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Found 26 results

  1. Yeah. Well, I've wanted to be a writer ever since I can remember. Since I was at least five years old. I don't know if I'm good. But I write practically everyday. I always practice. i have so many story ideas. But I obviously have a long way to go with my writing. But I want to follow in his footsteps. He wrote (I think he said nine) nine books. I feel as if I want to publish a next year. Is that even possible? I'm 14 this year if it matters. -shrug- I might at least become a writer when I'm older. But I'd need a job either then that. I thought of being a teacher. For a while, thats what I wanted to become. But now I feel as if thats boring. Maybe a nurse for animals xD ? Uhm...anyway. What do you think? Is any of this possible?
  2. So, its looks like haber might be back to have written the finale despite having gone over to work on skylanders for a while. thoughts?
  3. So on several Articles announcing Liev Schreiber & Taye Diggs, I found something in them that Rita Hsiao (Writer of Toy Story 2 and Mulan) is now Co-Writing the MLP Movie Screenplay along with Meghan McCarthy. Hope it's True.
  4. I'm an avid participant in the role-playing section here in the forums, some of which have ended up being converted, by me, into stories that I have recently begun to post on (Link in the description.) Anyone with questions about me, my ocs, the writing and role-play process, or anything you can think of, feel free to ask!
  5. I can write anything, if you need a song ponified, or a short story, or an original song about your favorite ponies, I'm the mare for the job. The bad part is, I have no talent with music, I have all these songs, but I need music help. I offer my wordsmith skills in return. Herenis a page with my songs if you'd like to take a look.
  6. Say, if the Mane 6 would sometimes take time to write stories (non-fiction and fiction alike), what do you think each member's works would involve (like happy/sad/bittersweet endings, that kind of character, cliches, etc.)? Also, what genres do you think each member of the Mane 6 would prefer?
  7. Good evening everypony, Batbrony here with some minor updates on, well, me. First of all, in some unusual news for me for those of you who know me, I actually have an actual ponysona OC now. Everypony, meet Silver Lining! As you can see, this little cutie is a thestral (more commonly known as a bat pony, but I prefer the former name myself for their species). He's very friendly, outgoing, and well-read, and his special talent is writing stories, particularly ones related to subjects or themes of the night. He's curious about the world and always yearning to learn more about it and using that knowledge to help and benefit others however he can. His name is derived both from his coat and mane but also reflects the optimistic, upbeat nature of his personality. Now, I'm not about to create a super in-depth backstory for him since I'm not about to start RPing with this guy or anything, but it is kind of nice finally having an actual OC of my own to reflect some of my personality. Those of you who know me know that for the longest time I've contended that my semi-OC is Derpy as the Batmare, and while I'll still always consider her to be a semi-OC near and dear to my heart, I figured it was time I got an actual OC since so many folks here, including those on staff, have one, and why not get one that's best pony species while I'm at it? A big thank you to my great friend SFyr for drawing up and designing this little guy for me, and also helping me pick out the name; I couldn't have asked for a better looking OC and it was very kind of you to take the time to draw him for me. Second, in the last week I've also created a Twitter account for myself, or rather, specifically my Poniverse and pony fandom related activities. You can find it here: Batbrony Twitter Account. Feel free to follow me if you so desire, and I'll be sure to follow you back. Well, that's all for today everypony! Until next time this is Batbrony signing off; I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit*
  8. Who do you think has better writers/stories? The Show to me always had stories with better morals and a bit more originality , The comics' had an expansive world with a lot of epic stories though most were derived from other media, and the books? haven't read'em yet. If I had to say, I loved the comics, from the kingdom of elken creatures living in the heart of the everfree to the race of hyperintelligent sea monkeys that roam equestria, the writers of the mlp comics really know how to make things go epic. I wanna know what you guys think about this.
  9. Hi there. I just made an OC, so I thought that I might as well make an ask topic for him so that you may get to know him better. Goes by the name of Nightshade. A little shy, so try to go easy on him, ok? Do I Really have to do this? Ah, well, I might as well get it done with, so that I may get back to my stories... Ask me anything, but I have a lot of writing to do, so it may be... difficult... for my to reply quickly.
