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Found 2 results

  1. So I've been thinking more about how interspecies relationships would work, and I don't just mean in shows PG/Y7 way. We could have yaks loving ponies, dragons loving ponies, hippogryphs loving griffons, but how could these relationships pan out? I'm open to any input on the topic.
  2. Okay, so... I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this thread (if not, mods/admins will move it to the appropriate thread, I'm sure), but I am here looking for people who have original characters of unusual races / species and would like to volunteer them to make short appearances in a fanfiction I'm planning on writing sometime between now and Christmas. The general storyline: The Cosmic Owl (yes, I did just make that Adventure Time reference, don't be hatin') has called for representatives of all the major races from Equestria and surrounding lands (I may need to think of a name for their planet, because I don't think it actually has one canonically...) to gather in a peaceful meeting at the top of a mountain, an ancient tradition that fell out of practice somewhere around a thousand years ago, when Princess Celestia was just a filly. When the appointed representatives reach the meeting place, though, they suddenly remember why they don't get along so well and seem to have a bit of trouble seeing past each other's differences. Below is a list of the races that I hope to have represented and whether I need characters to fill them. If I've missed a race or species that should be on the list, please let me know. If you have characters that you'd like to see in my story, please post a request here in this thread. PONIES Alicorns - obviously, Celestia and Luna will be filling these spots (I still haven't decided whether I want this story to take place before or after Twilight's transformation) Unicorns - Mane 6, got it covered Pegasi - Mane 6, got it covered Earth Ponies - Mane 6, got it covered Crystal Ponies - I really need some crystal pony OCs to fill in this space. NON-PONIES Zebras - Zecora will be in attendance, but she will be travelling as a guest and not as a rep, so I need some zebra OCs to fill in this space, por favor. "Bat Ponies" - (I don't like that these guys don't have an official name, so I think I may come up with one of my own.) I need some of these, so if you have a "bat pony" OC, I'd appreciate it if he or she volunteered for this spot. Changelings - I think I have permission from Niaeruzu to use Suncloak here, but I need to check to make double sure. Additionally, I need some changelings who are still loyal to the queen, preferably royal guards. Gryphons - There will be a gryphon king and queen in my story, but I haven't really given much thought to their characterizations yet, so if you happen to have a gryphon character who is royal, could I please use him or her for this position? I'd be grateful. Dragons - The ancient dragons need cool names. Younger dragons are also welcome. Donkeys - I already have a noble family of donkeys in mind (Lord and Lady Ass... try not to giggle), but additional donkey characters welcome, as well as suggested names for the Ass children. (hey, I said try not to giggle!) Buffaloes - I want Little Strong Heart and Chief Thunderhooves to be there, but I would also like to see some buffalo OCs. Yes... this is going to be one hell of a party. xP Again, I apologize if I accidentally left out any important groups. Please post your characters if you have them. I don't need any alicorns or unicorns, so please don't post those. Any other story-related suggestions are welcome too. Muchas gracias in advance to anyone who helps. c: