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Found 13 results

  1. YEEEAAAH! I think it's time we all took a moment to appreciate the manliest, most testosterone-filled, and most radical stallion in all of Equestria. Who am I talking about? Who the hell do you think? I'm talkin' about BULK BICEPS, BABY! YEAH! Here you can talk about how why you like the lil' fella so much, how you'd like to sit back and have a few beers with 'im, or whatever else you can think of. RULES: DISCUSS!
  2. uhmm... yay!! Scoots!! I love drawing the mane... Enjoy!
  3. I was thinking about this one a second ago, What if each of the ponies had a stab at reforming discord, or another bad guy. (feel free to use candice or the cmc if your tired of the main six) Who would best reform Chyselias? Hum, my mind keeps shooting off at just how fun that would be. I mean being a fluffle puff fan i'd rather much like to see the changeling queen in twilight library myself, Couldn't you imagine her all insincere like hugging twilight in front of Celestial "Oh don't you worry we're gonna be the bestest friends." poping a straw in twilights head.
  4. Enjoy this mess Yeaaaah
  5. Hello everyone, this is a 12 sec long video I made after a few hours of work in flash as a parody of that guy in CSI: Miami. I think the name is catchy. As this is my 3rd video, and my 6th day in Adobe Flash I could really use some feedback. Is the lip sync off? Quality to low? Audio to quiet? Do the shades look off? Or just anything else that looks unnatural.
  6. A lyra wallpaper. I feel like it's still missing something, but I don't know what. I'm also not sure the trail on lyra was such a great idea.
  7. OHOHOH~So yes, this is a discussion for the greatest series evaaaaaar, Game of Thrones!~Please try to keep spoilers to a minimum, though, as some of us haven't finished the series or plan on reading it!My favourite characters are (in order):1. Arya and Melisandre2. Dany and Tyrion3. Lannister siblings (Jaime, Cersei)4. Sandor Clegane (The Hound)I hate:1. Sansa and Joffrey (OH GOD PLEASE NO)2. Catelyn3. Gregor Clegane (The Mountain)So yeah! I've read all the books and seen all the epis (SO PUMPED FOR SEASON THREE, EEK!) and I'm in love with the actor for Theon in the show XD
  8. Ask Snowflake anything, He can take the heat, YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
  9. I'm talking about this pegasus: White, blond, muscular, red eyes, kind, strong, and sensitive. This small-winged pegasus is one of the background ponies that has grown in popularity due to not just his unique design, but his one word: Since his airing, the fandom has given speculation as to what to name him. Currently, one of the more well-known is "Roid Rage" due to his strength, size of his muscles, and over-the-top call. However, unlike most of the other background characters, there's no consistent name for him. Others have called him Dumb-bell (to reference his cutie mark), Snowflake (because of his white fur, yet kind persona), or another name entirely. So I like to ask. What name would YOU give him? Would you give one currently used in the fanon or another one (your own or one lesser known fanon name)? The name I like to give him isn't any of the three. It's one that's been used for him, but hidden and extremely obscure: Horse Power/Horsepower. Why that one? The pegasus, due to his size, is incredibly strong. He has extremely bulging muscles throughout his body. His "YEAAAAAAHH!!" is also strong and powerful. So he's got a passion, and many bodybuilders are passionate about their workout regime. His cutie mark is a dumbbell, and dumbells/barbells range in any weight depending on the strength of the arms. It's a play on words. "Horsepower" deals with "work done over time" for cars, or for horses, how much work can horses do per minute. This pegasus is strong and can apparently work quite a bit over a period of time. Now it's your turn.
  10. Everyone that has played it has loved it, even my CoD obsessed cousin, it's Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney. If you aren't aware, Ace Attorney is a brilliant mind puzzle/visual novel/point and click adventure series. The most recent Ace Attorney (besides the great spin off, Ace Attorney Investigations) was Apollo Justice Ace Attorney. Now, AA5 has been announced for the 3DS! The game is starring Phoenix, the main protagonist of the first 3 games, and will feature full 3D graphics. Opinions?
  11. I was thinking about setting up an fantasy football league for our little community here. There can only be up to 20 people, but can have as little as 4. I think it would be a fun way to get together and smack-talk about football if that's what you're into. The league is on and you have to enter the password: mlpforums in the password box to join, as it's a private league. I believe you have to have an account also, so you will be prompted to log-in or create one. We also have to agree on a time for an online draft, so if you join, you should post your availability (specific times) so I can find the time to get the most people there. I think sometime Saturday would be the best option, and it might also be the last day to have a draft before the NFL season starts. And feel free to leave questions, comments, complaints, compliments, or anything else related. Also, if someone higher up on this site would like to take some charge, I have the ability to give you management privileges in the league. We need at least 4 to start, we already have two right now, try to anypony that would be interested, I'd love to make this happen, even if it is just with 4 ponies. It does look like Saturday is the last day to hold a draft, so we need to get on it. The draft is tentatively set for Saturday, September 8 at 10pm EST/ 7pm Pacific time. I do not believe I can hold this at a later date.
  12. Ok, I've thought about doing this a while ago, but never did so, now I have to say "Why not"? Just ask away! I will use my brain power and try and come up with some honest answers... (and maybe some not so honest answers) So, yeah QUESTIONS! I guess Dusty will be getting in on this too, so if you want to ask him questions you can do that as well. "Yeah, I'll answer your questions..."
  13. Not much explaining. If you can tell me why I made Feld0 humanized like this, your awesome! *HINT* I wonder if he'll like it...