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Found 14 results

  1. Hello everypony! I'm creating a product idea to share on a website called LEGO IDEAS. The set is based on four YouTubers: Dude Perfect, Charlie Puth, JaidenAnimations, and TheOdd1'sOut. If you could let me know which of these four YouTubers you have heard of, and which you are a fan of, that would be great! I'm trying to get a feel for how many people are aware of these YouTubers. Thanks! ~Regal Shadow
  2. How do I know? Because they charged us money to watch the actual battle after months of hyping us up for it and having multiple Logan vs KSI cons. If anyone watched the battle without paying Logan and KSI, then they were doing it illegally and it will probably be removed because Logan said it himself. Here is the link to the video where Logan announces that watching the fight is not going to be free:
  3. So I wanted to know what youtubers you all watch. I will post the Youtubers I watch below.
  4. I for one never really li- lived for the like/dislike system. It is a 50/50 split between liking or disliking it. Usually some of the videos I watch on YouTube are average, so I do not click on the like button. If I liked the video, I click the like button. Simple right? Youtubers just asking for a like at the end of a video is just annoying to me. I get that clicking on the like button would bring their video higher in the search results. However just liking every single video I come across loses my definition of what 'like' means. It just turns it into some involuntary action. Basically I will like the video if I like it. I still miss the 5 star rating system YouTube used to have.
  5. So YouTube is trying to step up their game with giving the people (with YouTube accounts whether you actively upload or not) the chance to be a 'hero'. However it involves reporting comments that would make social justice warriors proud. Not that it's a bad thing mind you. One needs to make accurate reports of malicious comments or one would not receive points. Even if you have to agree to fight 'micro-aggressions' as Google's Anti-Harassment Policy dictates. So that makes me wonder, did anyone else heard about it? Did you already sign up for it? Do you think this is going to go more haywire than Johnny 5 caught in a rain storm? As a YouTuber would say "let me know in the comments".
  6. Straw poll link Video link
  7. I thought it was a very great way to close off a good Youtube show. I know it was all fake, I knew that since Psycho Kid Gets Arrested (and watched evidence videos). The song that plays during the montage adds that little bit that makes it more emotional... The creator himself is quite a smart guy to pull off a series that fooled a lot of people on Youtube, some did catch on and grow suspicious but some where almost blind to the truth for nearly the entire time. The acting is spot on, Jesse and his family are amazing actors and can really make a persona that people rooted for or despised. Jeffrey Sr was insanely good as a Dad that we loved to hate or enjoy watching (which depends on who you thought was the better person). What do you think?
  8. Fellow youtube content creators, iv'e been wondering this for a while, How does one be funny? When I try and make my videos a lot more interesting and full of energy, I always feel like its either dry or 100% cringe worthy (pick your poison). For example, this video was something that I felt it was very endearing to people and to draw them in but looking back I regret. In all seriousness I wanna know how I can actually put in funny jokes and great quality into my content as well. Could anyone be willing to be of assistance? Thank you -Professor Clockwork (TheClockworkComplex)
  9. Again, I was not able to find a thread on this topic, so I feel safe in posting. I, for one, am a fan of music based on video games. Not all of it is good, but it opens up a lot of possibilities. Music that is indirectly inspired by videos games, reference video games, or even about video games. Being a huge gamer, I love listening to video game music, as well as songs based on video games. Some of my favorite artists are Screen Team and The Warp Zone, who mostly make parodies of other popular songs (but they do a lot more than music). Additionally, I quite like video game rappers such as JT Machinima, Dan Bull, and occasionally VideoGameRapBattles. TryHardNinja and TeamHeadKick have some good songs, as well. I Fight Dragons is by far my favorite chiptunes artist. What video game songs or artists do you enjoy the most, assuming that you are a fan?