  10. Hi, I have decided that audio plays are too much to do on my own and I am only passionate in my own writing skills so I'll help anybody in their audio play as long as I'm not needed too much, because others might need me. I am interested in alternate realities (non-crossover wise, I only do Doctor Whooves crossover universes though.) And whatever concept that makes me hooked so give me your best shot on the details, if you don't feel like sharing spoilers though that's ok although you are welcome to pm me if you don't want to tell the public (either on this website on youtube.) That's all, share what you have in mind for me below
  11. Last year, BABSCon had the honor of bringing hot new Season 4 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic show writer Josh Haber to his first pony con. And, based on his reception here and elsewhere, how could we not bring him back? After all, he wrote not one, not two, but three amazing episodes in a season that went from strength to strength: “Castle Mane-ia,” “Simple Ways,” and “Leap of Faith.” Eeyup, Josh gave us an epic pony dungeon-crawl, “Applejewel” and a truly masterful performance from Tabitha St. Germain as Rarity, another toe-tapping Flim & Flam song-and-dance number, and the role that brought fellow Guest of Honor and voice acting superstar Ian James Corlett into the MLP fold. Josh joins the strongest slate of Guests of Honor since…actually, since BABSCon 2014! Along with Tara Strong, Andrea Libman, Cathy Weseluck, Peter New, Claire Corlett, Ian James Corlett, Rebecca Shoichet, Brian Drummond, Brynna Drummond, Marÿke Hendrikse, Danny Ingram, Steffan Andrews, Natasha Levinger, G.M. Berrow, Heather Breckel, Tony Fleecs, Heather Nuhfer, Bobby Curnow, and Jenn Blake, he’s going to make this year’s con even better than the last. Our own caste, the sumptuous Hyatt Regency SFO, awaits. Book your room and buy your membership now at You don’t want to miss this!
  12. So , how do you make your ocs? Was it a random thought? A pony-persona? A look at a some object or dream? Random made? Tell me how your oc got born? Long or short has no meaning long as you love the oc or ocs you made and brought to life!
  13. So, this popped up early this morning... By the sound of it, it seems like it's quite a sticky situation. I feel bad for Ted, although I do not fully understand the extent of the anti-bronies/fan haters involvement. It's saying Cuteosphere is a brony hater (or something), and after looking a bit, although I am not much a fan of her art style, I don't really see the problem... I guess I am not too connected to the internet flame wars and such, but for it to hit someone a part of a franchise, I am not too happy about this at all. What do you guys think (and please explain what is actually happening if they know, or understand)
  14. Hi, I am pleased to announce a Weekly Writer Competition On fimfiction. For more info go here : Requirements: •The story must be completed •The story must be between 2000 and 35000 words. •The story needs to be readable. Criteria: •Stories will be noted on Grammar (1-10) •Character description (1-5) •Storyline (1-20) •Mood (1-5) •Overall judges score (1-10) Note I am not the creator of the competition and questions should be directed toward the creator.
  15. (Note: By accidently pressing the enter button I posted this before I finished writing the title and do not know how to edit it. My apologies.) I recently started a writing channel with a focus toward fanfiction, specifically MLP fanfiction but they are intended to extend beyond to other mediums. My videos take a psychology focus to understanding writing. Please find the full transcript and link to the video bellow. Feel free to pick the medium you want. If you like either subscribe/follow me for more weekly content from myself and others. Did you know that swear words are expletives and activate a slightly more primitive part of the brain than normal language. In fact it’s largely found to relate to the limbic system which involves emotion. This is probably why swear words are so hard to define and why they can be used in a large variety of ways, in a way they aren’t real words they are a verbal expression of emotion. They are a conceptual expression, involving emotion rather than specific definitions. This is also why swear words and expletives can enhance or weaken your writing style. Swear words are a very negatively viewed expletive so I’m going to need to explain some bits and pieces separately before bringing them together, in a family friendly manner of course. Let’s start with expletives and cultural. Expletives say a lot about someone. Such as where they came from, their class, their culture, their values, and the current levels of their emotion. Intensity is something that expletives convey very well. Saying something loudly and swearing loudly feels very different. Even swearing under ones breath can add a level of meaning that is hard to convey with normal words. Let’s look at some classic MLP fan expletives, ponyfeathers and buck. I should clarify that ponyfeathers is used in the show as an expletive, along with several other words. But they are never shown to be swears in official material, only fan material. Buck is not used as an expletive in the show but was initially used quite extensively in fan content. Buck is odd because it’s just changing one letter from an actual swear word but is also a word used in normal speech. Perhaps that is why it’s lost a bit of popularity compared to early mlp fanfiction, it’s really not that different than the existing word and therefore does not speak to the mlp culture. Ponyfeathers, on the other hand, is unique and seems to have grown a bit in popularity as people have come to realize what