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Found 76 results

  1. SUPERHOT Platform: PC, Xbox One Genre: FPS/Puzzle Publisher/Developer: SUPERHOT TEAM ESRB: T Price: $25 USD SUPER. HOT. These are two words you will be saying after playing this game. SUPERHOT is a First Person Shooter, but not like you have ever played. SUPERHOT is actually a really simple concept. You play as a nameless character, seemingly supposed to be you, in a sort of virtual reality game, where you dispatch with 'red guys' as they are called, by various means. Shooting them, punching them, even going at it with a katana. Guns have limited ammunition and the baseball bat weapon can break, but you can also throw your weapon to get the jump on the enemies. Here is where the twist comes in: SUPERHOT only movies when you do. While you are motionless, the game slows down drastically, to near stopping point, so you can strategically fight all of the enemies, as you die with 1 hit. Being shot once, be hit with a sword once, even being just punched once, is instant death, so patience and situational awareness is an absolute must with this game, but wow, is it fun. Your enemies all die in one hit as well, except for melee hits which takes 3, so the odds are also in your favor if you are careful. While a simple concept on paper, it is incredible how well executed it all is. The thrill of getting a huge kill chain while not be touched is exhilarating beyond belief, especially since this game doesn't mess around. Even the visuals and sounds are simple, with a very crisp look consisting mostly of white for the background, black for weapons and objects and red for the enemies. It is simplistic but works flawlessly for the concept. IT keeps everything easy to see and once you get the hang of the way the game works, if you are patient enough, this game will keep you coming back again and again. There is a story mode surprisingly enough and this is actually what you must start with. You play through about 27 levels where you are given all that you need to get the hang of the game. This story mode, while incredibly short, was actually quite engaging, as there are some really interesting undertones to the entire thing and it will have you wondering. Like I said it is short though, it can be beaten in about two hours, so sadly the story just doesn't last long. Once you complete it though, you unlock a plethora of new content, such as endless modes with different arenas and variants, challenge which has you going through the story mode with specific conditions and more. This, a long with the addicting gameplay, makes this one of the most fun experiences I have had in a game in a long time, let alone an FPS. To me, this game has very little in the way of flaws. Firstly, the hit detection can be a tad finicky in you are close to a wall's edge. Sometimes a bullet will hit the empty air right next to the edge or when you throw a weapon, the weapon might go at an angle that causes it to hit a wall unexpectedly. This is something that is not a major issue mind you, but it is something I experienced. Other than that, perhaps a slightly longer story would have been nice, but this just doesn't detract from the overall package. Say what you will, but I would take this $25 unique FPS experience over any generic COD title with it's $60 price tag AND $50 season pass any day. Final Verdict: And there you have it. This is one of the best games I have ever played.
  2. Since My Hero: One's Justice has been out for about a month. I thought it would be cool to make a discussion for others, who may have the game, or those, who may be interested in said game. I like the cast of characters you get to play from the anime. Even certain dlc characters that are available are interesting to play as. Some characters seem to be overpowered in how they play, but they aren't unbeatable. While there is only one button for combos, I like how the game allows you to extend your combos throughout the fight. Whether it's canceling a button press or adding support sidekicks into the combo. It makes the fighting unique and interesting to make a combo seem stylish. I'm not really a fan of the online system. When playing ranked, you get paired with someone at random instead of finding someone to fight. There's only ranked and player matches. I felt there could have been more options to play online, but I guess it's better than having no game at all. Hopefully, if there's ever a sequel, the creators can fix up the online mode. I'm also surprised they didn't add a lot of music to the game. At most, I believe there is about 3 to 5 songs. I felt there would be different songs, while on a certain stage. However, I guess there may have not been enough time to make different songs for other stages. At any rate, I do like how we get to fight at certain places from the anime. What are your thoughts of the game. Have you enjoyed playing the game, so far? Hopefully, we can have a fun discussion and learn to play and have fun on the video game. I've hard from others that this game is somewhat similar to Pokken Tournament and the Naruto Storm series. Speaking of the game, who are your mains and/or what would your main be in the game. So far, my only main is Kyoka Jiro. I like her style of play and her way of fighting is pretty cool.
