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Found 39 results

  1. All right I was thinking, when's the worst time of the year to have a birthday? Like what month. No this thread is not meant for bashing people who have birthdays in said months so if anyone ever mentions your birthday month or whatever, try not to feel offended. In my opinion, I always think the worst time is around Christmas that is if you celebrate it. From what I've heard, it can be either two things. Either, you get twice as many presents, or people just group your birthday with Christmas and give you one present, saying it's for your birthday and Christmas. So discuss away!
  2. What is the most bizarre or weirdest year of your life? For me it's 2010, because it was the first year of my teen years because I turned 13 that April. And the year was like a gap between my childhood and my teen years. That year I've gotten into new shows like Adventure Time and Regular Show. I was playing DS games like Pokémon HeartGold and Dragon Quest IX, and kept up to date on Black & White coming out. I went to Las Vegas and Hawaii over the Summer, I got my first cell phone. I also made my first attempts at digital animation though I had a limited software at the time Anime Studio Debut 6. Also that fall, kids at school were talking about this new cartoon. I know what you're thinking, it's MLP:FiM, nope it was Fish Hooks, a Disney show that I thought was pretty bad. Throughout 2010 and 2011 I didn't really see any MLP content besides the toy commercials.
  3. With seeing the new episode, I conclude that the level of technology is at par of the 1950s. They have a hydroelectric dam, which was most famous in the the form of the Hoover Dam, which was constructed in the 30s. They have locomotives but aren't very the 50s.Only thing that defeats this theory are the houses but I'll just attribute that to cultural archictecture.So any other theories on the technology in Equestria?
  4. My year so far has been a bit weird but not in a bad way. Most of my year so far has been great! I got a job, commissioned a few talented artists, celebrated my mom's birthday, celebrated holidays, got a new cat, and re-joined the brony fandom! What about you guys?
  5. Which year from 2000 - 2010 was your favorite year and why? For me 2004 was my favorite year between those ten years. A lot of awesome games came out during that year. Halo 2, Burnout 3, Fable, Star Wars KOTOR II, GTA San Andreas, MGS3, Half Life 2, Star Wars Battlefront, Doom 3, Jak 3 and NFSU 2 came out and I played those games to death. I made some of my closest friends that I still talk to today in that year. It was also the year that solidified my tastes in music and what started me to like the music I love today.
  6. I've been ultra-bored all day so I thought "Ehh, I'll make a fun little poll". So, what month were you born in? I was born in March (March 27th). I also want to see if there really is a bell curve or not. (Google it.)
  7. Happy New Year! I hope all of you get a fresh start for this new year. Many people don't have a change through the year, but I encourage you to see that now is the time to make amends to things. Whatever it may be. For me, I'm trying to be nicer to my family and show them more love. (they better be nicer to me to though!) Make 2019 your fresh start. Good luck to you on your adventures
  8. I have created a year counting system: ANB! (After Nightmare's Banishment) and BNB, or Before Nightmare's Banishment. Basically you count years starting from Nightmare Moon's banishment. The pilot episode would take place 1000 ANB, Seasons 4 - 6 would take place in 1001 ANB, and season 7 could take place in 1002. (Assuming 3 seasons of fim equals a year in the show) The Mane 6 were born sometime around 980 - 985 ANB. Granny Smith could of been born sometime before 935 ANB, meaning Ponyville was founded when Granny Smith was 15 - 25 years old. The CMC were born sometime around 993 - 995 ANB, The flashbacks to before Luna become Nightmare Moon in the Season 4 premiere took place 5 - 1 BNB etc. So what do you all think? P.S: The dates I provided are assuming ponies age at the same rate as humans do. (If you use this year counting system credit me!)
  9. You can find a good amount of accurate information on yourself if you enter your birthday on the following website: So, what do your birthday say about you? My information:
  10. As it's getting near the end of the year, and things are not likely to change before it does, and because I feel like it, I have decided to reflect on the year past. I've realized my interest in MLP is waning (though I still watch it all- I'm just not as bothered about it as I used to be), battled depression (though this is still ongoing) and realized something I once thought impossible. I like having friends. I never used to have many friends, one or two at most. I never cared much for making friends, or socializing in general. But over the course of this past year, I have realized how much my friends mean to me, how much I like making them, and indeed, I have started to want to socialize. I should note that by friends here, I am referring to my closest friends, that select group of people I would do anything for, not just the wider circle of friends (that I am still very thankful for!). I've made some of these friends here, and some via group chats on Skype (that I would never be in if I had not signed up as a member here!). So I am thankful to this forum, and will never leave, as well as thankful to MLP itself, for without MLP I would not be here, and thus would never have found out that friendship is indeed magic.