they can do with it. Ponyfeather’s meaning has been growing with use whereas buck is more limited to it’s real world counterpart and thus ponyfeathers means more to those who use it. It’s effectively become a part of a cultural dialect and if you use this word in the brony culture it shows that you’ve been around the block and probably read more fanfiction which is where I see it used most often. It stands out as something unique to you and your culture and implies a deeper meaning. As for creating expletives for your own world, I find it is a fun and engaging thing to do. I remember when A Clockwork Orange was all the rage in junior high and I remember the colorful and unique language that seemed to entrance many student’s fascination . Adding your own expletives is a way to add something unique to your writing. When deciding what expletives to use for a character or a culture keep in mind that you should have a good variety. I suggest having at least 1-2 expletives, preferably a minor and an intense one, for the quote “six universal emotions.” Many of these expletives can be used with multiple emotions though often the intonation changes, so there is no need to have 12 unique expletives for each character. The six universal emotions described by anthropologist Paul Ekman and his colleagues in 1972 are; surprise, fear, happiness, sadness, anger and disgust. They are considered universal because the basic facial expressions for each are recognizable between all human cultures and they are universally expressed by the blind who have never seen them. Many other emotions are often described in terms of these six basic emotions as well. Now, each emotion can pull from a large pool of words which I will get into later, but swear words are a common factor and many swears can be used to express different emotions. I like to categorize swearing along the lines of Steven Pinker’s work. He describes five types of swearing; Abusive, Emphatic, Dysphemism, Idiomatic, and Cathartic Swearing. Abusive words are used to insult, objectify, or humiliate others. Many abusive words come from things that we fear, that we don’t understand, or that we find dirty such as baby making, death, bodily fluids, and illness just to name a few. Abusive words can also be derived from class or racial differences such as calling someone a piece of s or a fat f’er. Emphatic swearing is generally used when one wants to express that their feelings are stronger than the social pressures exerted on them, when breaking a taboo is a statement in and of itself. I find this type of swearing is generally not directed at anything in particular. For example: loosing a job when dealing with financial woes might cause a person to swear, even if they are around a parent or other respected figure that would frown on swearing. Dysphemitic swearing is where where a euphemism can be used to express an unpleasant concept in a socially acceptable way, dysphemism is an extreme representation of the mundane where a socially unacceptable term adds intensity. EDIT: Honestly this is one I have a little trouble understanding myself. Where abusive swearing is directed at another Dysphemitic swearing is a more relevant to situations where your talking about another where they aren't present. Ala saying "what a #%*$" when talking about someone else. Dysphemism is also usually derived from a difference in social class. A very simple example is the S-word. The S-word has germanic roots whereas defecation has latin roots. At one point, those in a higher social class in Britain used defecation. Using the lesser classes word was socially unacceptable and was used to add a negative connotation. This really has not changed at all and a lot of people from lower social classes use the S-word where those in higher classes use other, more socially acceptable, words. Idiomatic swearing is used in a casual setting. It’s not negative in context but expresses a closeness with other. It’s the kind of swearing people use around friends when it’s unnecessary. I swear around my friends and they don’t care that what I say is taboo because we are friends, we accept each other regardless of normally perceived faults. It shows and enhances bonding. One might also argue that the rebellious phase teenagers are famous for is an expression of trying to find a social circle. A circle who will be accepting and where you can relax the propensity for socially derived niceties, people who you can relate to. People who use words like you do where parents often insist on speaking “properly” even though they don’t always speak properly themselves. This can be used in writing to show distance between a parental figure and the offspring. Even if a parent lets you swear, swearing at your parent or using abusive swearing is not usually allowed whereas friends might turn it into Idiomatic swearing. Cathartic swearing is my personal favorite. Cathartic swearing gives us lalochezia, meaning the relief one receives by swearing. It’s actually been shown repeatedly that swearing lowers our perception of pain, effectively reducing it instantaneously. Swear words make particularly effective cathartic words because if somebody hurts themselves they might only have enough time to utter one word before falling unconscious and so a swear word will catch the attention of others. Its the type of word used right after a sudden but inevitable betrayal and falling unconscious to a poison, or perhaps a soldier being wounded in battle. It’s the cry of a significant other if something stressing or harmful happens. It summons help from others, it’s an immediate action that can actually work toward a solution. Using these 5 types of swear words and similar expletives can greatly enhance characterization