  10. Now this is not who your least favorite Youtubers are, ie people that you just don't like for not finding them funny or interesting or something. I'm talking about Youtubers who have gone above and beyond to the point where you were so angry at their content, you vowed to never click on it again. For me, only two Youtubers succeeded in that. Gligar13vids: At first, I was just gonna take this guy as your typical bad game reviewer who may or may not be trolling. Then I thought about the implications of what he does if he was trolling. He makes money off his videos and most of his reviews consist of bashing fans of the games he's bashing. That made me realize he literally gets paid to be a douche bag. And whenever I clicked on his videos, it's unintentionally paying him. Because of this, I vowed to never watch his videos again. Clay Claymore: This guy is a lot smaller, but a thousand times more annoying than the previously mentioned guy. He basically goes around a bunch of cartoon reviewer's videos and just complains about how they suck and how they shouldn't be watching cartoons because they're kids products and blah blah blah. Not only that he does it in the most bitter and angry way. He says that they should stop being so obsessed with these shows well in term being obsessed with bashing these same people. Most of his videos from what I saw consist of what looks like the equivalent to YouTube poops, except most of the jokes feel less like jokes and more like mean-spirited jabs at people. Oh, and he made a Tumblr blog saying that people who watch cartoons is helping with the downfall of our society or something. I don't need to say more. I did just stop going to his channel but it's hard for me to read comments on some of these reviewers anyone when he is constantly there just to bash them which he calls "criticism." So, vent away!
  11. I started a new let's play series "Drawing Sign Let's Play Roblox", I don't have a mic so I can't record my voice. So if you like the video slap that follow post button and also slap the subscribe and like button for more uploads on my YouTube channel "DavidL12345tylf". Link to my video is below...
  12. I wondered about this when I recalled my first ever Markiplier video (which happened to be "My Little Foundation"). During one of the videos in the series concerning that game, Mark mentions that he's not a Brony and he will never watch the show. It sprang to my mind that he probably just saved himself from a bunch of people unsubscribing to him with that sentence. Considering how Bronies sometimes get treated on forums (being banned for having a pony icon, for example), I imagine it would cause a major stink if a popular YouTuber declared he or she had joined the herd. So, opinions? And please don't say "If they don't like them being a Brony, they'll just ignore it unless it pops up in their videos". Sadly, that's not how the Internet works. You can devote 99% of your channel to everything else under the sun, but if a pony pops up anywhere there's going to be hate comments. I've seen the comments posted on some major YouTube channels that made one (literally ONE) video concerning ponies, as opposed to their thousands concerning other stuff. Needless to say, there was much swearing and cursing those "dang-blasted pny fgts fr infectin evrything!!!".
  13. All right so actually subscribed to some YouTubers who are not really that known. I mean they have subscribers, they're just not talked about a lot. So I wondered if there were any small YouTubers any of you know or are subscribed to. First of there is Dstcoyote22. He makes rants and seems to mainly make them off of life experience. He's sometimes talks about topics I'm not really that interested in like heavy medal music but he's still pretty cool to watch. He only has I think around 1,500 subscribers though. So yeah check him out. Next there is Doknot1999. He is a reviewer of miscellaneous topics. Sometimes he'll talk about just down to earth or everyday things like the 4 seasons and is very down to earth. I'm sorry if I'm having trouble explaining why I like his videos without using down to earth a lot but that's how I would describe him. I don't know how known he is but Pieguyrulz. He reviews cartoons and does a lot of stuff that draws me into watching them. Like right now he is literally reviewing every episode of Spongebob. He hasn't gotten to the later seasons yet but he will soon. TheNSCL: He reviews cartoons and anime mainly and I don't watch his videos a lot but they are still pretty funny. Also he's a brony. So list your underrated YouTubers. Discuss away!
  14. Come one, come all. Come see the fantastic Youtube works of your fellow forum members! Not sure if this is entirely permitted, if not then mods go ahead and banish this thread to that place where forgotten forum posts go to die. (This thread is under Movies/TV as that is the most relevant section :/) SO here it goes, does anypony here make Youtube videos? If you do, why not tell us all about what kind of videos you make? What i your most recent video? What is your favorite video you have done? What software/hardware do you use? How long have you been making videos? Why did you get into it? Any tips for other people?