  3. So forewarning to fanboys: this post may contain criticisms of a machine that you like. Please try and look objectively and consider this from the standpoint of a non-fanboy. Also if you are going to come here acting offended for the use of fanboy, just remember: I am not saying any specific names. So if you think I'm referring to you, then you're calling yourself a fanboy. So the Xbox One X is riddled with perhaps some of the dumbest and oddest design choices I've ever seen in a console since the experimental days of the 90s where we had weird consoles like the 3DO and the Phillips CD-i. On the surface, the Xbox One X actually sounds like a good deal. A decently powered machine, and capable of some 4K gaming and checkboard rendering on 4K screens for other games, all for $500. On the surface that all sounds really good, but then you look deeper and you realize that for a $500 "premium" console Microsoft really made some design choices that simply... didn't make sense and are kind of counter-intuitive. There's a lot that simply just doesn't make much logical sense, but let's break it down: 1TB internal hard drive. Why? This is marketed as a console for 4K gaming, so that means games will get bigger. Why would you ship it with the same size hard drive as your entry-level machine, the Xbox One S? Granted Sony did the same with the PS4 Pro, but their games focus more on checkboard rendering which results in considerably smaller games. If I recall Quantum Break's 4K patch makes the game close to 100GB. FFXV is almost 100GB without 4K texture as well. Non-removable hard drive. This just seems really dumb. It wouldn't cost more to simply have a part of the enclosure open up and let people slide in a new hard drive. You have a system that only has 1TB of storage with games that can take up to 1/10 of that (more like 1/9 because only around 900 something are available out of the box) for a single game. This is a PREMIUM machine meaning the people buying this are going to likely buy more than 10 games. Also, it's not very "premium" to be forced to delete games to make space for other games. This means the system becomes RELIANT on getting an external almost on day 1. You have a $500 machine and you are going to make it so buying another $60-100+ device for it is almost mandatory? 4K patches should be broken into performance or 4K versions. It's insane that someone who has only a 1080p TV has to download the 4K patch for a game to enjoy the higher framerate version even if they are not going to use the 4K. This is to an extent a smaller issue on PS4 Pro because again: we are finding Xbox One X versions of games are sporting higher res textures and such, thus taking up more filesize. Jaguar CPU. The CPU was not designed for gaming, why are they insistent on keeping it? Hell Sony is guilty of this too. The CPU is already proving a bottleneck too. 4K Blu-ray drive is not being put to best use. You have a drive that can support disks that store more data, yet you are still selling games on regular Blu-rays and making the 4K patch a download when you could just sell a box with a Blu-ray and a 4K Blu-ray for Xbox One X owners to get them playing faster. Very little in the way of exclusives. Yes I know fanboys will moan about this one, but the fact remains you're asking me to spend $500+ on this hardware, but you are telling me there are no real games I can't play elsewhere? This device offers no features that a PC could not do. I can watch Netflix on my TV, or streaming services with a smart TV or even a $50 device. An Apple TV does all the media features this thing does for less. I can also have a PC hooked up to my TV to do it. This device is not offering anything for $500 that I or many others can't get elsewhere. The sooner fanboys recognize that the sooner they can actually start fixing the issues with this console and perhaps get it to start selling more. Microsoft is not even giving full sales numbers and not a single store I have been to has been sold out of the One X, even on launch day. The fact is that I don't think Microsoft had a plan for this machine, they were hoping specs along would sell this thing and now they are scratching their head wondering what to do. There are already rumors floating around that Microsoft is hard at work working on a Gen 9 console, trying to stack the deck for next gen.
  4. I decided to spend some of my tax refund and buy an Xbox One X. I am happy with it despite not being able to take full advantage of what the console offers due to me not having a 4K TV. I have tried a lot of the games that are enhanced and I have to say that I like being able to have the option between the performance and resolution. Given most of the time I have to choose performance because I have no 4K TV. Games like Rise of the Tomb Raider run noticeably smoother as do games that are not enhanced. For example, I play a lot of Dead by Daylight and the frame rate can be kind of jittery on the base Xbox One, but on the X it runs much smoother. All in all I am satisfied with it. So, I am looking to sell my old Xbox One, but I am not really sure how much to sell it for. A store around where I live will pay $100, but I am wondering if it is worth it to try and see if I can get more.
