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Found 31 results

  1. Would you rather have a first date at an expensive, luxurious restaurant, or at a cheap, little but comfortable pizza parlour ? :3
  2. Loosely inspired by the "Bi, Straight, Gay, Lesbian, or Pan Pizza" topic. Here's how it goes: Post an image of a character from wherever; doesn't matter if they're from a video game, live action film, anime, or whatever. The next poster says whether or not they find the character image from the above post attractive and then also posts an image. Optionally: You can say WHY the above character is attractive to you, how attractive they are, et cetera. If this sounds superficial... It's because it is. It's a forum game; they're all superficial. I'll start because I have to (and because we've been watching Sailor Moon Crystal): ^ Ami Mizuno / Sailor Mercury
  3. Title says it all. Here Are Mine: Best: Finding MLP Forums! Discovering MLP: FiM Writing my story The Darkest Sunset (it really showed me that I am a good writer and maybe someday I can achieve more) Going on a school trip for the first time (two whole days it rocked) Getting my adorable and lovely Mr. Kitty! Pushing past my shyness and expressing myself more Laughing with a friend I've finally made over something hilarious (I had to add that) Deciding to publish my book soon. Entering a Choral Speaking competition (we got third place!) Playing with my darling cousin Worst: Just this one something. Not telling. Knowing I won't see my classmate again. (she really accepted me) My kitten dying after five days (i truly loved him) Not getting to go on this little trip thing Feeling alone and unaccepted (the usual) It was a good year though. And it isn't over yet!
  4. Since I have no idea wether this topic is been done a simplistically as this, and because of my god-awful super slow search engine, I posted this 'cause I'm really curious about everyone's strengths, and what makes up for weaknesses. Nobody's perfect. It can be absolutely anything you feel comfortable with or other people feel comfortable with knowing and sharing. Let's start with me. In ways I have vague somewhat-perfection in: Drawing skills Woodwind skills Singing skills (eh...) English skills Quadrupedal movement Emotional controlling skills Science skills Certain humor skills Social skills Reading skills Swimming skills In ways I have vague somewhat-no perfection in: Math skills Sports skills Catching skills Fighting with fists skills Gymnastic Skills Accomplishing skills Comeback skills Bravery Homework skills Eh, about as much as I'm certain I have. How about you?
  5. So. . . I saw the new MLP Movie Trailer. I must say, it looks good. Other than a few continuity errors (which I thought was really nice of ACRacebest to point out), that new “Grubber” character (the one who looks like a Gen 4 Pokemon crossed with Stitch) + = Yeah, that one. He, and a lot of the other new characters, really don’t fit in Equestria. Perhaps it adds on to the whole new, “Creatures from beyond Equestria” (Which, if they do it, I hope to see the map of Equestria expanded. Also, what’s with Tempest’s horn problem? I really hope they don’t burn runtime with a 20 minute exposition talking about it. [I swear, if they pull another Starlight Glimmer and make a really underdeveloped villain motivation that could be fixed in a few mere minutes, I’m turning in.]) The trailer itself had a few “cringy” moments, but that’s kind of expected considering this is a movie for girls the age of 6 or something. But really, is it necessary to say, “Oh, I love pie” after an already juvenile intimidation? (Don’t forget the whole, “he just got dropped”. Seriously writers, you’re not winning any fans by giving the actors silly punch lines) That one really ticked me off a bit; and the other new character really didn’t have anything intellectual to say either. Uh . . . “The Storm King”, yeah, that was his name. He seemed kinda dumb in the trailer too. Wait. If Tempest is the leader, why is he the “King”? Why should he follower her orders? What makes him special? I guess I’ll have to wait and find out. No Celestia intervention in the trailer; we didn’t even get to see her. That makes me worried. On the positive side though, the new art style looked really nice! I’m rather fond of what they did with the place. The ponies are a bit more expressive with the exception of the mouth feeling stiff from time to time; but still, no real complaints here. I heard a bit of criticism from a friend (FRIENDS?) that was turned off by the “seapony” part. Personally, I’m not too bothered as it’s nothing new to the franchise. But if they don’t sing a song about being seaponies, I’m tapping out. There’s no way I’m going to sit through an hour and a half without a seapony song. The best moment of the trailer, for me, had to be the Starlight Glimmer cameo. I haven’t exactly been the biggest