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Found 2 results

  1. I'm just curious, how many of yall would rather explore the entire map than play the story By that I mean Discovering easter eggs References And other hidden goodies
  2. So, I love almost all the new things about Destiny. Potential spoilers await, if you want to discover the bits and pieces on your own. I've had a blast running around the game, discovering the new stuff. Srs, so, if you want to discover stuff on your own, stop reading. Fine, keep reading. I love the Inventory boards have been installed to house blueprints, so exotic weapons and armor, as well as all emblems, shaders, ships, and sparrows no longer eat up all my inventory space. I love that specials, grenades, and melee cooldowns now have an actual time shown in your stats, and that the stat cap is shown so you can minimize any waste. I LOVE that there are quest chains now, and that each subclass gets one. (NOTE: To unlock your second classes quest line, equip that class, log out, and it should pop the next time you log in on that character.) I even love that you don't need special bonds/capes/towel-things to get rep points for a faction, but instead can align yourself to a faction once per week at a cost. (It just makes more sense!) Now, I did say ALMOST. There is one thing that I loathe. In Star Wars, I always hated C3P0. He has always been, and will probably always be, my least favorite character. (Yes, I even prefer JJB, between the two.) I don't want to demand they give us back the DinkBot voice. I just wish they'd give us the option to disable the ghost from speaking. I loathe the new, C3P0 sounding voice. I was playing last night, having a blast, and at the peak of my good mood, it suddenly fell flat when the ghost started commenting. Continued playing, got back to that same level of "AWWW YE!", and BOOM! New ghost voice shot my mood in the face for the second time. Let me disable ghost speech, for the sake of my sanity, Bungie, please.