  5. Okay guys so here's the deal. I am thinking about getting a new console and there are two consoles in particular, The Xbox One and the Nintendo Entertainment System. Now I know what you're thinking? Why the Nintendo Entertainment System? Well that's because there are so many great games for it like Super Mario Bros 1, 2j, 2 and 3, Metroid, The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II, Castlevania 1-3, Ducktales 1 and 2, Darkwing Duck, Mega Man 1-6, Metal Storm, Sweet Home, Batman, Adventure Island, Blades of Steel, Kid Icarus, Battle Toads, Contra. Just so many great games for it, more than I can list and it's a console that, to me, is really worth getting. Plus, there are more games being made for it, like Swords n Runes, Battle Kid the Fortress of Peril, Haunted Halloween 86, Mad Wizard, Rise of Amondus and not to mention all the Rom Hack carts out there like My Little Pony: Dr, Discord's Conquest, Metroid Rogue Dawn, Castlevania Blood Moon, Simon's Quest Redux, The Legend of Zelda Ganon's Revenge. Etc. Just so many reasons to get a NES. Then we have the Xbox One, the most powerful game console in existence and it also has quite a few gems itself like Halo the Masterchief Collection, Gears of War 4, Super Lucky's Tale, Player Unknown Battlegrounds, Cuphead, Stranger of Sword City, Forza Motorsport, Titanfall and of course Halo 5. I don't know, they both sound good, Which should I get guys?
  6. Okay, so I am making this topic for me, but hopefully, it will be helpful for other people as well who might be considering the same thing. So, I am thinking about picking up a PS4. Black Friday deals have started and the PS4 is at $199 right now which I think is a really good deal. So, what's the problem? Well, I already own an Xbox One. My question is do you think it's worth owning both? I have considered buying a PS4 in the past, but I think that both consoles are really similar and it doesn't seem worth it to spend $300 on another console(however, $199 is another story). The biggest difference seems to be their exclusive games. So, what do y'all think? Do you own both an Xbox One and a PS4? If you do, do you think it is worth it?
  7. Hello is there anyone with ark survival Xbox one in this forum just curious I've been really lonely since I got raided if anypony is interested lemme know my Xbox gamertag is e22397.
  8. What is your favourite E3 upcoming video game mine is shadow of war cause im a huge fan of the lord of the ring trilogy
  9. Well, this is quite the surprise. Microsoft has apparently announced that they will be bring a full refund policy to Xbox One and Windows 10, a system that has been a huge success on the Steam Platform. This system will allow users to receive a refund of Xbox One and Windows 10 games, under circumstances that are basically identical to Steam's version: "The requirements in place are simple- all games on Xbox One, and most products on the Windows 10 store (there may be some third party app exceptions) are refundable, within 14 days of purchase. The user must have downloaded and launched the product at least once, and total time logged with the product must be less than 2 hours. DLC and add ons are not refundable." Sounds familiar right? This is essentially Steam's refund policy entirely, except for Xbox. This is fantastic news. The Steam version of this has been a huge success among gamers and it has generated all sorts of new consumer confidence. With the also massively successful backwards compatibility and Scorpio on the horizon, this is another fantastic addition for Xbox gamers. What do you all think?