fan of the new pupil; but as time went on, I really came to “appreciate” (I saw some good artwork, okay?) [fluttershyblush]. But why was that the best part? Well, I’ll let the cover photo take care of that. On a side note, however, a lot of fans were wondering if she was going to be in the movie at all. While she may not play that big a part, it’s nice to see she’s still a part of the world even on a bigger screen. Nice to see Hasbro has taken a few notes after all. One thing that has kept me on my toes, however, is the new writer. Ever since the departure of M.A. Larson and Megan McCarthy, DHX and Hasbro have been juggling new writers (I’m so glad they took Josh Haber off the writer’s roster. Two good episodes doesn’t not make you Mark Twain.) As of now, there’re only a handful of good writers I really trust (Joanna Lewis, Kristine Songco, and the Fox Brothers). Regardless of my close-mindedness, this new writer seems competent and it looks as if he really cares about holding the franchise on his shoulders. Not to mention, giving a bit more “bite” to Tempest has already won me over to seeing the movie in theaters this October. It’s always nice to see the show stepping outside its boundaries (still won’t be better than S4 Finale. Although, I did get the same amount of chills during the MLP Movie trailers, so I think it’s fair to say they will be along the same level [assuming it’s actually a good movie]) My only complaint is that they used by far the crappiest 3D model to represent the Tempest’s aircraft. I mean, seriously? Is that the best you can do? It looks like a cardboard shoe with sails; something you’d find in a Nintendo DS game (dare I say late GBA?). I’m not the best 3D modeler, but if I can do better, there’s something wrong. I think the movie will be good; I’ll definitely bring the herd to see this one. Thanks for reading! -RealityPublishing (Sleeping with fantastical mares and writing underrated abominations since October 3rd, 2015.) Speaking of mares . . .
  6. The great and all-powerfull trixie; is she so great? What do YOU think of her?
  7. First, have to apologize for my bad english grammar, in this entry and those before, but I found this to be a rather good exercise for me :3 I have to confess, I love snow, ... only white snow tho. ``Be as you are`` Night, house, snow (of course outside), warm tea (not hot), and a good source of entertainment like books, movies, songs, even videogames (but most tend to stress than relax), and why not, a good chat with a friend or better, do all the things above with a friend These are the main elements that make me tremble evertime I manage to get them together.... I find them just perfect, for me 83. I`m sure that many of you have their own moments that just make you find yourselves again In a company of a person, that you are very close with, or maybe you are a lonely type, you like to paint, to draw, to play the piano, play a guitar, read a fanfic, drive a supercar.... there are endless possibilities, our imagination is made out of infinite white papers that can be filled with everything we want :3 I tend to sound like a preacher xD, excuse me ... To draw a conclussion ... There will always be a time when we get lost, but always keep in mind that one great moment that made you be whole again.
  8. Once someone told me ``If you keep it in, eventually it will kill you`` This made me think, not at the meaning, but at the fact as a whole. So this bastard of a blog was born from it. I promised in the desciption a story and this is what you`ll get With a great momentum and not so great day, our story starts on valentine`s day. My day of birth and many other people B-day on this planet... My parents told me it was a snowy and hard day, but they were the happiest people, because I was the main rockstar that sang that day, with really powerfull lungs... I must add... With my blue, perfect eyes I .... it gets kinda strange... let`s say this story with my name With a pair of blue perfect eyes Iser (Heh catchy), Iser glanced at the world he was born in, AND you know what the world did to Iser ?.... changed his eyes because he glanced to much, so today Iser is now changing his eyes from green to brown just like that *snap*. Fast forwarding with all the nonsense of a great childhood, and a great family, and a handfull of friends, not too many friends, We see Iser at the top of his mental breakdown...... at 14 y old.. His parents discovered he was such a bright star, and great mind that they pushed him to enter higschool at the age of .....FOUR god dam TEEN years old.... But our little crumble of hope had no problem with this, so he started highschool with a smile , and like every teenager he found depression....... what a surprize... In a hopeless world he was not the spark, this is what he thought about himself. All that made Iser go on was science, art, and of course the weirdest of them all he found