  11. Does anypony have an explanation for the way time works in Equestria? There is the annual ceremony known as the "Summer Sun Celebration", where Celestia raises the sun, so with this in mind, we can conclude that if the have seasons, they must have years as well. In the first Equestria Girls movie, Sunset Shimmer said that the portal opened every 30 "moons". Knowing that they have regular daytime and nighttime cycles, should we assume that one of these "moons" that Sunset was referring to is the equivalent to one year? It seems plausible at first, but that would make Sunset at least 30 years old, or 30 moons, so she wouldn't be in Canterlot High. However, we do see Fleur Dis Lee attending CHS, so maybe her human counterpart is also a lot younger than her pony self, but the Mane 6's counterparts are all respectively the same age. Maybe Fleur Dis Lee is just in an odd relationship with Fancy Pants. Perhaps I am viewing this wrong, and one "moon" just symbolizes one full lunar cycle, but if that was the case, Sunset wouldn't have needed to wait so long to steal Twilight's crown, unless of course, she was just waiting for the right time to strike. Here on Earth, the moon is always the moon, no matter what angle it reflects light from, but maybe in Equestria, only a full moon is considered a moon. There are other examples of moons being mentioned as a unit of time, and maybe a moon is a year, and they just have really short seasons. I'm obviously having trouble putting the pieces of this puzzle together, and any theories and/or suggestions would be dearly appreciated. All thoughts and opinions are welcome and are to be respected, so please don't hold back any thoughts that you feel may be valid. You sharing your ideas is the only way we will figure out this broad question! Thank you everypony for your help!
  12. YEEEAAAH! I think it's time we all took a moment to appreciate the manliest, most testosterone-filled, and most radical stallion in all of Equestria. Who am I talking about? Who the hell do you think? I'm talkin' about BULK BICEPS, BABY! YEAH! Here you can talk about how why you like the lil' fella so much, how you'd like to sit back and have a few beers with 'im, or whatever else you can think of. RULES: DISCUSS!
  13. Ah yes, Spring is slowly approaching. Almost done with the brisk cold of winter and to the calmer, warming up of Spring. Now in case you haven't figured out yet, Spring is my favorite season. I have my reasons that will care to explain why this season is so special to me compared to the others. For starters, Spring comes right after Winter. Now this might not seem like a good reason but let me explain, Winter is my least favorite. In fact, I hate Winter. It's too cold for me to handle being outside, it gets dark really early, and it feels like this season drags because sometimes, the snow will carry on into the beginning of Spring (I live in Illinois so that's the reason). So when spring hits, it gives me relief that Winter is over and it can finally get warmer. Another reason is that it feels like all the stuff involving me happens in Spring. First off my birthday is in "Spring (April 3rd by the way) so that's one thing I can always look forward to. Also, I became a brony in the beginning of Spring. As of writing this, my bronyversery is next week so yeah. Finally, I joined the forums in Spring which I'm still using to this day. So Spring just feels like a long holiday to me. Finally, it's the perfect balance of weather. It's not so hot that we have to leave the windows open and the fans on and not too cold where I have to stand in below zero weather at the bus stop at 6:30 in the morning. It's got the nice and warm feeling of summer, mixed with a nice breeze leftover from Winter leaving me to just want to prance around outside or take a nice walk. So this is why Spring is so special to me. Well the runny nose caused by seasonal change and me just not caring about school anymore are flaws, I can still enjoy this season from beginning to end.