  10. This is a pretty straight-forward question here. Anyone that has an Xbox One knows that there are several options whne it comes to your wallpaper/background. You can have it be a solid color, achievement art (which is really friggin cool by the way) or have it be a custom wallpaper from an external device or from the Theme My Xbox app, which is available on Xbox One for anyone that doesn't know. So with these options, let us know what your current wallpaper is for your system! PC's can't get all the wallpaper love. I know it might not be possible to share the image that you have set, so if you can't, you can simply tell us. My current wallpaper is immensely exciting. It is blue. That's it. X3 Just the color blue. However, I did upload some wallpapers to the Theme My Xbox website a bit ago and I am thinking of changing it to this: Anyone that has played Dark Souls 3 will recognize this. I love the look of this wallpaper. <3
  11. Hallo everypony! Recently I've been playing Zombies in Spaceland... Well, A LOT, and I was wondering if anyone would like to join me in my quest to get up to/past Scene 100. I have yet to do it. Usually on from 5PM to 9PM CST, whatever days I happen to be on. Oh, I should note I play on Xbox One... Kinda the most important bit... Anyway, my gamertag is xRagingSyphilis (don't ask) if you wanna add me. And if I'm on, message me and we'll play! ~ You're neighborhood Otaku
  12. So I am seriously considering selling my Xbox One to buy a PlayStation 4. However, I keep telling myself I shouldn't because of the money I have put into it. I don't have many physical copies of games. In fact, I own about 4 games right now. I also own some digital games, including The Witcher 3 and Gears of War 4. I also have some accessories I have purchased, including a Turtle Beach X One headset. And finally, I still have about 5 months left of Xbox Live. Okay, so my reasons for wanting a PS4 are as follows; more games I am interested in playing. There isn't much that I am interested in playing on the Xbox One this year. The game I most wanted to play on the One has been already released and even if I sell the One, I would still be able to play it on PC. I like fighting games and there are more of them on the PS4 than the One. Also, Street Fighter V. I mean I own it on the PC, but I imagine there are more people playing on PS4 than PC. I would love to be able to play it in my room without having to go to the computer. Another reason is I own both a PS3 and a Vita, so PS Plus would be more than worth it for me. Decisions, decisions. So, would you sell it or just keep it if you were me?
  13. The funny thing is I had recently watched a video of video games coming to the Xbox One in 2017. Scalebound was one of the games mentioned in the video and I remember thinking "Wow, that actually looks pretty cool." Of course, I would find out a week later that it had been canceled. I'll be honest, I don't think I had ever seen that tech demo that was shown at E3 2014 until recently. In fact, I had pretty much forgotten the game existed until I realized it was actually suppose to come out this year. I can't help but think this game was going to be one of the biggest games coming out for the One this year. Halo Wars 2, Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2, and Sea of Thieves are also coming out this year, but none of those games seem to be quite on the scale(no pun-intended) that Scalebound was on. Honestly, Microsoft's lineup of exclusives looks pretty dismal this year in comparison to Sony's. I honestly thought Microsoft had some momentum going into this year because of Scorpio. It's too bad because I think Scalebound would have been an amazing game to showcase the power of the Scorpio. Here's hoping that they have something more up their sleeves this year other than the games we already know are coming. Regardless of how people personally felt about the game, l think it was a big loss for Microsoft. As a gamer, we want their to be as many games as possible released for our consoles. Losing a game is always a bad thing, especially when it is a big game like Scalebound. I don't think this is the end for Microsoft, but I'm hoping this doesn't become a trend for them.
  14. Overwatch Platform: PC, Xbox One, PS4 Genre: Class-based Multiplayer FPS Publisher/Developer: Blizzard Entertainment ESRB: T Overwatch has rapidly grown into the biggest multipalyer gaming sensation since the release of Team Fortress 2 way back in 2007, and it is from that game that Overwatch takes inspiration from, attempting to be the new multiplayer game that survives for many years to come. Blizzard comes into the genre swinging and hoping to make a lasting impression. Overwatch is at its most basic, a multiplayer shooter, with 21 characters dubbed as 'heroes' to choose from, each residing within their own class, of which there are 4, Assault, Defense, Tank and Support. Every character has their own fine tuned personality, distinct look and play style. This right here is immediately the game's