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Found 7 results

  1. Don’t get me wrong. I’m quite pleased with what plot and worldbuilding and characterization FiM has given us, through the writers. I’m grateful that, originally under Lauren’s thoughts and ideas and direction, a professional team of writers were drawn together, to write and build this beautiful world of Gen 4 Equestria, that wouldn’t exist without concepts and characters incorporated from previous incarnations. But even so, even with these professional writers fleshing out the characters and world that we’ve grown to love over the past 5 years, there still exist poor/sometime sloppy writing, sometimss rushed plot, inconsistencies, contrivances, and lack of character development/portrayal. Namely, with the star of this discussion- Spike, the dragon. At times, I’m convinced that with the army of creative types in the fandom, anyone with enough adoration for the show and characters, time, knowledge of story structure, and creativity can write circles around the professionals. So, if given the chance, how would YOU write future episode sypnoses for Spike? Would he get his own spinoff series, where he coulld be given center spotlight and more, likely better portrayal and development? Would he stick to the series of FiM, making tighter bonds with other ponies beyond Twilight and Rarity, and more episodes in every season? (3 or 4) If he’s given a series of his own, it should focus on Spike being the knight that he dreams of being, in MLP. (A dragon knight going off on adventure and protecting a kingdom seems like an original idea, especially since dragons ae usually the bad guys) He could age a bit, no longer being around ponykind who supress his physical growth. Also, have a noble steed, as any knight should- maybe with a play on words name of one of FiM’s mane 6, even. The spinoff could be “Dragonfire Chronicles”, or “Dragon kight of Crystaia”, or something. As for non spinoff episodes kept within the realm of FiM…there are just so many ideas! 1: As Sunbutt’s birthday approaches, the castle staff are all busy making preparations. However, when the royal baker falls ill at the last minute, Luna calls in Spike to handle making her sister’s complex cake. To his horror, the kitchen isn’t stocked with any of the jewels needed to decorate the cake. A letter is sent to Rarity, asking her to use her gem finding spell to get the jewels on the list, and get them to Canterlot in time. Can Rarity employ the help of the diamond dogs, and her spell, while Spike fights panic and pressures to complete the cake, before the party? 2:(Combining Zecora and Spike’s origin story.) Spike visits Zecora, wanting to know more about her, and while Zecora looks for her family photo album, a book with blank pages falls off her shelf, piquing his curiosity. Unexpectedly, when he accidentally sneezes on it with dragon fire, strange text begins to appear. (Book could detail his dragon clan) 3: the ponies of the Crystal Empire incorporate a national holiday celebrating Spike into their tradition. Spike is the guest of honor, but he soon discovers the ponies want him to take up permanent residence in the Empire, and he has to weigh his options and decide his future. 4: spike, Apple Jack, and Pinkie engage in a cook-off to settle a disagreement. As they fall prey to anger and sabotaging each other, can the magic of friendship bring things to a peaceful end? 5: Spike has insecurities about his purpose in relation to Twilight, now that she’s a princess and doesn’t need him as a voice of reason/ assistant as much as before. Bottling these feeling up, he walks through the castle, remminiscing on how far Twilight has come with her friends. (Maybe he’s given a song. Who is that dragon I see, staring straight back at me….) He wants to tell Twi his concerns, but she’s called away by the cutie map, at that time. After she leaves, Spike looks at the map, wondering if his destiny is mapped out, like the pony’s. Crying himself to sleep on the map, Luna arrives in his dreams, highlighting his fears and concerns as to where he really fits in with Twi and her friends anymore, what he’s needed for. Waking up, he struggles to interpret Luna’s cryptic message, and wanders into the Everfree forest, standing at the Tree of Harmony, looking at Twilight’s cutie mark on it, in envy/sadness. Poison joke imitate Dragon Sneeze plants, causing Spike to sneeze on the ToH, scorching it with his dragon fire, and discovering something odd beneath the charred bark, that gives the answer he seeks. 6: Spike is invited to a rare rock and gem exhibit by Pinkie aand Maude. Shortly after arrival, alarms go off. Museum management accuse Spike of stealing and eating one of the gems on display. In attempt to clear his name, he hunts down the real jewel theif, and comes face to face with a female dragon. There’s just so much untapped potential for episodes with Spike! Especially with him as the main focus, where his positive qualities get go shime. But there’s also a plethora of team episodes for him: spike with Flim and Flam, Spike with CMC, Spike with Fluttershy, or Little Strongheart, or Rainbow Dash, pinke, Maude, Pound and Pumpkin cake, the CMC, Sunbutt or Luna, Shining Armor, Granny Smith, Big Mac. Doughnut Joe, The possibilities are endless. Share a synopsis for a potential episode featuring Spike.
  2. ...who would you write to and what would you say to him/her? I would write a letter to Pinkie Pie asking her what her favorite type of cake is and if she can send me some of it. What about you? Rules: You may only choose one character to write to. He/she doesn't have to be a pony. Have fun!
  3. If you could write a letter to princess Celestia, what would it say? Post below!
  4. Without going into much detail, I have already worked enough on a universe to the point where I think I can begin a working on a story based off of it. Problem is that I have no experience in actually writing stories seriously. In general what makes a good story? What are things I should keep in mind when writing stories? Would appreciate help.
  5. ...yikes, that title was painful to write. So my lovely editor ShieldGenerator and I have been emailing back and forth about various aspects of OTSW. Back and forth a lot. A LOT. And each email is an even larger wall of text than the last. I think one of my longer emails clocked out at just over 1,000 words. Considering that is almost a quarter of my average chapter length thus far...yikes. But these emails have not been for naught. No, they have taught me many things. One: this story is really damn confusing. Two: I overlook the simplest plot holes. Three: I've bitten off a lot more than I can chew. GOOD THING I HAVE JAWS OF STEEL TO CLAMP DOWN ON THIS STORY AND RIP IT APART. Anyway. It has come to my attention that my previous methods of organizing this story has really not worked out so well. So I ask the writers of those longer fanfics: how do you keep track of every little element, motif, and symbol in your story without losing the plot? Because apparently I suck at it. - Kolth
  6. Welcome again to one of my create-a-poem posts! This time, It's a haiku (hey-koo)! A haiku is a poem that does not have to rhyme. It has three lines. The first line is five syllables, the next line seven, and the last is five syllables again. Make sure it's pony-related. Again, I will post who won on each page. Thank you again for writing!
  7. Another poem contest! Crazy, right? A freestyle poem is a poem with no rhyme and no limits whatsoever. If you don't know about my contests, read here. See, I pick one poem from each page on the forum, and post the winner! Don't be sad if you lost, because it's not like there's any prize. You may post as much as you like. Thanks!