in a story and can even help with world building. Perhaps the dwarves and humans in your world get along and the humans make short jokes using idiomatic swearing. By contrast elves might use abusive swearing toward dwarves in the majority of situations. Using this setup properly can create tension in a scene with the utterance of a single word, once the audience has some context of course. Many expletives get spread around between all these social contexts. But they also get spread around between the different emotional states; Surprise, Fear, Happiness, Sadness, Anger, and Disgust. There are some neat tricks to use when we combine different swear words with different emotions. Some good surprise expletives include ow, gah, what, eeek, or even a generic shriek. I find Cathartic swearing is the most common and appropriate for suprised based swearing. But emphatic swearing can also work especially when the proverbial s is going down. In the case of surprise swear words that are also idiomatic they tend to work best when the character is coming from a comfortable setting such as being around friends or in their own home. Have you ever surprised someone only to hear them swear out loud before laughing, I bet you have. People also use idiomatic swearing when bad things are going down and hearing something similar back is comforting. It can also hint that maybe someone really isn’t on the side that they say they are. Thus it implies that someone may be a traitor. Think a cop trying to infiltrate a gang when they get jumped by a rival gang, he will swear with them because if he doesn’t it’s suspicious. Cathartic swearing can also be fantastic when combined with the emotion of surprise. Mostly if some form of pain or potential for pain is involved. In fact this is a good place to point out that cathartic swearing can be used preemptively such as when a car goes over a cliff and the passenger utters a swear even if it would be absurd that he should die. In many example, such as the one I just gave, cathartic swearing can be combined with fear as well as surprise. Fear. Some fear expletives include; no, ahh, gah, screams in general, and muffled or unmuffled cries are all decent options. Again swear words are good. Religious or belief driven words are common. Even something like “You can’t be real, you can’t be real!” works. Repetition is a good way to express fear, especially with expletives and fear induced panic attacks. Another good type of expletive for fear that is more situational is some word or comment relating to what is going on. This is most commonly used with individuals who are very focused or fanatical. Think a comic book villain who has dedicated themselves to defeating the hero, only to have his doomsday weapon turned on him and just before his death calls out to curse the name of his nemesis. This is actually a perfect example of expletives being both personal and emotionally driven, thus abusive swearing is a good option in these rare instances whereas I find idiomatic swearing to be a particularly poor choice. Happiness; For happiness some good examples are ya, yay, wooo, woho, and all right. I promise that those sound better when with a group. But that’s kind of a problem with happiness expletives. Think of the cool characters, the ones who simply smile, or take a kiss from the girl... or guy. A lot of times it’s a side character, or the comedy relief that expresses happiness at the climax when the main character is too tired to care or continue. Sometimes if it’s a cheeky character they will lay out some witty comment. So what other types of communication can people use to express happiness? Well, one good one is laughing. It’s not really a word or phrase but it’s a sound that people make that can be made unintentionally and in the heat of the moment. It’s also universally recognized. Snorting while laughing is an extreme example as well. Emphatic swearing is a good option to express happiness because it emphasizes that the character is so happy that no negative social impact would dampen their spirits. Along the same lines idiomatic swearing is a good choice if a character is sharing an experience with others. You also see emphatic swearing a lot at parties, especially if people are imbibing in inebriation. Idiomatic swearing is also used to express happiness when someone or a character is presenting a joke, such as in a standup comedy routine. They are expressing that they are sharing with you. They are your buddy. This is especially funny when used as abusive swearing directed at others. Think of Lewis Black, he is using abusive swearing directed at some QUOTE A’hole, but with you he is using idiomatic swearing because you are the buddy chum of this “A’hole” [insert picture of Lewis Black]. Sadness; pretty much all swear words work for sadness. Wordless expressions such as cries and sniffling and names of people related to the sadness also work quite nicely. Just don’t add too much energy unless they are also angry or, in rare cases, fearful. Anger; hell, heck, pretty much any swear word or any word with er tacked on the end. Hater, f-er, spooner. When people, and ponies, are angry they tend to yell whatever forms most easily on their lips. Just try to keep it relevant and consistent unless you are showing how unstable they are. Things that relate to broad categories such as race, professions, actions, and body parts are also quite common. Disgust or Repulsion; our old friend the swear word is a fairly standard choice, as are less wordy expletives such as oh, eww, gah and any noise indicating its hard to breath. These swears and expletives are, in my experience, short. Hope this can help some folks. If you like this either subscribe/follow me for more weekly content.
