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Found 7 results

  1. Hello ponies! some fan of spyro around here? hope so! as fans of the saga we know that they will make a remake of the first trilogy in playstation 1, knowing this ... what levels do you expect to see with new graphics? personally I'm dying to see levels like ''magic crafters'', ''Tree Tops'' , ''dark passage'', ''autumn plains'', ''Fracture Hills'', ''Spike's Arena'' and ''Midnight Mountain'' -image so that the post looks flashy- (?
  2. Ello! I have a idea! What if I start a story series about a character going through worlds. Ok this is hard to explain hm... Ok lets put it this way Each chapter, will feature a different person, in a different dimension with a different problem! There will be a example at the end of this post Anyway! What I need you guys to do, its sign up! You heard me! Sign up! Simple as it states just say Your display name (or the name your seen as, like mine is RainMuffin) The world you want to be featured in (MLPForums, Devaintart, etc. also Note: I might reject you if I don't know the website, sorry) and the problem you face in that world (please be specific don't just say "friendship problems" because I probably wont accept you) Chapter list World list (for ideas) P.s. Websites like MLPforums do NOT count as the actual show MLP, so if someone is in the world of 'MLPForums' doesn't mean they are in 'MLP' as well. so they are completely different worlds P.P.S DO NOT REQUEST THAT YOU BE IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH A CANON CHARACTER. Just...No Here is the example (of a chapter Im going to do) Chapter #(insert number here)-Dogzer-RainMuffins tough time Hi there, Im Rain Muffin and I live in the city of Dogzer. We got our name as simply as it states, our city has a love for dogs. I have recently moved here and I was automatically surprised by the requirements of the city. You absolutely MUST have a dog in order to live here! Outrageous right? I have no objection now though, I moved in near the edge of town and was automatically welcomed by neighbors. Living here has been just fine, up until I found out about that one rule. I was cleaning my kitchen after a very messy meal I tried when I got a knock at the door. I quickly scurried over to it and opened, and to my surprise, there was POLICE outside my door! They asked me tons of questions I hardly understood for around 3 hours, but I thought they did this to every new citizen to ensure safety, then they hit me with the last question, "Do you own a dog?" at first, I thought it was just to see if I had a dog to protect the house or anything so I answered with a neat and simple "No". That was when the weird part happened. Hahaha cliffhanger
  3. Here's the link to the Online Game: I started playing in 2009 then took a break a year or two later, but recently I've been playing a little bit of this game since a good....awesome friend of mine wanted to play it with me, and so I have. We've even attracted a few people to join from this website to play with us. Perhaps you have played this game before or would be interested in doing so :comeatus:? I happen to be Agent C3, and hey, maybe we've met before .
  4. A new Sonic the Hedgehog game was announced. Sonic Lost Worlds is a Wii U and 3DS exclusive coming sometime this year. It has been compared to Sonic Xtreme and Super Mario Galaxy. I am incredibly excited for it. What are your thoughts.
  5. In all honesty I prefer the Renaissance world. I don't know if it's because I'm just a hardcore fan of history (for some weird reason lol) or if it's because that's when explorations began and new things began to emerge. Although I wouldn't like to live there since of all the things back then, but I am mesmerized about it How bout you?