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Found 83 results

  1. So a little while back my xbox 360 got red ring. I dealt with it for 3 months. My friend was all like "I have an old 360 you can have." so I got really excited. I kissed his lips, man. And I get the console and it works without any problems until I buy a game. All of a sudden, I turn it on and it's static and an odd screen pattern. It sucks. I got my hopes up and now I am sad.
  2. It seem we got a topic on unpopular Movies and TV series opinion and so I decided to make this. Since we have a lot of gamers here. Here's mine For Five Night at Freddy's I believe the real serial killer is Michael Atfon, and who's also Springtrap. Not his father, Willian Afton. Most of the SW games is a yawn since they keep bringing the "Darth vader" era into the time frame over and over agian. Dark Souls is hard yes, but I also think it fair if you know how to level or equip your characters. That's all I have so far Share!
  3. >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<<
  4. Yikes, so it's launch day for Sea of Thieves and already it's not looking good. Despite months of beta testing, the game is having some issues where the servers are down and new players can not sign up. It's pretty bad when your game is not even open for sign up on launch day, many are likening it to the infamous Diablo 3 launch. There is also apparently a lack of customization in the game and some of the mechanics are being criticized. Death apparently is rather inconsequential and there does not appear to be a lot of buzz surrounding the game yet, despite this being one of Microsoft's major planned launches this year. The game did get sandwiched between the recent trailer for and upcoming release for God of War 2018 though, so that may be a factor. Only time will tell if Sea of Thieves manages to strike gold (SEA what I did THAR?), but for now it looks like people will have to wait a bit longer to DIVE into the latest from Rareware. Honestly, this game to me never looked like it was going to take off if I'm blunt. I like Rareware (even though I didn't grow up with them as everyone else did) but I don't think anyone can deny they are a shell of their former self. If Sea of Thieves really does bomb, Microsoft may finally pull the plug, but at this point it may be a mercy killing. I could be DEAD wrong though and Sea of Thieves could become the next big thing, but currently... things are not looking fantastic.
  5. So, in the past month there have been interesting leaks and rumors regarding Microsoft and Xbox. One was a leak of games either being released or announced for 2018 which was leaked by someone who's predictions have been accurate in the past. Other then what we already know about the games being released in 2018, he referenced Forza Horizon 4(not surprising, I know), a new Fable game, a new Perfect Dark game, Age of Empires 4, a reference to a game that could either be Mech Assault/Mech Warrior, and new games for Conker, Banjo, and Crimson Skies. So, nothing too surprising there, but it's definitely great to know there are things in the works. Another big announcement was that all future Microsoft first party titles will be released on Game Pass the same day as it hits stores starting with Sea of Thieves. I have tried Game Pass and I thought it was okay. I think it is great for someone who just recently bought Xbox and doesn't have many games for it. However, I do think this announcement really changes things. Being able to play a game like Sea of Thieves for $9.99 as opposed to the $59.99 games retail sounds pretty awesome. The final rumor was that Microsoft was looking to buy either EA, Valve, or Bluehole(PUBG developer). I personally don't see them buying EA as EA makes their money through being a multi-platform publisher and making EA's games exclusive to the XBox would hurt rather than help them. However, I do see one other possibility here. Seeing as EA Access is only on Xbox One, I could see Microsoft signing a deal with EA to allow their games to be put onto Game Pass. I think this would be a big deal and further strengthen the value of MS's Game Pass. Microsoft has the money to make this happen so it is not outside the realm of possibility. In my opinion, this seems like the most likely scenario. Microsoft buying Valve seems pretty unlikely, but they have shown interest in PC gaming so there is that. Imagine if Microsoft bought Valve and owned Steam though? It would actually be pretty hilarious considering how much PC gamers hate Microsoft. Anyway, I don't have much to say about Bluehole as I really do not know much about them.
