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Found 26 results

  1. Let’s play would you rather! now I’m sure most of you ponies are familiar with the game,but if by some act of God that you don’t know then I’ll run a refresher course! Example: A Random Dude: Hey! Would you rather watch mlp on YouTube or Netflix? Average Joe: Watch mlp if YouTube? You can’t find any full episodes there! I choose Netflix! Rules: Dont ask anything perverted. You can send pics/gifs with you question and answer. Keep it clean And most important of all....HAVE FUN!!!! So I’ll start off simple! Would you rather Have a tea party with Rarity? Or Have a Cake party with the Princess’?
  2. Ok, so i know nobody can control what your first child will be(well unless you adopt them), or your second, or 25th(how you could have 25 children sounds a bit crazy unless you adopted them all to be honest but uh..) However, i'm just curious frankly, i dunno the question came to mind, and i wondered what people would prefer for their first child. Regardless of if you end up having more then one child, i want to know what you think you'd prefer as your first born(Even if its your last) as far as gender is concerned. So, if you had the ability to control it, what would you be your preferred gender for your first child? Regardless of whether you'll have more or not. Your reasons could be based on you thinking one easier, or one would make it easier to raise another child, or you just prefer to have a girl or a boy and not the other. This isn't necessarily a which is easier to raise in your opinion, so don't be confused, but just which you prefer as your first born gender wise. If you don't plan on having any children thats ok, i'd still like if you participate with which you prefer, but its up to you. Remember everyone is entitled to their own opinions, so i'm sure people will have many different opinions. I'm simply curious to what others opinions are and what they prefer and why for their first born. So without further rambling and expressing the fact I am a super long winded and boring individual... Lets get on with this. What would you rather have a boy or a girl as your firstborn? I personally can see reasons for both frankly, but i have a slight inclination towards a girl, just because i'm a guy and girls end up being typically speaking to like their fathers more, where as sons and fathers tend to conflict more. Of course i hope both would love me regardless. And I do plan to have a girl and a boy 1 each, of course I guess i'll have to see how things play out in the future(And if for that matter I ever get someone willing to marry me and give me two children ;p.) So how about y'all?
  3. Lets say you get a random phone call at the middle of the night, you try to ignore the ringing phone, but the caller wont stop calling. It's not a number you know or have seen before. Finally, you give up and pick up the phone. In a frantic and panicked voice you hear, "It's (name of OC/fav. pony). Yes, the pony. I know it's weird, but I don't have much time. I need you to walk down the street and you'll see what looks like a puddle in the ground. You need to jump into it and---" You suddenly get cut off. what do you do?
  4. What car would you be? Self explanatory, if you were a car what kind of car would it be. Try fitting it with your personality, why would that car represent you. For all car enthusiasts a car is an extension of yourself. Which is why car enthusiasts take very good care of their cars as well as spending tons of money on customization, tuning as well as just the basic costs of having it. This is not a question of who your favorite car is, it's what car would you be. For example: I could say a Lamborghini Aventador for many reasons, it's my favorite but yet it doesn't exactly represent my personality, my love for speed is there and smooth looks but there is more to it then that. Living near country roads gave me the need to be able to take it off road. A lot of stuff can happen off road so the car has to be strong. _________________________________________________________________________________ If I was a car: I love speed, fast acceleration, smooth looks yet it has to be ready to get tough when it needs to. I would probably have a small engine 2.0 L gasoline engine while packing a punch and a turbo of course. It would have double exhaust, huge spoiler and a hood scoop. Only two cars come to mind, Subaru Impreza 2000 turbo or a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, Mitsubishi being too expensive yet it could fit my personality. But the Subaru Impreza turbo 2000 fits me better, it's tough yet fast only 6.1 seconds to 100. It's AWD, it's an iconing rally car and it just looks amazing, not to mention it's affordable. Of course I will probably change it to something else later but at the moment the subaru represents me. So yeah, this is me as a car. A subaru Impreza turbo 2000, 2.0L, 4 cylinder boxer engine producing not only 214 bhp but also the most beautiful sound in the world. The sound of a boxer engine, unless you have a V8, V10 or a V12, it truly is amazing. 0-60 mph (0-100 kph) 6.1 seconds. Torque 290 Nm and with a top speed of 144 mph (232 kph). We are of course talking about a manual, since it's a lot more fun to drive a car with a manual transmission. So what car would you be? You only have to mention the brand as well as the type and why it fits your personality. You don't have to put up specs, but specs are welcome.
