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Found 7 results

  1. Today, I am going to worship the best of all the ponies. the most likable and complex character even matching the complexities of G3 3.5 ponies. Yeah, that complex. Here is our queen of ponies, Diamond Tiara Diamond Tiara is the most lovable, relatable, and deep character in all of Friendship Is Magic next to Angel Bunny, Twist, Snips and Snails and Flash Sentry. Her intentions are good. Her goal in life is to constantly pick on the cutie mark crusaders for doing the scum of all of Equestria, not having their cutie marks. She does heroic things such as calling them blank flanks, making Apple Bloom's cousin bully her, and of coarse, making fun of Scootaloo for potentially being disabled. She sure knows how to deal with those less fortunate than her. I sure wish she had more episodes instead of those idiotic mane six. Especially that one annoying one Pinkie Pie. I mean really, all she does is annoy every pony and sing stupid songs. Her Lament in Pinkie Pride I just laughed at seeing her feel sad and left out because that's what the queen of brats diamond Tiara would do. Besides, the best part of Pinkie Pride was that one part where she got a song. She sure sang better than Pinkie's annoying voice. So this is why you should all think Diamond Tiara is best pony. She is the only best pony and any pony who thinks otherwise shall (suddenly, Chikorita gets hit in the head by a present from the party cannon and gets knocked out.) Huh, what happened. What, WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS BLOG? WHY AM I WORSHIPING DIAMOND TIARA AND MAKING FUN OF PINKIE PIE? I SERIOUSLY THOUGHT THE STUFF SHE SAYS ARE WORTH DESERVING OF THE HIGHEST HONOR? WHAT IS THIS? I'M SORRY PINKIE! I HAVE FAILED YOU! Anyway after freak out let me just say, happy April Fools day.
  2. So did this thing, so I decided to try it too. Some, interesting rankings. I don't necessarily agree with all the rankings, but most of them are pretty much there. Strange that Cheese Sandwich wasn't on there or he'd probably be in at least the top 20.
  3. I know what a second Civil War would be over if there was one. It will not be over political parties. It will not be over religion. It will not even be over gay marriage. No, it will be over who is best pony. Because, that's what will easily start a flame war in this fandom. Now, I believe that people have a right to choose who their favorite pony is for whatever reason they feel it's best. If they think Rainbow Dash is best pony because they find her hot, whatever, that's their views. What I don't like, is people starting flame wars, just on who is best pony. First off, best pony is a subjective point of view. There is no objectively better pony than the others. It's just whoever the viewer in question seems to prefer. People's reasons for liking said pony, are entirely subjective. It could be due to readability, looks, what they did an episode, or even something they said. It seems like whenever someone asks a group of people who is best pony, people seem to start arguing over it, which leads to flat out insulting people. Heck, it feels like whenever we have some best pony tournament on this forum, we do get a result, but only after serious fighting and insulting. I compare this to a civil war because it feels some fans of each pony hate fans of other ponies like this is some weird territorial war or something. If there's one thing I wish would happen, is people just accepting which pony they like the best, instead of mindlessly attacking others for it.
  4. Often in fanworks, Rarity the Unicorn Pony is associated with these: "FabulousFabulousFabulous" "Bend over, darling." "IMMA SNUGGLE YOU, DARLING!!1" "worst pony" (a serious lot of times) How did our beloved fashion designer end up like this, for each "trait"?
  5. You get to visit Equestria for a day, but only with one pony. I want to know which pony you would choose to spend the day with and why for these things. 1. Enjoyment - Who do you believe you would have the best time with? 2. Improvement - Who could help you the most in life? 3. I also want to know which pony would you absolutely hate to spend time with. (Them being evil or mean are not valid answers for this) For me it would be : 1. Octavia - I absolutely adore music, and spending the day with the pony with the best taste in music would be amazing. 2. Pinkie Pie - Would help me with depression and improve my confidence. 3. This one was hard to decide. Spitfire - I can't stand being with those military type people. I'll probably get hate for that, but it would personally be terrible for me to spend a day with her.