  6. Well it's been a while since I have used this site. Well to explain why I didn't return was the fact that I got into the game Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2. The game was so fun I entirely Forgot about the social world I was in. Which was this great site. I'm mostly playing as Peashooter or the All-star class. My brain still hurts from solving puzzle after puzzle in the trials of gnomus. So yeah here I am
  7. World of Tanks, the HUGE game filled with iconic tanks. Paper Blueprint tanks, WW2 tanks, and even some Cold War tanks, everyone and there mother knows about this game, considering they have ads everywhere and the game is free! Anyway, I wanna know what your guys favourite tanks are? I personally use the premium tier 8 Chinese Heavy Tank, the 112, and I also use the tier 10 German medium the Leopard 1, as well as the Tier 10 German TD Jagdpanzer E-100, and many others! (Chinese and German superiority, suck it Russian and American tanks XD)
  8. So, the Xbox One X is being released tomorrow. There have been a ton of reviews on it already and they generally seem to be pretty positive, so that’s good for them. Although, I am not buying one myself, I am curious about whether the console will be readily available to purchase for someone who didn’t pre-order it. Microsoft warned there might be shortages of the console. I don’t know whether or not that was only in the UK or if that was the US as well. I personally can’t justify buying one right now. It’s much too expensive for me and I would not be getting the full benefit of the system since I do not have a 4K television(and won’t be buying one any time soon). I think I am good with my OG Xbox One for now. It’ll be interesting to see how well the console sells. I am thinking it’s going to sell more than the PS4 Pro, but I guess we’ll see.
  9. Microsoft finally gave us the official details on the Scorpio, now named Xbox One X, priced at $500. It is being advertised as a 'premium console experience and the price reflects that. It is the most powerful console ever, being 40% more powerful than all other systems, from what I know. I am already quite hyped for it. I love Xbox and having a long term, more powerful system sounds great. Forza 7 at 4K sounds amazing. *-* Anyone else getting it? I fully acknowledge that this thing seems like a niche system for now, with its price and such. Let's not get into any 'pc vs. console' debates here. I also feel that it should have been bundled with an elite controller, seemed like a perfect fit so that is a gripe I have. For the first time since the Xbox One launch though, I am feeling excitement for a new system and I can't wait, already have some money down for a pre-order.
  10. What is your favourite E3 upcoming video game mine is shadow of war cause im a huge fan of the lord of the ring trilogy
  11. We all know that Xbox, as a brand, is simply not successful in Japan on any levels. The systems do not sell, the games don't either. A lot of people for some reason blame Microsoft for this, saying that the company doesn't focus on Japan at all. I however feel there is a different cause for all of it and that cause is simply Japan itself. What I mean by that, is that it seems the Japanese actively avoid Xbox. They stay clear of it and prefer the systems made in their own country. I find this to be rather troubling on its own, but it goes further. Recently, the game NEIR was basically confirmed that it will not be coming to Xbox One at all. It was originally thought it would, but the creators said that it won't, because of the absence of Xbox One sales, IN JAPAN. So they are choosing to ignore every other territory because reasons and losing out on a ton of potential sales because of some stubborn pride thing. I respect Japan on many levels, but I cannot deny that in this particular case, they take their pride thing a bit too far. That leads into the main point. I feel the failure of Xbox in Japan is simply a self-fulfilling prophecy on their part. Japanese devs have stated that they don't make their games for Xbox because Xbox doesn't sell in Japan. The huge problem with that logic, is that there needs to be games for the system for people to buy the system for. So they don't make games for it in the first place, which leads to abysmal system sales and those abysmal system sales then lead to no Japanese games being made for it and the cycle fuels itself endlessly. That is a huge problem. So in the end, it comes across as the Japanese actively avoiding the non-Japanese game system. The Xbox One is fairly successful in many other territories so choosing to not put their games on that system even in those territories is, to me, a dick move. This is in contrast to the Playstation Vita, which only saw major success in, where else, Japan. This lead to that system getting tons of developer support, mostly exclusively in Japan itself, while the system was left to die everywhere else. With games like NEIR and Dynasty Warriors 9 apparently abandoning Xbox altogether, even worldwide, it is making me lose a lot respect for Japanese developers. Their viewpoint seems to be so narrow and only focused in Japan and Japan only, which is not only a bad business move in my view, but also a kind of arrogant way to approach this industry. I hate any kind of national pride that leads to arrogance. Microsoft has already tried to do a huge Japanese push for the Xbox 360 years ago, with some very solid titles being made for the system, but this did next to nothing for the brand's success there, furthering the point that the Japanese seem to be avoiding all of Xbox like a plague. Apparently Phil Spencer met with a bunch of Japanese development teams recently, and hopefully that helps some things, but it is a shame that it takes the head of Xbox itself going there and talking with them for them to show any interest. So there is my view on this subject that I have been increasingly thinking about. Do you all have any opinion's on this? Any thoughts? Like I said, this entire situation is making me lose respect for Japanese devs. They choose to deny me the chance to buy their games because I don't own the Japanese made system. I mean, if they really don't want my money, then fine. Their loss. This whole thing would be like if I actively avoided all Japanese games because they are Japanese made, which would be incredibly stupid.