  14. May be This was not the year for me. Not my year of great achievement, Not my year of Finding love or not my year for making a name for myself. No this has not been my year and it has not been Wolf's year. From my birth to the year 2000 I had something in me. I had courage, pride, joy, strength, will, curiosity and I had something here *Puts Paw on heart* However that Year...I lost it all and became a shell of who I truly was and became a ghost to all. I never fit in, I stayed to myself not giving anything. when I opened up I kept my cards close to my chest only showing what I wanted ponies and people to see and that was not much. I never kept a diary I never shared the full truth and I kept secrets that may never be heard ever again. I will admit I have heart Ponies and people, not often Physically in fact hardly Physically and some emotionally. Always non intentionally more often then not purely on accident. I have had friend become enemy's and some friends lost. I have made some enemy's friends and mixed with the good and the bad. However in the mist of it all I was always alone. since then I made a shell and many layers of walls to protect me. I had the skin of a dragon, the swiftness of a wolf, the cunning of a demon and the face of an angle. DDWA was what I created and they protected me from 2000 to 2013 it was in the last six months of 2013 I was introduced to a witch needs no introduction, but hay may as well. I was introduced to a show I thought was meant for girls "My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic" A friend suggested it so I thought I would indulge her request and watch the first two episodes as they were linked making one...literally the two episodes were streamed as one Part one and two. after watching the one episode i kept going and going and over six months of broken viewing I watched all of them up to 2014 January 1st so while I waited for new episodes I hunted answers as to when it will come out and I found the site MLPForums and By 29th January I developed a Pony sona/Wolf and began a true journey of my own. Little did i realize that yes the many years from 2000 to 2014 were not my years, Pain, anger, frustration, loss, bullying and having no real direction. However that changed because what died in 2000 was being born again. So no I had nothing, but now. I have been here just over a year January 29th was when Phoenix landed here and he is here to stay. We came here to find answers to a question we no longer remember and we came here finding more then we barged for. We met AppleGearRising. It was funny I was writing my first draft of my story and me and Apple had spoken a little and I liked his personality so I asked If I could use his OC or him in my book. Sadly he declined as he did not have an OC but he did offer assistance. We truly connected when he spoke of having a bad day so we had a PM chat hoping I could brighten it up and judging by what was said it helped. we then spoke on and off for a while until 20th of march and that is when I met Nick 1925. He Commented on a status Apple made and I could see he cared about Apple so I had a chat with him and went well I guess. He was a little uneasy about me but we quickly got traction in a conversation at the time. He strongly resembled Fluttershy because he was off and then I mentioned something he was passionate about he then went slightly excited but like Fluttershy quickly wound back down. However we kept talking until we has a stable ground in which he could confidently talk with me. then we, being me and Wolf, Nick and Apple began really communicating and we formed an almost brotherly tie, Like family. I have every message I ever sent them here on the forum and between them we have had over 1200 replies to one-another and in every reply we have been truthful and kind. I once said that between the three of us we could have used the Elements of harmony And I would not tread ether of them for anything...and I mean anything. you see over the past year I have been rebuilding my tru self and that is Phoenix, but I did not truly create him...My family did. My brothers, who I have never met. However I trust them more then any one else...I trust them like they were my true brothers and I love them the same way to....and unconditionally to. They could tell me anything and my view on them would not matter what they said. We are Family and that is all that matters to me.
  16. Well, this is it, I guess. When I first joined forums I did not expect to ever reach this point. I joined this place as it appeared to be a friendly one and at that point of life I desperately needed friends. I was unsure about my english, confused about size of forums and on top of all very shy and unable to approach total strangers even on the internet. I won't lie, my first days here were not easy, but it was already a relief, because from very first day I had friends who I could rely on and who allowed me to forget about all the stress I've been through in my real life. I got support, we were also having fun and in all of this my english was improving. Not to mention my shyness slowly disappearing, at least on the internet. It was honestly one of best decisions in my life to come here. Before forums being a brony was uneasy experience to me. I knew no bronies at all (the one who introduced me to the show... we barely even talked shortly after that) and it made me feel insecure around others, I wanted to get out of closet, but at the same time I knew that people like even my parents would be very angry about that part of me. I needed place like this, place where I could be 100% myself withot being worried of someone judging me over such trivial matters. Now I write all this... year after joining forums. It was a long year, full of changes in my life. But also full of fun both irl and here. I won't be bugging people with all the meetings with friends irl and stuff like that. It is not why I