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Found 47 results

  1. best poni

    Favorite Brony Youtuber?

    My favorite brony youtube is LittleshyFIM, but I want to know what you think!
  2. Redhatbrony

    Redhatbrony Video Channel

    Welcome Bronys, here i will peresent you my own reviews and content for My little Pony. Today I've my first englisch video ever. The thirteen Plots for season six. Suggested Plotpoints, who are interesting from my point of view. So far, enjoy the show. I have do another Video so far. I hopy you enjoy my Thirteen stupid reasons: Why your channel have no more subscribers.
  3. Because for me as a content creator and video production business owner, it gives us another way for viewers to interact with our content. And I am disappointed that they are even going with this. Sure annotations are not mobile-friendly and can get annoying (thanks to the party-poopers who spam them for no or useless reasons), but they are incredibly useful when used appropriately. I wish YouTube could make an equivalent to this that's mobile-friendly, but this is quite disappointing that YouTube will even be removing this when it isn't broken. If you agree with this video I shared above, please share it as far and wide as possible. YouTube needs to at least see that they should make a mobile-friendly version of this (No, Cards and End screens do not provide the functionality annotations allow).
  4. blackstarraven

    General Media Tips for youtube?

    So I have been involved in you tube for quite some time now. I have three Youtube Channels. I started in 2012 when I went to Japan to work, and started doing videos just for fun (Which is still what I do) So my travel channel has a few thousand views. 44 Subs. Not really that impressive. I think I make about $1.40 a month off of it. Last year I started two extra channels. One was just public domain audio books And I donate the money from that channel to Charity. I have about 7 subs and a few thousand views on that one. T:hen I have my third one.. Started last year. And its.. Well its just a crappy little youtube channel. I have done Let'sPlays for Fallout 4, Stardew valley and a few others. Right now I just put up a Stardew valley thing once a week. And I have done some stuff where I just talk about Nerdy Topics. Movies I went to see. Books, stuff like that. And this channel has 203 subs and about 37k views. Almost all of those I got in a span of 4 days a few months ago on a little review of StarTrek... That's it.. And I kind of want to pay more attention to this channel, but I really don't know how.. Because I really have been getting no response to the channel.... I have no ideal what the people watching like? And I need to learn to make /edit videos better but have no ideal where to start. _ Really same thing with Twitch to be honest. _ Anyone interested in working with me or helping me out. I can do the same. really all I need is some one who knows a little bit to look at my stuff and give me advice. I would not mind some examples also. It would also be interesting (We might already have this) To start a place on the forums to share our work? Maybe, maybe not...
  5. I for one never really li- lived for the like/dislike system. It is a 50/50 split between liking or disliking it. Usually some of the videos I watch on YouTube are average, so I do not click on the like button. If I liked the video, I click the like button. Simple right? Youtubers just asking for a like at the end of a video is just annoying to me. I get that clicking on the like button would bring their video higher in the search results. However just liking every single video I come across loses my definition of what 'like' means. It just turns it into some involuntary action. Basically I will like the video if I like it. I still miss the 5 star rating system YouTube used to have.
  6. iEnderbrah

    Lovely Days at the PArc

    Hello everyone! I'll be short and sweet with this topic. I'm thinking of recording a YouTube series called "Lovely Days at the PArc" after the server updates. For a pre-episode, I'd like to answer questions from this community aimed to me before my big debut, showcasing select 1.8 builds in the background. If anyone has a question they'd like to ask, please put a reply to this topic and it might be on the video (exciting!). Thank you all for reading, Ian Enderbrah P.S. My channel can be found at
  7. So YouTube is trying to step up their game with giving the people (with YouTube accounts whether you actively upload or not) the chance to be a 'hero'. However it involves reporting comments that would make social justice warriors proud. Not that it's a bad thing mind you. One needs to make accurate reports of malicious comments or one would not receive points. Even if you have to agree to fight 'micro-aggressions' as Google's Anti-Harassment Policy dictates. So that makes me wonder, did anyone else heard about it? Did you already sign up for it? Do you think this is going to go more haywire than Johnny 5 caught in a rain storm? As a YouTuber would say "let me know in the comments".
  8. ALRIGHT. So, I'd just simply like to know; How many of you are YouTubers? In particular, brony/pony related YouTubers? Singers? Voice Actors? And how many would be willing to collab somehow? I'm just curious to know. Link your YouTube account in the comments if you feel like it. I'd love to check them out.
  9. Autumn Velvet

