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Found 2 results

  1. So forewarning to fanboys: this post may contain criticisms of a machine that you like. Please try and look objectively and consider this from the standpoint of a non-fanboy. Also if you are going to come here acting offended for the use of fanboy, just remember: I am not saying any specific names. So if you think I'm referring to you, then you're calling yourself a fanboy. So the Xbox One X is riddled with perhaps some of the dumbest and oddest design choices I've ever seen in a console since the experimental days of the 90s where we had weird consoles like the 3DO and the Phillips CD-i. On the surface, the Xbox One X actually sounds like a good deal. A decently powered machine, and capable of some 4K gaming and checkboard rendering on 4K screens for other games, all for $500. On the surface that all sounds really good, but then you look deeper and you realize that for a $500 "premium" console Microsoft really made some design choices that simply... didn't make sense and are kind of counter-intuitive. There's a lot that simply just doesn't make much logical sense, but let's break it down: 1TB internal hard drive. Why? This is marketed as a console for 4K gaming, so that means games will get bigger. Why would you ship it with the same size hard drive as your entry-level machine, the Xbox One S? Granted Sony did the same with the PS4 Pro, but their games focus more on checkboard rendering which results in considerably smaller games. If I recall Quantum Break's 4K patch makes the game close to 100GB. FFXV is almost 100GB without 4K texture as well. Non-removable hard drive. This just seems really dumb. It wouldn't cost more to simply have a part of the enclosure open up and let people slide in a new hard drive. You have a system that only has 1TB of storage with games that can take up to 1/10 of that (more like 1/9 because only around 900 something are available out of the box) for a single game. This is a PREMIUM machine meaning the people buying this are going to likely buy more than 10 games. Also, it's not very "premium" to be forced to delete games to make space for other games. This means the system becomes RELIANT on getting an external almost on day 1. You have a $500 machine and you are going to make it so buying another $60-100+ device for it is almost mandatory? 4K patches should be broken into performance or 4K versions. It's insane that someone who has only a 1080p TV has to download the 4K patch for a game to enjoy the higher framerate version even if they are not going to use the 4K. This is to an extent a smaller issue on PS4 Pro because again: we are finding Xbox One X versions of games are sporting higher res textures and such, thus taking up more filesize. Jaguar CPU. The CPU was not designed for gaming, why are they insistent on keeping it? Hell Sony is guilty of this too. The CPU is already proving a bottleneck too. 4K Blu-ray drive is not being put to best use. You have a drive that can support disks that store more data, yet you are still selling games on regular Blu-rays and making the 4K patch a download when you could just sell a box with a Blu-ray and a 4K Blu-ray for Xbox One X owners to get them playing faster. Very little in the way of exclusives. Yes I know fanboys will moan about this one, but the fact remains you're asking me to spend $500+ on this hardware, but you are telling me there are no real games I can't play elsewhere? This device offers no features that a PC could not do. I can watch Netflix on my TV, or streaming services with a smart TV or even a $50 device. An Apple TV does all the media features this thing does for less. I can also have a PC hooked up to my TV to do it. This device is not offering anything for $500 that I or many others can't get elsewhere. The sooner fanboys recognize that the sooner they can actually start fixing the issues with this console and perhaps get it to start selling more. Microsoft is not even giving full sales numbers and not a single store I have been to has been sold out of the One X, even on launch day. The fact is that I don't think Microsoft had a plan for this machine, they were hoping specs along would sell this thing and now they are scratching their head wondering what to do. There are already rumors floating around that Microsoft is hard at work working on a Gen 9 console, trying to stack the deck for next gen.
  2. Microsoft finally gave us the official details on the Scorpio, now named Xbox One X, priced at $500. It is being advertised as a 'premium console experience and the price reflects that. It is the most powerful console ever, being 40% more powerful than all other systems, from what I know. I am already quite hyped for it. I love Xbox and having a long term, more powerful system sounds great. Forza 7 at 4K sounds amazing. *-* Anyone else getting it? I fully acknowledge that this thing seems like a niche system for now, with its price and such. Let's not get into any 'pc vs. console' debates here. I also feel that it should have been bundled with an elite controller, seemed like a perfect fit so that is a gripe I have. For the first time since the Xbox One launch though, I am feeling excitement for a new system and I can't wait, already have some money down for a pre-order.