  16. I recently started a writing youtube channel and the first video (link), created by Ckat_Myla. It's about how to deal with a lack of appreciation/love for your work. It goes beyond writing and fanfiction. There is a video linked above and a text version posted below. And post a comment if you've had problems dealing with a lack of appreciation or if you've been having trouble, either myself or someother poster on this site will be willing to help you out. And if you see someone that you think you can help, speak up, encourage them, link to someplace that has some advice that can help. Edit: Feel free to follow my fimfiction here, though I am slowly moving everything over to this site as well. The text version of the video can be found bellow. Facing the Lack of Love: 7 Things NOT to Do When Faced With the Wall of Apathy Let me say that if you write stories of any kind – fan fiction or otherwise – and you post your work onto the internet for all to see, you are a very brave person. Really, you are. Any content maker really (be they stories, articles, videos, music, etc.) who actually does put forth the love and effort into said works – and are brave enough to submit them for our entertainment/subject them to our scrutiny ­ are worthy of praise. Now, other people have posted some really great articles about how to be a polite content­ maker and accept criticism/rejection gracefully. Some people have written about dealing with hate or trolls, and to tell the difference between a troll comment and actual constructive criticism. Those things are quite helpful... if you are actually getting attention. But what about those writers of fanfics that aren't, that are suffering from a different thing altogether? A lack of feedback or attention? There might be some articles or videos about how to get more attention, but this isn't one of them. I might give some tips or something, but what we are really dealing with here today is the sad fact that sometimes you can be doing everything right. Your story can be something interesting and worth reading. You can be a polite, good commenter and an upstanding member of whatever writing site you visit. Sometimes though, even following all the rules and going through everything with a fine-­toothed anti troll comb, your story can be met with a giant wall of silence and apathy. You may feel like it's your fault, like it's something you've done or not done. 'Is the story not interesting? Is my description/title/cover image not punchy enough?' And you know, those could be factors, but how about when you've fixed all those possible flaws and yet you still aren't getting any love? Since I am a fellow writer/internet content­provider, I have been where you are now, and I feel confident enough to give you this list of things you should NOT do when faced with this situation. `­`­`­`­`­`­`­`­`­`­`­­`­` 7. Don't (Completely) blame yourself Yes, I add that little extra word there. Because to be honest, sometimes there are things that might contribute to a lack of interest in your story. Poor grammar or spelling in the summary, or a summary that's too vague or maybe too complicated. Notice though that these things are easily fixable. So let's say you've checked the summary and it is perfectly fine, you've had your pre­reader and a few other people look it over and they weren't confused by it. What might be the problem still? Well, this is something you might find in most of these list items I'm afraid... people are fickle. Yup. as much as we are taught as children to not judge a book by its cover, that might be exactly what people are doing. You can change the cover too, but sometimes people will like/dislike things for just the weirdest reasons( but we'll get to that). If you accept this fact here at the start, we can move onto the other items with this lovely golden nugget of truth. There are probably tens of thousands of stories on the site you've posted your stuff, and maybe about a hundred of those might have plots similar to yours (That doesn't make it unoriginal, because NOTHING is original anymore ;P). Of all the potential readers on the site, maybe only a few might actually want to read the type of story, or about those characters. 6. Don't self­deprecate in your Author's Notes or (especially not) your story BE CONFIDENT! This is your story, you wrote it. Own up to it and don't apologize for every little aspect of it. Sure, if you're a new writer you can make a comment about that in the A/N, or if you don't have a pre­reader yet you can explain that as the reason you could have skipped some typos. Don't be a Fluttershy about your work though. If it's something you are proud of, be proud of it. You actually don't have to put an Author's Note at all if you don't want. (If there's something interesting about the chapter or I feel I need to explain something, I usually just put a link to a blog post I made about it.) In 2011, just after Return of Harmony part 2 aired (literally, the night it aired) I wrote what became the first scene of a fanfic I am proud of and (sorta) happy with. The thing was though, I did not have as much confidence in my writing as I do now (and the amount I have now I probably shouldn't have ;). This particular story had my very first attempt at a kissing scene, so that made me extra nervous about it. I ended up leaving an A/N that was nearly the same length as the story itself. In it I apologized over and over and tried to explain why I did what I did. It was like I was just laying my writing down at the feet of the mighty leader of the Hoarde of Flamers, trying to meekly and weakly cower away before he ripped me apart. The thing is though, nobody cared. The readers didn't actually need my lengthy apology­/explanation. The ones that liked it liked it, and the ones that didn't didn't. Nobody ripped me apart or even really complained about the kiss. A couple of people said it felt natural. So when in doubt, just go ahead and leave the A/N box empty. Background stuff like story explanations can go in the blogposts. Even if you aren't completely confident in your story or writing expertise, guess what? Sometimes a lack of extraneous things like that make you seem more mysterious and – therefore – appear more confident. 5. Don't spam threads/groups with links (or choose your moments carefully) Sure, self­promotion is important, but we all should know there is a difference between giving yourself a little signal boost, and making a pest of yourself. If you just added your Apple/Dash story to the Apple/Dash group, there might be a thread in their forum to give a little bump for it. There are probably other good and appropriate places to advertise. Like your own blogs/sites, or ask a friend to give it a link on his/her blog/site. Maybe you can do a trade where they post about your story if you post about theirs. Share the love and keep the friendship going, right? What you should not be doing is going to random threads (or barely­ connected threads...or other random and possibly­ connected sites) and just linking to your story with a comment like 'Hey, check out my story it's blahbalabhlbahabhal!' (especially if you add the blahblah part, that just makes you look like you suddenly lost control of your fingers). Even the more casual 'Hey, you like ____? I like ___? I wrote this story if you wanna check it out', is better, but it still sorta smells a lot like 'The only reason I am here is to post this link to my GLORIOUS story, I care not for what is really beng discussed/what this comment is actually attached to'. Usually I've noticed that mentioning the story is all that's needed. The interested party(ies) will inquire for a link on their own. And again, that's only outside of a link­ posting thread and only where appropriate. 