  6. It's come to my attention that we have 66 days until the season premiere. Better pick up the pace and make some more streamlined reviews. you go. That awkward moment when you get glitter in your eye and you have to play it off. "Boast Busters" Written By Chris Savino As I hinted at in my last review, I didn't exactly have the fondest memories of this episode, and rewatching it didn't change my initial, apparently widely agreed-with opinion: it's not very good, and unless there's an episode rewatch turns up something else, this may be the worst of S1. There's a lot of reasons to not like it: it's particularly predictable, which wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't also uninteresting, an unfortunate amount of time is spent with Worst Ponies (more on that in a minute), and the writing overall is bland and uninspired. Am I the only one offended by how uncreative this line is? It's like saying "They don't call me 'Spider' and 'Man' for nothing." But what edges the episode past just being weak and makes it magically annoying is the murkiness surrounding the moral of the story, and what I can make out comes off as slightly sociopathic. Okay, story establishes from the outset that Twilight is very much modest in regards to her magical prowess, which is a good thing. Humility and modesty are qualities any non-shitty person should probably have. But then Trixie rolls into town and all that stuff goes down, and they want Twilight to lay down the law, and Twilight is concerned that she would be needlessly showing off. Now this would make sense if the concern was because she isn't using her magic to help ponies, but rather to show up somebody else. But instead, she's afraid she'll make her friends feel bad. I dunno, it comes off as passively arrogant to me. Like, she's just assuming that she's so good that she'll probably make everyone else look bad if she does anything. That's like if your art doesn't get accepted by a website, and your immediate thought is that they just didn't get the email, because your art is so obviously good that the only reason it wasn't automatically accepted is that they haven't seen it yet. What a douchey thing to think, emmiright? Right? Heh... So Twilight does her thing and saves Ponyville and Trixie gets chased away, and we get the friendship lesson: "I was so afraid of being thought of as a showoff that I was hiding a part of who I am. My friends helped me realize that it's okay to be proud of your talents, and there are times when it's appropriate to show them off... Especially when you're standing up for your friends." Okay, decent enough lesson, I guess. You can be proud of your talents as long as you know when it's the time and place to demonstrate them and remain humble. I guess that just goes to show that-- Spike: "So, you finally admit that you're the most talented unicorn in all of Ponyville?" Twilight Sparkle: "Well, yeah, but it's nothing to brag about." ... Dabuq? "It's okay to be self-assured in the fact that you are better than everyone else as long as you aren't actively bragging about it?" What the hell kind of lesson is that. I mean, yeah, at least you ain't flaunting it, but silently having the idea that you are better than everyone else isn't cool either. In fact, I'd say that's a pretty detrimental mindset to have. There's a difference between having pride in your talents and assuming you are absolutely the best at what you do. And it isn't even a small difference, those are completely different things. I mean, geez, this is the kind of thinking an entire episode would be dedicated to to show how wrong it is, and it's the ideal here. This is not a good thing. So the lesson is more along the lines of "it's okay to know you are superior to your peers, as long as you keep it in your brain", and the episode makes sure the Great and Powerful Trixie pays dearly for her indiscretion, as her worldly possessions are destroyed, her career is shot to oblivion, and her tail is wedged right between her legs as she is ran out of town. Kind of a harsh resolution, especially when you consider that the Ursa Minor attack wasn't even her fault (how was she suppose to know somebody would be idiotic enough to bring one to town?). Of course, they get rewarded with enchanted mustaches, while her prize is having her entire world shattered. Speaking of which, yeah, I actually quite like Trixie. I don't really know why, maybe it's Kathleen Barr's amusing performance in the role, her mannerisms and stage friendly personality (I love these type of bigger-than-life, ridiculous characters), or her design, or the fun all the fan artists and writers have had developing her personality, or it's my Draco in Leather Pants showing, but I really like her and think there's a lot of things you could do with her character, whether it be a memorable side character or Team Rocket-esque "bad guy", or whatever. I do feel sorry for her here, though maybe not because of how the characters treated her. Yeah, the Mane Six's reaction to a magic show was a bit over-the-top, but to be honest, that probably helped Trixie. That's how magic shows back in the good ol' days worked, right? You have some shmuck in the audience try to call the magician's bluff, or better yet, they try to outdo him/her, and the magician would outsmart them and show off how awesome they were. So that was probably playing right into Trixie's hooves. No, it's less that the character's who are too harsh on her, and more that the writer is too harsh on her. The entire climax of this episode sees to it that she gets her "just deserts", and it does so with an intensity. But it's so hypocritical that I'm not sitting there thinking "I see what she did to cause this outcome". I'm instead pondering why this character who thinks she's better than everyone else is any worst than Rainbow Dash, who literally says "I'm better than everyone else." Twice. And that's the part that really massages my dolphin: if you're going to take a strong stance against a certain behavior, fine, but don't turn around and make it okay for another character to do the same thing just because she's one of the main characters. The moral is already a bit screwy, Savino; we don't need this on top of that. So yeah, this episode isn't very good. But "Dragonshy" is the next review, and that's a much better episode. Right? Heh... 4/10 Random Thoughts: Seriously, buck those guys. Don't you dare smile. You suck so hard, you broke Derpy's eye brows. Top 5 reasons Snips and Snails are Worst Ponies 1.Now this isn't a hit against Lee Tokar and Richard Ian Cox, who by every indication are very nice people in real life and I'm sure they've done a lot of great voice work, but I cannot stand their voices. To borrow from the Nostalgia Critic, their voices are those annoying voices you give other people in your funny story. The only problem is that you use those voices in the first place because they annoy you. 2. Two of the few reoccurring male ponies on the show, and of course they act that way. 3.Whenever they are in a scene, the quality of the humor and writing drop significantly. What was before witty, clever, or amusing becomes tired, lazy, and tedious, and the episode comes to a halt while we wait for their schtick to end. GET IT BECAUSE THEY ARE CURRENTLY TANGLED IN STREAMERS BUT THEY AREN'T USUALLY TANGLED IN STREAMERS GET IT? 4. They keep coming back, and each time, they have absolutely nothing to bring to any story, nor have they had any defining as characters. Even Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon get tiny miliseconds of humanity, but these guys? There is nothing. Only pain and loss and sorrow. 5. The fact that these guys get to stay but Derpy Hooves had to leave for a year really irks me. It irks me real bad. Right in my thighs.