  12. So to clarify, all that stuff I said in the last update about "special surprises concerning upcoming stories", bogus. Yeah, I'm not going to pull those yet; they're in the reserves. Now, to begin today's belated peril. (seriously, me writing this at 9PM is practically a crime) Before I start, I just want to say, I love my Xbox. It's a gaming machine that does it's job a good 40% of the time when compared to my computer (which is still high considering it's dead to the floor. Yeah, I couldn't fix it). So for everything that's happened, I don't hold it against my Xbox. It's all about those puppeteers behind the curtain, Microsoft. Damn, those guys really need to step on it. Windows 10? Seriously? I'm lucky to still have an install disk for Windows 7 Home Prem. Now I'm ranting; continue. I got a text from my friend, a PlayStation fanatic, and he tells me that I could come over for the day. Of course, I'm not going to let an opportunity like that down, so I went! Now, at this time, I was in the middle of my first playthrough of Watch_Dogs and I'm a Microsoft supporter, thus, I wouldn't be able to play my Xbox games at his house even if it killed me. So of course, I had to bring the console. I quickly packed a backpack and ran to his house carrying a 200 hundred dollar gaming console, again, not exactly the smartest idea. Now, I got to play a good 5 minutes before everything went down. My friend was cool about me using his television and everything, but the real problem was that he wanted to show me a meme. Normally, I wouldn't mind a good meme or two, but when I turned around, hell broke loose. My toe, simple and plain as it is, tapped (I'm talking Fluttershy level of tapping) the Xbox as it ran and that's when it happened. My beloved Xbox, ground, I'm talking CHAINSAW LEVEL OF GRINDING, my CD. The sounds it made were only comparable to a blender caught on fire and then melted with the heat created from an overcooked steak. I was in pure shock, whispering to myself as my dear Microsoft companion continued its mighty rage, "Please don't let the rumors be true; please don't." Yes, I really said that and... well... upon my disk was the most beautiful piece of art. It was like my system was trying to show off, expressing itself with a precious circle imprinted upon my 20 dollar copy of Ubisoft's "next-gen" (yes, the parentheses) masterpiece. I walked home knowing I'd just burned money. Now, I wasn't ready to give up. To me, this game was awesome and I'd been drooling over it since its release. So I ran to the library, hoping I could rent a disk resurfacer. Nope. Ran home to drench the disk in toothpaste. (Not exaggerating on that "drenching". I literally dunked my CD in a vat of toothpaste.) NOPE, nothing worked. "Fine," I said, digging around the youtube archives of underage punks dipping their copy of Modern Warfare in oil, lighting it on fire, then putting it out with their prepubescent tears, "I'll just have to try something else." I did the whole process twice, the toothpaste. It wasn't until afterward that I found a video explaining that Car Wax was the answer to all my problems. Did I get that wax? No, I haven't. Five dollars is a lot to a brony who isn't allowed to get a job and spends all his lawn greens on pony dolls. That copy of Watch_Dogs is still sitting under my bed, waiting, wishing, and wanting to be played once more. Still feel bad for my Xbox. Such a beautiful circle... Lesson of today is to not get Windows 10. If you did, then I take my hat off to you; your eulogy will be done by tomorrow afternoon. -RealityPublishing
  13. During the Halo 5 free play period, a friend and I messed around with scripts and whatnot in Halo 5's "Forge" mode. I especially liked making shit spin around like mad; including giant rocks or chunks of mountains. We essentially managed to break or seriously pervert the physics of the maps we played with.