4. Don't assume your story is bad because of lack of comments Remember the big, important truth I mentioned earlier? 'People are fickle'? Well, it's coming in to play again here. They are also fellow humans, like yourself (or any other sentient being with emotions and thoughts that of a human) and so are also prone to whatever type of thing might keep you from commenting sometimes. Are there stories you just sorta glance at, and maybe like but not enough to leave a comment? Are there stories you really enjoy, but don't really have a lot to say or can't find a good way to articulate your feelings? Do you sometimes feel like if you've commented on one chapter you probably don't have to on all of them(especially if it's a long one)? Sometimes do you just feel shy about leaving a comment for whatever reason? Guess what? Those people reading your stories all have potential to be feeling those feels too. Sometimes it's not 'ew, I hate this, comment for you!', or 'meh, no clop, I'm bored'. Sometimes it could just be one of those things I mentioned above, or something else entirely. Comments don't always equal success or popularity of a story. You might be thinking that the like/dislike buttons are the things that really determine that, and yeah, you might be right...but again, not always. 3. Don't worry so much about the like/dislikes This is also an area where people can be fickle little boogers. Some people (like me) will hit the like button on every story that I find interesting enough to read at least the first chapter, regardless of if I faved it or not (but I always hit like on a faved story). As far as the dislikes go, some people (again, me) might regard that thumbs down as tantamount toa slap in the face. Some people would have to really, really just hate a story or find it personally offensive in some way to hit the dislike button. Some people though are a bit more free with their thumbs downs, and hit it because they are genuinely giving it some thought and providing a critique on the story. I had one such occurrence fairly recently, and it was almost like seeing a real live unicorn trot up to me and offer me a time turner. That's because I think this might be something of a rarity on any writing site (especially fanfiction). By that I mean a person willing to give you an honest, well­ thought out review of your story, and an explanation as to why they are giving it a thumbs down. (I feel I handled it alright...although I could have been more confident. I didn't rageflame him though. I sent him an equally well­thought out reply by PM. Though now I think of it it might have been better to just accept the criticism without saying anything.) You will have the much, MUCH more frequent 'random dislike' people. The ones who are far to trigger­happy with that red button. 'Oh, this is a romance/sad/slice of life/other genre I don't like? DISLIKE! Oh, it's a shipping fic for [character A] and [character I don't want with character A]? DISLIKE! Oh, it has more likes than my (possibly similar) story? DISLIKE! Oh, I'm just going through the front page randomly hitting the dislike button on every story I see? DISLIKE! I'm not saying that stuff actually happens all the time or that all of your red bar consists of those.... I'm just saying I've been around the internet enough to think it's a distinct possibility. 2. Don't hold your story hostage Now, I have never done this. I have seen this done before though. Writers who decide that they absolutely MUST have validation from their readers in order to write. 'Guys, I'm not gonna write any more of this story if I don't get at east ten comments/likes/favs on this chapter!' Here's where I'm gonna be a little blunt. This is a dumb idea. You may think that you 'deserve' that many likes/favs/comments and this sort of ultimatum gives you the power, but it doesn't. It actually puts the power in the hands of your readers. The same readers you are kind of extorting to get what you want. They may genuinely like your story, but when you demand something like that you just come off sounding like an entitled bratty diva. Every like, comment, and fav you get is a gift. Nobody made those people do those things, they did it because they enjoyed what you had to offer, so revel in that. Even if it's not as many or as much as you'd like or think your story deserves. Not to sound like a mom, but hey... there are other writers who probably don't even have half of the love from readers that you do. Plus, look at the fellow writers you admire, or even professionals? Do they ever hold their content hostage? What if JK Rowling did that? 'Yeah, sorry fans, I've written the next Harry Potter book but you don't get it until I have a million comments on [whatever social networking site was big in the early 2000's].' Holding out for more reader love also tells me that you might be writing your story for the wrong reasons, or for the wrong person. Which leads me to my last point... 1. Don't give up on your story You are not – or at least should not be – writing your story to please other people. You might be writing to try and entertain others with what you already want to write, but the one person you should always aspire to make happy with your work is YOU. So you post the first few chapters and don't get much of a nibble, that's fine. If you are confident in yourself and that you have done the best you can with your story, if you love your story and think it's worth something, then you've already won. Remember that one lesson letter to Celestia, something about 'if you try and please every pony, you end up pleasing no pony'? Wise words indeed. Just like people are fickle, people are different. They might have different tastes than you, and so trying to anticipate and cater to every sort of reader ever is gonna leave you tired, frustrated, and with a cluttered mess of a story that you just don't care about anymore. Writing your stories for yourself is also the best way to battle that wall of apathy. It's okay that the story isn't getting a lot of love, I'm still proud of it and I am not ashamed of it because I worked hard. Plus, eventually your story might be discovered by some like­ minded individuals later on down the line, and you wouldn't want to disappoint them by not finishing or deprive them of discovering the story at all by deleting it it, would you? Following through and seeing a story to the end takes perseverance, and even if you don't get a lot of love, that perseverance will probably be noticed by someone. You don't want to be the author who leaves their story unfinished. You might get comments from people like me years later saying, 'OMG where did you gooooo? I wanna know what happens!' Trust me I have been on both sides of that scenario, and neither one makes you feel good. Now, you aren't gonna always have the drive to continue your story, but you should probably fight that urge. The middle is usually when it starts to get difficult, and if a story problem pops up, don't roll over, work it out. Just... keep swimming, I guess. To use another little cliché.