am writing this. But I remember all that happened during me being here. I remember silly truth or dare games with some of my first friends (and how I dared Sugar Cube to post a love poem on Artemis's profile roflmao), I remember all the randomness I took part in in forum games or status updates. About how I spammed people with hugs. About how Sugar Cube dared me to change my old name (Sajtan92) into Hugoholic unaware of the fact that soon everyone here will know me as Hugoholic. I remember my first friends, Blue Bay and our Borderlands 2 playing, SkyStorm and how she kept trying to get rid of my shyness (and how it ended with success, because she is just to stubborn to give up XD), Friendship Cannon, who sadly is not with us anymore and all the others who joined me later (it would take forever to write down all names lol). I want to say it to all to You, thank You. Thank You for being as awesome as You are right now, for all this funny stuff I saw there, for being with me both in good and bad times. For milions of hugs I got (xD) and... overall for everything. I suck at writing things like this lol I'd also like to mention "few" users by their names. I hope they won't be angry, if they will be I will hug them to death :comeatus: So.. *COUGH COUGH* Special thanks to: -Blue Bay - You were my first friend here. Literally first friend so You will be first here as well xD We don't talk that much anymore (I think it is time to change it) but I still consider You a friend. Thank You for being the first one who managed to survive with as annoying human being as me XD *hugs him* :v -SkyStorm - first pegasister friend (who I was so freaking shy to send PM to first XD) - like before we don't talk as often as we did anymore (even if we still are in touch) but You honestly helped me a lot on my first days. Because of You I started to feel more confident about myself. You were always a great friend to me and You can count on me every time You need help. Also You know, that I love Your OC, silly filly :comeatus: *TACKLE HUG FOR SKYSTORM* -Sugar Cube - one of my best friends here <3 creator of my current username, silly filly (one year older than me, but I don't care, filly You are, deal with it! ), another very supportive person and awesome moderator for few months. Creator of almighty blog entry "100 reasons why I love Applejack" and poor victim of my evil poem which she posted on Artemis's profile. You are lucky You don't live any closer or I'd hug You to death :3 *hugs tight* :3 -Dsanders - we don't talk that much anymore, but it's because of You why I became friends with Sugar Cube and for that fact itself I am grateful. You also were a fun guy who I always enjoyed to talk with (even if timezones were against us 90% of time) and also supported me on my worse days. We kinda talk less often now sadly, but I still wish all the best to You and that You and Pink Mist will eventually meet irl and Your relationship will go outside the internet *hugs* :3 -Wingnut - one of my older friends here (I can call him my dad lol) but also a great guy and recently - a moderator. You helped me a lot in some points in my life, I always could've trusted You with all my personal problems. Such things I do not forget. BUT I STILL AM ANGRY ON YOU FOR PRETENDING TO BE SUGAR CUBE XD *hugs anyway* fineee xD -CadetGrey - SKYNEEERD and owner of one of cutest OCs on forums. Despite young age You are one of smartest people, somebody I can always rely on and You prove that the Netherlands are indeed a great place. I really wish that one day I could come over there, hug You irl and try some of Dutch dishes :comeatus: Also, I love Your voice *huggles* <3 -Felix - a young silly filly who I can always rely on and a great friend. We had our long break (sadly) but now everything is back to normal and I hope You enjoy talking with me as much as I enjoy talking to You You will always be one of my besties so don't even suggest that eventually You will be alone. You won't be alone for as long as I live. Deal with it. *hugs* :3 -Lightwing - creator of my fanclub (lol) and good friend who I can always laugh with about... everything actually. Trying hard to prove I am in love with Fluttershy or with any other pony. Don't worry, Lighty. I won't let You win in Your little game :comeatus: Oh, he is also my acolyte in hugs XD *hugs* -Anilewe - polish pegasisterrr <3 You are just awesome photographer and person and we really have to meet eventually. I remember times when You were supporting me and I always enjoyed talking with You. You are one of few people from Poland who I know as members of this fandom, but You are really one of best examples of them BIG HUG TO YOU *hugs* -SCS - marry me irl. topkek. lol ... ok, now seriously, You too were very supportive of me and are best admin I ever saw :comeatus: I also enjoyed our ridiculous conversations that had no point at all xD *hugs* -Spirit Rush - one of my newer friends, but a really cool guy and great artist. :comeatus: And I can't wait to see more of Your drawings :3 Oh, also You are great friend too! *hugs* -Nature of Fluttershy/Peachie - real sweetheart who too was very helpful at some points of my existance here, fellow Fluttershy fan and fun, lovable person :3 We need to talk more often! *huggles :33* -Blue Snowfire - You helped me a lot recently, and I am not going to forget that. Besides I love our conversations xD ehh..guess... *HUGS* xD -Diva Pony - probably oldest member of this forum who always offers me great advices, support and a great chat. I was unsure about messaging You first, but I definitely don't regret it! *hugs* -Amelia The Writer - person who I have most often talked with via Private Messages on forums :v You are always great friend to me and Your OC is so cute :3 Thanks for being there for me all the time *hugs* :3 -Nihi The Brony - another great friend of mine who was very supportive recently and overall was great friend... sadly once again