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Found 12 results

  1. OK, staff members tell me how often AM'I suppose to put artworks with the topics let me know ? Because I thought I told you guys why it takes longer to color the pixels on my tablet and was still drawing the art ! So please tell me how to put my drawing on here if they are not finished so I can correct this debate in the future thank you!
  2. Just thought of this randomly and it made my angry. Why would people look strange at ya if you for example: had rainbow colored hair? Why is that weird? WHY? I dont get it. I wish there was some kind of magic spell that made people more open-minded :okiedokielokie:
  3. Basically what the title says, have you ever misinterpreted a line in MLP? If so, what is it, and how did you find out the correct line? I remember when I was younger, In the BBBFF song, it said “like two peas in a pod, we did everything together”, I used to think it was “like two bees in a part, we did everything together” I got confused and so I asked my friend. She laughed and said “it’s two peas in a pod, not bees in a part!”, How embarrassing.
  4. Sources for things I regularly debate. fite me
  5. Hi everypony i was wondering what people would consider as having too much pony merchandise? i have 8 posters (5 small ones and 3 bigger ones), i have two MLP card collector boxes ( rarity and discord). i have in total 9 plushies. all 6 TY small plushies and a bigger Applejack (see below for AJ) and Rainbow dash and the build a bear applejack i have the 6 MLP rainbow powered figures and 16 mini blind bag ponies also i have the MLP friendship is magic comic ( issues 1 to 20) and the Friends forever comic As you can tell i have quite a bit of MLP stuff =P lol so what want point you would consider too much or over the top ? please leave opinions positive or negative ( btw this is my 1st real topic on this site )
  6. Like I dunno, I just wanna hear your opinions Mine is yes it is wrong, but so is fapping to any other cartoon for kids
  7. Not sure if this would be better suited to the forum lounge, but in any case the idea of this thread is simple: Share amusing misconceptions you had about the world as a little kid. As for myself, I believed that if a country didn't have the death penalty, it meant that they had to send criminals to foreign countries to be executed. At one point, I also believed that getting a dog to sit was a form of magic trick. What about you guys?
  8. So I was reading the thingy below the subforum title thingy and it said....SHOOTING THE BREEZE. What has this forum coming to? Have we gone so low that we pick on the Poor innocent Breeze. How would you feel if you were the breeze huh,HUH?! they have a family, they have friends and... they have rights Shooting the breeze...That's.....That's Illegal,... that's what that is
  9. Okay, so it's my b-day tomorrow. Mom was setting up my birthday right? However I saw balloons that are MLP, but most of them have ponies from G3!!!! What do? *hope im in the right sub forum to discuss this
  10. Okay, so apparently the term brony has reached the masses at my job. Yesterday, we were all having a discussion about children's tv shows because the new person who works in our building has two kids. She was looking for suggestions of shows to watch with them, so you can suggest which show I suggested I said it was really cute and funny. Then she says, I have something really disturbing to tell you, have you ever heard of a brony? I said, yes, they are boys that like MLP. She shakes her head, my friend told me that they are boys that like to imagine themselves having sex with MLPs. They create characters for themselves and make senarios like this and completely sexualize the ponies. They are also really creepy and might be pedophiles. I was like WTF?! and I'm never in that kind of mindset either. I was so surprised that I had no idea what to say I just kind of stared at her. I was going to say well, so and so who works with us liked My Little Pony back in the 80s when he was an adult man, is he a pedophile? but so and so would not have appreciated me saying that so I didn't. I just said that they are boys that just like to watch the show. She then left. She's coming back today and I want to talk about bronies in a positive light. Any ideas of what to say? She's a very nice person, I just think she got the wrong information and her friend most likely heard about slash and clop fics through the grapevine and assumed that's how all bronies were. I'm a girl so she didn't think it was that weird that I watched the show. The other shows that were mentioned were YoGabbaGabba (I told her that was disturbing and she said no, it's really cute), Dora, Wishbone, Carmen SanDiego, Arthur, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Wonder Pets, the Wiggles, Hip Hop Harry and some Japanese show with people bouncing around as atoms.