  17. Hey, everybody! I am currently looking for writers to develop the story and characters of an MLP game being created. The game is an RPG, the only specifics to the story right now are that it will be true to the franchise's characters and settings.
  18. So, as the thread title suggests, I am looking for a few partners for a project I am currently undergoing. I have taken it upon myself to contact a publisher of various works, who said he might publish my works if I get all the resources. That is where y'all come in. For said project, I need the following: Artist Writer Editor Reviser Musician Now, you may ask, what is this? This is going to be audiobook and book publishings. Here is what each job is responsible for if you sign up, and what the requirements are: Writer- must be flexible (metaphorically), have good grammar, and be imaginative.- you will be drafting stories with me for the works. Editor- must be patient, and have a good eye for spelling- you will help edit any errors in spelling in the original drafts. Revisers- must be patient, and have a good eye for grammatical errors- you will help revise any errors in grammar in the original drafts. Artist- must be at least somewhat good at drawing, and be flexible (metaphorically)- you will make cover art for these stories, which may get used as an actual book cover. Musician- must be at least somewhat good at making music, and must be able to meet musical requirements, and know musical terms- you will be making background music for the audiobooks. What's in it for you: you may get to be published, and get full credit for being in it. I hope you'll consider joining! Sign up soon!
  19. Hello everyone! For a while now, I've been working on a fan fiction project called Assertion. The basic rundown is that it is a mystery fan fiction. If you would like to read it and get up to speed, you can view it here: However, I need some help with this project. I feel like it is somewhat lacking and I need as much help as I can get to make it better. If you are interested in helping me construct the story, send me a PM here on MLPF and I will share contact details with you so we can go over both what I have finished already, and what I have finished of chapters that are not yet published. I'd really appreciate the help, and I hope you enjoy the read nonetheless. Thanks! -Sec
  20. /Asking me with F bombs and declaring such rude things, then assuming something nonsense like me trying to be whatever will not grant you anything other than being reported, doesn't matter if it is a PM, being that I already know thanks to a Mod that anyone being rude to another still gets reported no matter where in the Forums. I have been patient and tolerant enough, and when someone here does not wish me to be around, I look the other way to see what posts I can contribute on. Anyway, I already had stated on my About Me profile how this account goes by, not sure if anyone read and understands, or just wants to start something with me in purpose so I may probably even get banned from here. I can state that will not work, so stop trying. I am old enough to differentiate between someone joking and someone being a pain in the rear. Please look at yourself before coming in to me like that, I am not here just so we can have some useless banter. In case this is too much to do, I will try to explain it here. I am not Trixie. I am someone who has fun and acts like Trixie IF you want to interact with me that way. I know some might get irritated so I do not go all the time being Trixinized or something. If you don't like this, then complain to a Mod, don't come bmbing me in PMs thinking the Mods will not take notice or care that you are being a douchebag in purpose. If you want to find out about me personally, you will be nice as well, and if I wish, i will tell you some of myself, or not. I don't have to divulge any personal info and you cannot make me, unless then you might want to be confronted by the law in cyberbullying. I have Skype, Warpony78, you want to get to know me, add me and we can see where to go from there. Otherwise, lighten up and eat a cupcake or something. Make yourself useful in a positive way instead of antagonizing others in here. Thank you.
  21. so lets pretend that you've created your own cartoon which has been approved for at least one season which has to run completely. since i hope to see my idea one day on the small screen, i Thought of creating this thread. The cartoon can not be rated more then TV-7. If you decided to create your cartoon what kinda guidelines would you set yourself to follow? here's mine Never conform- Always remember your original idea and never have anybody force you to change your thoughts or ideas for the show unless it appears as something that can not fit into the TV-7 group. Love your fans- Never forget about your fans! Set up some social network contacts by which your fans can comment to you on and by which you appear on frequently. Always listen to any Praise and criticisms that your fans have on something and try to improve on it without getting rid of an episodes main idea. Show up at any conventions you can and answer questions. Be honest- When you agree or disagree with something that happened don't try and make excuses tell people why you support or don't support something but be civil about it Appeal to all ages- While kids may be your main audience don't forget the people that watch the show with them. Make sure that your show can appeal to adults and teens as well(Throw pop culture references, Have life messages, Think MLP). Never become money hungry- My show is meant to be entertainment , not some money grabbing scam. Don't just throw in characters because the company wants to make a quick buck. Always stick to your guts and only add something if it's similar to something you already had in mind for your cartoon and or you think may greatly approve the show. everybody's important- Never have any of the staff or cast of your cartoon think their jobs are less important then somebody else's. Let the staff or cast come to you with any ideas they have and make sure to give them praise. May sometime offer to have staff and cast dinners where we can relax and talk about life. Well that's really all the guidelines i would/will hopefully use to stand by when i create my cartoon. what guidelines would you use as creator?