Love, in a hopeless place, all this three elements made him a whole and made him remember why life is beautifull and why is there a reason to live. But as we know it by now, Iser is still a teenager, so what he knows, right ?, I mean he thinks life is beautifull.......... that`s a kids story. Iser found the recepy to succes with problems here and there, science was easy, read the book and learn it like it is, art is easy express yourself and to it in a way that everyone can read, view, or hear it, and Love will be the perfect feeling..... so this is what he thinked at the moment... what Iser doesn`t knows is that deep down, in his warm and sometimes cold hearts love is writen by a guy named Fred, in his office right in his hearts in the right atria. The problem is that Fred writes like a blind racoon in a bag punched by sharks with baseball bats and top hats. None could read what his heart was writing, and then one girl showed up........ooooooo.... cute 83......... and she raised her hand and said ``I would love to read your heart``, at least this is what Iser remebers... Little that he knew,... that this girl will soon not only steal his hearth, but also rip it apart. And so it happened on a not so sunny day on valentine`s day just before he left to college, young Iser was shot down like a wabbit on hunting season...with not a sigle repair and no turning back, our dear Iser finished highschool with a blast, with hugs, with friends, with cake.... there was a lot of cake, but not enough to fill his whole in his chest. As weeks passed by and nighmares were starting to crawl in his mind young Iser woke every night looked in the mirror with a scared face, and every night when he woke up he saw how a young foolish child reached to become a somehow whole man. With 2 more pieces left in his life he had to make a decission either science or art, ``were should I go`` he asked, some of his friends said to go left, some right, but at every phrase everyone that Iser asked finished with ``hey, just follow your dreams``....... WHAT A GREAT HELP !!! With a firm hand he opened the door on his left, the door of science and pioneers and engineering........bummer His favorite books were sci-fi, his favourite movie was,will,is star wars, he reapaired cars, motors, toys and electronics since he was 8..... and yes he might broke some... but at least he lost time in this, he knew this was his passion, so ``why not`` he said, he said..... it will be fun ....he said So he completed the form, he got his notepad ready, and our dear wonder kid with a bright smile all the day started college, ``cute girls, great classes, old enough to drive and party all night`` this is what he read from a flyer at the entrance........a very colorfull flyer I must add. Not too long after he entered his first class, he sit down and shake hand with his old friend, DEPRESSION...
  9. As many of you are aware, prior to the launch of the Poniverse log-in system MLP Forums allowed users to log into their accounts privately. This allowed users to browse the forum without appearing online, a somewhat popular feature. This feature was disabled when the log-in system was integrated into Poniverse. Does this mean, however, that users are unable to achieve anonymous browsing? Pffft, no. We have an additional way for users to achieve anonymous browsing. All you need to do is send a PM to an Administrator or Team Leader and they will move your account to an anonymous browsing status. After a quick re-log it should take immediate effect. Please note that if you wish to leave the anonymous browsing status you will need to PM an Admin or TL to have them move you back. Additionally, if you are a Subscriber or Donor there is a possibility of the Donor status change making you visible again. Should this happen, PM an Admin or TL and they will fix it.
  10. The team behind Fire Emblem Awakening is making a new game for 3DS, Nintendo just announced. Though this game will be developed by Intelligent Systems, Nintendo says it'll play differently than the last one, including challenges "the likes of which have never be seen in the series up until now." No word on a name or release date yet, though it's called "Fire Emblem If" in Japan. The name "Fire Emblem If" seems to imply that it's gonna happen on an alternate timeline from the main one (the Akaneia series),and judging from the trailer,it's gonna be set on a medieval Japan time,while combining the most occidental traits,like the Pegasus and the Magic. At first sight,it shows the same graphical capabilities from Fire Emblem: Awakening,but it also has a big enhancement,which is that the background turns into a 3d one,which gives more realism to the fight scenes. Also,it seems that it's gonna bring back the Dual System that was first brought on Awakening,but I wonder if they'll bring back again the Marry/Children system,or it's gonna be just of Supports again.
