your pals and get their Skype or e-mail or what have you and drop them a line sometime. "But I can't talk ponies anywhere else." Yes you can, you goober. MLP:FIM isn't a new thing anymore, and it was never something that warranted being all closeted about it. IM some ponyfans, sport a pony ava on Facebook, or pursue alternatives to MLPF. And FYI: Many of the really cool people either left or hit the mute button at MLPF a billion years ago. The site's been on the decline and had its issues for a while now; this was just things coming to a head. Either hang around and keep posting in the fan clubs or forum games or move on - and meet up someplace else. Things'll be all right.
  24. It occurred to me that each of the season premiere/finale villains (not counting "Princess Twilight Sparkle or "The Crystalling", which don't have active villains in the same way) can be defined more or less as an opponent to one of the Elements of Harmony: Nightmare Moon: Selfishness, opposing Generosity Discord: Divisiveness, opposing Loyalty Chrysalis: Deception, opposing Honesty Sombra: Cruelty, opposing Kindness Tirek: Powerlessness, opposing Magic Starlight Glimmer: Insincerity, opposing Laughter. Obviously, some of these are stretches (e.g. what are the opposites of magic and laughter?), but is there any validity to this view of the world? Could having to deal with each of the antagonists be connected to a different aspect of their friendship?
  25. Not sure if you've seen this map before, but I thought I'd put it out just for funsies. (I did not make this map, btw; I myself think the concept is a little silly, but who doesn't love a little silliness here and there?) List of characters and countries is here. Some of the characters are apparently supposed to match a little with their countries, but for the most part it's rather arbitrary. So which pony do you live in? For the record, I live in Applejack, like a lot of you.