first positive. The character variety here is immense, better than pretty much any other game of this genre. With such a wide range of heroes and play styles, you will most likely have more than one favorite and you can freely switch between them within respawns or in your starting point. Whether you want to be out on the front lines fighting or staying back and healing, this game offers those choices in a way that is above its competition. In terms of control, the game also excels handily. This could very well be one of the best controlling mutliplayer FPS games that I have played on a console. Each character has their own movement, but each one is very defined and getting used to how they move is simple. The aiming is something that I felt was very fluid, never did I have a problem finding my target. The game is simply a breeze in terms of control on both console and PC. Continuing the positives, we have the visuals. This game is bright and vibrant, even moreso than its inspiration, Team Fortress 2. The game is loaded with color and style, each map and character have their own very distinct look and it all leaves a clear mental image that sticks with you. On top of just looking great, each map is also loaded with little bits that bring the world to life. It tells parts of the story that we may not be fully aware of yet. Now, that brings me to the first negative: The story. Not the story itself, but how it is presented. Overwatch actually has a deeply crafted lore and world, Blizzard has done a fantastic job in that aspect. The problem? Well, you just wouldn't know that in the game itself. Except for the amazing intro video, the game has little to no real info on the story itself and how everything in this world came to be as it is. There are plenty of places to view this stuff online, which of course works, but being able to read all about the lore within the game itself would be a wonderful addition. Far too many games now are relying on external sources for gamers to locate the story. Another slight blunder, is the balance. For the most part, Overwatch far outmatches its competition in terms of balancing, delivering fun gameplay that is mostly fair. However, some heroes as of the time of this writing, are either heavily outmatched by the other heroes or they simply destroy in comparison. There have been several patches since the game released and it has improved the balance for sure, but some heroes still don't click completely well. The larger problem is within the maps and modes. Again, Overwatch mostly succeeds in this area as well, but the trouble is within the A & B point capture mode, where a team attacks two points, first A then B, while the other team defends. This mode is by far the weakest in the game, with maps that feel very oddly designed compared to the other modes in the game. This mode seems to rely a lot on chokepoints and the defending team has the advantage right out of the gate. This means that the attacking team may just be throwing themselves against a wall the entire time, unable to proceed due to the map preventing them from getting any advantage. While strict coordination can overcome this, it is not always available for many and the other modes do not require this, so this mode for me mostly falls flat. The other modes are near perfection in their execution though. One last thing, the game matchmakes like a breeze with quick joining times and little to no lag whatsoever. This is also one of the best performing games I have played online. The DLC is promised to be free as well, with a new hero already added to the game. Final Verdict: Thank you for reading. ^-^
  15. A couple of the lovely ex-Rareware employees are working to bring us a new title, or "spiritual successor" to the classic game Banjo-Kazooie that they were previously responsible for. Not everyone who worked on the beloved Nintendo 64 classic is back for this game, but the key people involved in its making are supposedly behind this brand-new game entitled Yooka-Laylee. Read more on the official site: As someone who just recently discovered the greatness of this Nintendo classic, I'm in full favor of this game happening. However, there's a small detail that's bugging me based off of a gut feeling I have, but I won't share it because I know I'll get called dumb more times than I can count. Now, what I want to know do you feel about it? What are your concerns? General thoughts? Do you think it'll be a worthy successor? Personally, I think Banjo and Kazooie will make a cameo... *Cue someone telling me it's unlikely because they need to buy the rights to our old pals and they probably won't have money or Nintendo won't agree or whatever.*