  22. We have threads for our favorite episodes. We have threads for our favorite writers. Since each writer has contributed something significant to the show it seems only fair to combine those two common points of discussion and to share our favorite episode from each writer. You can explain why if you feel like it. For your convenience here is a list of the writers and which episodes they are credited with. Lauren Faust - Friendship is Magic Part 1 & Part 2 - The Ticket Master (with Amy Keating Rogers) Amy Keating Rogers - The Ticket Master (with Lauren Faust) - Applebuck Season - Bridle Gossip - Fall Weather Friends - A Dog and Pony Show - The Best Night Ever - The Cutie Pox - The Last Roundup - A Friend in Deed - MMMystery on the Friendship Express Cindy Morrow - Griffon the Brush Off - Winter Wrap Up - The Show Stoppers - Owl's Well That Ends Well - Sisterhooves Social - Family Appreciation Day - Read It and Weep - Hurricane Fluttershy - One Bad Apple - Apple Family Reunion Meghan McCarthy - Dragonshy - Call of the Cutie - Green Isn't Your Colour - Party of One - Lesson Zero - Sweet and Elite - Hearts and Hooves Day - A Canterlot Wedding Part 1 & Part 2 - The Crystal Empire Part 1 & Part 2 Chris Savino - Boast Busters - The Stare Master Charlotte Fullerton - Look Before You Sleep - Suited for Success - A Bird in the Hoof - May the Best Pet Win - Baby Cakes - Putting Your Hoof Down (with Merriwether Williams) M.A. Larson - Swarm of the Century - Sonic Rainboom - The Cutie Mark Chronicles - The Return of Harmony Part 1 & Part 2 - Luna Eclipsed - Secret of My Excess - The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 - It's About Time - Ponyville Confidential - Magic Duel Dave Polsky - Feeling Pinkie Keen - Over A Barrel - Too Many Pinkie Pies - Spike At Your Service (with Merriwether Williams) - Keep Calm and Flutter On - Games Ponies Play Merriwether Williams - The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well - Hearth Warming's Eve - Putting Your Hoof Down (with Charlotte Fullerton) - Dragon Quest - Wonderbolt Academy - Spike At Your Service (with Dave Polsky) Corey Powell - Sleepless in Ponyville - Just For Sidekicks And there you are, have at it. I'll be back to share my opinion later . Enjoy!
  23. I desperately need a song for Alora to help get me started. Anything will do really, just put the lyrics here and the best song(s) will be chosen. Reward: * free artwork * a free specially made OC (your prefrences) * the chance to hear me sing your song * full songwriter credit
  24. Writers: Now then, I've begun writing a series about my OC, Lady Moriko. It obviousely starts with the very begining, simply a series of important events in her lifetime. I need somepony who is willing to team up with me to aid me in my quest to make a truly perfect (Rated R) fanfic. This editor would recieve FULL credit for the wrok they do and I'd be SO gratefull. Opportunists: I am also looking for other characters to appear in my series. Hence, I am giving you the chance to apply for your OC to appear in my fanfics. You would recieve complete credit for the design and personality of your OC. This is how you apply - Pony Name: Pony Refrence: Pony Personality: Pony Backstory: Artists: On a more important note, I'm looking for able concept artists to aid me. If the series is a success, a video series will be released. I need people who can commit to the project. I need as many artists as possible because some characters may be too complicated in this instance. This is how you apply - Example of your art: Where I can find more of your art: Opportunistic Artists: I am also looking for someone to help me design the lastest two characters of my development. In one bit of the story Moriko is raped (yes, raped) by a sort of Snake-pony in her dreams. I need a design for him aswell as a design for the resulting pony (I do not want Moriko's child to have a snake tail, but it would be nice if she had some reptile qualities). The serphent king himself reprosents nightmares. The resulting child, who I have yet to name, will reprosent darkness (luna and nightmare moon reprosent night, NOT DARKNESS). I wish to design the child myself, but ideas and DEFINATELY welcome. The artists who designs the design I choose will recieve free art for an entire year and possibly a second reward. Basically, everypony who applies gets something, even if they don't win or aren't selected. Something is always given in return