nothing original to write haha *hugs* -Wind Song - real sweatheart with very positive attitude :comeatus: I am glad to finally have Your skype name xD *hugs* -Quirky Username - great friend who I love joking around with. I miss our times when we were playing Prop Hunt XD Maybe one day Princess Luna will hug You irl :comeatus: *hugs* xD -The Leafon Pinkeh - what can I say to You... oh, I know... *HUGS* XD -LatinoChurro - we don't talk that much anymore, but You always was a great friend for me. And for that You have a hug *hugs* :3 -Naomii - one of newer friends who I love talking with and who is just exploding with overly positive attitude XD *hugs* :33 -Jennabun - great supportive friend and fellow Fluttershy fan. I just fail to see a single bad thing about You *hugs* -Artemis - You first helped me to get around forums a bit and You deserve a cup of coffee from me for being a good and helpful friend xD *gives him cup of coffee* Oh, and also *hugs* xD -Wolfie - You supported me greatly in most recent days, without You and few other people all this would probably go a lot worse and for that support I am eternally grateful :3 *hugs him tight* -Sparklie/Swirlie - we had our harder days sometimes, but in the very end we are and hopefully always will be friends *hugs* :3 -Wubsy - young silly filly, but also great friend. Don't worry, we will play Prop Hunt xD *hugs* x3 -Miss Reaper - because she too is a sweetheart and her avatar itself makes me like her so muuuch :333 *huuugs* -Otty - cuz she is just awesome :3 *huugs* :33 -And same about Cacklefruit -And Rising shine xD And everyone else on my friendlist and outside it. You all are awesome and You all have a big hug from me Sorry if I forgot about someone... I did my best not to, but there are just too many people to mention xD And hopefully this year on forums will be awesome too TOO LONG DIDN'T READ FOR WOLFIE It was great time and hopefully future too will be. Thanks and hugs for everyone XD
  17. Welcome, again, to my humble blog. Here, I would like to talk a little about how it as affected me and probably some other random stuff, I do go off onto a tangent sometimes... like the time hen I...FOCUS! I got into FiM because I was bored. Had a college classmate not been a fan, I doubt I would ever have bothered to watch it, so I must thank him. Many times I have been feeling down, or mentally tired, and watching an episode made me feel better so quickly. The feeling I get when I watch it is unlike anything I have ever felt. I believe it's called "happiness". Of course, I did not join this forum immediately. That was a bit later, but I have found that being part of this forum has provided me with much the same as just watching the show does, but in a different way. So I would like to take a moment to thank everyone here, but especially my current and future friends. (I could, if I tried, probably think of and exception or two but I wont because I can't be bothered and it's not worth it). I wish I had discovered FiM sooner, I would have gotten so much more out of it.
  18. All right what was that one year in school that was just a blast and that you have great memories from? Mine was 4th grade because we had a lot of parties where we'd bring in our Ds and watch movies. Plus I barely got homework. I also liked 8th grade. It was the year I got back into cartoons and the year I became a brony. So discuss away!
  19. Yes it is finally that time of the year, the first day of Spring (at least in the northern hemisphere that is). I've already explained why Spring is my favorite season but in case you haven't seen it check it out here Ah yes Spring, the time where I can finally go outside without freezing to death, the time of my birthday and the time of seeing nature make it's full force back. It's so wonderful. What are your favorite stuff about Spring? Discuss away!
  20. Hey everypony, hope all of you are having a wonderful day . I thought that I would start off this topic with a quick 2 question poll since I'm curious to know when most of you discovered this amazing show and how old you were when you found out about it. With all of the logistics aside, here's my question to all of you fantastic bronies out there: Have your thoughts and feelings about the show and the fandom changed over time? I can safely say that I've changed a lot these past couple of years. When I 1st discovered MLP back in April 2012, I was only 18 years old and still in college. Now that I've graduated and am now 20, I have had a lot of time to think back & reflect on what the show really means to me. Back then, I guess you could have classified me as a gung-ho brony. I would try to force as many people as possible to watch the show and would talk about ponies constantly while in their presence. I wore my mlp shirts everywhere, and even had the chance to attend brony meetups where I met other bronies. This all changed when I graduated in June 2013. I noticed that my interest in the show had died down significantly. I no longer had a pony wallpaper on my computer, I stopped seeing other irl bronies, and stopped wearing my shirts in public. It's not to say that I didn't enjoy the show anymore, it's just that I was figuring out what I needed to do with my life, and I felt that my love of mlp shouldn't define who I am. This all leads to how I view myself now; I'm still an avid fan of the show, but I prefer to keep that knowledge to myself. I no longer constantly talk about ponies in every waking moment, & I don't let people publicly know that I am a brony. I also don't force others to watch the show anymore. Whether or not they want to watch the show or not is their choice and their choice alone. I've definitely matured a lot over the years, and still enjoy the show immensely. With MLP being renewed for a 5th season and possibly lasting for another 5+ years, you can all definitely bet that I'll still be here supporting the show to the very end .