  16. E3 is coming ot a close, and after Microsoft's stage conference, there has been soooo much damn negativity surging the internet. Microsoft revealed the new Xbox One S, which is an amazing deal for what you get, but so many people are saying Microsoft's vision has already killed the S with the Project Scorpio reveal, as well as concentrating entirely on both consoles AND PC. Micorosft wants to 'bridge the generations gap' and many people aren't on board with this. You know what? I am a huge fan of the Xbox One, it is my favorite game console of all time and as a huge fan, I am not worried, at all. What Microsoft showed actually excites me. Why? Because it shows Microsoft has an immense focus on gaming and gamers. For them, it doesn't matter if you game on a console or PC, we both will be getting all of those new games and in some cases,we can play together! Now what about the S and the Scorpio? That is simple. The S model is a very nice deal. For those wanting to get a fantastic video game console and a great media machine, this is a truly good deal, especially with 4K support. The Scorpio will be costly, we all know this. If the specs are true, it will cost easily several hundred dollars, so I don't know why people think the Scorpio is a direct competitor to the S. Not everyone wil l have the budget to spare for the Scorpio. Not everyone will be interested in the Scorpio at that time, so now, they will have a much cheaper alternative to play the same exact games. And this 'bridging the gaps thing', my theory is this: The Scorpio will be the next Xbox console, but still under the Xbox One name. I believe that after another 4 to 5 years, games will start becoming exclusive to the Scorpio, which will then start phasing out the old system. Everyone expects this anyways, so this seems like a smart way to go about it. On top of this, the Scorpio will have %100 compatibility with all Xbox One games, so that could be a smart move too. I could be entirely wrong about all of that but that is a theory. So many people are obsessed with the specs and what the system will mean, but for now, all we know is that all Xbox One games will work on it and other Xbox One units, of course, so that keeps me perfectly happy. In short, I am not worried about the future of Xbox. It seems Microsoft wants to focus less on exclusives and more on gaming as a whole. I don't care if a game is coming out on both Xbox one and PC, I will still be able to play the game on my Xbox One, so I really don't care where else it goes. Some are saying 'But this gives nobody a reason to buy an Xbox One!' Which that is entirely false, as people who are going ot buy an Xbox One are going to buy one anyways. 'Exclusives' are not the only reason to get a console. To me, Microsoft has a clear vision for what they want in the future of Xbox, bring console and PC gamers together in a huge community, rather than splitting them apart for whatever reason. On top of all of this though, I just want to be positive about gaming in general. Seeing Nintendo fumble as much as they are in my eyes really makes me want to be positive about gaming, so this is an attempt for that. Friggin is doing nothing but negativity, so I suggest not going there. Anywho, there is that.
  17. Does some of you remember this game? What really surprised me was the silence around the game after the launch. No big Youtuber made a Let's play of it, almost no news, it's like the game went into oblivion. But I should've expected that since Microsoft's decision to limit it to Windows 8.1 and Windows Store exclusivity didn't help.
  18. There is an E3 thread, but this will be for the general discussion of the Xbox conference specifically for Xbox fans like me. So it is a wrap folks. The 2016 Xbox stage conference has been brought to a close, though if I recall there can be more announcements in the next few days. With that though, what do you think about Microsoft's conference itself? What do you hope to see from Xbox at E3 overall? To me, it was a pretty good showing. While absolutely nothing is Xbox One exclusive anymore it seems, I can accept it for the fact that Xbox seems to be trying to unify gamers, at least on Xbox One and PC. This is a great idea and with Play Anywhere, that seems to be going very well. Project Scorpio was an interesting announcement, though I was worried that this could be the abandonment of the One as we know it, but it seems it will not be the case either. They also showed off tooooooooooons of games here, which is another huge positive. What I was disappointed with mostly was the lack of Backwards Compatibility discussion. They announced no new backwards compatible titles at all, despite it now being one year since we got the feature on the One. Maybe in the next few days they will do something with that. Also, the Xbox One S seems like an awesome deal too.
  19. it's always fun to see technicians and programmers being creative with hardware and modding consoles to run other program systems. And last time it gave me an question; Is it possible to mod a PS4/Xbox One to run Windows 7? I think it could be possible since, especially, PS4's components are compatible with Direct3D and the hardware architecture is almost familiar with the PC. And recently the PS4 got jailbreaked to run Linux without problems. How about you? Do you love to do/see others experimenting with hardware/software?
