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Found 4 results

  1. In 2004, Cartoon Network moved its flagship Toonami lineup to saturday nights. This change came as a supprise to many fans, but why exactly did this happen though? Well, through reading various old toonami related topics on Toonzone from 2003-2004. I have 3 possiblilities as to why this happened. 1. Starting around 2003, Cartoon Network was apparently trying to target Toonami at a much younger audience than the average Toonami viewer which Sean Akins more or less said in an interview, was roughly 12-14 years old. Thus came things like SD Gundam, He Man, and Transformers Armada to appeal to that 6-11 year old demographic. The 9-16 year old audience, Toonami's actual target audience at the time, and older viewers were annoyed at the new programing, and although they still tuned in, CN wanted squarely 6-11. 2. Toonami's lineup in mid-late 2003 basicaly sucked. Half of it was Dragon Ball and DBZ, and the other half was the aforementioned younger skewing shows. Shows that would've otherwise aired on Toonami either went to Adult Swim, or the SVES block. In a way, the move to Saturday sort of sparked new life in to Toonami with some fresh programing. 3. Some shows like Yu Yu Hakusho, and Rurouni Kenshin became too violent to air on weekdays without completely butchering them, which is one of the reasons Kenshin was moved to SVES. So moving to saturdays provided looser standards than what was considered appropriate for daytime TV in the US. Keep in mind, all of this is based of what I've read from the Toonzone forms, Adult Swim boards, and official press releases and statements from CN and Willams Street, so feel free to provide any additional reasons and info if you have any.
  2. What? 2 blogs in one day. I'm crazy Anyways, I've said before that when I was 13, I made crappy lets play videos that I deleted. Well, I thought they were all deleted. My friend also made them at the time and needless to say, we did quite a bit of collabs. Also, he never deleted videos off of his channel so I'm in a couple of them. Including this one, which I now like to title, How NOT To Make a Lets Play. It's got high pitched voices from not quite hitting puberty, bad jokes, trying too hard to be cool, and bad editing (seriously, the game audio is way too loud). If you're wondering which one I am, I'm ChikoritaCheezits.
  3. Do you ever watch/play/read something when you are a kid and you notice or appreciate some things when you come back to it after you are older? This happened to me yesterday when I rewatched the Hunchback of Notre Dame(animated version), I always liked the movie for its positive message about accepting those who are different and since I was raised Catholic, I understood most of the religious references and was familiar with the hymns played. Now that I know even more about the historical background of when this took place than I did back then with, how the poor were treated and how far soldiers are pushed to "follow orders" and noticed some other moral and philosophical issues I didn't before or at least not as much made me appreciate it even more. I also notice certain moral and philsophical matters when I go back and watch episodes of Batman The Animated Series, and now that I have experienced the pain of loss I can further empathize with Batman and his desire to honor the memory of his parents deaths without becoming like the monsters he is fighting. I also on a lighter note as I go back and watch some of my favorite cartoons from the 90's like Rocko's Modern Life, Ren and Stimpy ect I notice certain references and innuedoes that previous flew over my head and got a good laugh out of them.
  4. When I mean young I mean child wise and teen wise, or if you still do I have to say no. The only time I got money from them is when I did my chores and helped my dad and mom. I started then helping other people and getting money from them, and then a job. I never asked my parents for money, why would I? They gave me clothes, food, drinks, shelter, my own room, I never asked them for money if I saw something I wanted, like a toy, or a cute purse. They only got me clothes that I needed, never a purse or necklaces. How about you guys? Yes or No?