  21. Just as the title states, what's your favorite decade(s)? Well, for me, I loved the 90s, because that was when all of the great nostalgic kid shows were made. The late 60s were really great because of the growing popularity of some of today's famous cars, such as the Camaro. Don't forget the 80s for me, because that was when all of the great rock stars started to rise, such as Eddie Van Halen.
  22. Today I was kinda bored and I was thinking about this: Princesses Celestia and Luna control the Sun and the Moon, thus the day and the night. If they can control the lenght of a day, they could also decide on the lenght of a week, a month, a year, etc., all in all, ponies have control on "time", unlike humans. So I guess an Equestrian year wouldn't be 365.25 days long, that would be too much trouble for nothing; why not 360 days? Or even 300 or 400 days? That would only be logical for a species that possess such power on its environment. What would the Equestrian calendar look like? How many days a year? How many months (and what would be their names? Julius Ceasar didn't exist and couldn't give his name to July)? How many days a week? How many hours a day? Etc. ENLIGHTEN ME, BRONIES
  23. This is a little weird, but hear me out. I was always under the impression that a year was 12 months long and that we had fluctuating numbers of days per month for mathematical reasons. There are 365.625 days in a year. I never questioned the division of months. I just always assumed that that was the system that was required in order to keep proper track of a year and the passage of time. I was contemplating lunar months for a comment I was making. I had momentarily confused a standard month for a lunar one. I was talking about MLP mythos anyway (and our lack of knowledge of it) so my mistake was understandable. Anyway, irrelevant. I was curious as to how many days would be left over if we actually did go by lunar months rather than calendar months. I multiplied 28 by 12 and got 336. Do you know how many days less that is from a year? 29. So I got to thinking why we needed to have 12 months in a year. Obviously my "keeping the months even with the seasons" and "accurately calculating the passage of time" ideas were debunked. However, I can see no good reason we should have 12 months instead of 13. Having 13 months makes more sense. Every month would be 28 days except the last month of the year, which would be 29 to make up for the extra day. Leap day would still be necessary in this case, in which case it could just go at the end, making the last month 30 days, or it could go at the month before the last one, making them both 29 days. It just seems like 28 days makes a whole lot more sense. You even notice how in March, the days of the week all line up with the dates they did in February? That's another point that makes a lot more sense. For a whole year, our days of the week and dates would be the same as each other, meaning, for example, that every 1st of every month of that year would be a Monday, every 2nd would be a Tuesday and so on. I feel that this would be an easier way to keep track of time. There are 7 days in a week, four weeks in a month. 4*7=28, so in this regard as well, it makes more sense to have a 28-day month and 13 months in a year. Does anyone know why we have this wacky 12-month system where we have to memorize that stupid poem of which months have 30 days? (Which I never get right - I just use my knuckles.) And what are your opinions on having a 13-month year as opposed to a 12-month year? I'm not saying that this will ever happen, and I think it would cause more confusion than clarity. But I think that had this been established a long time ago, it would have made a lot more sense than the system we have now. Anyway, thoughts?
  24. It has been one year since I joined the forums. It's been great, thank you all. You're all awesome.
  25. Note to Reader: Short version: It's been over a year since I've came across this site. It's been over a year since I signed up to be a member. It's been over a year since I wrote my first reply.It's been over a year since I wrote my own thread, checked my notifications, brohoof'd a post, sent a private message and even added a new friend. A year since I added a new friend on the forums.... That's huge. Over that time I took a long break from the forums (because of difference reasons) but most of my year was spent in the early part of the year going into the summer. I have racked up 226 active posts, 5days 16hours 20mins and 52seconds of total time on the forums, 116 brohoofs, 949 profile views, 117 brohoofs given, 11 topics started, and 0 warning points. I would like to thank all of my friends and you, the reader for making 2013 a great brony year for me. I remember the reason why I made this account to begin with. Everyone here is part of a larger family in which we can all support each other and our struggles, or endeavors. It's weird to think that I started out just looking for some random brony video online and I ended up here, with everyone. This year has taught me a lot about myself and what I value. I have grown into a better person because of everyone's love and support.