  20. First off, I'm not some 343i fanboy. I'm not one to ignore the painfully obvious flaws of the Halo series. I'm also not one to shy away from criticism where it is definitely needed. Is that all cleared up? Good. Okay, so anyway, what I really want to talk about is the current state of the fanbase that ensconces Halo and all of it's bi-products. Halo has long been a household name for many gamers. The first two iterations of the first person shooter innovating and expanding an otherwise bland and stagnated genre at the time, as well as elevating the Xbox as a competitive platform against the heavyweights of Playstation and Nintendo at the time. However, it's impossible to hide from the fact that Halo can never really reach that same peak again. Even before Bungie freed its grasp upon the series, there were signs of decay, signs of frailty; a sign that maybe the Chief ought to hang up his Assault Rifle and get a little hut on a beach someplace nice. But we all know that did not happen, with 343i continuing to parade Microsoft's flagship title across each generation of Xbox. Even for those who liked Halo Reach, whether entirely or only some parts of it, it marked a point in the franchise where the community really began to change. We saw the divide, a line cut right through the middle of an otherwise unified body of gamers. The new loadouts, armour abilities like Sprint and Armour Lock, the shift in gameplay and was just that much different from previous Halo games that those who could not adapt, or did not welcome the change were left behind. Even when Halo 4 came around, it simply expanded on the foundations that Reach put in place; the seeds of the modern Halo game growing and flourishing year by year. This continued to increase the division, going over the line in a thick red paint to make it bold and obvious. And now we're here, with two distinct factions waging war within the small fanbase left: "The Halo Veterans" and "The 343 Fanboys". Neither name is really that pleasant, but that's the names that both sides give each other. You actually like Halo 5? You must be a 343 fanboy. There is no room for a middle-ground at this point, with fingers being pointed and arguments starting from nothing, like children in a playground arguing over a football someone found in the sandpit. And frankly, it's time for it all to just stop. Halo 5 has issues; it was rushed quite a lot by Microsoft leading to a lack of content at launch. There are numerous small bugs that plague the engine, as the move to next-gen was harder than they imagined. And this list can increase depending on your point of view about things like the art style, or the REQ system, etc etc. But it also has SO many good points too. Consistent, massive post-launch support. A deep relationship between the developers and the community to keep the game moving in the direction people want it to. It even, arguably, has the most balanced Halo multiplayer to date in terms of the sandbox. But do you ever hear anyone talk about the good things? Of course not. It's just complaining, and complaining, and more complaining. 343i did something right? Better find something else to complain about. There is no such thing as PRAISE anymore, because people seem to think that praise is never due when it most certainly is. When you compare Halo 5 to the other shooters it is competing with, it's almost laughable to think that the majority of Halo fans are disappointed with what we're getting. Monthly big content drops for free, a microtransaction system that is actually fair and you have no reason to pay money if you don't want to (Believe me, I haven't), and as I said before, the developers are constantly active with the community in any way they can be. I mean, can you imagine how Halo fans would react if Halo 5's post launch was similar to Black Ops 3? Ha. So yeah, I think by this point, I'm splitting off from the majority of the Halo content creators that I used to enjoy. The constant negativity they try to incite in their viewers and the constant hatred towards 343 Industries is honestly damaging to the whole Halo 5 experience. It's the kind of attitude that ruins games, and they give no consideration to the people who actually enjoy the very things they harper on about to get removed. Peace.
  21. Subnautica - Descend into the depths of an alien underwater world filled with wonder and peril. Craft equipment, pilot submarines, terraform voxel terrain, and out-smart wildlife to explore lush coral reefs, volcanoes, cave systems and more - All while trying to survive. Official Trailer - Anyone played this game? It's easily my favorite game right now. It is simply so fun to play and explore the landscape! In my opinion, it's balanced just right to make finding items not very frustrating, yet have the feeling of being so accomplished when you do. Although, I do think I may have bought a horror game in disguise.. because there are some really scary moments in the game.. It's developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment, if that rings a bell to anyone. They've also made Natural Selection and Natural Selection 2 (haven't played those but they seem really good). Anyway, the game is out right now on Steam Early Access, and it's coming out on Xbox Early Access soon. Don't let early access discourage you, the game is very close to release (August/September 2016) and it is VERY well polished. It plays just fine on my GTX 750 Ti and FX-6300 PC.
  22. Superhot has just been released for the Xbox One, it is a game that apparently was a hit on PC. Apparently it is some type of, I guess puzzle-FPS that has a very interesting style in both looks and gameplay execution. I haven't played it but I am interested in it for sure. Anyone here played it? What's it like?
  23. The beta for Gears of War 4 started this week and I was wondering if any one else got a chance to play it? If so, what were you thoughts on it?
  24. Are there more gamers here waiting for the game? I'm really excited for it .
  25. It has been released. Resident Evil 6 is out now for the Xbox One and PS4. This is the first of 3 titles being re-released this year for these systems, with RE5 and 4 to follow later this year. This is the first time I have properly played this particular game and this release has all of the DLC and it is only $20! Of course, the game is still getting tons of hate from the extreme RE faithful, but honestly, I am enjoying it thus far. The gunplay is very solid and Mercenaries mode is really fun, I need to play more of the campaigns though. Any else picking this up? What are you thoughts on it?