  11. Just say whether you would brohoof the creature(s) in the image above your post, and then add your own image with a creature/creatures somepony below you can brohoof or not. Simple as. NOTE: THE IMAGE DOES NOT NEED TO HAVE THE CREATURE(S) RAISING A HOOF AT THE SCREEN. ANY IMAGE/POSE WILL DO. Okay, first image... Brohoof? :3
  12. (If you like progressive rock, or classic rock in general, listen to this album!) So to start out my first blog post, I'll review something I choose. The Yes album! I don't know any Yes fans on here, so I hope some of you who like this type of music give it a try! If you like Rush, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, etc. You have a high chance of liking this band. OK, so if you are still here , I'm going to review it track by track. Yours is no Disgrace (Opening tack): This is the first song I have heard from the album, I believe. It's also the opening track by coincidence. It doesn't have much singing at all, more of a song to play on an instrument. It has multiple tempo and pitch changes, and goes from a major to a minor into the guitar solo-ish area if I believe. It starts out with simple chords. EE A E, AA D A, AA D A AE,. and then changes pitches. Until it goes to the guitar break down thing. There is also a part in the middle, close to the end almost where it is a lot of peoples favorite part. It gets all "badass". Great song, awesome opening track and a great listen. 8.5/10 Clap OK, so the real name is THE CLAP, Yes, laugh it up, but most people refer to it as Clap. It's a simple guitar tune made for you to clap your hands along to! Kind of... Anyway, It is a complex solo acoustic guitar piece with a playful nature to it. Next to Mood for a Day, it is another genius work of art by the guitarist, Steve Howe. FUN FACT: This was written for his son Dylan the day he was born. 8.5/10 Starship trooper: Simply amazing track, blows my mind to this day. It is a song you have to just listen to. I can't explain it perfectly. The live version from "Yessongs" in 1973 is amazing. With "Disillusion" in the middle with the acoustic just picks up the tempo and brings the song into a more "happy" tone. Then it goes straight back into the jaw-dropping "Wurm" with a memorizing guitar solo and the mini moog solo by Rick Wakeman. My favorite song on the album. 9/10 SIDE 2: I've seen all good people: This song is notorious for it's "poppy-ish" style, and it's repedative-ness. It is not received very well by fans. I guess I am the minority then. It isn't my favorite song by and means, but I still think it a great song. "Your move" Is a happy tune, it makes me happy. Then it goes into a blues-ish rock thing. A note able part is the amazing guitar solo, very fun to play. 8/10 A Venture: To be honest, I never was a big fan of this song, probably the weakest song on the album. One of the shortest songs on the album and nothing noteworthy to me. It's sort of a quiet song. I can't relate to it in any way and was honesty a boring song to me. 7/10 Perpetual Change: Starting with the in your face guitar and keyboard chords in the beginning, and the awesome tempo change in the middle of the song that surprises you. It is an awesome song, another highlight. I love how at the tempo change in the middle, half of the band is doing one thing, and the other side something else. Pretty creative. I do also like the lyrics for some reason. A great listen. 8.5/10 Hey guys, this was my first post. I spent quite some time on it. Leave me feedback on it! Tell me what I should review next! Tell your friends. For now, I'm out. Hope to see you next time! -Cyan Blue
  13. This is my second blog post and also my second review of an album. I know nobody is keeping up with it but even if one person looks at it, I get to share my taste in music. Close to the Edge, by Yes (of course ) is one of the most well known album by Yes and was probably where all the musicians were at their peak. Rick Wakeman was as genius as ever. Alan white was new on tour (but Bill Bruford is the one playing drums on the album) Steve Howe was ripping out amazing solos, as well as Chris making mesmerizing bass lines. Jon was breath taking also. This is usually recognized as one of the most proggy albums Yes ever came out with. Only holding 3 songs, the album is about 40 minutes long. Let's start off with the 18 minute title track, Close to the Edge! This song is the longest track on the album. It is divided into multiple sections, so I am going to review it like that, here we go! 1. Solid Time of Change: Starts out slow, with various synth noises and birds, etc. Then it goes into total chaos. With lightning fast keyboard and guitar riffs. Along with the insane rhythm section. FUN FACT: This part came about when someone in the band (I forgot who) asked how fast keyboardist (Rick Wakeman) could play. He then came up with this. Then after the chaos, it goes into the breakdown. It gets a little less overwhelming. Steve Howe get's out the Sitar soon after that, then the vocals come in. Most of Yes' lyrics make little to no sense anyway, so. Overall, this is an awesome part to the song. Not something I would recommend for someone to listen to if they never heard Yes, but a true fan favorite. 