  14. Put your Usernames and the Platforms or Games you play on here! PSN: DatSlyWolf Runescape: DatSlyWolf Steam: Rapid Miles
  15. E3 is coming ot a close, and after Microsoft's stage conference, there has been soooo much damn negativity surging the internet. Microsoft revealed the new Xbox One S, which is an amazing deal for what you get, but so many people are saying Microsoft's vision has already killed the S with the Project Scorpio reveal, as well as concentrating entirely on both consoles AND PC. Micorosft wants to 'bridge the generations gap' and many people aren't on board with this. You know what? I am a huge fan of the Xbox One, it is my favorite game console of all time and as a huge fan, I am not worried, at all. What Microsoft showed actually excites me. Why? Because it shows Microsoft has an immense focus on gaming and gamers. For them, it doesn't matter if you game on a console or PC, we both will be getting all of those new games and in some cases,we can play together! Now what about the S and the Scorpio? That is simple. The S model is a very nice deal. For those wanting to get a fantastic video game console and a great media machine, this is a truly good deal, especially with 4K support. The Scorpio will be costly, we all know this. If the specs are true, it will cost easily several hundred dollars, so I don't know why people think the Scorpio is a direct competitor to the S. Not everyone wil l have the budget to spare for the Scorpio. Not everyone will be interested in the Scorpio at that time, so now, they will have a much cheaper alternative to play the same exact games. And this 'bridging the gaps thing', my theory is this: The Scorpio will be the next Xbox console, but still under the Xbox One name. I believe that after another 4 to 5 years, games will start becoming exclusive to the Scorpio, which will then start phasing out the old system. Everyone expects this anyways, so this seems like a smart way to go about it. On top of this, the Scorpio will have %100 compatibility with all Xbox One games, so that could be a smart move too. I could be entirely wrong about all of that but that is a theory. So many people are obsessed with the specs and what the system will mean, but for now, all we know is that all Xbox One games will work on it and other Xbox One units, of course, so that keeps me perfectly happy. In short, I am not worried about the future of Xbox. It seems Microsoft wants to focus less on exclusives and more on gaming as a whole. I don't care if a game is coming out on both Xbox one and PC, I will still be able to play the game on my Xbox One, so I really don't care where else it goes. Some are saying 'But this gives nobody a reason to buy an Xbox One!' Which that is entirely false, as people who are going ot buy an Xbox One are going to buy one anyways. 'Exclusives' are not the only reason to get a console. To me, Microsoft has a clear vision for what they want in the future of Xbox, bring console and PC gamers together in a huge community, rather than splitting them apart for whatever reason. On top of all of this though, I just want to be positive about gaming in general. Seeing Nintendo fumble as much as they are in my eyes really makes me want to be positive about gaming, so this is an attempt for that. Friggin is doing nothing but negativity, so I suggest not going there. Anywho, there is that.
  16. It seems Microsoft is creating it's own NX.
  17. Halo 1, 2, 3, ODST, Reach, 4, Anniversary? My favorites- 1, 2, 3. Halo 1 and 2 were somewhat my childhood. Used to play online like crazy on halo 2 when at my cousins house. Halo 3 I remember my brother coming home with it when it came out, been playing it ever since halo reach came out and ruined the halo series by turning halo 3 into a deserted place of memories.. Kinda like hero factory and bionicle. No offense to the people who like Reach and up. :/
  18. There is an E3 thread, but this will be for the general discussion of the Xbox conference specifically for Xbox fans like me. So it is a wrap folks. The 2016 Xbox stage conference has been brought to a close, though if I recall there can be more announcements in the next few days. With that though, what do you think about Microsoft's conference itself? What do you hope to see from Xbox at E3 overall? To me, it was a pretty good showing. While absolutely nothing is Xbox One exclusive anymore it seems, I can accept it for the fact that Xbox seems to be trying to unify gamers, at least on Xbox One and PC. This is a great idea and with Play Anywhere, that seems to be going very well. Project Scorpio was an interesting announcement, though I was worried that this could be the abandonment of the One as we know it, but it seems it will not be the case either. They also showed off tooooooooooons of games here, which is another huge positive. What I was disappointed with mostly was the lack of Backwards Compatibility discussion. They announced no new backwards compatible titles at all, despite it now being one year since we got the feature on the One. Maybe in the next few days they will do something with that. Also, the Xbox One S seems like an awesome deal too.
