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Found 5 results

  1. So i meant this girl online and we chated on and off for 5 years she is currently 19 and im 24 well recently we got to talking and she loves me i guess, i feel the same way and we even send each other letters but I have a severe problem! she hasnt messaged me since weds and i am worrying myself literally sick! she has some problems herself such as panic attacks maybe some ptsd from terrible childhood experiences which makes me worry even more! so what do i do? Shes in Houston Texas which frankly scares the heck out of me as all the gang violence, rapes and crashes ive even went as far as to search obituaries to no avail and news feeds around Houston to no avail. A certain family member of her from what she tells me slaves her pretty hard in helping her family member start a business to the point where the poor girl becomes exhausted and may have ended her back in the ER because of panic attacks! Im literally holding a letter she sent me and crying my eyes out thinking of anything happening to her! So heres my question! what should i do???? Should I call the police and ask them to confirm if shes alive or not? I already contacted a local hospital and kindly asked them to check with other hospitals mental health facilities etc! Help me all this worry is making me feel psychotic no joke! I keep imaging her dead in a car crash, raped and beaten, in a mental institution what should I do what CAN I do to ease this pain and worry? ive tried calling her prolly 400 times ive texted her prolly 800 times and NOTHING, sometimes her phone rings sometimes it sends me to voice mail prolly because of bad service and still nothing. I have never FELT so USELESS if I come to find out anything has happened to her I honestly and truly feel like my heart cant take it! If any of you fine people could help my weary soul out that would be great, this knot in my chest and throat feels like and elephant! Btw if anyone lives in or around Houston PM me! I might literally start a search party! she goes by the name Bailey Bushes online..... just in case anyone has heard of her handle before, cause you know of the millions of bronies and pegasisters we all know each other!
  2. I really dont know much about this, I just discovered this link in a video I saw in youtube this morning. But I'm actually really concerned about this. Would bronies be affected? (I'm guesing yes but still) I really would like to know what you guys think about this.. Are you as scared as I am? >.< Link:
  3. So lately a few friends of mine have been banned...I feel generally sad about the whole thing. I support the staff on the reasons, but I don't support the punishments. What I hate is that friends of mine don't take a breath and talk it out...It's immediately "they are evil and corrupt" Friends. Let's just sit together and talk it out. No use starting a riot. It just seals it... )': Been really sick because of a lot of drama...whether it being from friends being manipulated, or just bad news in general. I stay awake all night...I want everyone to be happy, and it kills me every time something bad happens to them... I pray that we listen to reason, and get reason in return. This is more of a my emotional state update I guess (typical blog stuff) But at this time. I can't draw, I can't eat very much, I wanna sleep all day, and I cry every night... Sorry for making a depressing post...Just thought it was too long ago since the last one, and I didn't get into a better mood, so I just decided to make it public that I feel kinda bad... Though, I will say I'm still absolutely up for chatting. I can't just leave you like that *hugs* Don't hesitate to send a PM if you feel down. I can give advice and vent )':
  4. A few months ago I went to a kind of big marketplace area in the city. I went with my friend. We went to do some things before she left to go home a few weeks later. We'd done what we went to do, and were looking for other things to do while we were in the area. I'd been to this marketplace area several times before. Each time, I'd seen this sign for a cafe. It was a cafe which is actually more like a manga studio with seats available for a cheap price. We went and the guy running the place was really nice, giving us tips and telling us all about the process of making manga. We drew some pictures. We were actually there for longer than we had intended to be. I enjoyed it. The guy told me that there's a group of English-speakers that meet there every Sunday. I said I'd be back sometime to meet them, or something. It's been a recurrent dream of mine to draw manga professionally. (Can you use the term "recurrent dream," in this situation?) It always just seemed like an endlessly daunting task that I never had any clue where to start from, though. It's kinda been on the back burner for a while, and as I've gotten older, has started to fade into the background. I mean, I'm just getting older and older... when is it time to give this up. You know what I mean? Going to this studio, however, made me want to draw manga again. I actually felt a want to do this hobby that I haven't wanted to do in a long, long time. I even started forming characters and a story around this idea I'd thought of a few years ago. Well, as for going back, my friend was still around for a few more weeks. I wanted to spend time