2. Total Mass Retain Not much to say here, it's pretty much almost the same thing as where we picked up last time, until... 3. I Get Up, I Get Down "We have the ‘the I get up, I get down’ part before it goes into a beautiful ocean of energy. You’ve gone through nearly 10 minutes of music that’s very well put-together, but then you want to let go of it. You relax a little bit."- Jon Anderson (Read more at ) "This is where everyone starts lighting up"- Me It's a relaxing bit, a slow, peaceful, part in the middle with a lot of beautiful vocal harmonies. It takes you away... A truly haunting church organ plays in the middle of it, that amazes people to this day. It's a one in a lifetime experience, pure bliss. 4. (Final) Seasons of Man: Straight back to the chaos I see. I don't even know what to think at the beginning of this part, it's crazy. The keyboard solo is awesome once again. It then is kind of like a reprise with the Total Mass Retain part, again with Howe on the Sitar. It ends with emotional singing, which is a great way to close the track, then comes back the birds and the rest of the synth. Awesome song overall, great title track. A spiritual experience, indeed. 9/10 Song 2: And You and I. "The best love song ever without using the word "love" a single time." This song is also in sections, so I will again review it like that. 1. Cord Of Life: Starts out with the harmonics on the 12 string acoustic guitar, then goes into this slow part. It kind of sounds like the beginning of the end (Which it is). It goes a into a bit of a "happier" chord progression, with D shaped chords. Next, there is a great relationship switching back with Chris and Jon's singing. Awesome start, not much to say here. 2. Eclipse Steve brings out the Lap steel, and Rick Wakeman's passages with the Mini Moog and the Mellotron really make this part. The singing is also a work of art, as usual. It goes back to the acoustic guitar, which really is a great way to end the section. Slow and emotional, a masterpiece. 3. The Preacher, The Teacher: My favorite section, a ballad like section. It's really quite amazing, actually. I almost cried when I first heard the song. It's also what prog rock is about, put your own meaning to it. Create a meaning that means something to you. That's how I interpret it, anyway. 4. Apocalypse: Once the piano hits its last note: It's the end, everyone. The title of the track really fits for some reason, I feel like this is what most love songs should be like. It closes with a slow guitar and a slide in the background. This song needs nothing more said. 10/10 Yes, I rate it that high. Best song on the album, in my opinion. SONG 3: (Final Song) Siberian Khatru The shortest of all the songs, but that doesn't mean anything. It's still a strong song. It starts off with the fast guitar, and then the rest of the band comes in. This is the perfect song to close the album. To be honest, It gets a bit redundant. Mostly towards the end. FUN FACT: I play this song on my guitar daily, (my brother hates me for it ) According to Jon, this song is about how Siberia is so far away, or something like that. (ANOTHER FUN FACT: ‘Khatru’ means ‘as you wish’ in Yemeni.) I hate to leave off the this post with such a weak song review, but there isn't much to say about it to be honest. Doesn't mean it's a bad song at all. You just have to listen to it on your own Overall, great album. One of my favorites from Yes. You need to listen to it. OVERALL RATING: 9.5/10 REQUEST ME STUFF! Anyway, for now. I'm out
  14. So I was wondering what the majority of people here thought of tattoos? Its unfortunate though that neck tattoos are frowned upon in some jobs. I think some tattoos are awesome depending on what they are of course. Examples of tattoos I like
  16. This is a pony! Well, two ponies. Then again, what else would it be? I was listening to Lullaby for a Princess, and, with no warning, inspiration slapped me in the face so I drew this thing. I have no other explanation. Yes.
  17. It's time to get hype, everypony. That's right. It's time for a space jam thread. Chat, share space jam remixes, and most importantly.... GET HYPE!
  18. Why did I do this? Meh, I guess the world will never know.
  19. Satsuki Kiryuin


    I ship Artemis and SCS. Why? Because they were made for each other. "Oh Arty, I love you." "I luv u 2, SCS." "Let's make sofas <3333333 ;)" "Das hawt, SCS."