  5. Hey y'all I know this might be slightly.. Odd of a thread to make, but since I've been sick for the past couple days(Thank God i'm getting over it now) the idea had come to mind and I figured, ah why the heck not make it Xd. So yeah pretty simple question, when your sick (As I know all of us have been) atleast with common colds and such you always either have a stopped up nose which makes it hard to breath, or a runny nose which is well annoying for sure . So which one do you prefer? I know both suck, but I mean you have to have one you hate more. I personally hate runny nose more then a stuffy one, I mean with a runny nose its just so high maintenance, atleast I can have a stuffy nose and not have to have a tissue every 5 seconds. What about y'all? I'm gonna put a poll on here for you to vote, but I'd like to see posts justifying your answer of course. You don't have to, but it would be cool . Later y'all!
  6. I would just say "hi mom!" lol but in all seriousness I would just say start helping everyone out instead of fighting over everything. What would you say?
  7. If you know how to play would you rather, it should be pretty simple. Just answer the would you rather question above you, then make your own, and continue. You know the drill! I'll start. Would you rather sing like a fool or dance like a fool?
  8. If you got transported to Equestria for however long you wanted, maybe a day or maybe a year, and you got to choose to be an already existing pony from FiM, who would you be and why? I personally would be Fluttershy because I'm so much like her, but what pony would you choose?
  9. This is a game I just thought of, and I thought it would be fun. What you do is post something similar to this: Poster 1: A buff guy with a leather jacket walks up to you. What do you do? And then the next guy would say, Poster 2: Shit my pants and run. Then he would also post a new 'what do you do' question. So, come up with a certain scenario, and ask what do you do/what would you do. Then the next guy answers, and comes up with another scenario. Repeat. Okay, I'll start off. A lazer gun is randomly spawned in your pocket. What do you do?
  10. Comment some things you hate, and wait. Read some things that those people hate and turn two of them into a would you rather question, then quote them and ask them to pick one of your options. Its that simple! Let the games begin!
  11. So, I'm just curious. What do you think, how would generation 5 ponies look like? If you want to, you can designe your g5 ponies! That would be fun!
  12. Ok, in this forum game, you must provide two characters; fictional or non-fictional. They can be anyone and anything except for users of this forum. They can be from MLP if you choose so or anything else. Basically choose anyone you want, just no members of this forum. Once you have the two characters post their names and pictures if needed (If the character isn't a famous character that almost everyone knows, it would probably be best to add a picture.) For this forum game, I will start out with two characters. The person below me will then post which one they would rather date and then post two more characters. Then so on and so on. Ok, I'll start. Fluttershy or Rainbow Dash? (Using MLP characters to start out with.)
  13. Based off the popular BBC gameshow Would I Lie to You, and the rules are somewhat similar. Basically, You state either a fact or a falsehood about yourself, and the next player along has to guess if it's a truth or a lie, then give their own fact or falsehood. The original poster may or may not elaborate as to whether or not it was true or not later. Example: Poster 1: I used to eat crayons. Poster 2: Lie. I have never eaten baked beans. Poster 1: (quotes his last post, plus poster 2's answer) Actually, that was true. Poster 3: (quoting Poster 2's fact) True. I like to dress tarantulas in suits. Poster 2: Yep, that one was true. (quotes Poster 3's fact) I'm gonna guess a lie. ...and so on. I'll start: When I was a child, I used to eat such things as pencil graphite, pencils, tar and gravel.
  14. What would you do if you found these at your front doorstep? with their outfits ripped and messed up, their manes in a lot of knots and tangles, a few cuts and bruises on them really what would you do? let them in, slam the door on their faces maybe? Knowing that these two are my all time favorite I would take them in no matter what, fix them right up, give them a warm meal and then maybe we would just chat for a while. I would let them stay for as long as they it need it. I would do anything for my boys!
  15. 'Would You Rather ...?' Thread Hello everypony, the point of this thread to answer my question with one out of two options, and to give an explanation as to why you chose that option. **I will post a new question everyday.** [Revived] Question #7: Would you rather dress in popular clothing from 20 years ago, or how you dressed when you were 10? **New question will be posted on July 12th/13th.**
  16. Lets set up a quick scenario.You're home, in your room lying on the bed. Its a New Year, as the clock strikes Midnight. Suddenly, a small box and a note appear next to you. You open the note and read it. It says that opening this box will transport you to any location of your choice in Equestria, and you will turn into either an Earth Pony, Unicorn, Pegasus, Griffon, or Zebra, whichever you choose. You will also have a wealthy sum of Bits when you get to Equestria to start a new life. The box can be opened at any time, by any person who willingly opens it. HOWEVER, it must be opened before tomorrow, or the box will break, rendering it useless. And it can only be opened once.What do you do? Would you go? How long would you like to stay? And if you went, what would you want to do there? I would like to visit Rarity's dress shop,and watch her at work. I know that her dresses won't fit me at all,I'm not a pony.Next,I want to visit the library,and read books with Twilight Sparkle.I want to visit Sugarcube Corner,and pig out on treats with Pinkie Pie.Then I'll visit AppleJack,and help her pick apples.After that,I'll pay a visit to Fluttershy,and interact with her pets.Last but not least,I will visit Zecora,and watch her mix up potions.