with her while I still could, so we hung out on the weekends and stuff. Then she went back, and I had various things that were causing problems. I was sick or stuff like that. However, in recent weeks, I've been able to go. Able to. I never actually went, though. I've wanted to, but for whatever reason, I just can't seem to bring myself to do so. I thought it was just a matter of me not wanting to get out of bed. This past weekend, though, I actually got up at an hour where I could make it out there at a reasonable time. And I just sat for a while. And eventually, I just said to myself, "Nevermind... I just can't do it..." And I went back to bed. I don't know why I couldn't bring myself to go. I just got this bad feeling about going, like it's just going to go really wrong. I think one of the things I'm worried about is that I think this may be my only shot to actually make it as an illustrator. That may or may not be true, but that's how the situation looks as of now. If I blow it and people don't like me, it's not just that I've blown my shot to make friends, but I've blown my shot to fulfill this dream. And on a rational level, I realize that if I don't go, it's taking away my shot before I've even had it. But on an emotional level, it worries me too much to even try going. The other part of this problem is that I feel really guilty about the money. Not only does it cost money to go out there, but it costs money to utilize their service as well. And I'm supposed to be saving money. I'm about to make a dent in savings, because I need to go home and have surgery, so there's no good reason for me to be spending so frivolously like this. Even if I do go and it goes well, I'd still feel bad because I spent so much money on this activity. Other than the money, though, I don't know why I just can't bring myself to go. I feel stupid.
  5. Ok so for the past probably 6 months or so now I've been having problems with my computer, and I've even had times where they've worsened a bit. At first I had detected a virus or something, but I thought I had got rid of it, then I had some issues with my virus programs not working and I tried all kinds of things and it just didn't work, after a while I just gave up really. I came back a couple times with no luck. As of now I still can't access any virus protections programs of any kind, and my computer has blue screen crashed me a couple times randomly. So I decided to talk to one of my uncles who works in the computer field and is pretty tech savy(I'm not an idiot for technology, but I'm not exactly a mastermind of it by any stretch.) Anyways after speaking to him for a while I can to the conclusion that I'm going to try to restore my computer to factory settings sometime tomorrow if I can, since I am off this week from school. As far as I know I've got everything mostly ready to go, I've backed up anything I don't really wanna lose(Basically just some of my pony art and other random pictures aswell as some music.) Apparently I can't backup programs because when I factory restore it will clean my registry and everything else connected to the program, so according to what I've been told backing those up won't serve me much, meaning I'll have to reinstall those, not a big deal just some info. I have a drive in my computer thats called Recovery D: And According to my understanding it should serve as basically what I'll need to restore to factory settings and hopefully fix my problems before they escalate anywhere to dangerous. (Don't really wanna pay for a whole new computer :/) In my Recovery D; Drive I found a program that says "PC restore" and as of my understanding so far that should, well restore my computer to factory settings, I have the stuff I need backed up and I'll just have to sync and do some reinstalling(Well alot of reinstalling) After the restoring process is done. The question I'm wondering is, have I got everything together? Should I be doing anything else or will I be safe? I'm a bit worried I'll accidentally break my Laptop(I can still go on the forums on my Ipod, but I'd like not break my laptop) So should I be worried? Or is all my worries just pointless worries and everything should go fine? Before anyone mentions recovery disks. I have no idea how to make them, and I never got any when I bought my computer. So I'm running on the hope I don't need them at all. Otherwise I may have to spend some time and money getting that resolved. Hopefully any information y'all can give me that can help me finally decide with peace of mind what to do will be fully appreciated. I plan to do this sometime tomorrow if I can. So i thought I'd post this before hand to see if i'm missunderstanding or missing anything in general. Thanks in advance! Also My computer is a Windows Vista, Dell, XPS M1530. Its something like 3 years old now maybe. If you need any other info just say the word, I'll hopefully stay on for a bit before going to bed. I am a bit sick right now so I don't wanna stay up to long, I just need some more advice and opinions on the situation since if you can't tell from how many times I've said it and how much rambling I've done I'm a bit worried I'm going to screw my computer over in some way. Thanks again! If something does happen bad when/if I do my restore tommorow I can still get to these forums from my Ipod like I said, but hopefully it won't come to that at all.