  20. My Sochi Olympics hotel fails thread has become a hot topic!
  21. Yes, another one, WIth a weird gif, too. Deal with it. 1. Do you have any regrets? - A couple. Not any of the huge, life-changing type though. 2. Do you have a deep, dark secret? - I have a secret or two, but nothing deep or dark o: 3. Have you ever hurt someone? - Yeah... 4. Have you ever self-harmed? - No. 5. How would you like to be remembered? - Not sure. I don't really think about that kind of stuff very much. 6. Who are the three most important people in your life? - My mom, my stepdad, I'd like to say my real dad but we've kinda grown distant recently... 7. Was there one event that changed your life and the way you think? - I think so. 8. Would you sacrifice everything for love? - Well, not everything. But then again, you never know. 9. Are you afraid of dying? - Death is a natural part of life yo. I can worry about what comes after when I cross that bridge. 10. Have you ever been abused? - No... 11. Have you ever been in love? - I like to think so... But probably not. 12. Are you happy with who you are? - Yeah, mostly 13. Would you ever give up your life to save someone else’s? - Depends who it is. 14. Have you changed at all in the last year? - Probably. 15. Would you ever settle for someone you didn’t feel was “the one”? - Probably not. 16. Is there someone you can tell everything to without fear of judgment? - Yeah, of course. You know his name by now, I'm sure. 17. Are you pursuing your dreams? - Ehh. 18. Do actions speak louder than words? - I think that depends on the situation. 19. Is there something you would never do? - Murder, rape, drugs... 20. What makes you uncomfortable? - These questions. So there you have it. If you didn't know me before, now you do.
  22. Nope it's not a rick roll It's also not quite mlp Lol so calm down. It is still hasbro. Give it a peak and pretend for a second it was generation 5. *hopes the moderating staff doesn't torch me*
  23. Now some love and some hate the MLP MOV series.. I was a fan of the mov episodes before i ever touched the real ones. There were good stupid fun. Imagine you have a hot dignity demon budget and actors, what would you do it? I think doing a cross spoof of MLP With moral oral lessons would be epic. Imagine casting spike as the role of Orel Puppington, with twilight playing the role of the degenerate parental figure. Oh damn that just gave me another epic idea. Have to save that for another thread but what if spike was raised by one of the other main six?
  24. Race: Chair (Prefers the term Wooden Equestrian, Chair has a stigma attached) Sex: Male Age: 27 (In Chair Years) Cutie Mark: None Appearance: A finely furnished chair with beautiful shine, four legs, and a decorative back rest. In the right light, he has a brilliant periwinkle shine on his legs. Backstory: Fernando was born in the humble city of Canterlot to a furnisher named Extravagant Tapestry. Fernando was designed as a chair for the royal castle, originally. However, the castle had recently been rethemed and Fernando would no longer fit in with the decor. He was thrown out, scrapped, he felt abandoned, alone, he just wanted someone to be his companion. On the streets of Canterlot, Fernando waited for a pony to find him, one who would truly care about him. Fernando first met the green pony named Harmonic Revelations while Harmonic was desperate to find a friend. Fernando immediately saw that he and Harmonic were meant for each other, so he decided to try to get to know him. Fernando lives with Harmonic. Fernando enjoys Pina-Coladas and getting caught in the rain. He has a way with words and has been hailed by many as one of the greatest play-wrights of their generation. He is passionate about philosophy and spends many nights thinking about the meaning of life and why some chairs are more wealthy than other chairs, and then about why wealth exists. Fernando now lives a quiet and peaceful life. He retired after writing his best selling compilation of his poems, called A Frame of Wood, A Heart of Gold. Including such classics as The Plot Groove, Loose Framework, Stand By Me (Or Sit On Me), and more. Personality: Fernando is very well-tempered and is calm in almost every situation. He does however have a problem with laziness, many ponies claim that he has never moved once, although this seems unlikely, it is most likely just a rumor. Fernando is very empathetic and strongly dislikes seeing sad ponies around him, he tries to provide comfort to those in need. He will do anything for anybody, he will give you the wood off his back if it means that you will be happy. Fernando is flirty, and takes a particular interest in mares. For this reason, he is unpopular among the Canterlot elite who consider him lewd, however, he has fought this claim tooth and nail, as he feels that it is slandering his reputation. In truth, Fernando feels that he is just flirty, not obscene. He always tries to be as respectful as he possibly can. Fernando speaks quite formally, and does not often use slang or anything that serves the same purpose. He prefers words like "Hello" over words like "Hi".
  25. JUST LOOK AT HER! She's so lovely and beautiful :3 And, please tell me your opinion about her. There's no sense to this if you don't say anything, of couse, si look at her, praise her, love her and tell me what you think of her.