    My channels colours/colors

    Straw poll link Video link
  10. Anonymous Old User Who Has Left

    YouTube needs help from the bronies

    Just watched this video, really important to all you YouTube viewers and YouTubers. Please watch it!! It's very important, and concerns the core of what brought about this fandom, believe it or not. We bronies have helped each other by posting YouTube videos (Joey-O, MagpiePony, and others). Now YouTube needs us. Short Version: Full Version:
  11. silvermoon15000

    Video The most awkward of commentary

    Check out my start of a gaming channel with some awkward commentary, I have some Dark Souls 3, some Black Ops 3 (sadly but it can be fun), some happy wheels, and some CS GO, and once again my commentary is very awkward and be warned of cursing, this is my first time playing.videogames and talking at the same time. Hope you enjoy. I seem to have forgotten to put the channel name...see...awkward Here it is: Idiotstickgaming
  12. TheClockworkComplex

    An Ode to No Second Prances

    My poem to No Second Prances is here go check it out and subscribe if you want
  13. Here is the playlist of my music videos that are currently up on YouTube right now that shows what this concept is (as it's easier for me to show you all than for me to explain it myself). I hope you like it.
  14. TheClockworkComplex

    Brony Youtube Group Chat

    Hello one and all. It is I yes I, Professor Clockwork of The Clockwork Complex. This is a call for all those reviewers, animators, song creators of the Brony Youtube Community. I wanted to make a Youtube chat group either Skype or Google chat (why not both? *plays music*) So that is what I wanna do. Want to branch out to others, get some subscribers, make new friends (but keep discord) maybe collab? Leave you skype or google chat name here and join in the group. Hope to hear from you guys.
  15. I wanted to link my youtube page to my profile page, but it doesn't seem that I'm able to. See, if you didn't create a Youtube Channel before 2014, then you don't have a custom URL for your youtube channel with your Username on it. I think this might be part of the problem. Could I get some help with this, I'd like to link my main youtube page to my profile for all of you but at the moment I can not. I hope this issue isn't too difficult to solve.
  16. TheClockworkComplex

    An Ode to On Your Marks

    To be completely honest I had no idea what happened when i was making this video. Hmmm oh well here's my poetry review of On Your Marks
  17. TheClockworkComplex

    An Ode to The Gift of the Maud Pie

    Nothing beats boredom than recording on a Rainy I need better quality. Tell me what ya think of it or any of my other Works
  18. Hello Everyone, I was hoping that some of you guys can come and check out my channel. Even so I feel like everything looks bad, it's a start. Here I have an intro to my channel for you guys to check out So if you want to subscribe do so. I promise to not let you guys down.
  19. RainbowDashie2000

    Web Your Favorite youtuber

    Who is your favorite youtuber my is SuperMarioLogan and iisuperwomenii comment your favorite youtuber :okiedokielokie:
  20. I thought I would make this because I didn't see it anywhere. My favorite you tuber/youtube channel is Good Mythical Morning. Feel free to post your favorite youtuber/youtube channel!
  21. So, if any of you don't know, there's a youtuber named I hate everything, he makes videos titled "I HATE -insert thing here-" and he talks about how he hates it, and a few reasons, now, if anyone here knows him for only one video, it's probably this: -Caution, his language can be a bit much at times, and try not to get your Ocelot in a twist just yet- So, before I tell you all what I think of his, -ahem- INSIGHTFUL OPINION :okiedokielokie: , I was wondering what you all thought about him, and if you'd ever heard of him before.
  22. StealingShad3Z

    She's My Rarity Is Now On YouTube Even though this song has been on Soundcloud for nearly a month now, i wanted to put a new video up to celebrate the continuation of Season 5
  23. ~Sassy Dashie~

    Web Your Least Favorite YouTuber?

    I saw a topic that asked what your favorite YouTuber was...but couldn't find one that asked your lest favorite. We all have one. So let's hear who is your least favorite, with a reason. (This is a thread to share our opinions, please no fighting.)
  24. What's your favorite famous brony(bronies)/pegasister(s) It be Musicans, Voice actors/actresses (Not MLP voice actors/actresses), artists, analysis, cosplayers, etc You may have one, few or more As for me Rian-Chan Dustykatt Rhoades Emily Jones ILoveKimPossibleAlot Injustical ( InkRose Lady Tenkage ( Meredith Sims The Living Tombstone