  19. Subnautica - Descend into the depths of an alien underwater world filled with wonder and peril. Craft equipment, pilot submarines, terraform voxel terrain, and out-smart wildlife to explore lush coral reefs, volcanoes, cave systems and more - All while trying to survive. Official Trailer - Anyone played this game? It's easily my favorite game right now. It is simply so fun to play and explore the landscape! In my opinion, it's balanced just right to make finding items not very frustrating, yet have the feeling of being so accomplished when you do. Although, I do think I may have bought a horror game in disguise.. because there are some really scary moments in the game.. It's developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment, if that rings a bell to anyone. They've also made Natural Selection and Natural Selection 2 (haven't played those but they seem really good). Anyway, the game is out right now on Steam Early Access, and it's coming out on Xbox Early Access soon. Don't let early access discourage you, the game is very close to release (August/September 2016) and it is VERY well polished. It plays just fine on my GTX 750 Ti and FX-6300 PC.
  20. For those that don't know, Xbox Uservoice is a service by Microsoft that allows us to suggest ideas for Xbox in general, among many different categories. It is a service that is definitely hit and miss, as some good ideas get acknowledged, while others get lost in the sea of ideas. So I shall make this thread. This will be a general thread for the discussion of Uservoice and you can share your ideas for others to check out and vote on if they want to. Any particular ideas you have made? Here is a recent one from me, for the game Forza 6. I really want there to be multi-class racing options in the Free Play part of the game, but I doubt the idea will ever gain attention: You can vote on that if you want to.
  21. Have any cool Black Ops 3 Paintshops or emblems? Post them here! ​Ask for critiquing, advice, etc.
  22. Which side did you choose? Stormcloaks or Imperials?
  23. Game Website: Hello, everyone! In this thread, we'll discuss the popular loot-focused Action RPG, Diablo 3. I'd also encourage forming clans, or we could all form one gigantic clan! Currently, I'm leveling my crusader in Season 4, but I'm willing to start from scratch to play co-op with a beginner or someone starting over. All players are welcome, and I'm looking forward to chatting with you all about adventures and loot! Edit: I forgot to mention that I play the PC version.
  24. Not exactly the MLP debut on consoles we were expecting, but hey its a start. It costs 2.99 (or maybe 3.99, bottom line, its cheap) on the Xbox live Marketplace as DLC for Monopoly Plus. They actually released it before in April, but took it down for some reason. So if you want it, better by it now (I already have).
  25. Attention all Xbox gamers! If you have not heard the news, starting next week on July the 7th, Xbox will be having an Ultimate Game Sale for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One lasting apparently 'all summer', which this definitely seems like a direct response to Valve's Steam Summer Sale on the PC. It will probably operate the same way, with the list of games being updated and changed throughout the sale period. Wallets, cower in fear! This sale will include over 70 games across the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. These games (and others to be announced later) will be offered at up to 40-50 percent off, while Xbox Live Gold members will save an extra 10 percent. With backwards compatibility releasing to the public later this year, this could add a ton of new games to your library! Some of the currently revealed titles include: Assassin's Creed III Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Diablo III Dragon Age: Inquisition Far Cry 4 Goat Simulator Injustice: Gods Among Us Mortal Kombat X The Orange Box Ori and the Blind Forest Slender: The Arrival Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor ​And many more titles will be revealed as the sale draws closer and continues on. Who else is excited for this? I know I am! Xbox is pretty much my only gaming platform that I play on now and this is a wonderful sale for fellow Xbox gamers. This sale has me all like: Are there any games you would like to see go on sale? Let's discuss this! I will update this thread when any new updates are revealed so if you want to know what the current sales are, check it out on the Xbox Store or check back here.