  7. Alternate title: Leave Diamond Tiara Alone Foreword Diamond Tiara, the undisputed most hated character of the show for many. It’s a pretty safe assumption that you absolutely loathe her or at least dislike her heavily. I was lurking through some of the dormant threads in the dark depths of the forum and I was a bit surprised at the amount of hatred the members had (and probably still have) for Diamond Tiara. Well, not so much surprised as disheartened I guess. As crazy as it may seem, I've come to like her recently and though I doubt it will change any of your minds, I will go ahead and explain why I like Diamond Tiara. This is pretty much the largest reason why everyone dislikes Diamond Tiara so let’s get this out of the way – she’s a bully, mean and obnoxious. And it’s true; she is and I’m sure you don’t need me to list any examples to show that. Apple Bloom is the focus of her aggression. At first it seems like she bullies Apple Bloom for having a blank flank but I think there is more to it than that, she did team up with Babs against Apple Bloom after all. She’s obviously got something personal against Apple Bloom which is why she focuses her aggression on Apple Bloom and those that associate themselves with Apple Bloom. Diamond Tiara is probably just jealous of Apple Bloom and her strong bond with her family. I don’t know if you noticed but it doesn't seem like Filthy Rich, Diamond Tiara’s dad, is around very often. The guy looks tired and overworked; he probably just buy his daughter gifts to sort of make up for not being around as often as he would like do to being busy with work. For this reason, Diamond Tiara finds satisfaction in bringing Apple Bloom down and acts out to get attention. I realize you may be thinking, “That’s all just speculation. Diamond Tiara is rotten to the core” and I say that simply isn’t true. I seriously doubt that she has no redeeming qualities in fact some have already been shown. If you look back at “Family Appreciation Day”, you’ll notice that Diamond Tiara has plenty of love for her father. She stays attentive for his presentation and is the only one to applaud at the end. She obviously takes pride in her father’s accomplishments; it’s no wonder she’s quick to defend him when Apple Bloom uses Granny Smith’s story to undermine Filthy Rich’s accomplishments. There is no such thing as pure evil or pure good; even if we don’t get to see the good qualities of Diamond Tiara all that often, I’m sure they’re there. So smug Now that the appeals to pathos have been observed, let’s get to the real reason I like Diamond Tiara – she’s mean and obnoxious . I’m half-joking when I say that. The above paragraphs are truly my thoughts but I actually enjoy the mean and obnoxious side of her because she plays her role well, maybe even too well considering how many in the fandom absolutely despise her. She’s extremely manipulative as evidenced by her ability to get Apple Bloom to feel embarrassed by Granny Smith in a matter of seconds and how she gets Babs to turn on her own cousin and how she forces the CMC to continue writing gossip columns against their will (or at least they would have if the town didn’t shun them). I love how standard this evil is; no enslaving civilizations, no eternal night shenanigans, no invasions using emotion sucking parasites, just good old fashioned psychological beat downs on a particular pony. It’s the normalcy of Diamond Tiara’s evil ways that has led to her downfall in the fandom opinion. Her actions are nothing compared to the dark deeds of the more prolific villains Nightmare Moon, Sombra and Chrysalis. Since she’s not in the group of major villains, her evil ways aren’t appreciated the same way. Chrysalis turns all of Twilights friends against her and at the moment when Twilight is weakest and most remorseful, Chrysalis banishes her. It was wicked; it was ruthless; it was one of my favorite scenes in that episode since it really showed how bad Chrysalis is. Diamond Tiara has never done something on that level but she has her ruthless moments like blackmailing Apple Bloom & co. Yet at the same time she’s different from the other antagonists Flim, Flam and Iron Will, because of her malicious intent. Her actions are too petty for her to be looked at the same way as the “big bads” but too spiteful to be excused like those of Iron Will. All these characters are antagonists. Some are loved for how evil they are, others for how normal they are and somehow Diamond Tiara has fallen into the gap for most people it seems but not for me. tl;dr : *Whine* I want more DT fanart and fanfics. Diamond Tiara is best filly. I’m gonna start a DT fan club and none of you are invited! *whine*. And thanks Wingnut, for making me love the worst character of the series . So, how many of you have been converted? When should the fan club go up? Oh, and if you have thoughts to share, comment.