  17. be prepared to show your true self or be silly either way answer the questions and be revealed for what you are a nutter. I dare you
  18. Who would you be in forum school. So the whole forum is now a school, who would you be at that school. The idea is to choose from some high school stereotypes. Who would you be at that school, just imagine a school that has members from the forums in it. You should choose it based on your persona here, not in real life or if you want to do so, then that's fine too. I think I would still be a geek or a nerd maybe a mix, doesn't matter if it's in real life or in a forum school. I would just be on my computer reading fanfics, like I already do. In forum school I drive a Lamborghini Aventador.. The point of this thread is just to have fun. Don't limit yourselves to the high school stereotypes, just discuss how forum school would be. One thing is certain, it would be the best school ever!
  19. If you woke up 1 morning & you saw Twilight Sparkle reading a book what would you do? (& I don`t mean the Admin )
  20. So my family is moving into a our very own house. FINALLY XD. And I really want to get a new puppy, but I need the money first. I have 2000+ Pokemon cards that I have been collecting since I was little, including many foil cards and several very rare full and completed evolutionary sets. Most of these are first gen pokwmon though the gens of the cards vary and none of them are from B/W or X/Y. Diamond and Pearl is as bew as they get. I need 350 dollars for the puppy but I have no idea what a collector would pay for all my cards. Does anybody know what they be worth?
  21. I was just doing nothing when I realized something. When I first watched My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I thought my favorite character would be Applejack due to her accent and awesome hat. But as I continued watching the show, she turned out to be my least favorite character out of the Mane 6. My favorite now, is Fluttershy. Which character did you think you would like when you first watched the show and post if that has changed now that you watched more of the show. Post below.
  22. you woke up one morning as your favorite MLP character? It can be anypony (or nonpony) and you can wake up anywhere, from Twilight's library to the castle ballroom. (I know it's weird, but still) My scenario: I wake up as Discord in the palace labyrinth; I turn Celestia to stone, destroy the elements or put them on the moon and turn Equestria into the chaos capital of the world. > Make up your own in the comments!!
  23. Okay, so I'd like to know what would you do if a doctor, for example, tells you that you're going to die in three weeks. You could die tomorrow, or two weeks from that moment, or exactly three weeks from that day. I'm very curious how you'd prioiritize your dreams. What would you do in this case? The first thing I'd do is have a huge party for me and my friends - to say good byes, for example. Or just have a hell of a time. Maybe I'd make them watch MLP with me, and have a generally good time. After that I'd arrange myself a trip to some awesome themepark as soon as possible - probably to Florida, to the Harry Potter world and Disney world. While I'm on the plane, I'd read Harry Potters and play my favorite DS games. Then I'd visit New York. After that I'd probably go to Japan, because I've always wanted to see how it's like. Then I'd come home ( if I'd still have time, of course ) and play video games and meet up my friends for the last times. I planned the trip so that I wouldnt even mind if I died before it's complete.
  24. Guest

    The Last Brony

    "The majority have no other reason for their opinions than that they are in fashion." -Samuel Johnson I hold this quote to be true. Most of us wouldn't watch a kids show if it weren't for everyone flaunting the fandom around everywhere on the internet. And in some cases, real life... My question: What would you do if you were the last and only brony? How would you react if MLP was simply a fad but impacted your life to the point where, if the fandom died and everyone left, you would still carry on being a brony? Do you think people would accept you for being "that pony guy"? Would you really stay because of the show, or is it the community that makes being a brony so worth the judgement? Personally, I don't mind the show. I watch anime, so I was a geek to begin with. If MLP ended, I wouldn't care too much. However, I adore the MLP community. It's the first time I've ever seen people on the internet so in touch with one another. It's like a strange, distorted second family. (Almost) ... Cloppers are the silent uncle nobody likes to talk about. P.S. Grim Started it... not 4chan.
  25. This is war, private. (Nothing to do with "Warcraft" :3) Imagine all outwarfare between the Ponies of Equestria. Every pony for themselves. Nobody helping another soul. Now explain why your chosen pony/pegasus/unicorn would be the last one standing. ( EXCLUDES CELESTIA, LUNA, DISCORD, IRON WILL ) DebateKGO.