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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 2 results

  1. Title: What Lies Beneath Release Dates: September 22, 2018 (official US Discovery Family airdate) Writer: Mike Vogel Synopsis: "The students at Twilight's School are cramming for a History of Magic in Equestria exam in the school library when they discover a part of the school that no pony else knows about. When they decide to do some exploring, they end up learning much more than they bargained for." I got the feeling we'll be getting some intense stuff here! Maybe some backstory for the Student 6 that even they don't know about! We shall see! Weeeeeeee shalllllllllllll seeeeeeeeee! Episode link:
  2. Cwanky

    Who are the Young 6?

    Season 8 has thus far been an exciting, if not controversial season for a variety of reasons, including the introduction of the antagonist Chancellor Neighsay. But we also have some other surprises including, Equally important however, is the introduction of the Young 6, a ragtag group of nonpony characters (along with Sandbar the Earth pony), who grow on each other and play a central role in Twilight's School of Friendship and are juxtaposed against Chancellor Neighsay, who doesn't trust them at all. In the past, through the film and episodes, we have heard and seen nonpony characters and their interactions, but they have rarely been the focus of the plot. Only recently since Season 6 have we begun seeing Changelings through Thorax, and dragons, through Ember start playing bigger roles. All this just scratches at the bigger picture however. We know what the Young 6 are (somewhat). But WHO are the Young 6? Well if we go by the hints we have been given, its not hard to see the picture the writers are presenting us: There's 6 friends and as we have seen, 6 is the Magic number in FiM. The Mane 6 and the Pillars of Old Equestria. And now we have the Young 6: At this point I am going off my own headcanon comparing the Young 6 to the past Elements of Harmony With Gallus, his personality strongly resembling Rainbow Dash's and his overall color scheme, I'm inclined to say he's an element of loyalty or courage. Beyond that he may be relative or close friend of Gilda based on what he's told RD. Silverstream is very bubbly, hyperactive and seems to maintain a positive attitude always. To me she's pretty much a hippogriff version of Pinkie and an element of laughter and joy, though as we have seen with Somnambula, this isn't always the case. Being the niece of the queen makes Silverstream's story even more potentially interesting. Ocellus very much seems to be a protege of Thorax. Both are very soft-spoken, conflict averse, and kind people, again like Fluttershy. This may just be something commonly found with the new Changelings though, as we've seen recently. I still say though that Ocellus is a strong candidate as the next element of kindness. Sandbar is the straight man, er pony, the odd guy out in the group. It's hard to say what role he will play, but I'd wager he will play a key role standing up against Chancellor Neighsay in the season finale. I won't say Sandbar is the leader of the Young 6, but based on his trust in his friends and the Mane 6, I'd say he's an element of friendship and trust (ironic since despite friendship being magic, Sandbar is an Earth pony ) Things get a bit hairier once we get to Yona. Her role is hard to define for me personally. She is very outspoken about Yakyakistan though, much like Applejack is about apples and her family, so I may imagine her being an element of honesty. Smolder is where things don't quite fit in. From all the Young 6 characters, I don't know much about her, except she behaves like a "typical dragon" and gets along with Gallus. She might be an element of loyalty or honesty, although a trait of dragons that stands out in the show is their "inherent greed and selfishness." We have of course, seen how Spike, and later Ember, contradict these stereotypes. Smolder will be having some interaction with Spike this season, so it may very well be that Smolder is an element of generosity in disguise, even if she shares little in common with Rarity, save a liking for gems . But again all of this is just my speculative headcanon on the Young 6. What do you folks think the Young 6, either as a group or individually will have as roles in the show, and perhaps influencing the future generation? Do you have any headcanons about the Young 6 yet?